Monday, October 10, 2016


The good news is barring an earth shattering incident, Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president. The bad news is that Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president. She is light years ahead of her explosive opponent and will help promote a limited progressive agenda so it isn't all gloom and doom there. But, we also know she isn't as progressive as many of us want and the nation needs which could lead to new troubles that keep us mired in an economic stagnation for 90% of us.
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Think of what we learned so specifically these last few days. We found out thanks to leaked Goldman Sacs excerpts that Hillary is a two faced politician who will say one thing to one group and something to another while pandering to Wall Street. This is not anything we do not already know. And her opponent? We were shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that Trump is a lecherous old fool with a terrible business record and a history of lying. None of this was news. It just confirmed what we already knew and to be honest, hurt Trump way more than Clinton. That is because a combination of banking laws and the Clinton campaign makes people's eyes glaze over AND is in print, and no one reads anymore. The Trump tape was EVERYWHERE, a Death Star of bad news that is going to hang over his campaign for some time. It included talk about sex, groping, infidelity and other taboo topics. I'm surprised he didn't bring in Ivanka to the conversation and say he wanted to boink her. It already cost Billy Bush his job (he's widely rumored to be let go during his suspension as lawyers work out the fine details), and women care WAY more about this than Bill Clinton's alleged rapes.

A quick side note on that in that NONE of the Clinton accusers there had a leg to stand on beside unsubstantiated rumors. Paula Jones got $850,000 because Bill showed her his penis, allegedly. How that is worth that much is beyond me, even if it did happen. He never touched her, even by her account. Kathleen Wiley's account is filled with problems and she was caught lying to the FBI and even Linda Tripp, yes that Linda Tripp of Lewinski fame, told the FBI that it was Wiley who was pursuing the president who kept ignoring her, although she later changed her statement drastically after well you know. Her account is bogus and supported by no one. Junaita Broaddrick story isn't much better, claiming injuries while Clinton raped her, but her husband at the time testified neither seeing any injuries at the time or her explanation of injuring herself. I'd remember that. Four others say they saw the injuries or were told by Broaddrick that she had been raped but all had a reason to lie as they all HATED the Clinton's for various reasons. Broaddrick also testified UNDER OATH, Dec 23rd 1998 that it was all a lie so there is that as well. The last woman, Kathy Shelton, was a 12 year old victim of a rapist Clinton was defending. Sixth Amendment applies to dirtbags too guys.
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Then came the debate which kind of was great and kind of sucked. Hillary won hands down as no one was joining the Trump camp in mass numbers which is what he needed and didn't get. But, Trump did do better in some regards and way worse in others. His body language was perceived as aggressive and threatening by many women already put off by his rape talk. It didn't help he breezed right by that, even though GOP members are still fleeing him like he's on fire even today. He stalked and lurked and looked bored by the whole thing at some points. Hillary was sharp, healthy and completely 100% wrong on taking the fucking high road. That's how Kerry lost when he refused to address the Swift Boat fiasco. Someone hits you in the nuts, you punch back twice as hard. She had ample opportunity to put this guy down but instead meandered through long winded explanations that weren't going to get her too many new votes either.

Trump lied about at least 15 things and a big shout out to the Daily Mail to hire real reporters because one of their asshole stories fact checked one part completely wrong. Trump alleged that Hillary was Secretary of State when Syria used chemical weapons to which she responded she was long gone by then and the Daily Mail said Hillary lied. There is this things called facts that maybe they should look into before REPORTING THE FUCKING NEWS! Hillary left six months before the attack on civilians with chemical weapons so there! Most of what he said was nonsense, gibberish or just plain stupid.

Take his sole idea for "fixing" health insurance is too let companies compete across state lines. Great idea. Except for the fact that it won't work. What happens if I get insurance for cheap in a company that has no doctors in my area, which will happen A LOT if this goes through. People are beyond stupid when it comes to insurance and not without good reason in that it is incredibly complicated. I have experience with this subject and even I don't get it some times. This will do little to help the main problem which is insurance CEO's raising their salaries tens of millions of dollars and then blaming Obamacare for the rise in costs. Until costs are controlled, this will end badly no matter who gets into the Oval Office which will be Clinton at this point.

What about the polls, Brexit and the silent majority some scream? Reliable polls have Clinton up beyond the margin or error, a fact that the Brexit wasn't and there is no silent majority backing Trump but more likely Clinton and not thrilled with that choice. Trump supporters are a die hard group of bomb throwers, who want the world to burn. Hillary supporters are more quiet, afraid of the mob, but will show up in droves to defeat Trump more than love for their candidate. That's me.
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The long and the short is this race is over. The GOP has to figure a way to save the Senate and perhaps even the House as a lot of Republicans may decide just to sit this one out, which seems likely at the this point. If the democrats can regain the Senate and the House, we may have a chance to actually right the ship even with Hillary for president. Get out and vote blue people. It's literally your only choice to have any hope for the future. We've tried the GOP way time and time again and it ALWAYS fails. Let's give the left a chance for us to be disillusioned by them as well. Or maybe, just maybe, actually have a better world to live in. What do you have to lose?

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