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I know, shocker that the top spot isn't going to Trump, both McCain out did himself this week for behaving like the traitor he is. He is a disgrace to every man or woman who has worn the uniform of this country and the fact that dumbasses are voting for this asshole to go back into Congress proves that democracy doesn't work anymore. What a loser. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Rodrigo Duterte- If anyone wants a primer on what a Trump presidency would be like, look no further than the Philippines and this douche. The President has been spewing a non stop flow of shit that has come out of his mouth on such a regular basis I would guess his asshole has disappeared. This week he stepped in it hard when he said, idiotically, that the country would be better off dealing with Iran and Russia as trading partners and his country was ready to "separate" ties with the US. Just like the mouthbreathers here, his supporters took to the streets and demanded the US leave immediately. Then, after what was certain calls to him from the State department explaining to him the economic ramifications from such a move, and after realizing they were right, he suddenly said he was "just kidding." Who does that remind you of?

9)The NFL- Roger Goodell is killing this sport with his idiocy. First, he sidelined the MOST popular man in the sport for four weeks over a pointless and scientifically unsound reason. He scheduled the best games on Sunday or Thursday nights, so fewer people watched on Sunday. One of the biggest issues has been the terrible refereeing which is going on at least three years at this point. How hard is it to solve that issue? The biggest reason may be the protests being led by Kaepernick which are turning off viewers in droves. The continuing expansion of teams is also depleting teams of good players, a fact I noticed years ago and still the slide continues. Goodell is NOT the man to fix this anymore than Trump would be for president. How do we constantly get the worst people running things lately?

8)Anti-pot ads- Here in MA, weed looks certain to pass by an overwhelming vote which is good news for the state. It will raise money, create thousands of good paying jobs and slash police budgets already struggling with these pointless arrests. But because Big Pharma, Alcohol and Tobacco all know their profits will suffer if this goes national have pulled out all the stops in anti-weed ads. The best part about them is not only are they not likley to be paid any attention to, they are also unintentionally hilarious. One that is playing here has a woman and her kid driving around as all the stores are pot shops with zombie like drug addicts everywhere. She stops and they get out, her child attracted to the pot candy in the window. Just then her obviously underage son walks out of the store with a bong and some munchies. First off, you have to be 21 to buy pot so this would never happen. Second, evidence from places that have already legalized weed have seen none of the fear-mongering and have actually had higher tax revenues than estimated and thousands of less people dying from opiates.This ad is just the latest scare tactic that no one believes anymore.

7)AT&T Merger- One of the things I agree with Trump on is that the merger of AT&T with Time Warner should be stopped by anti-trust laws that the Obama administration has been less than successful at. They have stopped just a handful of mega-mergers during his time, the worst being the consolidation of airlines which have raised prices even as gas has hot record lows. This would give this company a near monopoly on cable and satellite services and lead to even higher cable prices, which are already the highest on Earth. This cannot continue and Trump is actually right here. That's scary.
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6)Inflation rates- The government is giving Social Security another thumb in the eye with an average of four dollars a month more. Wheeeeee. According to them, the inflation rate was .3% for 2016. How the FUCK is that possible? It isn't and I can prove it with just health insurance alone. This coming year, inflation rates for many health care planes is over 50%. Mine was. So tens of millions of people saw a huge jump in their rates, yet the government is saying that health care costs are only going to go up less than 2%. Where?! The inflation rate is a joke and their own numbers betray them. They do this to cheat people out of the money they owe. You're being robbed.

5)James O'Keefe- I hate this asshole. His bullshit videos took down ACORN which some idiots still think exists. A recent document, allegedly from the DNC, has a list of donors they were bribing and the top line says ACORN got half a million. Too bad they went under years ago thanks to this ass. That document screams fake. This moron edits his videos to portray things that didn't happen and then gets the gullible out there to buy into it. His latest hit piece was a video that allegedly showed Clinton operatives sending thugs to a Trump rally. Considering the source. I wouldn't believe any of it. Trump supporters got caught red handed faking a video of five black guys destroying a car with Trump stickers on it, unaware that the whole thing was also being filmed by bystanders who saw the whole thing as staged. These videos are far from accurate and should be ignored.
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4)Hillary Clinton- She's in the home stretch and will almost certainly be out next president. I am not thrilled by that prospect but she is hands down better than Trump. I still think she will pivot back to the TPP when she gets into office, a fact her running mate confirmed on Meet the Press today. There has also been some rumors of her cheating at the last debate and I have to admit, I noticed some of it as well, but the answers are more vague than the Clinton haters say. During the debate, Hillary kept looking down at the podium A LOT and there was a weird light on her podium that was not on Trump's. I am not saying she cheated, but I am saying it was odd that she appeared to be reading off her podium which could have been notes she took or a teleprompter. Either way, we will never know.
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3)Rigged elections- Trump is not wrong about elections being rigged. They have been. 2004 in Ohio was stolen for Bush as 250,000 more votes than people who exist in Cuyahoga county all went red. Three people actually went to jail over this and to this day, this story is more or less scrubbed from the internet. I have found it in local newspapers and that's about it. The democratic primaries were certainly rigged for Hillary, who I have said since before all of this even started, she has been the chosen one and that was that. But the biggest rigging was the Republicans when they gerrymandered the hell of the country in 2010 and have kept the House in power because of that. That's how to rig elections by disenfranchising voters, demanding ID laws and other things that depress votes against you.

2)Donald Trump- Another debate, another flame out. Once again he started strong and then a half hour in he went off the rails. He called Mexicans "bad hombres," interrupted Clinton constantly, and even called her "a nasty woman." His low point was when he refused to say he would recognize the election results, unless of course he somehow wins, and then he would be fine with it. This made even Fox News go nuts and was the moment, he officially lost the election. Because of his plummeting numbers, the Senate now looks likely to go blue as well as he is taking everyone down with him. The fact an 11th woman, porn star Jessica Drake, has come forward and said not only did he grope her, but offered her $10,000 to sleep with him, doesn't help. Yuck. His problems are just starting as he still faces RICO charges for Trump U, which carries triple penalties, meaning he could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in this case alone. He is also facing civil charges for raping a 13 year old girl. Lastly, his brand has been universally damaged with his hotel losing patronages and other businesses taking his name off the buildings. Good luck post election dick.
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1)John McCain- This giant asshole should be kicked out of office for refusing to do his job. Recently, he said that he would never vote for a Supreme Court justice as long as Hillary is president. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Try this at work tomorrow. Go in and say you are refusing to do part of your job because you don't feel like it. See how long that lasts before you get fired. Why can't do the same to this old fart? Because morons are voting for this giant douche for reasons that escape me. Obstructionism has led to almost a hundred federal judges not getting appointed leading to all sorts of court problems. The Supreme Court will soon cease to function at all if people keep dropping out and no replacements are ever allowed. If the Senate goes blue, and with any luck this fuckwad on then unemployment line, hopefully the Democrats will go nuclear and change the rules to a simple up and down vote and then put Obama in just to thumb their nose at them. I would laugh for weeks of that happens. Please vote against this douche whose positions change with the wind. Congratulations McCain you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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