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No one had a worse political week than this orange flameout who in a span of one week went from a nutjob running for president to full on lunatic, all in glorious color TV. Even with the lowest of expectations, Trump still danced under the low bar during the debates, doing what can only be described as juvenile, amateurish behavoir that has no place on the world stage. We've seen this movie before with idiots like former Italian PM Berlusconi and current douchebag recipient Filipino President Duterte destroy their countries and their reputation in one fell swoop. The one difference is they don't have nuclear weapons. I never thought I would have to say this considering how much I don't like Hillary, but she is then only sane choice for President as everyone else running is on this list this week with good reason. You MUST vote for Hillary and we let the cards fall where they may because the other three are fucking morons. Don't believe me? Keep reading. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Obamacare- Contrary to what you have heard from the administration, Obamacare is dying. To be fair, it never had any hope in the first place as the changes needed to be made, never were, and as a result, the whole medical system is nearing collapse. I just got my insurance bill for next year and my rates are going up $200 a month. There is no way I can afford that so now I have to find cheaper insurance which is a giant pain in the ass and also resulted in my losing $400 from the douchebags who work at the MA Health exchange who stole it from me and refused to give it back last year. Short of a lawsuit, I am screwed. And now I have to repeat the whole debacle over again, because there are no price controls which even the most demented can see is a huge problem that is going to start killing people in mass numbers. Anyone not wanting a public option or even better, a single payer plan, is deluding themselves that this system can last much longer as is. If you are voting for Republicans, their plan will kill off health care twice as fast. Not a joke. It's terrible. Health care needs a massive overhaul and nobody is going to do it. Enjoy.

9)Syria- If our health insurance going kaboom isn't enough fear for you, here's another that arrived this week. War drums are sounding as both Russia and the US are starting to do stare downs over this piece of property, never a good idea. Thank God Trump isn't president or he'd be doing a nuclear dance with his pal Putin which would never end well. Here's a thought, we agree with Russia and let Assad stay, prop up his regime and do the same with any Middle East dictator who can bring stability to their region. Why? Because the alternative is roaming bands of psychopathic religious idiots running rampant that's why. Some people need to be ruled with an iron fist and these place like Iraq sure demonstrate that. Or we can have a nuclear war. Your choice.

8)Rodrigo Duterte- The Fillipino President this week channeled his inner Donald Trump and proudly said he would like to kill millions of the drug addicts in his country because he is like Hitler. He actually said that. Remind you of anyone? He apologized to a stunned world who were still reeling from the idiocy of it. Trump will make this guy look good.
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7)Roger Goodall- This chump of a man has watched the NFL ratings plummet for the third straight week, even though almost all of it is his fault. First, he benched the MOST popular man in football, Tom Brady who will be back next week, for a personal vendetta and no real science (debunked that whole football deflation things years ago). He also scheduled two of the first four games of the Pats in prime time which led to good ratings for that, but with no lead in at one on Sundays, the four o'clock games suffered. Then there are the player protests which are both right and wrong for various reasons not worth getting into here but are driving away fans. The refs STILL suck which I find incomprehensible as this is the third year running. And lastly, a lot of teams are just horrible AGAIN because there are too many teams and not enough talented players. You know why the Pats are great every year? Belichick and Brady. You know why last week several teams had game ending meltdowns, particularly on special teams? They didn't have talent like the Pats. This asshole is going to ruin this sport.

6)Jeremy Mardis- This poor little six year old with autism was gunned down by two Louisiana police officers, also shooting his father Chris Few (I have no idea why the last name is different) who had his hands on the steering wheel at the time. And why didn't you hear about riots and world wide newscasters decrying the situation? He was white and so was the dead boy. So much for white people never getting killed by cops right? The two cops were arrested, body cams making all the difference here. Had they not been on, this never would have seen the light of day.

5)Chelsea Clinton- I really don't like this woman. She took a job at NBC for an astronomical sum of money as an on air correspondent, did a handful of really shitty pieces for the several years she worked there, married a hedge fund manager who was the only person left on Earth to escape the Greek banking system (he lost a fortune on it) and now just told a crowd full of people that weed kills. NO IT DOESN'T! Good Christ is lying built into the family's DNA?
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4)Deutsche bank- As if our imploding health care system and talks of nuclear war, not to mention the slim possibility of a Trump presidency, don't scare the crap out of you, here's another: this bank is ready to fall and take with it the entire world economy. If you thought Lehmann Brothers was bad, this is far worse. This bank owes more money than the entire country of Germany possesses so if it goes, the derivative market collapses and with it, everything else. Think the Great Depression on steroids. It will be epically bad. To make matters worse, some douchebags are trying to profit off of this. Several Italian bankers spread false rumors about a negotiated ball-out for the bank, and did a buy and ditch strategy to gain the market, which worked, but they also got caught doing it. This will not end well.

3)Jill Stein- This lunatic is not ready for prime time. She thinks vaccines cause autism, GMO's are harmful (they aren't), and has no concept of foreign affairs whose views are pedestrian at best. She got arrested recently, not good when running for the highest office and thinks the military should be cut in half with all foreign bases closed, a recipe for disaster. A vote for her is a vote for Trump.

2)Gary Johnson- This guy is even worse. He makes W. look smart. He is pro TPP, against banking regulations, thinks climate change is hooey, wants to eliminate Social security and the list goes on. Plus, he's a moron. He didn't know where Allepo was, he didn't know who Harriet Tubman was and couldn't name a single world leader when asked. A vote for this idiot is a vote for Trump.
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1)Donald Trump- What. A. Dick. This week could hardly have been worse. He started with a debate so bad even Fox News had to admit he lost. He was petulant, dismissive, rude and just plain stupid. He did far worse, and I mean FAR worse, than Sarah Palin and that is saying something. During the debate he brought up Rosie O'Donnell for no reason and tried to defend fat shaming a former miss Universe he once called "Miss Piggy." Then, unbelievably, he spent the entire week going after the former beauty contestant, tying her to a sex tape that doesn't exist. Then, his taxes got released by the NYT which show he never pays taxes by hiding behind real estate losses. So because he sucks as a businessman, he gets a break? What kind of logic is that? He could not have done worse had he driven a tank with Willie Horton over a BLM protest while screaming "Read my lips. No new taxes." This was a meltdown this week and the polls are going to reflect it. This man is unfit for office as almost anyone with a brain can now see, as well as almost every major newspaper regardless of politcal affiliation. If you are voting for Donald Trump, you have no idea what you are doing anymore and should just stop. Hillary, God help us all, is our only hope. And Donald, congratulations for the top spot once again, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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