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This guy cannot keep his mouth shut. I would like to point out that this election has gone EXACTLY as I predicted where Hillary would run away with it while Trump and his supporters scream about just about everything. The funny part is that I agree with Trump that the election is usually rigged. Not this time as he did it to himself. His supporters, more cult like than political, are going to super pissed when they lose and claim the whole thing was a fraud from start to finish. What will they do then? Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Rodrigo Duterte- If you want to see what a Trump presidency looks like, check out the President of the Philippines. He's only been in office a hundred days and in that time he has killed over 3500 people (including women and children) with his amped up War on Drugs, insulted world leaders, compared himself favorably to Hitler and has severely strained relationships with the US. He insulted Obama several times and most recently threatened to kick the US out of the country for some inane reason. This is what you are voting for Trumpians. Stop it!

9)Samsung- As their new phone doubles as a grenade, this company has serious problems. The Samsung 7 started exploding so they issued new ones which somehow, did the exact same thing. There were so many going off that airlines have added fireproof bags to put these deathtraps in if they explode at 30,000 feet. Helpful hint, a four volt battery is way too big for such a small device. Start there. Meanwhile, their stock is in freefall as the largest cell phone company on Earth may not survive this. They did it to themselves.

8)Ken Bone haters- This is why we can't have nice things. Ken seems like a nice intelligent guy who during interviews came across as thoughtful, bright and even explained rather well why he is still undecided. The press built him up and hours later tore him down because he said Trayvon Martin got what he deserved, which he did as all evidence clears that asshole Zimmerman. He also, horror or horrors, found nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence to be sexually alluring, although we would disagree that seeing her asshole was hot. No one need to see that on anyone. Give the guy a break. He's not running for president. I found it sad that the press covered this guy better than they did Trump.
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7)Chicago police- One of the most corrupt police departments in the country was recently discovered to be hiding $50 million in seized cash they were attempting to keep for themselves. Where is the media with that story? Forfeiture asset seizure is literally highway robbery where the cops are stopping people and taking their money and goods without any recourse. This is why we have a second amendment that has been made useless by the militarization of police. One simple rule is all we need: what ever guns and equipment the cops have, civilians can have. That levels the playing field and will stop the mass shootings by cops that have plagued society. Maybe if a few of them got shot back, they'll think twice about stealing from us blind. Chicago certainly is.

6)Jason Ludke and Yosvany Padilla-Conde- These two idiots from Milwaukee decided to join ISIS this week and, of course that didn't go well. Their plan was to make it to Mexico and then get fake documents to make it to Syria. Needless to say, that didn't happen. It seems Ludke was known to authorities already as a convicted child molester, had documented Muslim extremist views and threatened to kill a judge. He was on supervised release at the time but had slipped off his monitoring bracelet, which sent authorities looking for him. They caught up to these morons in Texas where he and his partner, who denies he was going to do anything but ditch Ludke when they got to Mexico, are going to see serious time. Enjoy prison because chances are at least one of you will never get out again.

5)Billy Bush- This frat boy has been is going to be fired from NBC for his dismal portrayal on the Trump Bangbus tape. The worse part, he's been like this for years and no one noticed? He talked about J-lo's ass, asked equally idiotic questions to others and behaved no better than Brock Turner at a roofie party. He should have been fired years ago but because he was powerful family members, he got to stay. This is no different that Chelsea Clinton and he ill advised stay at NBC doing a crap job as a reporter. Can we please hire people on merit and not connections, sex or skin color?
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4)Clinton Rape charges- I will say this one last time: THESE WOMEN HAVE ZERO CREDIBILITY! Paula Jones was never touched, Wiley and Broaddrick are proven liars and the rape victim was never laughed at. And while I would suggest that some of the people coming forward against Trump may have ulterior motives, like the former contestant on his show, Summer Zervos who certainly seemed to be persuing Trump to come to her restaurant and when he didn't could have made this up, the others have no reason to lie. They are not getting paid, this is hardly the kind of publicity anyone would want and their stories have backers who said they knew for years what kind of man Trump was. The Trumpians have tried to discredit these women with varying degrees of success, mostly poorly. One victim was allegedly a liar because airline seat rests don't pull up (they did) and she was confused with a Hillary employee of the same name but a different person. There is no hard evidence Clinton did anything and lots Trump did. Nuff said.

3)Evangelicals and Trump- If you are Christian and still supporting Trump, you aren't really Christian. At least four religious right blowhards and several evangelicals, came out in support of Trump this week, totally betraying their values and previous statements. These include such luminaries as James Dobson, Ralph Reed, Tony Perkins, Billy Graham, Jr and Jerry Falwell Jr. The IQ of all four doesn't reach double digits yet they hold high positions of power. How dumb are people to follow these four retards into anything? I would like to point out that almost all of these religious nutbags are white as black and Hispanic leaders have followed Clinton instead. Shocker.

2)Russia- Is Russia trying to start a war? They have been caught red handed hacking everything they can. They are telling their people to prepare for war and even holding nuke drills for 40 millions people. You know what American nuke drills entail? Get a gallon of ice cream, watch TV and wait to die. The US has had it and is threatening Russia with a cyber attack of it's own. I think it would very funny if we could get info on Putin that shows he like My Little Pony or dresses up as a women in his spare time. They want to spread dirt on our people, let's do the same to them.
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1)Donald Trump- Well this week went as poorly as it could. His debate performance, while improved from the first one, was still pretty terrible. He spent all week defending himself from a barrage of accusations from nine women who say he groped them.Trump's defense was typical where he said he would never have done that to some of them, not because it was wrong, but because they "weren't hot enough. Yeah, that'll save your plummeting poll numbers. A WSJ poll today had Hillary up by 11 and the electoral college looks impossible at this point for Trump to win. What happens after he loses is anyone's guess however. He has already told armed rednecks to become poll watchers to make sure fraud doesn't happen, like it's that obvious. Trump us saying the whole thing is rigged, which in a silver lining moment, made the press sit up and realize that some voting machines have no paper trail. Considering they have been like that since at least 2004, you have to wonder if the MSM is even up for the task of reporting the news anymore. But when he loses, what then? It is entirely possible that armed idiots may take to the streets, sitting outside democratic offices, and some, even shooting people in some stupid attempt to start the next revolution. We have the power to stop all of that by voting blue overwhelmingly and giving the democrats all the rope to hang themselves. If things have not gotten better in two years, I'll join you in overthrowing the government, but the time for that is not yet. It is time to get rid of obstructionist Republicans who are sending us down the river without a boat, paddle or even a river. We are just being dragged through the mud and it has to end. Vote blue and see if we can actually get something done for once. Considering how poorly Trump is doing, it si not out of the question. So congratulations Trump you are indeed douchebag of the week and a solid contender for douchebag of the year.

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