Monday, July 6, 2015


People do understand that actions have consequences right? I ask because the IMF/EU is acting like debt restricting has never happened in the history of mankind, conveniently forgetting that Greece forgave 12 billion on debt that Germany owed them in 1945 and that debt was what caused the rise of Hitler. And Donald Trump does understand that even if he somehow wins the nomination, he has no hope in the general election as Hispanic people would rather vote for just about anyone than the orange haired moron spilling his vile guts all over the airwaves, right?

Let' s start with the Donald before we get to the unraveling taking place right now in Greece. The rest of the GOP at first gave tepid responses to Trump's racist attitudes toward Mexicans, afraid the billionaire would turn his wrath on them. But then the polls started showing just how angry Hispanics were over his comments and suddenly some like Rick Perry showed some courage, or as the Donald would put it, "cojanes," and wisely started backing away from his idiotic comments.

Trump is still in second in most polls and first in another and there is a good reason for this: people have had it with establishment figures. We don't trust them, we don't believe them and with the right we have the Donald and on the left a surging Bernie Sanders who no longer looks so defeatable after all. Now it is more likely than not that neither of these two will win, but Bernie will pull Hillary to the left and Trump will pull the GOP off the map. Even the most hardcore right wing pundit realizes that Trump is an albatross that could sink the whole party. Keep it up Donald as you are helping pave the way for a President Sanders, which would be the best possible scenario available right now.

It certainly didn't help when he said Jeb Bush only likes Mexicans because he is married to one. Ouch! He deleted the tweet soon after apparently unaware that that doesn't fix the problem and the tweet is out there for all the world to see forever. It also doesn't help that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is STILL harping about Obama's birth certificate, regardless of the fact that everything brought up about it has been debunked by myself and others and is linking Trump to that effort along the way which can't be good for him, proving that a percentage of the GOP, which is pretty much anyone supporting him, as way too stupid to exist anymore. Between them and the moron Hillary supporters, I think we could off half the populace and probably have a better society. These idiots are literally killing us.

Keep it up Trump. Everytime you say something stupid, you make the rest of the GOP cower in fear and make it that much harder for any of them to get elected. I cannot wait until August for the debates.

And then there is Greece who overwhelmingly told the IMF to take a long walk off a short pier. The pre-election polls had a close race but the final tally was roughly 70% no to austerity and 30% yes. To be honest there was no good answer here, but I still think they made the right decision as decades of poverty loomed ahead or an epic collapse now and hope down the road in the near future. I would have chosen no too.

The next few days will be pivotal. If the IMF says no more money at all to Greece, their banking system will collapse as soon as tomorrow and civil unrest may occur when goods and services come to a complete halt. The worry for the EU is that if they decide to go the Iceland route and forgive debts rather than demand them from their people, and this works like it did there, the world will notice and austerity everywhere, including here at home, will end as banks lose all their power. This is the one hope we have left because the banks and corporations are trying their best to take us over completely as seen through the eyes of the TPP the world wants. It is slavery and cannot be allowed to continue. The Greeks have been the first to say ENOUGH. Will the rest of the world follow?

The IMF is following a pattern that everyone knows cannot and will not work. But because the rich of the world now run the show, they don't want to give up one red cent and make the rest of us pay for their lifestyle. The end result of this is either a fascist state or anarchy. And much like Greece, I'd pick anarchy every time as the quote goes, "it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees." Greece just took a bold step forward that could go bad or good depending on what occurs over the next few days. The Dow is certainly not much affected today, as most world markets weren't, due to stock buy back programs that make sure the market never tanks if they can help it. But this can only go for so long if things turn bleak. The next few days should be interesting.

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