Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I hate to say it but Trump's calling out the media and polls as rigged may actually be working. Some of it seems slight of hand and disingenuous, but Hillary has seen a small, yet noticeable drop in the polls these past few days. The media does ignore stories they should be covering. It is the ultimate in hypocrisy when they keep telling us how much they should be trusted while not having any coverage of things like the Dakota Pipeline protest, even when celebrities like Shailene Woodley are being STRIP SEARCHED after their arrest. In this day and age of tabloid media, that should have been everywhere. It wasn't. And that is just one of dozens of stories the media seems incapable of reporting on. But according to them, they're doing a bang-up job. As for polls, my specialty, a new poll has arrived I've never heard of, that seems to be skewering Trump. However, more legitimate polls also show her dropping a point or less nationally and in some swing states. So what is going on with that?
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First off, let's talk about the polls. Hillary's daily barrage of emails are not helping, even if there is nothing in them. Fraud James O'Keefe is touting some sort of hit piece about Hillary that I won't even deem to watch at this point as nothing this man has ever done has been correct and I just won't waste my time on something that is almost certainly fiction. But, it may be connecting with the I HATE HILLARY crowd that is understandable. If an orange full diaper wasn't running against her, I might have voted Republican. But I cannot allow this disease of a human to get into the White House. Anyone reading this must vote for Hillary Clinton as Trump is an extinction level event. I get him being a human Molotov but you're burning down the house we all live in with it.

A poll from some Republican company called Remington Research, (where the gun analogy is a little too on the nose guys. Why not just call it Trickle Down Research or Anti-Abortion Inc?) has put out some polls that all suspiciously skew Trump. When looking at their raw data, they have Trump in Florida getting 24% of the black vote, 38% of the Hispanic vote in Florida and 34% of other, which would be mostly Asian. None of these vote totals are even close to any other poll or historical precedent so you have to wonder about the methodology here. One BIG problem I see already is the equal number of democrats, Republicans and Independents (40/40/20)given which is not what the demographics of this state are. The most recent census says Florida is 40/36/20 with four percent going to third part candidates. Therefore, the numbers should be adjusted toward the democrats as the polls they are using are oversampling Republicans by four points from people who are not actually voting for them. This is why Trump is suddenly ahead.

Here's another big problem is that no other poll anywhere has black people voting for Trump above ten percent. Yet, this company says the black vote is consistently in the thirties? Please. Using a Bloomberg poll which also said Trump is ahead as a bellwether, we see that they have the black vote at 10% which is still high. However while this poll did skewer the data correctly for party affiliation, for some inane reason they way oversampled old people, over 65, most of whom will obviously favor Trump. But as Millennials are the largest voting group now, under-sampling them should they decide to show up in droves, which they might considering their intense dislike for Trump, than this poll again is nonsense.
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Smart money is on Hillary to win. But, it also seems likely she is losing some support as no new bombshell for Trump has hit in days and the email scandal is daily. Even a steady drop of water can bring down a mighty wall. But let's face facts, that's probably not going to happen. That being said, Trump is not wrong about everything. The AT&T merger is bad idea. The Democrats rigged the primaries for Hillary (and will probably do so again at the national level if she somehow falls behind). Our media lies to us with alarming regularity. Can someone explain to me how we can have a .3% Social Security increase, when just a few days later we find out premiums for health insurance is going up an average of 25% across the board? It isn't possible yet our media has said not one word about it. Instead we hear about morons dressing up like clowns, the latest food craze and how school children in Idaho are saving money to make a quilt for homeless people. I don't care. Report the news, the ACTUAL news, for once guys because if Trump is as smart as he thinks he is, starting a media empire may not be such a bad idea, if he can find one that will expose this country for what it is: corrupt beyond words and incapable of change. He may be a terrible president but he can still be the Molotov cocktail we need if he can burn down the government and corporate malfeasance without destroying is all.

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