Wednesday, July 1, 2015


There are a lot of reasons to not like Hillary. I think she is phony, telling us what we want to hear, just like Obama did twice, and much like the current president, a dyed in the wool corporatist who will screw us over once she gets into office. The poll numbers being seen right now cannot be encouraging as Bernie Sanders is catching up to her, with his numbers polling around 25% to Hillary's 50%, and his unfavorable rating is the lowest of anyone running for president at a lowly 11%. Christie, Hillary, Trump and Bush all score way higher than that, with Christie's pushing 70% right now, a record high for someone trying to become president, and who will almost certainly not win.

But right now, the conservatives is making hay over some of Hillary's emails which are so petty and pointless, it actually makes me like her better. Way to go stupid. So far we know she has had the gaul to ask a staffer for iced tea, by email. We should impeach her now for that, right guys? Guys? Oh as I hear crickets you have accurately come to the same conclusion that nobody cares about this. Another had her flummoxed by a fax machine. Me too and I am twenty years younger than her. We also found out her and her husband barely speak, like that is some news worthy bull that we also knew for the past few decades. The best they had was she was still communicating with Sydney Blumenthal, who may or may not have hidden information regarding Libya, but knowing what I know about anything that happened there connected with Hillary, I wouldn't put too much stock in it. These e-mails are worthless, proving nothing, as always. If you are going to bring down Hillary, you need better ammo than this. These were just sad and pathetic attempts to vilify the front runner for Benghazi again. Enough.

As the Republicans continue to spin out of control, their eventual nominee is all but guaranteed to be a bloody husk by the time the actual race starts. Jindal and Christie are there for no other reason than bloated ego as they both test below pond scum in the race. The same goes for Huckabee and Santorum whose time has also come and gone. The front runners right now are Bush, Trump (WTF America?), Walker and Carson. None of these people can win in a general election, especially Trump who is having a very bad week. Because of his idiotic comments about Mexicans, he has been dumped by Univision, who Trump is now suing for $500 million for breach of contract and to which even Univision has publically laughed about. I have seen these kinds of contracts in person and let me tell you, they give the studios wide latitude to get rid of whatever programming they want, no questions asked. Trump has no hope in this case. He was also fired by NBC, and a lawsuit I am sure is coming about that, and even Macy's has severed all ties with his clothing line, and again I am sure lawsuit, none of which he can possibly win on. This is the same guy that sued Bill Maher for $1 million dollars after Trump proved he was not in fact related to an orangutan, as Maher had suggested in jest. He lost that one as well.

With 14 named candidates, and two more waiting in the wings, only Rand Paul has done anything resembling intelligent and is actively courting pot donors, with the promise he will not stand in the way of pot legalization. Finally, some candidate from the Republican side shows an ounce of intelligence as, so far, only Bernie Sanders has come out for legalization as well. Another reason I do not like Hillary, as pot shops have brought hundreds of millions in taxes to the states that have legalized it and created thousands of jobs, two things we desperately need. Say what you want about pot, but it doesn't kill, is nothing like alcohol, is non-habit forming and could literally save this country from bankruptcy. It is going to happen like or not, anti-pot people. Don't be like the Confederate flag supporters who are coming off as racist hicks.

We are still facing an economic calamity with the bankruptcy this week of Greece and the looming one from Puerto Rico. Very few pundits, economists and the like seem to understand how dire this might be, with Robert Reich one of the few who wrote a fantastic column this week accurately saying our stock market may crash and unemployment could soar and soon. We are in a holding pattern until Sunday when the referendum in Greece takes place, which the EU is of course complaining about. Greece made another proposal today, offering more concessions, but the EU refused to even look at it until after Sunday. So depending on what happens next week we could be looking at either no deal or a very bad one that may send Greece into a civil war. Either way, things could implode there quick. Puerto Rico is no better as the US has refused to restructure their loans either, just like the IMF, which may send the island into oblivion. People are already making plans to move back to Florida and the Mainland as things are so bad people are losing their businesses (no one has money to spend which should sound awfully familiar at this time), jobs are being lost by the day and it looks bleak for the 51st state, technically. This failure could also impact US banks who again have bet heavily on that debt on the derivative market. Countries are starting to die due to banker whims who want all the money and to hell with anyone else. I am hoping Greece tells the world to go to hell next week, but we will have to see if chaos is really what people want over fascism, which are their only two options at this point. We all are facing a similar scenario here.

This week will be a hover pattern for the stock market and I would not be surprised if something does happen over the 4th as the world is going to need a major distraction from the economic disaster that looms next week. Stay safe for the 4th, as I will be writing my douchebag column tomorrow and will return Monday with new stuff. That is all.

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