Sunday, July 26, 2015


We are constantly hearing from the right that Democrats won't place any blame on Obama for any of the problems he inherited from George W. Bush, "It's been almost eight years," they whine, oblivious to the fact that George W. Bush almost ended this country this country for good with his disastrous policies. Now Obama is NOT without blame for not doing enough to fix the problems, further proof it doesn't matter who we put in office as we are all slaves to our corporate masters, including the President. If you want to know why Trump is leading in the polls this why: he doesn't need other people's money to lead. Whether that will be bad or good (the former being the most likely outcome) remains to be seen. But the true demon in all of the bad things that have occurred go back to St. Ronnie and his idiotic policies that are still reverberating today. Two people died in a movie theater in part because of Ronald Reagan this week reversing Jimmy Carter's Mental Health Act. That, plus the ACLU, ended state hospitals that now allow the nutters to run rampant in our country. Add to that background checks that do not work (FU NRA) and we have a recipe for why we have more random shootings than anywhere else on Earth. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Black Lives Matter- This week, some of these racist morons interrupted Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley during a rally to scream about some made up slight that neither of these candidates have made. O'Malley gets a special shout out for douchebaggery for actually apologizing for saying all lives matter which makes black people's blood boil apparently. All lives matter as a slogan does not diminish black lives or Hispanic lives or any race's lives but points out the fact that everyone is being brutalized by the cops, not just black people. Once we realize we are all in it together, and that racism might not always be the root cause of the issue, only then can we fix the problem. Read my previous article which showed two white people also dying under strange and violent means that had nothing to do with race and everything to do with power mad cops terrorizing the public. If you want this kind of crap to end, and who doesn't besides the police, then realize that everything is not always because of race. Grow up America.

9)Wyatt Cenec- I liked this comedian until this week when he brought up an incident on Marc Maron's podcast about a time he had a snit fit about a voice Jon Stewart was doing that was supposed to be an impersonation of Herman Cain but was, according to Cenec, actually racist. Now as no one seems to actually have the video in question readily available (I just spent the last twenty minutes trying without luck to find it anywhere on the net), I have no idea if the voice Stewart used was indeed racist. However, I am willing to give Stewart the benefit of the doubt here, as I truly doubt Stewart is racist and, if that is true, would have responded the exact same way. There is a fine line between a true racist comment and being overly sensitive and I believe Cenec crossed that line and in doing so damaged his career. Why is it okay for black people to make fun of white people ad naseum but the slightest crack by a white guy and it's racist? It's all or nothing people. Watch Key and Peele to see how to do it correctly.

8)Ashley Madison subscribers- As someone happily engaged, I have no need for such an onerous service. But for 37 million people this week, their lives just got sent into spin cycle when a hacker stole personal info from the site and will probably use it to blackmail some of them. That's a lot of people very, very worried and their credit cards and banking info is the least of it. That had to be an uncomfortable breakfast for a lot of men and woman when they say that on the news. I wonder if the hacker wasn't some enterprising divorce attorney trying to drum up new business. Good luck Ashley Madison customers. You are going to need it.

7)Chris Christie- Will someone please tell this human blimp that he has no chance of being President and to just go home and shut the hell up! Stuck in the low single digits on the national scale, this week Tub A Goo said not only would he prosecute people for legal weed in state that have legalized it (so much for state's rights), he would end medical pot as well. This is a death sentence for a political candidate as he has zero chance in states like CA, WA, CO, as well as the dozens of others states where medical marijuana is legal. Polls show up to 80% support medical pot and almost 60% want pot legal. Who is advising this ass? He has as much chance of becoming President as Jimmy Kimmel.

6)Scott Walker- Another idiot running for office, this moron said stupid crap, took on Donald Trump, and got lambasted in the process. First, he said, on day One as President, he would bomb Iran. WTF? Who willingly votes for a guy who says he will start WW3 the first day he can? That is a terrible position and only one who dropped out of college for unknown, possibly bad, reasons would think of. After one of his pollsters called Trump a "dumbdumb" (I know, pot, kettle, black), Trump unleashed on him, reminding us quite accurately that Walker has run his state into the ground, turning a billion dollar surplus into a two billion dollar deficit. They also can't pave their roads, their education system sucks and, unlike Trump, Walker is a Common Core defender. This is why Trump is winning: he's not afraid to destroy his opponents.

5)Donald Trump- I've got to give it Trump, he's not afraid of bomb throwing. And the country loves it. It is refreshing to see a candidate on either side (Bernie Sanders taking an axe to the democrats), telling the truth for once. However, only Bernie has real solutions and Trump has sound bites. I still like him better than most of the GOP who have been stuck in Republicanland way too long. Trump definitely went too far when he gave out Lindsay Graham's personal number this week, a real douchebag move, but his numbers keep rising because the country is sick to death of lying politicans.

4)Hillary Clinton- Speaking of lying politicians, Hillary is finding herself in more hot water over the whole e-mail "scandal" that appears to be Benghazi part two. That hasn't gone away either with her expected testimony for yet another fact finding committee that somehow expects to find something the previous 14 didn't. Sigh. But that fact remains that she is right after Trump in negative ratings and, even among democrats, a serious lack of trust. She has done a lot of this to herself with terrible interviews (answer the damned question already), her air of inevitability and a lack of candor to the public. Every time she deflects an answer to things like the TPP or corporate taxes, the public notices and hates her a little more. I still think she will be the next President which is only slightly better than most of the GOP.

3)The Sandra Bland Suicide- Regardless of whether Bland killed herself or not, Officer Brian Encina of Prairie View, Texas should be fired and never work as a cop again. I've watched the video several times now, including with commentary by actual police, who say both sides escalated the situation. And while it is never a good idea to give a cop lip, it shouldn't be a death sentence either. The cop had every chance to de-escalate the situation and instead did the opposite, acting like a power mad douchebag. These are exactly the types of cops not needed anymore and need to go back to being a  wanna be security guard. Both videos show signs of tampering, including eight minutes missing from the cell security footage, which is also all wrong for the design (I used to sell security systems) and against what most police departments already do. This system seems designed to conceal rather than show what it should. The fact the Sheriff there was fired from his last job in 2008 for racist attitudes should not be minimized and got almost zero press at the same time. I still think she was murdered.

2)John Russell Houser- Yet another insane douchebag, yet another senseless movie theater shooting. This certifiable loon, one with no connection to the area he was in, shot and killed two people in a movie theater in LA this week, and wounded 9 others. Nevermind the fact that this guy should never have been allowed to get a gun, why was he walking the streets in the first place? More about that below. Houser is another in a long line of mentally ill douchebags killing people because of too easy access to guns and no mental health help available. And in this case, both liberals and conservatives are to blame. There will be more Houser's out there unless we wake up and start addressing the problem.

1)Ronald Reagan, the NRA and the Republican party- How many more people have to die before we start doing accurate background checks on people? Turns out Houser bought his guns legally in Alabama for some unknown reason because his record should have prevented that. This is because the NRA have stymied any attempt to keep mentally ill people from guns, actually fighting against even the smallest provision that would have kept innocent people from dying. Kelly Ayotte of NH voted against such a provision and then lied about it afterward, only to have special interest groups run ads demonstrating what a liar she was. The NRA is not a good organization as they are more interested in electing Republicans and selling as many guns as possible to whoever, than public safety or the country's welfare. And remember this is coming from someone who does not agree with weapon or ammo bans or any sort, short of nuclear weapons. Besides guns however, Ronald Reagan greatly contributed to this issue when he repealed Jimmy Carter's Mental Health Act and instead did what every single Republican has ever done to a serious issue: fucked it up good. He gave states black grants, which are never enough to cover expenses or inflation, which hurt the already de-institutionalizing of mental wards nationwide due to efforts by the ACLU and inhuman conditions being seen in them. Instead of figuring out a way to fix them, we got rid of them and threw the mentally ill to the wolves. Now those wolves have become feral, rabid and everywhere. And they have guns because we have no stop gaps to prevent some loon from getting them with ease. There will be more like this until we accept that the mentally ill need to be locked up, sometimes forever, as Houser should have been. So congratulations Republicans and Ronald Reagan, you are indeed douchebag of the week.


  1. I know this an older post but I just found it while doing a google search on Ron Reagan, Ronald Reagan's somewhat famous atheist liberal democrat son. I have no idea why liberal democrats have to always bash Ronald Reagan, and place the blame of things that have happened in this country on either Republicans, or simply use the scapegoat option of placing the blame on the "greedy corporations" instead of placing an equal or greater blame on the shoulders of liberal democrats. For example, in this particular blog post, instead of placing an equal amount of blame on Obama's shoulders, you side stepped his wrong doings and ill conceived and even more ill implementations of unrealistic ideas, by saying he simply inherited a shit sandwich from good ol' dubya.

    The truth of the matter is Obama did indeed inherit a lot of unpaid for mistakes, but he also has made several himself. Such as the bail out of GE and GM. The printing of TEN TRILLION DOLLARS of unbacked American currency. As well as upping the amount paid to several organizations such as Planned Parenthood by hundreds of millions of dollars. Bush was wrong for bailing out the companies he bailed out during his presidency. And just like Bush should take his share of the blame for the condition of America, Obama should have to take his share as well. Instead we have liberal democrats, or liberal independents like yourself and others giving him the proverbial get out of jail free card.

    Obama is one of the worst presidents of the past century, and has caused America to go into deeper debt than any president before him. Ronald Reagan was one of the best presidents of the past century, and except for a few things like the whole Iran Contra affair, as well as the "War On Drugs", his fiscal responsibility led this country into a state of prosperity. Yet you ridicule Reagan, and all but praise Obama. In my humble opinion that is shear idiocy. And because of this idiocy, and reluctance to see things in a more balanced manner, you have shown yourself to be the prototypical fat headed liberal. You praise the left, while ridiculing the right, instead of seeing things how they actually are. Because of this, and I know you couldn't care less, I will no longer be reading any of your blog posts. Have a good time with your other fat headed ignorant liberal readers, as you all share a hand in the proverbial wank fest over how great liberals are and how stupid conservatives are for not sharing all of your exact views. All the while calling yourselves the "open minded" ones. Quick question, how open minded can you be if you are unwilling to place blame on the shoulders of those who are ACTUALLY responsible for how messed up this country has gotten? Don't worry I won't be expecting a response to that question, so you can just treat it like it was a rhetorical one okay?....Same goes for that one....have a good day.

  2. First off, I am not a liberal and this post should show that as I rag on liberal crap like BLM and Hillary Clinton. Second, while Obama may not be on this particular list, he is far from a good president and other blogs spell that out in great detail, including the one I am about to right which, contrary to your post, will not be liberal praising bull. But at the same time, Reagan sucked hard and right behind Bush 2 as one of the worst presidents of all time. His awful fiscal policy led to huge income inequality problems that are killing this country. His lowering of the tax rate from 70% to 28% decimated tax revenue, caused thousands to lose their jobs and sent the country into a recession. His anti union stance crippled workers from asking for a livable wage. At least you realize that his war on drugs sucked but Iran Contra should have gotten him impeached. The blame for this country is thanks to corporations who now run the show and both sides get the blame for that, but to be fair, almost all Republicans follow this thread and only 75% of the democrats. The TPP is a giant corporate takeover supported by 99% of the GOP and only about 50% of democrats so who is ultimately to blame here? The blame goes to those that are stooges and that is greedy elites who control all levels of government and out lives. Both sides suck but the GOP is far worse. I am enlightened to this but you seem stuck in GOP land. As pointed out above, I am actually a supporter of Trump over Hillary for President and Bernie Sanders above all as the only two capable of changing anything are Trump and Sanders. That does not make me liberal. It makes me smart enough to realize that establishment politicians are literally killing us. Can you not see that? Are you dumb enough to support ANY GOP candidate other than Trump? Read my others columns and see how not liberal I am. I hate PC crap, do not support letting Syrians in the country and am further than the NRA on most gun rights other than background checks which I do support. Liberals can be stupid too and I call that out a lot, including this column. I sincerely hope you read this and read some of my other posts which are clearly NOT liberal claptrap, especially today's which will not be supporting almost everything coming from the left, even people I do like such as Sanders and Warren, who I strongly disagree with over the Syrian refugee crisis. Regan was a fool but so is Obama as have been every president since JFK. It's why this election is so important for getting rid of the status quo and people like Bush and Clinton will destroy this once great nation once and for all. Vote Trump and Sanders for 2016 so we have a real choice for President.