Thursday, July 9, 2015


Yesterday's "glitches" seem awfully coincidental and perfectly timed to the Chinese sell off with many questioning how honest the experts are being. This is par for the course lately as no one believes anything about anyone because we have been lied to so many times that when someone actually does cry "wolf," no one is listening.

There are people out there still positive global warming is NOT occurring when all the evidence we can see with own eyes says otherwise. Coral reefs are being bleached out of existence, the oceans are getting warmer and sea life is traveling further and further away to places they have never been seen before, like dolphins in the arctic. These are definitive signs that the Earth climate is changing, yet somehow some websites like Real Science keep coming up with data that say otherwise. Someone should tell the fish that because they know the Earth is warming.

Vaccines are being ignored because we don't trust Big Pharma and with good reason. However, as the chances for vaccination side-effects are small, we should not be ignoring them, as they counter-effect is far worse. People are dying because of this, as one woman in Washington found out with a compromised immune system when she succumbed to measles because some idiot listened to a former scientist who was kicked out of his profession for his moronic, and disprovable, ideas. The Internet is making people think that because they can read, they are an expert on everything. But without the knowledge behind the facts, one can easily be mislead, such as the need for mercury and other chemicals in vaccinations. So instead we get a smug Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy screaming about this, but unless they got a doctorate in vaccination theory in the past few years, they need to shut the hell up.

Speaking of shutting the hell up, what is up with some celebrities lately that make me want to punch them in the face, repeatedly, until they are dead? Tom Selleck, Adriana Grande and Whoopie Goldberg have engaged in some less than stellar behavior this week, all three of which will be on my douchebag of the week column on Sunday. Selleck was caught red handed stealing water from a drought region (otherwise known as Rich Person, Republican Privilege Syndrome), Whoopie is STILL defending Bill Cosby even after he admitted to drugging and raping women (otherwise known as the OJ Defense Complex) and Grande was caught first saying she hates America and then on video spitting on doughnuts at a store (otherwise known as Spoiled Brat Disorder). All three of these losers should take a long hard look in the mirror because they are all dicks.

But back to the Glitches. Trading yesterday was in the millions by the shutoff point, or triple than normal, and they were all selling. If that so called glitch hadn't happened when it did, the stock market would have fallen at least six hundred points. Today, the market is up, as are world market's, after China literally held a gun to investors heads and told them to buy stock or be arrested. This is a dead cat bounce as there is no way that position is sustainable and when it starts to go back down again, ours may follow with it. I am less convinced there actually was a glitch at the NYSE and more likely an excuse to shut down a market that was about to panic and sell off tons of stock. How different are we from China if that is the case?

On top of all that is the fact that Greece appears to be headed off a cliff as Germany is refusing ANY debt forgiveness, which is rich as they are the one country on Earth who never paid back any of their debt at all EVER. A Grexit is looking more and more likely and we will know better after Sunday's meetings between Greece and the EU either stabilize the banks, which does not appear to be in the cards, or a complete collapse and an eventual exit from the Euro, which could destabilize world markets significantly.

Add to that Friday's deadline between Iran and the US that also appears to be on life support. It is hysterical to listen to people from the EU or the US talk about how well talks are going, but if you read from people in actual contact with the negotiations, they spell a far darker message. This is a dangerous act and if we are not careful, we could find ourselves in the same spot we did with North Korea. That pact was terrible, I knew it, and everything that I predicted would happen did. Because we let Jimmy Carter inject his two cents into the equation, a man whose foreign policy was one of the worst in American history, we now have a nuclear armed North Korea and a complete destabilization of the area. The only reason we haven't had a nuclear arms build up there is because of the American presence in Japan and South Korea, a fact that costs us hundreds of billions every year. Imagine what will happen if Iran gets a bomb? An arms build up by people who do not fear death does not inspire confidence with me. MAD will not work with people who think the next life is better and countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others will all scramble for a nuke, and chances are very good one of these lunatics will actually use them. If no deal is made, and Iran is intent on getting a bomb, we HAVE to go to war to stop them. I know that's not what you want to hear, but millions dead is better than billions, and an Iranian government with the bomb is certain to end very, very badly. And don't tell me Iran never attacked anyone ever, as it demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of historical context as they use proxy armies to this day to fight their battles. What's to stop them from giving one of them a nuke and feigning ignorance after?

Next week should prove interesting. Here at home, we are having to deal with more and more nonsense about being white. MTV is airing a show called White People, hosted by an illegal alien, which will shame white people into accepting the fact that they all racists douchebags for "destroying this country." Maybe someone should tell this dick that white people are not the big problem when it comes to crime as black people have that one all sewn up. They commit 50% of all murders, even though they are only 13% of the population, are eight times more likely to commit black on white crime than vice versa and interracial rape is near 100% black on white crime than the opposite. As for hate crimes, yes white people commit more hate crimes than blacks, but that is only because black people are almost NEVER charged with hate crimes even when the attack is racially motivated.

The so called "knockout game" is nothing more than black people punching non-blacks for racially motivated reasons. And how many of those resulted in hate crime charges you ask? Zero. Black mobs are beating white people badly, and are being caught on video. MSM media coverage for these attacks outside of local news: Zero. Hate crime charges even though the black attackers can be heard, ON TAPE, calling racially insensitive names at white people they are beating: None. You get the point. Hate crime charges are only for white people and the occasional token black. So that stat is meaningless.

Black people are starting to realize that it is not a racial issue, as black cops are just as likely to beat a black suspect as a white cop, and that it probably has more to do with their economic standing. And they are getting mad as they should. The War on Drugs has to end or else another generation of black people are going to be getting the short end of the stick. Felony convictions for job applications need to be outlawed as once you've served your time you should be free to do as you wish. And repeat offenders need to be either be locked up or executed for their crimes, because people with hundreds of convictions need to go away forever. I am all for the death penalty as long as we are 100% sure the person being executed did it. With modern forensics, that shouldn't be a problem. And we need to end the endless appeal cycle that drags this out for centuries, which only pads the lawyers pockets and costs taxpayers billions.

But black people also have to acknowledge they have a serious problem within their community where thug life is all the rage and 12 year olds are shooting people as recently happened. This is something only they can stop and they seem both unwilling and unable to do anything about it other than pointless protests that are getting us nowhere fast. Start standing up to those in power and make them do something about it. Organize neighborhood watch programs. Demand police spend more time in bad areas to clean up crime. Most importantly, realize the War on Drugs is nothing more than the new slave trade and get it to stop. Your very lives depend on this. The alternative is a race war, walled off ghettos and true second class citizen status. The end is near people and stop blaming Whitey for all this crap. It's the rich that want you as slaves so direct your anger at them. I hear Tom Selleck, Whoopie Goldberg and Adriana Grande could use a smack down. Go find them and leave the rest of us, those who are not racists or rich, alone.

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