Monday, October 31, 2016


I will have to make this post short as I still have lots of work to do with the election rapidly approaching. Polls show that Hillary has lost some ground, most likely due to the questionable comments made by soon to be fired, James Comey. Chances are good he's gone right after the election for this debacle. According to some polls, 45% say this is worse than Watergate, dittoheading Trump from his rallies. Facts are there is nothing to see here yet and, most likely, never will,
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First off, the only thing on this computer will be emails to and from Huma Abedin. The reason they are there may be as innoculous as back ups from the cloud, as she has suggested. Even if there are classified materials sent (and there is zero evidence of that even), unless they contain some bombshell information which no email so far has been produced, this will add up to nothing. Huma is still authorized to see classified material, and even if she read the emails on an unsecured computer, she is at fault not Hillary. There is almost no chance this will add anything to the court of public opinion that we don't already know.

Second, October Surprises this far into the election make a lot of waves, but usually barely change the dynamic. The biggest shift was Hurricane Sandy that drove Romney off the stump and the news while Obama got to act Presidental, and even that only added 3% to his totals. Other things like the stock market crash of 2008, W. drunk driving arrest reveal and Osama bin Laden support of Kerry only moved the needle 1% total. Truth is, most people know who they are going to vote for and this is latest nonsense is even less likely to move supporters to or from either candidate.

Recent poll data show Hispanic and Asian voters moving strongly toward Clinton as are women, the LBGTQ community and white people with college educations. However among black people, she is lagging behind as they seem prepared to sit this one out. So let me get this straight, you all voted for Hillary in the primaries overwhelmingly and now are going to sit the big vote off. Fuck you! If you are black and don't vote, don't start crying when black arrests and/or deaths go skyrocketing upward and stop and frisk comes back in a big way. If you aren't voting for Hillary, you are digging your own grave. The same goes for the lukewarm support from Millennials, who thankfully are moving away from losers like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson for Hillary. But there are still too many voting for either who have zero chance of winning.
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If they election were held today, Hillary would still win 322 to 2016. Be warned that polls from the LA Times and Remington Research are using questionable data and the support they keep giving Trump seen out of line, They are screwing up the polls as a result, ones that are not being mirrored anywhere else. Hillary is losing some support for the bullshit claims, but if history is a factor, it won't matter much due to early voting (a lot of which early data points toward a Clinton victory overall) and baked in political views. Chances are still around 80% that Hillary wins, a 65% at victory in the Senate and 30% of retaking the House. Thanks God there is only eight more days of this.

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