Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Revolution is coming people whether you want it or not. And make no mistake, that doesn't necessarily mean better things ahead. We will first either enter a period of true anarchy where tens of millions will die or we will be controlled by a super fascist state that monitors our every move and thought. The chances of those being the only two options are rapidly diminishing and we are at fault for not demanding more and when we don't get it, start non violent civil disobedience in mass numbers. Mass walkout from work, stoppage of all transit, and other forms of protest HAVE to happen, or in other words, this country need to get off it's lazy ass and DO SOMETHING!
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Is everyone out there deaf, dumb and stupid? It certainly seems that way whenever I see interviews at either rally where the absolute stupidity of the racist, homophobic, way undereducated Trump supporter to the elitist, snobby, way overeducated Hillary supporter spout unbelievable nonsense about some idiotic thing that is not real. We have gotten to a point that reality cannot be trusted and it is killing us. We lack any semblance of rational thought on a massive scale and it shows. It's how we would up with these two dipshits as president. Stupid people voted for these two. The Republicans have emerged as the Troglodyte party, filled with hatred, bitter resentment and, at best, a handful of IQ points. The Democrats are the Roman Senate wondering how Rome fell as they sat in their high towers, pondering the existence of it all while doing absolutely nothing to stop it. Is this the best we can do?

Trust in everything is gone and when it is, so goes society. Don't believe me? Let us go to Charlotte, NC where the first seeds of revolution are starting and not without good reason. According to police, a black man brandishing a gun was shot and killed outside of an apartment complex. The black community says all he had was a book and the police are covering this all up. Allegedly, there is footage of what happened by so far the police have inexplicably not released it. Guess what happened next? Rioting. Why? Because the black community doesn't trust the cops anymore. Why is it a Muslim terrorist can be taken into custody from NYC cops who are the worst shots on the planet but black people seem to get filled full of holes? This came hot on the heels of a much worse story which happened in Tulsa OK where an unarmed black man was shot for dubious reasons, the "I feared for my life" bullshit. In that case there was no gun so, fuck you Officer Betty Shelby, you should get a nice trial and a shitty jail cell. Guess you should have been a florist. But that is unlikely, thus black people rioting for a far less likely cover-up in NC.

But the problem here is cops are NOT trusted anymore. Protesters were caught on tape yelling the false rallying cry "Hands up, don't shoot," which never happened but cleverly followed that up with a chant of  "It's doesn't matter. They'll shoot you anyway," referencing the widely circulated taped of a black man lying on the ground with his hands up and still shot. As far as I can tell, that cop was never fired for his dumb ass move, which they all concede was just an "accident." Sure it was. Why are cops so trigger happy you ask? Because they are being trained poorly to react to everything as a threat which is not exactly a great idea for community building. If you see everyone as a criminal, you'll treat them as such. And it is showing. There are way too many cops who shouldn't be on the force but stay on because of their idiotic unions, the same ones that just endorsed Trump which should tell you loads about what kind of people cops are.

And that is just one example of society fraying fast at the edges. What about Wells Fargo? If you have money in that bank at all, along with Bank of America, Citibank or any other major bank, you are an asshole. You are funding these demons who are literally stealing everything they can from us and we say nothing. A hundred years ago if a bank tried this, they'd be out of business by noon. If they tried to stay open, people would have burned their buildings to the ground. Is it because they are more enlightened or are we just cowards who refuse to do even the slightest bit of protest by at least finding a different checking account with a credit union or small bank? We should all be PISSED at what they have done. Hillary sure wasn't which should tell you loads about her. Neither was Trump which was probably because this was above the first grade level of comprehension a majority of his supporters seem to have.
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This is why Hillary is losing. She won't take a firm stand on anything that effects the status quo. Her offerings are far too small to do much and people right now want big change and Trump does give us that. Unfortunately, his change will lead to a nuclear Armageddon as there is no way his temperament doesn't get us all killed by Labor Day. Her health still looks terrible, Trump won't release his taxes so we have no idea where he stands on anything and we as a people are left holding the bag. Two of the most secretive assholes are running for president and one of them is going to win, both of which fills my heart with dread. I wish I lived in an alternate universe where Bernie won and was running away with the election right now, which polls strongly suggest that is what would have happened.

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