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Donald Trump just lost the election. Whatever you hear from him about huge public support, rigged polls and other nonsense is just that: nonsense. Republicans are fleeing from him like he's on fire, his money is drying up faster than any woman's privates watching this pig, and poll numbers across the board are falling and this latest scandal hasn't even caught up to him yet. This is still fallout from the tax returns and Mike Pence lying his ass off during the last debate. Imagine what next week will be like after tonight's sure to be obliteration debate and this sex scandal. He may lose Utah. You all nominated this fool and see what happened? Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Kim Kardashian- I hate Kim, Kanye and the rest of her brood. She's famous for being famous, whatever the fuck that means, Kanye's music is crap to the nth degree and everyone else in the family are shameless media whores. So it brought me great pleasure to find out that Queen Dumbass was robbed this week of ten million dollars in jewelry because she tells everyone where she is at all times. A brilliant robbery went off in Paris where she was lucky they just wanted the jewels and not her and then got away scot free. This is the kind of theft that makes me happy.

9)Birth of A Nation- Whatever studio executive greenlighted this movie is most likely looking for a new job as this film tanked hard. The subject matter about a slave uprising has questionable timing as race relations are at rock bottom right now and BO showed it as the film was overwhelmingly seen by black people and no one else. Even worse, the director was charged with rape some time back and, even though the studios coached him extensively on how to address said past, he ignored it Jeff style (that's an in joke for those who knew Jeff who did the exact same thing) and came across as an unrepentant douchebag. Then, just to really destroy the pic, they ran an ad campaign tying BLM to this film which might as well have ended with a sign that said "white people not welcome." The film itself is historically inaccurate as well, something I HATE in films. This film was a must miss and was apparently as it will most likley lose money and Oscar chances.

8)Julian Assange- I don't know what happened this week, but this guy blew it big time. He set everyone up for a huge October surprise, called the press together and then released......nothing. Needless to say, Trump supporters were pissed that had been had. Then a few days later, Wikileaks releases email transcripts of Hillary's Goldman Sac speeches which don't look great for her. However, first he did this during a major hurricane running up the coast, meaning a lot of people weren't even going to see it and others would be fixated on the storm. Then, the Trump sex talk tape got released and that obliterated all other news, even the hurricane. Why release a bombshell on a Friday during a hurricane? You all got played.
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7)Vladimir Putin- The Russians this week have been in fine form. Putin backed out of a 2010 nuclear treaty, in which we are partly to blame for not having constructed the nuclear waste plant we were supposed to years ago. This makes the world far more dangerous. Even worse, Russian hackers have been playing havoc with our election, hacking polls, the DNC and releasing information that may or may not be true. We should be doing the same and hacking Putin to find out what dirty secrets he might have. I'd pay good money to find a video of him dressed in a teddy.

6)Mitch McConnell- This piece of work hit new lows this week. First, he somehow blamed Obama for the 9/11 bill the Senate passed this week, realizing that it was a crappy bill that never should have been passed in the first place. Maybe when the President vetoed it, that should have been a sign. But no, since the President didn't explain it to them like they were three, it's all his fault. Please. Take some responsibility you dick. Then, he scolded Trump for his latest scandal, but still plans on voting for him like an idiot. This fool needs to go.

5)The RNC- Their bias was proved this week when some staffer accidentally released a review of the VP debate two hours before it actually aired. Guess who they say won overwhelmingly? Next time, you might want to wait until after it airs before proving you're an idiot. The funny part is they weren't wrong, as Tim Kaine came across like a hyper active school kid who had to pee. Unfortunately for them, the VP debate was nothing compared to the shitstorm about to envelop them.
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4)Tim Kaine- I hate Tim Kaine and this debate did not help. He was rude, uninformed and just plain creepy. He is a corporatist to a T and spent much of the debate telling us Trump sucked without any ideas over what the democrats were planning to do. If anyone was looking for a creepy clown, he was at the VP debate opposite the albino from Foul Play. Next time, maybe bring up Pence's horrific record at home instead of just Trump bashing the whole time.

3)Mike Pence- This guy is an evil bastard. His history shows a dangerous slant towards policies that literally are killing people. His stance against clean needles led to an AIDS epidemic in his home state of Indiana, my birth place. His attacks on gay rights were so bad he had to backtrack them or lose hundreds of millions of dollars, a fact lost on soon to lose Governor of NC McCory. His trickle down economic plan, like everywhere else, has been an unmitigated disaster. And he is the VP pick and possible 2020 candidate. Good luck.

2)Kelly Ayotte- This bitch from NH bit it this week when she actually called Trump a role model during her debate with Maggie Hassen. Public outcry forced her to apologize but not before an ad came out tying her to Trump and her support. That all came crashing down when the Trump sex talk tape came out, forcing her to no longer back him but her polls numbers may suffer hard because of it and with it, control of the Senate, something the democrats now have a 70% chance of retaking. Keep talking you waste of space because everytime you do, someone else decides to vote against you or stay home. Either way, you lose.
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1)Donald Trump- It's all over folks. The poll numbers show a steep slide for the Republican nominee and that is before the sex talk tape and tonight's debate are factored in. Short of a miracle, there is no path to victory anymore for Trump to win. Hillary has this locked up and is right now only one state away from certain victory as states like NH, PA, CO and Michigan have all gone blue. If she takes Minnesota, Ohio, Florida or NC, states she is ahead of now in all four, she wins. Trump has had as bad a week as one could have. He started with his tax returns, which showed he paid nothing for decades, while calling people other than him who do the same thing "losers." Then came the VP debate where Mike Pence "won," but did so by not defending Trump once during it. Then came the sex talk tape and it was freefall after that. Dozens of Republicans jumped ship, money started to freeze up (there are rumors the RNC cut all funding to Trump so he may be on his own and ads are allegedly coming down in key states like Florida, NC and Ohio) and women who once supported with have fled in droves. I know two people, both women, who as of this week had left the Trump train and may now vote for Hillary. This is especially bad for the Republicans because one of two things will happen. Best case scenario is they show up and vote for Hillary but vote Republican down ballot. This is unlikely. More often than not, most of these people won't vote at all, meaning a landslide victory for democrats across the board, gaining control of the Senate and perhaps even the House. To say this is the worst possible outcome for them is an understatement. This stink will follow them right into election day as they have to walk a fine line between staying as far away as possible from Trump while not pissing off his supporters. Good luck with that. Either way, it is good bye Trump and hello Hillary. Congratulations Trump you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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