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I have been following politics for a long time and I have never seen anything like what happened this week. The head of the FBI came out to the public that they uncovered some emails that may or may not have anything to do with Hillary Clinton. And that was it. No context. NO details. Noting but a vague possibility that something allegedly occurred. And that of course sent the media, the candidates and the rest of the world into a frenzy. I am unsure what effect this will have on the race but I am sure that James Comey is either a media whore or the dumbest man on the face of the Earth. Either way, he should be fired for this. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Alec Cook- This douchebag was a student at the University of Wisconsin when he was arrested for the violent rape and strangulation of a fellow student. Then 11 other women came forward saying he had raped them too. It didn't help that incriminating evidence was found in his apartment, that included a kill list and a diary of all the horrible things he had done or fantasized about. Hope he like's prison because chances are good this ass is never getting out.

9)Blue Cat Cafe Protesters- A bunch of Hispanic assholes decided that having a cat cafe in their neighborhood was too much and have held protests as well as vandalized the store and gave death threats to the owner for gentrification. Yeah, cause nothing spells better neighborhoods than getting rid of a failed pinata store (not being racist, it really was that kind of store), replacing it with a place you can have a drink and play with a fuzzy friend, and then telling white people to go to hell. I hate the idea that making a neighborhood better is cultural encroachment. Welcome to progress. Better areas equal higher property values, better schools and less crime. Yes, some will be displaced and the area will change, for the better. I have watched neighborhoods go downhill fast when drug houses move in and crime skyrockets. Let's try the other way for once.

8)Mariah Carey- We can all agree this woman is hot, talented and, without a doubt, nuts. She has had a long line of problems including several failed marriages, stripping live on MTV, various diva like behaviors, and now her super rich fiance has pulled the plug on that idea with allegations of extravagant spending that made even a billionaire wince. She would spend $10,000 A DAY on makeup and hairstyling. She spent $340,000 a week on upkeep for her yacht. That's a lot of money for nothing. For a woman worth half a billion already, she'll be broke by Christmas at this rate.
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7)Bundy prosecutors- This week, seven people accused of taking over a wildlife refuge were found not guilty to the surprise of many. I was not one of them. I thought from the beginning that this entire case was shoddy as it stemmed from the arrest of the Bundy's for an arson case after they already served their time and the judge decided to sentence them to more. That seemed very unusual and anti-constitutional. How is that not against the fourth amendment? Prosecutors were shocked that the jury let them go but I wold have done the same. The government overreached with Bundy in the first place and the jury correctly saw it.

6)Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giulani- Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum really need a new act because this one is getting old. I seriously suspect them of having some sort of brain damage for the worthless allegations they are throwing around. Rudy has been making the rounds for the last few days overhyping the FBI letter that said nothing, but according to Republicans was worse "than Watergate."So far, it's not. Then we had Newt go off on Megyn Kelly when he accused her of being obsessed with sex because she was focusing on Trump's sex talk tape on not on Bill Clinton's past, which no one cares about. These two can't go away fast enough.

5)Donald Trump- Even with this email thing back in the press, he still didn't have a great week. He's stopped fundraising, had to add ten million of his own money and, unless there really is a bombshell in these new emails, is going to lose and badly at that. He may pick up a point or two, and get back states like Texas and Arizona that he may still lose, but the road to the Electoral College is still almost impossible, especially as 40 million people have a;ready voted. There are only ten days left in this. Thank God.
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4)Joe Walsh- The former representative from Illinois made news this week when he idiotically said he would be taking up a musket November ninth if Hillary wins. Yeah, that's mature. It's this kind of idiocy that is spooking world markets, all of whom plummeted with even a hint that Trump may win. Unless there is real proof of widespread vote rigging, which I still doubt will happen here, then we have to accept loss and move on. Taking up arms against the government will just get you killed.

3)Mark Kirk- Running against Tammy Duckworth is an uphill battle. Making racist statements about her Thai heritage is a really bad idea. Dumbass did it anyway when he slammed Duckworth for claiming her ancestors went back to the Revolutionary War stating he didn't remember Thailand helping us win the war. What he didn't know, was Duckworth was half white and her father did indeed have relatives who fought in the war. He apologized the next day but the damage was done and his chances at a win have fallen to about zero. Good.

2)Pentagon- What would have been the top spot this week had Comey not put on his dunce hat, these douches told people who signed up to fight overseas that they could receive tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses. Flash forward ten years and now they want the money back and are threatening those that don't pay with ruining their credit. Needless to say, once the press got a hold of this, the Pentagon suddenly had second thoughts and stopped collections. This is horrific that we put people in harm's way and then screw them again when they get home with VA issues and debt collections. The Pentagon should be ashamed.
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1)The FBI/James Comey- These guys have been pretty bad over the past few decades. The anthrax case, the Murrah building, 9/11 and so on. But this latest was either a partisan attack that had no business being aired or rank incompetence by a media whore. Either way, WTF? Comey had no information of anything illegal or even connected to Hillary at all. All of this is thanks to Anthony Weiner who, because he couldn't keep it in his pants, the FBI is investigating for racy texts he sent to a fifteen year old girl. Even thought he is getting a divorce from Huma Aberdin for previous sexual deviance, this latest scandal has thoroughly derailed her career whom she has been with for twenty years. I feel bad for her because this is ultimate regret over who you married as it effectively ended your life as you know it. This will be a bitter divorce. Republicans have made all sorts of hay over this, calling it all sorts of names, even though there so far is nothing scandalous about any of it. But because Comey released this, allegedly because he knew news of this would leak, but did so with the vaguest of responses that actually caused the media to report all sorts of wrong info. None of this should have come out unless the had new info  which they didn't. He was advised not to do this and did it anyway. Huma's career isn't the only one hanging by a thread because I have a feeling after the elections, this guy is getting fired. So congratulation James Comey you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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