Wednesday, November 2, 2016


What is going on with the FBI? Comey's inexplicable decision to release information that had no bearing on anything has now been heightened further with the release of documents pertaining to Bill Clinton's controversial pardon of Marc Rich. According the Feds, it was just bad timing, and the information was set to be released at this time, never mind the fact that the Hatch Act seems to be violated again here. The FBI has already sat on several stories involving Trump, and another the DNC, but Hillary seems fair game. Why?
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First off, way too many FBI agents are die hard Republicans with single digit brain power and shouldn't be in law enforcement to begin with. I have read stories about cops who sucked at their jobs and still managed to get hired by the FBI where their incompetence continued. Read the history of the guy in charge of the operation involving Muslim terrorists and the first World Trade Center bombing. He was quite the tool who seemed to have no business doing what he was doing and may have inadvertently allowed a dangerous bomb to go off. This is the same organization that has fucked up beyond all rhyme or reason both the Anthrax case and the OHC bombing in huge ways. These guys seem to radiate incompetence and corruption on a regular basis, so why would this be any different?

The pardon of Marc Rich was done for political purposes too complicated and boring to go into here, but know that had to do with keeping a peace deal alive with Israel and may have saved tens of thousands of innocent lives. But I guess since Bill did it, it must be evil. Hillary got righteously angry at another idiot calling Bill Clinton a rapist. He isn't. There is simply no actual evidence suggesting it to be true and until there is, we should stop with the accusation. Meanwhile, Trump is being accused of two underage rapes now and the press can't seem to be bothered with any of it. We cannot elect the human dumpster fire win and with less than a week to go, thank God, the end is finally near.

Hispanics are the driving force this election and Nevada, even though some polls show Trump ahead, is probably a lost cause as early voting shows Clinton with a near insurmountable lead already. However, if black people and younger voters don't show up, and early voting is way down nationwide with both, Trump has a chance to still win this. If he flips just a couple of big states, like PA, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. and he has a solid chance of winning. If he fails to get all four, he's probably done for. Black people better get to the voting booth because the alternative is an existence where hope is lost and walled in ghettos become a way of life. You think things are bad now, wait until a Trump presidency puts all of you behind bars. Your survival is at risk so wake up and vote blue.
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The FBI is playing partisan politics in a way never seen before. They must really hate Hillary to face getting fired, even jail time, should Hillary win. I get the feeling that woman is vindictive beyond words and going against what may be your new boss, seems boldly stupid.

Vote Hillary. I know she's terrible but Trump will kill us all. As important, vote blue down ballot so maybe, just maybe, we can fix everything that is broken before he next election rips us apart even more.

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