Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We deserve whatever crap is coming our way because this world is heading straight for an totally avoidable catastrophe. Yes, the Democrats also get their fair share of the blame for not nominating Bernie Sanders who would be 100 point ahead by now and, most likely, running all 50 states blue. Instead, the DNC cheated and we got Hillary who is just not likable enough apparently, because if you can't bury someone like Trump after last night's dismal performance, there is a solid chance you could lose in November.
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Trump gave, without a doubt, the single worst performance on a debate stage that I have ever seen. He was petulant, rude, condescending, and worst of all, totally fact free. Almost nothing he said last night was true. He sniffled like a coke fiend. He showed a complete lack of knowledge about the smallest issue. He was beyond NOT presidential.

Yet, all the on-line polls say Trump killed it last night. REALLY???!! In what universe was that acceptable behavior for a world leader? Do you hate Hillary so much that this is what you want to kill us all? Apparently so, because her numbers continue to sink today, but that is before what I hope will be a post debate bounce. I am concerned about this, but there is some good news that can be delved from this.

First off, focus groups overwhelmingly said Clinton won. However, she didn't do well enough to convince more than a handful to vote for her. Trump, saw no growth on ANY focus group, so he didn't do himself any favors last night either. Fact is, people hate both of these losers and that is not going to change. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to sit this one out which bodes very badly for Hillary because she needs those votes more than Trump, who has all the enthusiasm going his way, party due to outlets like Fox News and partly because Hillary is still a terrible candidate.
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But not last night where Hillary was poised, fresh and strong. Her answers were for the most part accurate and on point, of the exact opposite of the orange nightmare way too many people identify with. She was funny, for her, something her programming just won't accept, but she at least tried last night.

Most importantly, she looked presidential while he looked like a buffoon, a factor the utter morons in America cannot see. These are the people who should not be voting, as apparently they suck at it. Trump was awful in ways unheard of in debates. If it was a fight, they would have thrown in the towel by ten o'clock. He started good but he looked like he was ready for nap time by the half way point. And was he sick? Coked up? What was with all the sniffling? It was gross and off putting.

Hands down, Hillary won this debate but is it enough? I am unsure because at this point, the election is about 50/50 which way it will go, and the numbers keep dropping for her. Both Democratic and Republican voters say they want them to go after each other harder which means last night's blood bath is going to get bloodier. Can Hillary right this ship? Will stupid people wake up and realize they are voting away our democracy? Hillary may not be great but she is better than what we saw last night. Deal with it and vote correctly. Otherwise, we are going to see the same policies that made the economy go belly up, only this time far, far worse.
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Vote Hillary 2016. You do not have any other choice as the alternative will 100% kill us all. Wise up morons.

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