Monday, November 21, 2016


Everyone needs to calm the fuck down. The left is acting as if the world is going to end tomorrow, which they deserve a lion's share of the blame for failing to show up at the polls. The right on the other hand is rubbing it in our faces with a startling amount of racism and hate. We seem to be headed to an inevitable conflict between two groups who can't even decide which facts are true and which are bullshit. When reality cannot be accepted as truth, we are all headed for a cliff.
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The left has to stop panicking as if not electing Clinton was the worst thing since the Holocaust. Trust me when I say, she wouldn't have been much better. The main reason I voted for her wasn't because I liked her (I didn't), trusted her (not in a million years) or even thought her policies were good for America (they weren't). I voted for her because the right is going to nominate people to the Supreme Court that may fundamentally and permanently change us for the worse in the long term. That is something we should all be worried about, especially if you are gay or a minority. Since the court vacated the Civil Right's voting act, hundreds of thousands of voters were purged from every state roll and contributed to a Clinton loss. That and the fact she was a she-bitch who people just instinctively hated.

But beyond that, Trump has already done some very good things for this country that I doubt Hillary would have. The TPP is dead. So is the TIPP. And NAFTA is on shaky ground. Good. These trade deals were done solely for corporate profits and did nothing for the average guy who has watched his salary and power diminish with each election cycle. Part of that is morons voting for Republicans who then gutted unions, but then again, the Democrats haven't done jack to stop union slides either. People in the rust belt and beyond are losing manufacturing jobs that pay around $60,000 a year. When that job goes a way there are indeed a lot of jobs they could get. The problem is they all pay half what they used to make and they were usually struggling to make ends meet before their pay cut Do they expect people to work TWO full time jobs to make a living? Meanwhile, the elites are pulling in trillions off of our hard work and are trying to pay us even less. Trump won because of this reason and this reason alone. Economics matter and the Democrats have ignored this situation for the last eight years. Their first jobs bill didn't see the light of day until two years after they took office, and it wasn't much of one.
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Why didn't the Democrats create jobs day one when they could have, arrest the bankers responsible for the 2008 crash and maybe give mortgage and credit card relief to all Americans rather than throw tens of trillions of dollars at Wall Street, which did stabilize the economy but only for the upper class? The rest of us got thrown to the wolves. It's one of the reasons, along with the ill advised Obamacare plan which is going down in flames due to the fact it was never going to work, that Democrats lost big in the last few elections. They are a minority party because they wanted to be Establishment left, which the base hated and have drifted away ever since. I am done with the democratic party unless they start doing major changes like ending their support for things like the TPP. Of all the brain dead things these idiots did this year, championing this hated treaty was stupid and, again, why they lost.

The Republicans are also not getting my vote either as, even with Trump at the helm, it's the rest of the idiots he's putting into positions of power that have me worried. Gay rights, abortion and civil discourse are headed for the chopping block and if history is any indication, violence is going to envelop us all because of this. The right has some delusion that they have all the guns, and God on their side so back off. Liberals have guns guys and lots of them. If this comes down to a civil war, both sides will be armed to the teeth. Considering Republicans have all the power again, I expect guns to be available in vending machines by the end of next year.

If Trump gets rid of Obamacare, twenty million people will lose coverage, and hundreds of thousands will die. Public outcry will be enormous, and with loved ones lives at stake, deadly. If assassinations start happening against politicians, this will be the match that sets that off. When America's spouses and children start dying in mass numbers with no recourse, someone is going to snap and start firing rounds at anyone they blame for the debacle coming. Trump has said he wants to keep parts of Obamacare, like not denying coverage and keeping people under 26 on health care with the parents, but wants to get rid of subsides and the mandate which will tank the whole system by making it ungodly expensive. Again, if three hundred million no longer have access to health insurance, how pissed do you think a majority of them are going to be?

The chances for violence against politicians is at record high level because the Democrats are acting as if they lost for reasons beyond their control, which is bull, while the Republicans are acting as if a majority of the public gave them a mandate to rule, which didn't happen as he lost the popular vote by over a million people. Both sides had better be real careful because that anger out there hasn't gone away, even for the winners. Many have said if Trump doesn't get jobs going within six months to a year, then look out. His margin for error is razor thin and if he doesn't have an idea not only how to get people back to work, but with an increase in salaries, he's toast. Considering most jobs are lost to automation rather than trade deals, that is going to be a tall order. Considering the Republican plan is to give more money to rich people while getting rid of unions, I doubt this will be a stellar plan.
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If the Republicans fuck this up, which they are wont to do, then this country is going to burn. We have already seen violence on both sides and that is only going to get worse as time goes on, and the GOP enacts some of their idiotic ideas, which have been proven failures. The Democrats blew it. What happens when the GOP does too? Revolution as a lot of these people will never vote blue again. When you have no real choice, people will react badly. This last election proved that.

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