Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The one thing that voters said they wanted loud and clear was they wanted things to change and for the better for the 90% of us not rich and successful. That is becoming abundantly clear that it is NOT happening with the Republicans enacting every idea most voters have said they hated while the Democrats seem intent on losing every election from now until the end of time, which if my calculations are correct will occur some time next year. It's all over folks and for a lot of you, you did it to yourself. Yes, Hillary Clinton was the single worst candidate I have ever seen. She was shrill (I swear to all that's holy, her voice made me ill and that laugh, ugh), completely out of touch with the average male, white voter (me) and was incapable of holding a rally where she could shine. But, Trump was far worse and is proving it on a daily basis.
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Before we get to Orange Hitler, let's look at what "changes" the Democratic party has made since losing badly in the election, specifically with the House and Senate that they made barely a dent in. Nothing. Pelosi was put back in charge of the House even though through her tenure she has watched the party atrophy because of idiotic relationships with corporate America and a complete disregard for white people over identity politics. How'd that work out in the last election? That's right you lost.

So no change there? What about down the road and who you think might be a good candidate for 2020? HELLARY CLINTON!!!!!!??? WTF? Yes, according to some news reports, the demon is talking about another run in 2020 which we can all safely say is the worst idea I have ever heard. They do remember that running John Kerry against the easily defeatable W. resulted in the economic collapse that is coming back to a Main Street near you? Apparently not. I keep seeing her like some ex-girlfriend stalker you can't shake. Can she please go the FUCK away already? WE DON'T LIKE YOU! GO AWAY!

This is what passes for progressiveness within the Democratic party which means they can all go fuck themselves soon. They are dead people walking unless they make some drastic changes like a laser focus on the middle class and helping them out instead of selling out unions for the last few decades. Both Bill Clinton and Obama did zilch to help these people out and they paid for it this November. Now to be fair, the Republicans are far worse but voters seem to have the attention span of a dead goldfish. They have been staunch anti-union busters which means chances are near 100% if you were in a union and voted for Trump, you just voted yourself out of job. Way to go losers.
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The Democrats seem resigned to never winning an election again because they have no policies that generate any good will among the general public, ones tired of hearing them sugar coat Muslim terrorists, pacifying groups not well liked in middle America like BLM  and SJW, and do zip even in places controlled by Democrats. MA may be a good place to live but there are still no good jobs here for those of us middle aged, like most of the country. It's Walmart or NASA and no where in between. And no one on either side seems to have any answers.

For the Republicans, congratulation you literally voted for Hitler. Watch. Fascism is coming because that what the modern day Republican party is. Democrats have been center right for years and these guys are the Nazi Party. Check out the staggering amount of hate crimes committed since this dick won. They are off the charts. And they are going after everyone NOT white. A word to the wise: my fiancee is Japanese and anyone dumb enough to insult her in my presence is either going to the hospital or the morgue. I do not tolerate that kind of shit and if I have to knock you into next week, I will. I am ALWAYS armed with something so remember that next time you think calling someone a racial slur. There will be a lot more like me. The next time anyone sees someone do something this stupid, make him pay for it. Non-violence here doesn't work here. Kick the crap out of racism I say.

We had better start standing up,with force if necessary, because what is coming is planet ending. Trump has named TWO billionaires to his cabinet along with a host of nut shrinking others. They want to dismantle everything that has been accomplished for the last one hundred years starting with enacting tax cuts, while cutting Obamacare and unions. They will then move on to entitlements, schools, abortion and gay rights. They will lay waste to this nation as most of these idiots he's putting into power have zero experience in these fields, and those that do have experience, suck. He's going to put a Goldman Sachs guy into treasury, a trade protectionist into Commerce and possible, Ben Carson in HUD which is just stupid. These picks look very similar to ones made by Obama proving that these two parties of just two sides of the same coin. Neither is going to help us.

The sad part is it is probably too late to do anything about this. The chances for world wide destruction is about 90%. I have never seen odds that high in my life time. And it's not even like it's just one thing. Will Trump ruin this country economically or will he bumbled us into a war? Even darker, will the GOP stage another terrorist attack like 9/11 and then use a new form of the Enabling Act to give Trump dictatorial powers? It's not impossible. It's how they raised up Bush's poll numbers. They have complete control over everything so it could happen.

The point of this, over the next year, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans are going to literally die over this man being President. Tens of millions are going to be thrown into abject poverty. And when this happened another scenario plays out in which super pissed Americans start grabbing their guns and shooting politicians in the street. History shows this is a distinct possibility as a new Reign of Terror is not out of the question. Take this one example: Obamacare is repealed and what replaces it throws twenty millions people off the roles and wives, children and grandparents die in record numbers, not to mention the fact that the GOP plan will sink ALL healthcare in less than two years. What happens when no one but the rich can afford health care? Rioting and lots of it.
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Our only hope is to start a new political party, possibly headed by the liked of people like Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren and other like minded people. The Democrats are stuck in quicksand but acting like it is just another day at the beach. Unless we act soon and start standing up for what is right, and even putting our lives on the line for it, we are all dead. This end is coming and we had better be prepared. The two politcal parties sure aren't.

Monday, November 28, 2016


These assholes are behaving like they won a commanding election when in truth, they squeaked out an electoral win either by cheating or human stupidity. They lost the popular vote by two million and counting. That is NOT a mandate. So in return, all the crappy ideas that voters have thumbed their nose to over these past few years have all come roaring back. So get used to another Depression and no help if you aren't rich. These douchebags are going to kill millions when they destroy health care which is all but guaranteed. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Refugees- One thing that I have come to accept as truth from the right is that there can be NO more refugees coming here for any reason whatsoever. Unlike the right however who have racist reasons for not wanting them here, I believe economics is a far better reason. This country is broke as it is and helping people out from god knows where while we starve is insulting and stupid. We spend a lot, billions on these programs that could be better used to, I don't know, giving Social Security participants a raise or giving homeless veterans a place to sleep that isn't the street. Why can't we help ourselves before being generous with people too dumb or cowardly to fight for themselves. Pick a side guys. If Christians were blowing people up, there wouldn't be a Church standing within ten miles of my house and any fundamentalist would be executed post haste. But not these dorks. Today, a Somali refugee appears to have attacked the Ohio State University with a car and a machete, wounding six before being brought down by a hail of bullets. With Trump about to take office, Muslims in this country are headed for internment camps if it gets too bad. Bet on it.

9)Fidel Castro- He's dead. Good. Any contrary to way too many Tweets and Memes out there, communism and fascism are opposite ends of the spectrum. One is far left, Castro, and the other is far right, Republicans. Democrats are center right by the way so calling them Communists is the equivalent of calling me black, otherwise known as way off the mark. Read a fucking book once ina while America.

8)Maggianio's Nazi Dinner- Unbeknownst to the fabulous pasta restaurant, an alt right group rented out their ballroom space and proceeded to heil Hitler AND Trump in a frightening display of hate and rage. Yeah, Trump isn't Hitler and then this shows up with surprisingly little outrage. This country is doomed.
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7)Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions- These two HATE weed and would like it gone for good. Not going to happen guys unless civil war is what you are looking for. Sessions who is in line for AG might go after legal weed but would face a huge backlash over it, especially if he got rid of medical pot too. Hoards of sick people n your doorstep will turn public opinion against you hard and could lead to violence. These guys haven't even got into office and already things look bleak. Come on recount.

6)Recount haters-First off, let's be clear that this has almost no chance of turning over the election. However, we should make sure than no fraud happened, especially as it has been alleged that Trump received more votes than actual voters in Wisconsin, which happened before in 2004 in Ohio between Kerry and Bush, and for which three people went to jail. It would seem statistically impossible for ALL the mysterious voters to have gone Trump's way if "error" as the state concluded was responsible. You should be aware that even the recount efforts in many of these states are far from transparent for the most part, which is why I expect little to change. If by some miracle it does, and Hillary becomes president, expect civil war soon after.

5)Trump and Illegal Voters- Still behaving like a retarded monkey, Trump alleged that he would have won the popular vote too if "illegal" voters hadn't stolen it from him. The problem with this accusation is there is zero evidence that it occurred. As a matter of fact. people who have looked at this election said at best, dozens may have voted nationwide that shouldn't have. That is a far cry from millions and gives us a taste of what Orange Hitler has in store for us.
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4)Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos- Trump's pick for this post is a billionaire with no experience in public schools and a love of public for profit education. This could be disastrous to the country if charter schools with no regulations start dumping stupid kids on the street with no hope of doing anything with their lives expect have a worthless degree. States could see money fly from public schools and into people's pockets as this nation somehow gets dumber. This pick may help that along greatly.

3)Standing Rock- This force against protest shows us everything wrong with this country. No company should be allowed to build on sovereign land. Our drinking water shouldn't be up for sale. And the police should not have military weapons. The media has been less than stellar reporting this, our government has done little to stop this and these people should seriously think about bringing their own weapons because this is going to end in a bloodbath one way or another.

2)"Fake" news- Many are complaining that fake news sites cost Hillary the election. And while there is some truth to this, the MSM has been every bit as complacent with constant lies or non-reporting about things that matter. They let Trump walk all over them for ratings while bleating incessantly about emails and Benghazi which amounted to nothing. Throwing stones at glass houses much?
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1)Repulicans- These fuckwads are acting like 90% of the country voted for them. You barely won. Now we hear about an end to Roe V Wade, tax cuts for everyone BUT the middle class, more arrests for minor crimes, especially in the black community, naming Muslims second class citizens and a host of other far right nonsense. If they outlaw abortion or weed, expect resistance and violent at that. Don't think all liberals are peacenik fools. We aren't. I know quite a few with a lot of guns. Go too far and expect trouble. If they go after Muslims, gays or immigrants in the way they want, again bring body bags because that is a recipe for disaster. When more than half the country disagrees with you, it is going to end badly. It seems they also want to wreck entitlement programs, healthcare and other things that most of us need to survive. Trump and Congress may literally kill half a million people two years from now. How do think that will play out when they courts are against the people too? Rage and lots of it. We stand at the brink of civil war whether you want accept it or not. And these idiots you put in charge are leading the way/ We are all dead and this is hell. Congratulations GOP and their voters you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


What a year. We saw Muslims go on a world wide killing spree. As a result, we have also seen a turn to the right, which always happens in these circumstances. History is not only repeating itself, it's a fucking rerun we've seen a million times. Economics have stagnated across the planet because between soaring population growth that no one wants to stop and technological advancement, there are simply not enough jobs for everyone, and those that have good jobs are fading fast for most sectors. So what can we be thankful in this what appears to be the end of times?
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10)I am thankful I am not a Muslim, black, Hispanic or gay. I say this because these four groups are in for one hell of a rude awakening when the Trump administration gets in and Steve Bannon is whispering in his ear. Gays are going to get pushed back in the closet in red states, Hispanics are going to find themselves on the wrong side of what appears to be white nationalism rising. Blacks will get it twice as bad as not only will they have to deal with blatant racism, their prison population is going to envelop most of them when the law and order president some of you idiots actually voted for literally bust down your door to arrest you for whatever the government feels like. The worst will be Muslims who are one major terrorist attack from occupying those FEMA camps we all know actually exist (Not a conspiracy theory. Check out my earlier article about that). You guys are screwed and remember, some Jews voted for Hitler. How'd that turn out for them?

9)I am thankful I don't get heartburn. My fiancee on the other hand is hating life right now.

8)I am thankful I am not a woman. Between the lower pay, the constant threat of rape from Neanderthal men and a menstrual cycle, being a guy rocks.

7)I am thankful I don't work for the Trump administration- Admit it, other than a few out there picks for cabinet positions, some of his choices and decisions lately have been quite moderate. He's already walked back positions on climate change, prosecution of Hillary and repealing Obamacare completely. I always knew he wasn't as right wing as he was making himself out to be, proving his earlier point when he correctly said in a 1980's interview that Republicans were rubes and if he ever decided to run he would do so a Republican because those people would vote for anything. Guess who was dead on accurate? However, I have a feeling that the insane GOP Congress, still filled with swamp monsters the electorate idiotically decided to put right back into office, is going to be a constant thorn in everyone's side, even Trump. Truth be told, I expect Trump to tank the economy when his proven failure plan goes into effect and kills the world economy once again. Plus, people are going to be super pissed when Trump can't bring jobs back because they are gone forever. I predict there will be more assassination attempts ever against him should this come to pass. Those people are super angry and well armed. Be pleased with your crappy desk job when those bullets start flying far far away from you.

6)I am thankful I am nowhere near Hillary Clinton right now- I hear she was inconsolable Election night. I can't blame her. She cheated her way to the top and still lost. Sorry, but that Primary theft was too much for some and one of the reasons she lost. Sanders supporters told her to pound dirt rather than vote for someone so obviously dirty. Just do us all a favor now and go the FUCK away. Please. If I never have to hear you again, it will be too soon.
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5)I am thankful I am not an election official in Michigan, Wisconsin or PA- Some are making the allegation that voting results were off in these states which is either sour grapes or something to be actually looked at. I have no idea at this point which side is right because both sides have good points. The exit polls are off, and altered for unknown reason, in 13 states that exceed the margin of error. Now, this means either their poll data was off, which it shouldn't be if done correctly or the vote was off, which means fraud. Some experts say yes, others say not so fast. Some are suggesting that people told pollsters they voted for Hillary when they actually voted for Trump which if it happened is quite the anarchist thing to do because it makes the whole voting process suspect and any asshole doing this is subverting this country and not for the better. Any way you look at it, Hillary has until Friday to decide to challenge the election as some are saying or to just walk away Kerry style. I don't really care either way to be honest. These two both sucked.

4) I am thankful I have all my fatalities about me- My health may be crap but my mind still works. Sure wish we had put people into Congress like that because re-electing douchebags like Louie Gohmert, John McCain, Marco Rubio and, worst of all, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a recipe for disaster. Congress has record low approval rating, yet we reelected 90% of the same idiots over and over. It's not just Congress who is retarded. It's America.

3)I am thankful I am not in school anymore- When I went to school if something stupid happened to you, it wasn't recorded for all of the world to see for time immortal. Nowadays, that same stupid comment or action will follow you around like herpes. Plus the kids of today have to deal with social media bullying, Common Core (which had it been around in my day would have resulted in truly terrible math grades which were not that great to begin with) and an epic rise in STD's, some of which barely existed in my day (herpes, AIDS). I may be getting old and my body may be fading but at least I don't have to worry about any of that.

2)I am thankful I don't have to drive anywhere this week- Traffic is going to be murder and heavier than ever thanks to low gas prices and the realization that this may be our LAST Thanksgiving. As a result, airports are going to be packed, roads are going to be slow going, and I do not have to worry about any of that. Plus, as my family is scattered all over the place, I don't have to see any of them, spending the day with my fiancee and that's it. The rest of you are going to be subject to an earful as Hillary and Trump supporters battle about more than just who gets the turkey leg. Fun.
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1)I am thankful for being me- I have a good life. I may be poor, but not too poor. But I am also smart, loved and have a lot of good friends I can trust. When you have that, you have everything. However, money would be nice and here's hoping my upcoming book, which is almost done now, will net me that success so far which has avoided me. Happy Thanksgiving all. I will return on Monday.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Everyone needs to calm the fuck down. The left is acting as if the world is going to end tomorrow, which they deserve a lion's share of the blame for failing to show up at the polls. The right on the other hand is rubbing it in our faces with a startling amount of racism and hate. We seem to be headed to an inevitable conflict between two groups who can't even decide which facts are true and which are bullshit. When reality cannot be accepted as truth, we are all headed for a cliff.
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The left has to stop panicking as if not electing Clinton was the worst thing since the Holocaust. Trust me when I say, she wouldn't have been much better. The main reason I voted for her wasn't because I liked her (I didn't), trusted her (not in a million years) or even thought her policies were good for America (they weren't). I voted for her because the right is going to nominate people to the Supreme Court that may fundamentally and permanently change us for the worse in the long term. That is something we should all be worried about, especially if you are gay or a minority. Since the court vacated the Civil Right's voting act, hundreds of thousands of voters were purged from every state roll and contributed to a Clinton loss. That and the fact she was a she-bitch who people just instinctively hated.

But beyond that, Trump has already done some very good things for this country that I doubt Hillary would have. The TPP is dead. So is the TIPP. And NAFTA is on shaky ground. Good. These trade deals were done solely for corporate profits and did nothing for the average guy who has watched his salary and power diminish with each election cycle. Part of that is morons voting for Republicans who then gutted unions, but then again, the Democrats haven't done jack to stop union slides either. People in the rust belt and beyond are losing manufacturing jobs that pay around $60,000 a year. When that job goes a way there are indeed a lot of jobs they could get. The problem is they all pay half what they used to make and they were usually struggling to make ends meet before their pay cut Do they expect people to work TWO full time jobs to make a living? Meanwhile, the elites are pulling in trillions off of our hard work and are trying to pay us even less. Trump won because of this reason and this reason alone. Economics matter and the Democrats have ignored this situation for the last eight years. Their first jobs bill didn't see the light of day until two years after they took office, and it wasn't much of one.
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Why didn't the Democrats create jobs day one when they could have, arrest the bankers responsible for the 2008 crash and maybe give mortgage and credit card relief to all Americans rather than throw tens of trillions of dollars at Wall Street, which did stabilize the economy but only for the upper class? The rest of us got thrown to the wolves. It's one of the reasons, along with the ill advised Obamacare plan which is going down in flames due to the fact it was never going to work, that Democrats lost big in the last few elections. They are a minority party because they wanted to be Establishment left, which the base hated and have drifted away ever since. I am done with the democratic party unless they start doing major changes like ending their support for things like the TPP. Of all the brain dead things these idiots did this year, championing this hated treaty was stupid and, again, why they lost.

The Republicans are also not getting my vote either as, even with Trump at the helm, it's the rest of the idiots he's putting into positions of power that have me worried. Gay rights, abortion and civil discourse are headed for the chopping block and if history is any indication, violence is going to envelop us all because of this. The right has some delusion that they have all the guns, and God on their side so back off. Liberals have guns guys and lots of them. If this comes down to a civil war, both sides will be armed to the teeth. Considering Republicans have all the power again, I expect guns to be available in vending machines by the end of next year.

If Trump gets rid of Obamacare, twenty million people will lose coverage, and hundreds of thousands will die. Public outcry will be enormous, and with loved ones lives at stake, deadly. If assassinations start happening against politicians, this will be the match that sets that off. When America's spouses and children start dying in mass numbers with no recourse, someone is going to snap and start firing rounds at anyone they blame for the debacle coming. Trump has said he wants to keep parts of Obamacare, like not denying coverage and keeping people under 26 on health care with the parents, but wants to get rid of subsides and the mandate which will tank the whole system by making it ungodly expensive. Again, if three hundred million no longer have access to health insurance, how pissed do you think a majority of them are going to be?

The chances for violence against politicians is at record high level because the Democrats are acting as if they lost for reasons beyond their control, which is bull, while the Republicans are acting as if a majority of the public gave them a mandate to rule, which didn't happen as he lost the popular vote by over a million people. Both sides had better be real careful because that anger out there hasn't gone away, even for the winners. Many have said if Trump doesn't get jobs going within six months to a year, then look out. His margin for error is razor thin and if he doesn't have an idea not only how to get people back to work, but with an increase in salaries, he's toast. Considering most jobs are lost to automation rather than trade deals, that is going to be a tall order. Considering the Republican plan is to give more money to rich people while getting rid of unions, I doubt this will be a stellar plan.
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If the Republicans fuck this up, which they are wont to do, then this country is going to burn. We have already seen violence on both sides and that is only going to get worse as time goes on, and the GOP enacts some of their idiotic ideas, which have been proven failures. The Democrats blew it. What happens when the GOP does too? Revolution as a lot of these people will never vote blue again. When you have no real choice, people will react badly. This last election proved that.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


There was a whole lot of crybaby syndrome going on with Democratic voters, many of whom never bothered to show up which would have prevented all of this in the first place. You lost. Go home. The DNC is no better by behaving as if it was business as usual by elevating corporatists like Chuck Schumer to positions of power while conveniently ignoring the people's choices of Sanders, Warren and the rest of the Progressive wing that has been shut out again. ENOUGH! Here is my pledge. I will not vote again if these are the choices you give us. I give up. Either have a party that has a smidgen of the values most of us want or be prepared to be in the desert until the Republicans destroy this country once again, which appears to be exactly where we are headed. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)The Weekend's Movies- I used to work in the movie business. One of the reasons I left was the sheer level of morons you have to deal with on a regular basis. They all come from money, have elite school resumes and are always dumber than dirt. To prove my point, let's take a look at three epic failures that died for very different reasons. The first, Edge of Seventeen opened to rave reviews, a red hot young actress as its star and James Brooks directing. It only cost nine million to make (add a lot more for advertising) and even getting that back may be a stretch as it cratered at 4.5 mil. Why did a movie that had a 95% rating on rotten tomatoes crash and burn you ask? The Harry Potter spin-off opened the same weekend. Only a brain damaged idiot would open a film where your target audience is going to see the other flick (Beasts skewered 45% young female in demographics) especially when it was supposed to open September 30th and got pushed for unknown, and obviously inane, reasons. Another disaster was the never should have been made Billy Flynn movie which didn't even crack the top ten. Ouch. It cost $40 mil pre-ads, so it's obituary as one of the biggest flops of the year is cemented in reality. That one million gross must be staring at them something fierce. The last disaster was the why did they even bother film Bleed For This, yet another boxing movie no one was ever going to see, joining Fists of Stone as a genre that needs to go away for a while. Audiences sure are.

9)Dubai- Come to beautiful sunny Dubai, We have endless beaches, great night life, and what else, oh yeah, if you get raped don't come crying to the police because they will arrest you. That actually happened to a German tourist who you can bet will never set foot in a Muslim country for the rest of her life. Neither will a lot of other people idiots. Muslims are really treading on extremely thin ice now that Trump is president and right wing ideology is spreading world wide. You guys are pissing the world off who have had about all they are going to stand with you. One wrong move and every superpower on Earth will move against you. Time is running out to join the 21st century.
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8)Muslims refugees in Europe- A translator has come forward and claims that a majority of the people she sees in Germany refugee camps show a pure hatred for Christianity and are saying loud and clear they are using this migrant situation to spread Islam. Whether this is true or not, it does appear to be somewhat true. Most refugees going to Europe are not fleeing war but economic situations and perhaps invasion. It would be insidious way to get inside enemy borders. Pretend to be helpless and strike when told. Again, that is just one possibility and not a statement of fact that refugees are coming to get us but it is something we should be aware of. As Trump is president now, I have a feeling there won't be too many refugees, if any at all, for the next four years and that may not be such a bad thing.

7)Duck Dynasty- Thank God, this waste of space on TV has been cancelled. They will of course replace it with something far worse.

6)Jeronimo Yanez- The cop that shot Philando Castile was arrested this week for manslaughter after video of him shooting the victim for no reason went viral. I still can't get over how calm his girlfriend was while he was dying next to her. Her steadiness and camera work led to this guy getting arrested so kudos to her and I am sorry she had to lose her love to this dick. I hope she finds someone nice who the cops won't shoot.
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5)Kanye West- I FUCKING HATE THIS ASSHOLE! If he were to get shot tomorrow, I'd send the shooter flowers and a thank you note. This utter douche spent nearly an hour at a concert this week lecturing the crowd how much he liked Trump and while he didn't vote, he would have voted for the Orange Hitler. He then went to say he would run for president in 2020 which is somehow even more frightening than Trump running things. Your music is bad enough, don't subject us to a presidential run as well.

4)Trump voters- You won. Stop rubbing it in our faces. Racist and sexist graffiti have exploded nationwide. In Natick, some guy got death threats from an unknown neighbor about having black and Hispanic friends over. Adam Yauch's memorial was vandalized with anti-Semitic language this week in NYC. There have also been unconfirmed reports of frat boy and creeper types grabbing women by the pussy because Trump said so. I have a feeling this is only going to get worse. Mike Pence got booed by the audience at Hamilton and even a lecture from the cast when the play was over. In retaliation, some drunk loser had to be removed for screaming Trump support while the play was going on. Those tickets aren't cheap. Calm down and stop behaving like apes. There is plenty of time for that once Trump assumes power.

3)Trump Team picks- For someone wanting to drain the swamp, he certainly seems to be picking a lot of establishment people. They are steady stream of white nationalists, establishment wonks and banking corporate idiots. Trump spent his day yesterday slamming Hamilton and SNL, actually demanding equal time to which Alec Baldwin shot back to go be president and leave the show to the professionals. The election is over and equal time doesn't happen. These guys are on borrowed time because all of my research says that the SNL cold opener about Trump being unprepared was dead on and if he can't fulfill at least a portion of his promises, his people will turn on him like a rabid dog. He's got six months to a year to show progress. If he can't, like the Democrats failed when they held power for 14 months, the backlash will be bloody. Either they get swept out of office in 2018, or literally swept out of office when an angry mobs comes for their heads.

2)Democrat voters- WAAAAAA! YOU LOST! Get over it. If you didn't vote, voted for a third party candidate or voted for Trump and regret it now, too bad. There is no way back machine, no do over. This is what we have and we have to try to live with it. Your protest was noted so go home, regroup, and figure out a way to push the democrats away from too far left policies (anti-gun is a killer) and toward progressive policies like raising the minimum wage and fixing social security. And here's a helpful hint. In 2018, actually show up and vote these losers out.
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1)Democrats- These people seem incapable of learning. They just got walloped in the election because the person they hand picked and rigged a primary for turned out to be every bit as bad a candidate as we all knew. Hillary was dead woman walking (and looked it) from day one, yet they still forced this zombie down our throats, telling us to grin and bear it. Well, the public had other ideas and voted in a monster instead because they HATED this woman. Right or wrong, that was a hurdle she was never going to overcome. So many people I talked to say they didn't vote for Trump, they voted against her. She was the establishment person in a year when that was a huge liability, which I wrote about several years ago, and was proven as fact. Since they lost, they have done nothing to right the ship and seem hell bent on business as usual. Robert Reich said it best that unless the democrats conform to a the fact that we aren't voting for this crap anymore, a third party seems inevitable. Sanders showed it could be done with low level money and no corporate interests. Much like the Republicans, the democrats have six months to a year before I and everyone else abandons ship. The sad fact about this election was that no matter who won, we lost. Hillary would have been barely better when the status quo fixed nothing, trade deals that favor the rich multiplied and corporate fascism became a reality. Instead we have classic fascism to look forward too. Fun. So congratulations Hillary, Chuck and the rest of the democrats too stupid to read the tea leaves. You are all indeed douchebags of the week.

Monday, November 14, 2016


He hasn't even gotten into office yet and already some things look bleak. Yes, the TPP is dead and we may actually see an immigration plan that works. Letting convicts roam the street because their home country refuses to take them is unacceptable. I get the feeling Trump will be getting rid if those lowlifes fast. And initially, Trump's tax cuts may actually create jobs and increase wealth. The problem is that it will only be temporary until their method sinks the world economy again as supply side economics is a known failure, yet they keep repeating the same shit over and over.

If you are black, Hispanic, gay or young and either didn't vote, voted third party or, gasp, actually voted for Trump, congratulations, you are officially the stupidest people on Earth. And from what I can see of the polls, a lot of you actually DID vote for that idiot. What does that make you guys? Retarded comes to mind. You are all going to pay dearly for not supporting Hillary, a flawed candidate yes, but like Obamacare, not great but a step in the right direction. Instead, we have done a one eighty and are now barreling down the wrong way of a highway where a spectacular crash is imminent.

How do I know this? Because he has already named Reince Priebus his Chief of Staff and Dan O'Bannon as his chief strategist. Neither of these are exactly outsiders or sane for that matter. Priebus is a dyed in the wool Republican and O'Bannon is leader of the alt-right movement. Other names coming up include Sarah Palin for Interior, Jamie Dimon for Treasury, a climate change denier with no science background for the head of the EPA and Ben Carson for education. Ugh! This means anyone expecting a drastic change to things as usual are in a for a rude awakening and those people are going to be pissed when things go south for them, and the poorer you are, the more your life is going to suck. Add a minority status to that and you are going to be spitting nails.

As I have previous said, we are in the beginning stages of revolution, an inevitablity at this point. If Trump is smart, he better find a way to create good jobs stat once in office. If not, tens of millions from both parties are going to revolt and it will be bloody. Once people realize that neither the democrats or Republicans are there to help them what next? Death and lots of it, is history is any indication. Trump has zero room for error. Anyone who wanted to be president in this environment was delusional that they could fix all that is wrong here. And when the people start to wake up that they GOP is screwing them like the democrats, they are going to kill politicians in mass numbers. The end of this country is nigh people and for all those morons protesting out there, here's a helpful hint. IT'S FAR TOO FUCKING LATE FOR THAT! You should have held your nose and voted for the demon because instead we got a moron instead. Evil only kills what it has to to get what it wants. Stupid kills everyone.
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So enjoy what might be your last Thanksgiving and Christmas because odds are really good that they WILL be the last we ever have. Next year, everything is going to start going to hell. It won't take long for the bottom to fall out and people to go from pissed to violent. Bet on it.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


What happens when you rig an election and you still lose? 2016. Clinton deserved to lose for running a campaign as if white voters didn't matter, acting like a shrill corporatist at every possible instance, misreading the electorate in general, and actually believing her fixed polls. Trump won not because he was a gifted politician or even likable. He won because he wasn't Hillary, a thoroughly detestable person. I told people that not nominating Bernie was a death sentence, further driven home when she inexplicably picked Tim Kaine for vice president which made her base evaporate. I said that this was Martha Coakley all over again, for the third fucking time, and I was right. How many times does something not have to work for allegedly smart people to catch on? The Democratic party either needs radical change or they lose my vote for good. I'll sit home and watch the world burn instead. Let's see those runner ups all of which was tied to this crap election that is thankfully over.
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10)Pollsters- I can only do my job if media does theirs. The polls this year were for the most part garbage. I don't know if they were rigged intentionally or not, but only Reuters and the LA Times were mostly accurate while just about everyone else, including Fox News, wildly missed the mark. The hate against Hillary was always treated as an aberration and not the norm as it turned out to be. It seems impossible that that level of vitriol against her that was seen in the final outcome never materialized in any poll. The only other explanation is that the polls were weighed down either by preconceived notions (no way are Hispanics breaking over 30% for Trump when they actually were) or intentional deception by a media caught red handed colluding with the DNC multiple times. Either way, I'll be changing my algorithms to compensate for that in the next election as polls can no longer be trusted to tell us the truth.

9)The Media- As seen above, the media directly conspired with Hillary Clinton to win the election which included fixing poll data, colluding with the candidate for approval over stories written about her, asking soft ball questions during one of the handful of times she actually talked to the press and a dozen other things that smell and look bad. Current head of the DNC, and traitor to the country Donna Brazile, gave Hillary questions in advance before the primary debates, the same debates Debbbie Wasserman Schultz scheduled at weird hours so few would watch. But the media never really talked about any of that, focusing in her emails 24/7 which as it turned out, probably wasn't the best strategy. You guys suck and thanks for giving us President Trump.
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8)Joe Arpaio- One of the best things to come out of this election was that racist Sheriff Joe from Arizona finally got kicked out of office after seven terms there. He is facing jail time as well for disobeying a judges order to stop racial profiling which he did not. Good riddance until of course Trump nominates him to head of the Border Patrol.

7)Electoral College- This antiquated relic was designed to give more power to rural Southern voters as well as a stopgap to keep from despots winning. So much for that last part huh? This is the second time that a minority of voters won the presidency, and the last time was 2000 so we remember what happened that time right? This thing needs to be scrapped once and for all and I have been a supporter of it until this time when it just doesn't make any sense any more. Popular vote wins. Can we please change some of the Constitution already that makes no sense in a modern world please? Trial by jury can go as well.

6)The FBI- Polls show that the last minute introduction by James Comey's letter, which turned out to be nothing, was the final straw for a lot of last minute undecided voters when nine out of ten broke for Trump. This stampede cost her Wisconsin, PA and MI. Thanks to these losers, we now have President Trump. Great.

5)Third Party Voters- In a repeat of 2000 again, third party protest votes cost Hillary the election in states like Florida. Had half of Johnson voters and all of Stein's gone her way, she'd be president. 2000 wasn't that far back, yet a lot of idiots might as well as voted for Trump or stayed home rather than waste their time voting for someone who had a 0% chance of winning. Maine became the first state to allow ranked voting which means you pick who you want for first choice, but if they lose, the second choice gets your vote instead. That way you can vote third party but not waste it if they go belly up. I hope the rest of the country follows this surprisingly sane idea from Maine.
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4)Minorities- Hispanics, Asians and the young all voted for Trump in surprisingly high numbers. Black people stayed home. In case you weren't paying attention, you are all so very, very screwed now. You should have treated this like the devil was at your door because things are going to go badly for all of you now. Blacks are going to get arrested in record numbers and thrown into a private prison, something Hillary was against, for the rest of your lives where you will literally relive your slave days. Congrats. Gay people can look forward to being crammed back into the closet with legal discrimination coming in some states. Hispanics are going to get deported left and right until our restaurant and agricultural industry collapse, as they did in Alabama and Georgia when they tried that. If you are one of these groups and voted for Trump or stayed home, just remember Hitler had Jews who voted for him. Remember how that turned out?

3)Protesters- You lost. Deal with it. You should have been doing this months back when the DNC got caught rigging the election. You know what we got instead? Crickets. You helped this. It's too late to start crying about it now. Hell, half of you didn't even vote so fuck off. College is going to be unaffordable soon, your health care is going to be non-existent and jobs will probably be scarcer than now. If you survive till old age, a tall order right now as the end of the world seems nigh, social security and medicare are all going to be privatized and long gone by the time you need them. You people make me sick. Fuck you and your protests which are too little, too late.

2)Republicans- I spent a lot of time this week talking with Trump supporters and let me tell you the are both thrilled and pissed still. They are thrilled that Hillary didn't get in. which does some good things like the end of the TPP and a possible end to the war in Syria. However, as many told me, they are STILL furious and if Trump doesn't live up to his promises, they are coming for him next. The fact that he is putting in GOP insiders is already rubbing a lot of them the wrong way and they are voicing it. Trump has no margin for error here. Piss off the wrong group and he's toast. Go against the establishment and face impeachment. Go against the electorate and face assassination attempts galore. When Obama got into office in 2008, he and the DNC squandered any good will by getting very little accomplished even though they had filibuster proof majority for almost 14 months. They got a lot of bills passed but only three of them were of any importance (Health care, Dodd Frank, and repeal of don't ask, don't tell). That's it. Their first jobs bill, which wasn't much of a bill at that, didn't come until almost two years into an Obama presidency. They spent all that time fighting about health care instead of focusing on people who needed work and here we are eight years later and still no work. This will be the test for the GOP here. If they do what the Democrats did in 2008 and go after abortion, gay rights and inevitably destroy health care rather than save it, instead of a good jobs program, those pitchforks and torches are coming out. The chances for violent revolutions are increasing with each passing day and how Trump picks his staff will depend on whether the country follows or revolts. Dangerous times are coming.
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1)Democrats and Hillary Clinton- They did it to themselves. And the voters helped. Anyone who voted for Hillary in the primaries, congratulations, you helped Trump win. There was NO good reason to vote for her other than you wanted a woman as president and it didn't matter who that woman was. Females in this country fucked us as black women voters went for Hillary in the primaries, white women voted against her in the election and now woman have a sexual predator as President. Maybe you shouldn't have been given the right to vote because you certainly did a piss poor job in your selection. And then the women inside the DNC, traitors like Schultz and Brazile who should be hung from the tallest tree, conspired to get rid of Bernie, who would have won handedly in this election as polls had him 15 points ahead instead of tied like Hillary was. But instead of giving us the guy who could have won, your super delegate bullshit gave us the establishment winner that could not win in this climate. So because you wanted a vagina in office, you gave us Trump who will most likely decimate the planet. The chances are high that we don't survive the next two years, Economic collapse, war, revolution, they are all on the menu right now and these assholes caused it. Here are the four moments that cost her the election: the Comey letter, her deplorables comments, passing out on 9/11, and number one, picking that dick Tim Kaine which I correctly said at the time could cost her the election and it did. Trump picked Pense which gave him credibility with the religious right. Had Hillary picked Liz Warren, the only sane choice, she would have won hands down as the progressive base would have been energized by that pick, just like Pence was for Trump. Instead she picked Kaine in some idiotic attempt to win over religious men which was NEVER going to happen, and shore up support with Hispanics because he spoke Spanish. She got clobbered instead. I am sure she tried to cheat here too but you can't beat a landslide and she lost by one. The Democrats have talked about nominating, I kid you now, Chelsea for Congress. ENOUGH WITH THE CLINTONS! Please go the fuck away. If the democrats continue with their pro corporate mentality I am done until a third party arrives and shakes this nonsense up. Evolve or die guys. That's the rule. So congratulations to Hillary for a spectacular loss and with it, this nation. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


So that just happened. I can't say I am surprised as I said this would happen when Clinton picked Tim Kaine for VP, a pick so bad it cost her the election. Sure there were tons of problems, but this sealed the deal for her as progressives looked at her and said NO FUCKING WAY!!! And they didn't vote for her or at all in some cases. She won the popular vote (just like Gore) but lost the electoral college. None of this should have happened.
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Clinton deserves a lion share of the blame, but let us not forget that women screwed us blue here. 53% of white women, regardless of party or education, backed Trump. For their efforts, equal pay is toast, abortion may become illegal and health care is going to go belly up. And it wasn't just voters but assholes like Debbie Wasserman Shultz (back in office due to the sheer stupidity on full display here) and current DNC chair Donna Brazile, to name just a few who rigged the primaries, elevated Trump in hopes they could beat him against a more moderate candidate (which she also would have lost to), and beat down Sanders at every opportunity, even though he would have won. When Schultz got ousted for cheating, Hillary inexplicably hired her as campaign chair. Those optics caused her to lose.

Contrary to what every pundit says, the VP IS important, as three of out last four elections got sunk by bad VP picks. Lieberman caused me, and millions of other to stay home. Palin sunk McCain before he even started. Ryan added no new voters to Romney and Tim Kaine did the exact same thing. Had she picked any moderate, say Liz Warren, she would have cakewalked into the presidency as Millennials, the largest voter base now, would have been energized by that and voted in mass numbers for her. Instead, she picked a corporatist that I correctly predicted would sink her chances.

The sad fact is the Democratic party gave up on working white class voters for decades now. Obama not once did anything to stop the corporate takeover of America. Hell, he stumped for it with his asinine approval of the now dead TPP. That is one thing I am very happy about with the election of Trump. It's everything else that worries me.

Neither side has done anything to help and I have a feeling that just like circa 2008, the world economy will crash once again as trickle down economics return only to fail again for the umpteenth time. I do find it funny that like Brexit, the Dow ignored the election and went right up again, helped strongly not by good news, but stock buy back programs from companies like Caterpillar.
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Third party hurt too as results show had people voted for Hillary instead of Gary Johnson in Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, she would have won. Now chances are good a lot of those probably would have gone Trump's way, but how many is anyone's guess, so once again a third party idiot paves the way for a bigger one. Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

If you were black, gay, a woman, Hispanic or poor and voted for Trump AND a Republican run government, you've just all sent yourself to death row. Black people can look forward to rampant racism against them, stop and frisk nationally and even more being jailed. Hispanics better brush up on their Spanish because they are going traveling whether they like it or not. Women can kiss abortion goodbye, equal pay and, grab them by the pussy may be the new handshake. Gay people are going to be legally discriminated against. Poor people are going to starve to death when food stamps go away, or die from no health care when the GOP guts it, or be homeless when Social Security disappears. It is going to be tough going if you are any of these groups.

Black people didn't show up. Hispanics and Millennials voted 30% for Trump, an astronomical number. Women voted 54% for him. Clinton got shafted because she failed to realize the dynamics had changed in the race and she stubbornly refused to do things like push for pot legalization, now legal in MA, CA and Nevada and may still pass in Maine. She was thoroughly unliked and did nothing to change that opinion of her. The daily email leaks proved fatal to her, especially when the hopefully soon to be lynched Donna Brazile, was shown giving Hillary the answers to debates beforehand. I HATE THIS WOMAN!
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Chances are good we are all very. very screwed. But maybe the GOP will surprise us and actually do something about angry white america like give us jobs that pay well again. But that is more fantasy than reality I think. If they don't and make things worse, this country is going to go kaboom, and most likely, the world with it.

Monday, November 7, 2016


Thank God this thing is almost over. However, no one expects there to be peace and love across this nation Wednesday when half the country is going to be super pissed that the other side won. And if the latest polls are to be believed, Trump has little chance of winning this. The math is just not on his side and that is assuming a straightforward election, which I hate to agree with the orange nightmare on this, but chances are high she will also cheat to win.
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There is ample evidence that, as I had already written about months ago, that the DNC, the media and Hillary all conspired to fix the primaries. Hillary got questions beforehand from the debates, the DNC actively conspired against Bernie Sanders while the vote totals and exit polls all showed signs of severe tampering. The funny part is that even with all that, I am still voting for her because Trump will kill us all. There is no scenario where he doesn't blunder us into a major, world ending war. I may not like Hillary, I certainly don't trust her, but I am also sure she won't accidentally kill the planet. But it also shows that no matter what the polls say, Hillary is going to pull out wins in most swing states, either due to demographics voting en masse against Trump or fixing the vote totals in electronic voting totals. If she wins Ohio, I would be very suspicious of rigging and that is almost certainly going to be the refrain come Wednesday from Trump and his supporters.

Here's the best case scenario. Hillary wins in a landslide, the democrats retake the House and Senate, Ttrump goes away quietly and we actually start fixing what needs fixing in this country. This is also more fantasy than reality. The most likely scenario is one in which Hillary wins somewhat decisively on the Electoral College, barely wins the popular vote, but does so in such a way that vote rigging looks likely causing Trump to scream bloody murder and the rest of his followers reacting violently. This is not good.

Here is my final tally on the election, which has remained somewhat unchanged for the last few months: 322 to 216 Hillary wins. But questions will come up immediately after this is over, ones real and imagined, and then what? This country is going to be severely divided that has an even more polarizing winner than Obama, regardless of who wins.
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One of the biggest reasons to suspect a Hillary win is that she actually has a good ground game going; one that is far superior to Trump's and the RNC. This means democrats have the edge on getting their voters to their polls, which added with huge Hispanic support, means a victory in places like Florida and Nevada and that is game over at that point. Trump cannot win unless he captures states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and flips a blue state like PA or Michigan, both long shots at best. His path to 270 is very slim while all Hillary has to do is win one swing state and the fat lady sings.

The point of all this is to get out and vote tomorrow. Yes, Hillary is a hell beast but at least she won't nuke half the planet because Putin made fun of her hair. We have to give the democrats all the rope to hang themselves with because the alternative, a completely Republican run government, will end the world. The last time these idiots got into that kind of power they broke the world. This time they will end it.

For the love of God vote blue tomorrow in mass numbers so we can fix things like Obamacare (rather than getting rid of it for the crappy Republican plan that barely can be called that), infrastructure, the minimum wage, gay rights, the environment and a dozen other things that the GOP will destroy. Yes the democrats suck. But Republicans are morons and need to be stopped.
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Either way, it's the beginning of the end tomorrow. I plan of drinking heavily. I suspect many of you will be doing the same.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


While a Donald Trump presidency is still a long shot, thank God, if he does manage a win it will be all the fault of one worthless entity: our fucking news media. I used to work in the news business and let me tell you it's shady as hell. Stories get buried because the owner is friends with the accused, or it will hurt his portfolio, and so on. And now, years later, it has gotten so much worse and blatantly partisan. News should be based on facts not commentary. as this site tries to do. The media as of late is ignoring huge stories that have gotten zero press. a lot of which involves Trump, making me question how effective major news outlets are anymore because regardless of station or paper, they are all guilty of massive propaganda and a drive for ratings over truth. There's only two days left to the Apocalypse and these guys are herding us right to the edge. Let's see the runners ups for what might be the last Sunday of normalcy.
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10)Movie Reviewers- I used to be a professional film reviewer for almost five years for a medium sized New England newspaper. I was always professional and never judged a movie by its genre (I also worked in the entertainment business for a long time so there is that as well). I wish today's realm of idiots doing this job had half the integrity I had. Never in all of my life have I seen more films that I loved shot down as garbage by a group that doesn't seem to understand film making at all. Then the films that they love, I watch and find to be the most boring piece of tripe I have ever seen. When we look at the best reviewed films, half are kids movies, four I have never heard of, two I agreed with that I have seen (Captain America and Finding Dory), one I want to see (Hell or High Water) and other seven I don't care one whit about. Just looking at the plot lines to three of them made me want to chug coffee just to get through the synopsis. Meanwhile films like Inferno, Don't Look Back. Hardcore Henry and a dozen others I saw this year which all got horrific reviews, were much better than they said. Both Inferno and the Jack Reacher movie were all based on books I liked and everyone else called them garbage as well, showing book reviewers aren't any better lately. The point is don't NOT listen to reviewers anymore as they, like the media they work for, have lost all credibility.

9)AirBnB- If you don't think the TPP is dangerous check out this story. A person suing for racial discrimination had his lawsuit thrown out due to arbitration rules stuck into the fine print of their rental agreements. These are becoming more and more prevalent as companies realize they can skate on obligations by only allowing arbitration which greatly favors the corporation over the plaintiff. The TPP will let that explode until none of us are safe.
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8)Harvard Soccer Team- These guys thought it would be hilarious to make a "score card" for female soccer players, rating them on their looks and assigning a sexual position to each. It strikes me as odd that these guys got into Harvard but had the common sense of garden gnome. They really didn't think this was going to get out eventually. True, it had stayed a secret since at least 2012, but when it did come out, heads were going to roll and the whole schedule was cancelled for the year. Idiots.

7)Todd Kohlepp- I find it strange that whenever a new serial killer is caught, it is almost always the guy you thunk it would be. It is rarely the mild mannered man who lives next door. Usually, the guy has a dangerous past, looks sketchy as hell and Todd Kohlepp fits that category to a T. Arrested for the deaths of seven women and the kidnapping/torture of another, this fat fuck is going to get the death penalty and deservedly so. Bye bye loser.

6)Bridgegate- Two of Chris Christie's top aides were convicted for Bridgegate and face several years on prison for it. However, the media was as always asleep at the wheel connecting any of this to Christie, which was so obvious jurors said so after the trial that they wondered why charges were never brought against him as well. Then the FBI ignored proof he was guilty, making me wonder why we have these assholes at all anymore as they are single handedly destroying this country with the pro-Trump nonsense. Christie was guilty as hell and no one said boo about it. This country is toast.
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5)Donald Trump- The media made a lot of hay about an "attack" on Trump that turned out to be nothing more than a boisterous Republican non-Trump supporter, who got busted up because some panicky moron yelled "gun." The media played it over and over, even though anyone who could read saw there was nothing that happened as the MSM conveniently ignored facts until it suited their purposes to tell us what I already knew. The Media really is lying to you. Trump will hopefully lose as demographics spell doom for him with a huge Hispanic vote that is apparent in early voting. If that continues he's done. Good.

4)Black People- It has not been a good week for black people unless them winding up in walled off ghettos is their thing. Early voting has been way down, but that may reflect a dwindling of polling stations, especially for early voting, and we may still see an uptick on election day. However, some people like Louis Farrakhan are stirring up the elect Trump plot for some inane reason as he recently called Hillary Hitler. She may be a lot of things but the person more closely aligned with Hitler is her opponent, dumbass. Go back to Calypso singing before you kill us all. Racist. Then we had Dave Chappelle go off on Hillary the other night while singing praises for Trump. I am curious to see if he will still be hosting SNL next week after that. Black people must vote Hillary as the other guy will bring back slavery.

3)Donna Brazille- Yet another black person behaving badly. The one thing Wikileaks exposed is how corrupt the DNC really is. They rigged the primaries for Hillary and have got caught red handed here. Brazille was fired from CNN this week after more emails came forward showing her giving Hillary the answers at debates beforehand. Cheater. The fact she was pissed that anyone questioned her integrity when this came out a few weeks back is especially funny. It's also why I think Hillary is going to win. She is going to cheat if she has to, Trumpians are going to notice and this whole country is going to go tits up. Swell.

2)FBI- These assholes are trying to start a coup and should be vilified for it. However, since our worthless media is ignoring of all it to focus on emails I do not care about, they are getting away with it scot free. After Comey released a vague letter that did nothing but inflame rumors and outright lies ( I am looking at you Fox news), Hillary's numbers plummeted. And then, just for fun I guess, the released documents related to the Bill Clinton pardon of Marc Rich which was done for political purposes and not a payoff. Clinton was trying to get Israel to the peace table and this was one way of doing it. I guess the FBI cannot read. They certainly can't do law enforcement worth a damn.
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1)The MSM- Wow, do you guys suck! You reported about nonsense while ignoring actual stories going on right under your nose. Fox News said they have confirmed reports the FBI was about to indict Hillary, and then had to back track it a day later when it turned out to be nonsense. That didn't stop Trump and his people from shouting that from the mountain tops, convincing people it as true. They have ignored all the problems with the FBI who seem to be steering the election, which is against the law and, afterward, I hope charges are filed for once to get rid of these traitors. Instead we have countless bullshit stories about emails that mean nothing, no stories about the Dakota pipeline protest, nothing about the largest gas pipeline explosion in US history, no story about why the woman dropped her suit against Trump for rape years back after she got death threats. Nothing. Just hour after hour of Clinton bashing for the sole reason to keep the election close, at least on paper, and get eyes glued to the networks on Tuesday. Vote Hillary in Tuesday. She may suck hard but she's still better than Trump. Congratulations MSM, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


What is going on with the FBI? Comey's inexplicable decision to release information that had no bearing on anything has now been heightened further with the release of documents pertaining to Bill Clinton's controversial pardon of Marc Rich. According the Feds, it was just bad timing, and the information was set to be released at this time, never mind the fact that the Hatch Act seems to be violated again here. The FBI has already sat on several stories involving Trump, and another the DNC, but Hillary seems fair game. Why?
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First off, way too many FBI agents are die hard Republicans with single digit brain power and shouldn't be in law enforcement to begin with. I have read stories about cops who sucked at their jobs and still managed to get hired by the FBI where their incompetence continued. Read the history of the guy in charge of the operation involving Muslim terrorists and the first World Trade Center bombing. He was quite the tool who seemed to have no business doing what he was doing and may have inadvertently allowed a dangerous bomb to go off. This is the same organization that has fucked up beyond all rhyme or reason both the Anthrax case and the OHC bombing in huge ways. These guys seem to radiate incompetence and corruption on a regular basis, so why would this be any different?

The pardon of Marc Rich was done for political purposes too complicated and boring to go into here, but know that had to do with keeping a peace deal alive with Israel and may have saved tens of thousands of innocent lives. But I guess since Bill did it, it must be evil. Hillary got righteously angry at another idiot calling Bill Clinton a rapist. He isn't. There is simply no actual evidence suggesting it to be true and until there is, we should stop with the accusation. Meanwhile, Trump is being accused of two underage rapes now and the press can't seem to be bothered with any of it. We cannot elect the human dumpster fire win and with less than a week to go, thank God, the end is finally near.

Hispanics are the driving force this election and Nevada, even though some polls show Trump ahead, is probably a lost cause as early voting shows Clinton with a near insurmountable lead already. However, if black people and younger voters don't show up, and early voting is way down nationwide with both, Trump has a chance to still win this. If he flips just a couple of big states, like PA, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. and he has a solid chance of winning. If he fails to get all four, he's probably done for. Black people better get to the voting booth because the alternative is an existence where hope is lost and walled in ghettos become a way of life. You think things are bad now, wait until a Trump presidency puts all of you behind bars. Your survival is at risk so wake up and vote blue.
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The FBI is playing partisan politics in a way never seen before. They must really hate Hillary to face getting fired, even jail time, should Hillary win. I get the feeling that woman is vindictive beyond words and going against what may be your new boss, seems boldly stupid.

Vote Hillary. I know she's terrible but Trump will kill us all. As important, vote blue down ballot so maybe, just maybe, we can fix everything that is broken before he next election rips us apart even more.