Wednesday, September 14, 2016


What a fucked up this week has been. Hillary may have fatally destroyed her candidacy simply by being a pathological liar who is simply incapable of telling the truth. Had the Republicans run a Mitt Romney type against her, she would be down double digits by now. But because her opponent is a crazy orange snow cone, all bets are off still. Hell, Hillary still has a slight edge to win which is loony tunes all by itself.
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Let's start with Hillary and her health. The fact she lied about it is the worst thing about all of this. For a woman with a penchant for lying, not telling the American people you're sick, especially as rumors about your ill health have circled for years, is a recipe for disaster. Now, when you say you have "pneumonia," no one believes you. And why would they. If she does have pneumonia, a diagnosis I admit is kind of hard to believe, then she has had it for since January when she had a coughing fit during a rally for Jewish voters. That's a long time to have pneumonia.

Many have claimed a body double left after her being rushed to her daughter's apartment, which is a problem that the MSM seems incapable of doing more than laughing off, the same thing they did about health concerns that now appear to be real. Some of it is nonsense. There are secret service agents around her, not missing as some have claimed. Likewise, claims she got thinner or younger as some claimed appear photoshopped and others are just different resolutions. However, there are two things that bother me about this. One, her purse is on the wrong side. That is near impossible as I have talked with nearly a dozen women and not one wears their purse on alternate shoulders. It feels weird. So why is Hillary wearing her's on a side no previous photo has? The other is her wedding ring. The possibly fake Hillary appears to be wearing a different ring. Why? Who wears different wedding rings? These two facts make me question the official story and why not as they lie constantly.
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Then there is this. Why does no video exist showing her entering the building. No one noticed her as there was a busy coffee shop directly opposite the entrance. No one noticed a huge security detail and the former first lady? Please. And why was she taken there in the first place. SS regulations state emphatically that ANY serious medial issue and the candidate goes to the nearest hospital. Why this break in protocol? Is there anything to the fact that this building may have a secret medical facility? And why would you have one of these of you didn't have something to hide?

Many want to know who the mysterious woman with Clinton is giving her what appears to be a neurological test. It sure looks like one and I have had tests like that in the past when I was deathly ill. Why is the press not asking about this as there is PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF OF IT?  You cannot scream "conspiracy theory" when there is hard proof about what others are suggesting!

Then we have Trump, who today copped out completely on Dr. Oz when he gave NO further medical info as he had been touting. To be fair, Trump's medical health is far less worrisome than Hillary as he has no record of serious conditions, something the Hillary camp cannot say. There was an odd tweet by a Newsweek reporter that suggested Trump had a nervous breakdown in the 90's and was hospitalized, but no proof of this exists. Dirty trick maybe to get people talking about something other than Hillary passing out perhaps?

Far worse are his upcoming trials for rape of a 13 year old and fraud for Trump U. He is also being investigated for charity fraud as well by the NY AG. Newsweek just put out a story saying the reason he is not putting out his tax returns, a huge red flag, because it will show how his fingers are in lots of countries and how his presidency may impact his earnings. Is it not feasible that Trump may do things not for the national interest but his own?
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The end result is that both of these people SHOULDN'T be running. One appears to be at death's door opening the possibility Hillary may not make it to election day. And if she wins, then what? How long can she hide an illness that makes her unfit for office? I will spit blood if that asshole Tim Kaine becomes president. Trump on the other hand will kill us all within his first hundred days. Nothing he says or says makes me think he is right for the job. But because both are so terrible, the polls have tightened. Pray both drop dead before the election so we can get two better people to run.

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