Monday, October 3, 2016


A lot worse it would seem. I am by nature a pessimist but even I am blindsided by the level of stupidity and evil blanketing this world. There are so many hotspots that I can't even keep count. Douchebank is about to go under and with it, everything we own. We are headed for a fall people, a bad one and I seriously wonder if we can stop it this time. I know that sounds bleak because what I know about what is about to happen, is simply mind blowing if true. I know there aren't a lot of readers on this site, proof the world is about to end. If more people did read this, they would be aware how bad things have really gotten besides having a dangerous lunatic running for president whose meltdowns this week have been truly epic. No Trump isn't even the worst thing that happened this week and if that is indeed true, you should be equally petrified of the things to come.
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Let's start with the fact that war drums are beating loudly worldwide and because of this rotten political circus we are being forced to watch where an old woman beats a mentally ill man over and over until it just stops being funny and turns sad, which is where we are now. Meanwhile, Putin is making some dangerous moves that threaten world security. Russia recently warned the West, particularly the US, that their attacks within Syria are becoming a problem and if they don't stop,"it could have terrible, tectonic consequences." Yeah, that's not threatening at all. To be honest, on this point I agree with Putin. Getting rid of Assad is a bad idea as we have seen this play out five times over the last decade. Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan and Tunisia, and it NEVER ends well. You'd think we'd learn by now? What, sixth time the charm you think?

But, Putin is also making moves like annexing the Crimean ports and now, violating a nuclear treaty in place since 2010. Under the agreement, both sides said they would lessen their plutonium supply. Russia argued that we haven't kept up our end of the bargain, so neither would they. The sad part is, again, he is not completely wrong. Because this country is somehow both BEYOND corrupt and stupid, nothing gets done quick if at all. While Russia had their plutonium disposal plant up and running in no time, ours was years behind schedule and billions over budget. Typical. So Putin pulled out of the treaty and now we have to worry about plutonium getting into the hands of terrorist due to lax security the Russians are known for because we can't build something on time and paid for.
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Speaking of nukes, we may not have to wait to see a spectacular war because India and Pakistan are at it again, and both sides have nukes. Another Indian soldier was killed yesterday when a band of militants snuck across the LOC in Kashmir and attacked an Army post, gunfire exchanged. The Indian government is calling these attacks state sponsored, which if true, would be a giant escalation and a cause for war. Both sides are threatening the other with a nuclear exchange over this. This could be world ending if it continues which is why NO other country can ever be allowed nuclear weapons. They are too powerful for everyone to have.

Lastly, we have an announcement from Julian Assange that he will release some earth shattering documents on Wednesday. It was originally set up for tomorrow but had to be cancelled due to "security concerns." Considering audio of Hillary talking seriously about drone striking Assange has appeared, that may not be such a stretch to believe. Now, this could be something fantastic or it could be nothing. The fantastic would have to be some hard proof she is secretly ill and unfit for office or maybe proof the democratic primary was stolen. But even I think neither of them would derail Hillary at this point, just because of how unhinged Trump has seemed lately. But I have heard a rumor through some of my sources and, if this is what he plans on releasing, would be society changing.
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The rumor is, Assange has proof the last four elections were all stolen which would mean Bush and Obama were picked to run and our elections are a sham. There was also some weird stuff about how the Clinton foundation was using it as payouts/bribes to various people to make sure the votes went their way, but if true, why would we have this level of idiocy in Congress? Couldn't they have rigged smarter people into positions of power? Grid lock doesn't seem wise in the long run. That part aside, the vote rigging would be something if true. I know Bush stole the election in 2004 as people went to jail over vote rigging and the information almost totally scrubbed from the Internet since. Now, the funny part is this does not necessarily help Trump or hurt Hillary. All they'd have to do is scrap all electronic voting systems, use paper ballots and hold a fair election for once. And if after all that, we get Trump, so be it. Although I doubt it. If people know the election was fraud free for once, I think a lot more people would vote and that would not bode well for Trump in that scenario. I am hoping this is what Assange will release and if true, you can say you knew it all along. However, reality is, considering how little these leaks have accomplished since the DNC, despite being played up as more than they were, leads me to believe these won't be any better. But in this instance, I want to be optimistic for once. I would love some info that breaks the system without destroying it. We will have to wait and see so more on this as it happens.

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