Thursday, July 16, 2015


I know a lot of you are probably sick to death about hearing about Greece and Iran by now but both have serious consequences down the road, ones that could lead to world changing events. World War 1 and 2 were both started when a lone assassin killed Franz Ferdinand, more by sheer luck than skill, and thus sent off a domino effect that led to hundreds of millions dead by war, disease, radiation and famine. One ideological dick started a chain reaction that we are now seeing in two places in Earth could be the same, one economic, the other a nuclear war. The worst part is both are equally horrible that could lead to death tolls in the tens, even hundreds of millions.

Let's start off with Greece whose PM just sold out the people of Greece to the one percent. In return for absolutely nothing in return, Greece agreed to basically give away their first born. And I thought Obama has been a bad negotiator until recently. The Greek banks will get all the money they need to keep solvent for another few months, until they need more because this plan won't work, and in exchange the Greeks give away their pensions, health care, a livable wage and job security. Who in their right mind would have accepted such an onerous deal? PM Tsipras it would seem whose job may be in jeopardy after the Greeks passed the bill as riots spread outside.

To give you the equivalent to the US, imagine your Social Security went from $1200 a month to $800, everything you need to survive just went skyrocketing in price and now you have to support all your kids and grandkids because they have either been fired or had their salary drop as minimum wages have been DECREASED from $12 an hour to $7. That is just what happened in Greece. If that happens here, expect a lot of dead politicians as elderly, well armed Americans with little to lose gun down every person who was dumb enough to vote for such laws, almost all of which would be Republicans. No way do people like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or Liz Warren back that bill. Greece did.

The funny part is the IMF itself said the bailout was garbage as there was no mathematical way for Greece to ever pay this back without some form of debt forgiveness, meaning decades of poverty for the Greek people. Something tells me they'll get overthrown long before that happens when people's patience wears out. As countries like Germany and Finland have both put the feet down for any sort of debt relief, this may tear the EU apart sooner than later as other countries start to realize that this whole fiasco is being caused the 1% greedily wanting control of everything. It is also happening here as we now have billionaires buying their way into office Trump style. Things will not get better of someone like that actually gets into office.

Then there is the whole Iran deal. Republicans are screaming bloody murder about it, even though they actually haven't read it yet. They are picking holes in it where none exist and this is exactly how North Korea got the bomb. I have to issue ANOTHER apology to Bill Clinton, whose two giant mistakes in office, repeal of Glass-Steagal and the North Korea treaty, turn out to be both actually Republican errors and major ones at that. Bill Clinton can now safely say he has been the best President we have had in fifty years, so if Hillary get's into office, at least Bill will be there to guide her.

After doing some research into the NK treaty as context for this one, I find that the IEAE did their job well, finding problems right away with North Korea reporting, which led to a new treaty that was actually worse than the previous one (thank you Jimmy Carter). However Republicans did everything they could to kill this bill by repeatedly violating any part of the treaty they could, like withholding funds, until the whole thing came apart in 1999.

It also turns out that it wasn't Clinton that let them get the bomb, but the worst President of all time, George W. Bush, who was too busy creating wars with people who weren't going after a nuclear weapon while ignoring the one that actually was, as NK tested their first nuke in 2006. W. was an absolute idiot and yet Jeb is number two behind Trump in the polls. WTF America? If we are this dumb, we deserve Trump as President just so we can end the whole USA thing which is what will happen.

So now we have a repeat again of the NK treaty with all the Republicans calling this deal crap while again ignoring any attempts to come up with an alternate solution. Right now there are two ways to deal with this: peace or war. And we have to at least attempt peace before we go to a war that will be nuclear in nature. Every war game ever conducted by our military has come to that same conclusion. We cannot beat Iran with conventional weapons. Are the Republicans really advocating a nuclear war to achieve the hard-on for Jesus' return?

Is the deal perfect? No deal ever is. But it does prevent Iran from getting a nuke for at least 10-15 years and that it a promising start. A lot can happen in that time, like Iran becoming more secular after an uprising from it's youth base which are becoming less and less and religious. Or an economic collapse. Or a plague. Or an alien invasion. Who knows except that 10-15 years is a long time, which is an even longer amount of time than we have kept hearing that Iran was months away from the bomb since 1992.

To quote John Lennon, "let's give peace a chance," before we start dusting off our nukes for WW3 and the end of mankind.

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