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It's getting harder and harder to defend a group of assassins when they keep getting caught shooting unarmed black men over and over while planting evidence, all of which is caught on tape while our beyond worthless media (except MSNBC which did an EXCELLENT job on this story go figure) ignores the facts and what the videos show. In just the last week we had two cops arrested for shootings go wrong, both of which video was the only reason they ever saw justice, while another video shows serious questions as to the validity of the police story and, again the strong possibility of planted evidence, which I have looked at personally and verified as accurate. Cops are not only killing black people, they would be getting away with it if video taken by witnesses didn't exist. ANY interaction with a cop for any reason should be filmed as they have proven beyond a doubt they CANNOT be trusted anymore and that is a very bad thing. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Anthony Wiener- The fact his last name is Wiener cannot be lost on how ironic that is. Dumbass got caught again for at least the third time sexting pics, this time to an underage girl. He could and should face charges for this but as our legal system seems only to lock up poor people anymore, I expect him to slide to further demonstrate how not free you are anymore if you are not in the top 1%. As a result however, he did lose his job as a columnist for a newspaper so he didn't get away scot-free.

9)Deutsche Bank- The stock market is dropping today solely because this major bank appears to be on the verge of collapse. They got crushed in the derivative market by falling energy stocks, which this site has been warning about for some time, and also face a huge penalty from the US who are demanding $14 billion for wrong doing in the 2008 financial crisis, which as of now, the beleaguered bank is refusing to pay, most likely because they don't have the funds. Germans are saying "don't panic, everything's fine" and "this is nothing like Lehman Brother," when in reality this is huge problem that could take down world markets if they default on trillions in derivative losses. Pray this doesn't happen until after the election or Hillary Clinton and Obama will get all the blame, even though the Bush administration is the one who got this ball rolling and it is still crushing villagers.

8)Mitch McConnell- Talk of a government shutdown looms again because McConnell is either and idiot or he really hates Trump and wants him to lose. A government shutdown may happen because a spending bill has to be passed by the end of the week and instead have a scorched earth tactic that would end any hope for Republicans in the next election. They would get burned when people found out the idiotic reasons they decided not to pass this, including funding for Flint, Michigan so they can drink untainted water and a ban on Syrian refugees which would turn off democratic votes and any chance of the White House. I feel confident they will pass a short term bill and punt this down the road which what happens every time and nothing gets solved.
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7)Ahmed Khan Rahami- Thank God Muslim terrorists are usually morons. This guy proved not only a terrible bomb maker, as three of his four devices fizzled, he did all this in the most heavily filmed area on Earth. To make matters worse for him, the one device that did go off, he placed in such an area to do the least amount of harm except to the poor dumpster he placed it next to which is now scarp metal. He might as well have done it on live TV with his driver's licence plastered in his shirt. There are 8000 cameras that he was caught on. They followed him to his car, got his info from that, as well as the fingerprints he left behind and personal cell phone which was attacked to an unexploded device. He also had no place to hide and was found sleeping in a doorway near his home. A special douchebag alert from the three idiots, two of which found a duffel bag, removed the bomb and took the luggage, perhaps inadvertently disarming it and another guy caught on tape KICKING the bomb, unknowingly that a bomb was in there. Helpful hint to everyone out there. If you see abandoned luggage, don't think "free stuff" or "let's see how hard I can kick this," because it could be the last thing you ever do. All three are very lucky to be alive.

6)War drums everywhere- The world seems to be headed for what will be our last war. North Korea is threatening everyone as usual as their neighbor to the south says they are ready to assassinate Kim Jung Un at any time. Pakistan and India and primed and ready to go to war over Kashmir for the umpteenth time after an unprovoked attack which killed 18 Indian soldiers by what they say were "Pakistani solders." This is bad as both countries unwisely have nukes, as does North Korea, which Donald Trump wants to allow further proliferation into areas like Japan and Saudi Arabia. Syria continues to spiral out of control with the end of the cease fire, and a war crime attack on an aid convoy by either Syrian or Russian forces which is further inflaming tensions. If we get Donald Trump with these kinds of issues, he will kill us all.

5)Mall Shooters/stabbers- There has been a spate of these over the last few days, none of which appear to be terrorism which is odd. The first was committed by a Muslim, Arcan Cetan, but appears to be more a nutjob than terrorist whose neighbors describe him as "creepy" and a "bully." He had an extensive record for attacking his stepfather, a DUI and pot possession. He was also not supposed to own a gun, per judge's order, and we can all see that didn't go over well after he killed five people. In Boston, seven people were stabbed in the trendy theater district (which I was at this weekend a few hours before this took place) in some sort of mass melee. And now today in Houston, a disgruntled lawyer shot up his former law firm injuring nine. What is going on that is causing people to snap? Oh that's right it an election year with two horrific candidates and the world is going to hell. I am surprised this isn't happening hourly at this point.
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4)Voters- Most people are morons apparently. I get why some people will vote for Trump over Hillary which is her own worst enemy. What I don't get is the idea that putting the same crappy Republicans (and some Democrats) who have done nothing to help anyone besides themselves back into office. How dumb are you if Schultz, Portman, Toomey and Rubio win, all of whom have been a drag on society? How is Ayotte ahead in NH? If we give the Senate, the House and the White House to Republican, with Trump in office, this country will end because last time they had all this power, they broke the world. No one seems to remember the past, especially younger voters who have no sense of history and have no recollection of what happened in Florida when people protest voted against Gore, who ran an equally lousy campaign for some inane reason. This will come down to whether people who don't usually vote come out for Trump versus Hillary's ground game in getting people to the polls. It is going to be close folks.

3)Hillary Clinton- Big night for her so she better be attached to an IV beforehand and chugging cough medicine like it's water. Any sign of weakness will be dissected ad naseum and a new video is sure to add to the fire. In it, she gingerly walks down the stairs, notices the reporter and immediately changes demeanor to bound down the stairs. In tonight's debate, she should run out and start doing jumping jacks. She has to attack a lot without looking snarky or being too wonkish, while doing her best to dig at Trump's ego. She is falling behind in the polls and early voting in Florida has her behind, which is not good because that never happens, literally. This is her last chance to prove to the US she has what it takes. Good luck.
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2)Trump- Chances are quite good, Trump is not only going to suck tonight, he may permanently damage his brand if things go poorly. Practice is key in these debates, as both W and Obama found out after dismal performances in their debates, Now mind you they both won, but both were also actually President at the time. A bad debate can sink you, regardless of the media downplaying that for some inane reason. If he shows he has no idea what he is talking about, it will not play well across the nation. If he loses his temper, he's done. Hillary has been practicing and say what you want about her, she is very good at this. On top of this, Trump has demonstrated a lack of knowledge on what a blind trust is after saying his kids will run his foundation if he wins which is NOT a blind trust. These are the same kids, particularly serial killer in training Don Jr. who made a terrible reference to Syrian refugees and skittles and then went on to also show he has no idea what a blind trust is either when questioned by George Stephanopolous and saying his father would have no idea what was being done with the company as he would "never talk about it with him. Trust me." Right. I'd sooner trust a rabid pitbull with my balls.
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1)The Charlotte Police Department (and cops in general)- Incompetence is rampant in the Charlotte police department, led by the truly incompetent Chief Kerr Putney, who should have been fired by now for gross incompetence, and possibly covering up a murder by his police force. After the suspicious death of an "armed" black man, many questions have been discovered. First off, the way the shooting went down is suspicious as they were there for another arrest warrant and for some reason decided to pick on this guy instead. Allegedly they saw him rolling a pot joint and brandishing a gun which would be rather hard to see either as he was sitting in his car at the time. Why that would matter as pot shouldn't be illegal in the first place and there is no way they would have seen the gun in his car, makes this story suspicious. Video taken by his wife strongly suggests the gun was planted as video clearly shows the gun being thrown to the ground by a cop after the shooting, a gun that wasn't there when the shooting ended. The edited video released by the police after much hair pulling didn't show much, but one does show that there does not appear to be a gun in his right hand, and unless he was carrying in his left for some stupid reason (the victim was indeed right handed) then the whole gun theory kind of falls apart. The fact that all the video isn't being shown suggests they fucked up and are trying to cover it up. This week at least four unarmed black men have been killed in a suspicious nature In two of those cases, arrests of the cops were made, both of which said they "feared for their lives." But video taken did not support those allegations and in the case of the St Louis shooting, which took place in 2011, film just surfaced showing a cop planting the gun causing his arrest. In Baltimore an 18 year old black man, either having a break down or drug fueled problem, called the cops for help and was instead beaten to death. Here's a helpful hint, never call the cops unless it is the last resort. They are not here to help anymore but kill, especially if you are black. New data suggests a huge increase in cops killing black men, beyond even the population discrepancy. Yes more white people are dying, but we make up a greater percentage of the population so statistically you are four times more likley to be killed by a cop if you are black, a staggeringly high number and based on facts. The cops are out of control and it won't take much more before cops are getting shot in mass numbers. Now in cases like Tulsa, OK, those cops did everything right. They released all the video right away, did a quick investigation, and arrested the idiot cop who never should have been one in the first place as she was way too trigger happy. Charlotte, NC however have done the exact opposite causing deaths and riots they are responsible for. That town deserves better so congratulations Kerr Puntey and the Charlotte police department you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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