Thursday, July 23, 2015


In just the last few weeks, four people died under strange, violent encounters with the police, all of which suggest a rouge police force out of control. Here's the kicker, two of them were white. So much for all that "black lives matter" crap. All lives matter and a big FU to the idiots interrupting Bernie Sanders at a recent rally to scream your propaganda to a captive audience. Police are killing black people in higher numbers, that is true, but the fact that more black people are arrested than any other race for the more violent crimes is also true. The point here is that innocent black people are not the only ones being marginalized and assassinated and the sooner we come to recognize that the better off we will all be. And Martin O'Malley can shove it for actually apologizing for saying that all lives matter. I am sorry but since when do black lives matter more. They don't. Neither are they less as we are all equal. If you can't stand up to racists in our country, how well will you stand up to people like Putin, O'Malley?

We have all heard and seen the video of Sandra Bland doing the unthinkable which is giving a cop lip while being black. Officer Brian Encina of Prairie View, Texas is then seen ordering her to put out her cigarette after pulling her over for no signal during a lane change. She refuses and is then told to get out from her car which escalates to him arresting her. Now was this legal? Unfortunately, yes all of it was. Our idiot Supreme Court has given cops all sort of leeway to hold us and search us, Constitution be damned, and Texas is even less stringent with that. Was it right was another matter. And it exactly this kind of carde blanche that police have over us that has to change because is getting out of hand with four dead people and in two of them, cops killed the individual for no reason, and serious questions revolve around the other two.

Back to Bland, she was found dead in her cell the next day which the cops called suicide, which made no sense for a woman who was never going to see any real charges and even had a case for a civil suit for the overreach in this case. She might not won, but her losing wasn't set in stone either, thus a reason for murder. The worst part about all of this after reviewing the evidence, it would seem that several people would have to be in on this cover-up suggesting a big conspiracy.

I have worked in editing for years and know what to look for. Both bits of camera feed they have shown, the cell block camera and the dash board camera, both show obvious signs of tampering. The dash board cam has cars disappearing from view and the cell security camera is missing eight minutes of footage, which has been "explained" away as the camera is only motion activated. This fails to explain why the camera is on for an hour and half with no activity, yet only doesn't become active for the eight minutes she was surely being killed. Now toxicology says she had either ingested or smoked a huge amount of weed before her death, while in jail, which strongly suggests someone forced it down her throat as a way to suggest suicide. This whole thing stinks and I firmly believe she was murdered.

Another person possibly murdered by cops this week was Kindra Chapman in Homewood, Alabama. Again called a suicide by hanging, she was not a model citizen like Bland who had no record I could find, Chapman was only 18 and was caught breaking into apartments. At the moment, there is no way of knowing whether this woman killed herself or not, but the timing is suspect at it happened in the south to a black woman a day after Bland.

But white people are also being killed. Troy Goode, 30 died in police custody in Southhaven, Mississippi (again the south), after being hogtied and carried away saying "I can't breathe," just like Eric Gardner's last words. Cops hilariously called his death "an LSD overdose," somehow unaware that it is physically impossible to die of a LSD overdose. That cannot physically happen. You can go mental permanently, but your body will keep going. Goode suffered from asthma and the way they handled him contributed to his death.

He was transported to the hospital, where the family was told he was in stable condition. The police also informed the family that if they tried to visit him while there, they would be arrested for obstruction of justice. WTF? An hour later he was dead. Yeah, nothing suspicious about that. Chances are they killed this guy either through incompetence or to keep him quiet. Either way, they killed him.

And then there is Catherine Small, a white lady with serious mental issues, who was gunned down on camera as cops laughed about it. Take a wild guess what part of the country this happened? If you said anywhere but the South try again. The town of Brunswick, GA was caught literally killing a woman for no good reason other than they could. After being caught doing drugs in a parking lot, a high speed chase ensued which resulted in her being boxed in with no where to go. She fruitlessly put it in reverse and forward in some lame attempt to escape but there was no where for her to go. So what did the cops do? They laughed as they filled the car full of holes killing the woman inside because they "were afraid for their life." Please! The worst she could have done is bang someone's shin when she opened the door.

This is what happened afterward from Atlanta Free Press:

• Glynn County police officers interfered with the GBI’s investigation from the start, seeking to protect the officers.

• The department tampered with the crime scene and created misleading evidence that was shown to the grand jury.

• The local district attorney shared the state’s evidence with the officers nearly two months before the grand jury convened and cut an unusual deal with them just before it met.

How is it that this entire judicial system is not behind bars? Why are police departments, especially in the South, being giving free range to kill us with no consequences? We had better start paying attention to this, REGARDLESS of race, because the cops are killing all of us and if we don't start demanding changes the end result won't be good for cops or the average citizen.

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