Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I hate to admit it, but the more I hear from Trump, the more I like him. He's the only Republican to condemn the TPP, the only one who has vowed to protect Social Security and Medicare (Bush, Walker and others will eviscerate them if they can), and has said we should be better protecting our borders. Sanders is catching up to Hillary whose lack of candor is sinking her again and is tapping into widespread anger among Democrats who see their party becoming more and more Republican lite. Both candidates have gotten the memo that this country is pissed and the same old, same old is no longer an option.
Both have been written off as non-starters, but the polls say otherwise as the smarter of us out there on both sides of the aisle have said enough is enough. They have been refusing to being tricked into another Bush versus Clinton match-up, which the powers that be want, and doesn't want either Trump or Sanders who will not be controlled by outside interests no matter how much they want it to be otherwise. If either get into office through some miracle of God, for better or worse, we will see actual change.

The big problem with Trump right now is his lack of specifics on what he would do if elected. Securing the border is a good start but what to do with the 11 million undocumented aliens already here? Trump hasn't said. And he says he has an approach to getting rid of ISIS but won't share. I am guessing his idea may have something to do with bombing parts of Iraq into dust, and idea that may not be that bad considering woman and children are being used as weapons, meaning you can't claim civilian causalities when everyone is being used as a soldier. Crying a river over dead idiots won't work with a good PR man in charge and Trump is very capable of that.

Sanders on the other hand has concrete ideas, has explained them in great detail, and is convincing even hard core Republicans and Christians that he is the real deal, suggesting cross aisle appeal. His age and socialistic attitudes will keep some from voting for him, but anyone with an open mind will see he is the best, greatest chance for this country to keep from falling into an abyss.

Trump is doing a great job of keeping the focus on him by saying outrageous things, which our idiot press parrots without any real depth or context. It's getting him more air time than the others and keeping his polls high. Sanders is barely mentioned in the press and he is still rising in the polls. Both are benefiting from the idiocy of the opponents, not always to the best effects.
Mike Huckabee found that this week when he said the Iran deal is akin to marching the Jews back into the ovens. Yet another blowhard who has no real solutions other than to piss on a deal that few think is bad other than those running for election or trying to kowtow to the Obama hating right. The press jumped all over him, and unlike Trump's bomb throwing, this one may hurt more than help. I get it that you are trying to say stupid things in a desperate attempt to get attention, Trump style, but evoking the Holocaust here makes you look petty and retarded, not to mention hyperbolic and fear mongering. It didn't work and, let's be honest, Huckabee has zero chance of winning in a country moving away from religion not toward it.

What Bush and Hillary and the rest of the clowns running don't get is that people are PISSED! They see their standard of living declining year by year with no end in sight, goods and rent skyrocketing in price and that most of those running have no ideas how to fix any of it. The last three stages of a collapsing society is apathy (long over), anger (full blown), and then revolution (coming soon to a street corner near you). The funny part is that is the TPP gets passed, and the public sees what is actually in it, revolution may happen sooner than later and it may happen peacefully and at the voting booth. If the TPP becomes as unpopular as Bruce, I mean, Cat Jenner's new show which debuted to not great ratings, Trump versus Sanders, both of whom strongly oppose the TPP, could become the candidates for the two parties. How great an election would that be?

Our system is broken. Voting for 90% of the idiots, especially Hillary and almost every Republican is country suicide as none of these people will have the guts to fix what needs to be fixed. We also need to get rid of 75% of Congress and put people in who have out best interests, again something 99% of the GOP doesn't. Chances are very good the next President will be a democrat and God help us if Hillary wins as we are going to see more continuation of the policies that have crippled us for decades. The USA needs an enema. Maybe Trump or Sanders are the ones to give it to us.

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