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This was the moment I have been dreading, that magic moment when you realize just how fucked we really are. And after this election, ladies and gentlemen, we are FUCKED! No matter who wins, we lose. It's just a matter of choosing a quick, yet painful and bloody death or slow strangulation that will will lead to the same results. Wheee. Trump is a narcissistic fool who will start a war within the first 100 days, destroy our economy and end all life on the planet. Hillary will change nothing until either people riot in huge numbers or the economy goes into a supernova and we all starve and/or freeze to death. Choices. But the real tragedy this week is the certainty that this country is far too stupid to do anything about it, especially if you live in the state where reason goes to die: Florida. The re-election in the primary of both Marco Rubio and Debbie Wasserman Schultz prove the entire state should be forbidden from voting. EVER! These are the same two clowns that have gotten us into the mess we are in, yet this backward, retard of a state just sent two of the worst idiots right back in. Hope is lost people and a lot of you are to blame. Let's see those runner ups.
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11)Lena Dunham- The far left is just as annoying and overbearing as the far right lately. A pox on both houses so to speak. This week, this delicate snowflake was incensed that Leslie Odom, Jr. was ignoring her at a charity function and she countered that it was because she was was obviously sexually unattractive. The two never talked, he never said anything like "I would never date a fat pig like you," or something equally derogatory, or had any contact whatsoever. She was forced to apologize later when many called her out on it. And by the way, Lena, there are many people who do find you sexy so stop projecting your insecurities across the Internet please. Are you a model? Hardly. But neither is 99% of the world. People like myself prize inner beauty over looks. However, that being said, I find your personality far more grating than how you look. The good news is that is something that can be changed far more easy. Work on it.

10)Mark Burns- If you are black and voting for Trump, you probably live in Florida. This black pastor started his week posting a picture of Hillary in blackface, an attempt at humor over Clinton's alleged lack of respect for the black community. It of course did not go over well. Then it turns out that his resume is padded with stuff that didn't happen, like being part of the Army reserves, being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi or even being a college grad. He pulled the usual Republican nonsense about "gotcha" questions, all of which a free press should ask. He also said because he is black and a Trump supporter, the press is out to get him. The lies have nothing to do with it apparently. Idiot.

9)MTV Music Awards- I have worked in the fringes of the music industry in the past and have known many who worked for major distributors, like Epic Records, and know how the business works well. Music ebbs and flows with years that go by without a major act or new music style. These years you look back at and go yuck to. We are currently in one of those yuck phases. How is music SO bad lately, especially if you are a male "singer?" I use quotations because we get few male singers anymore, just crappy rappers and pretty boy white kids, none of which have a lick of talent. There was not one minute that was watchable of this fiasco, a sentiment agreed by many as the telecast hit record low ratings. Almost every song was sung by Rhianna or Beyonce, with an occasional far worse interlude by some up and comer (never to be seen again most times) or Brittany Spears badly lip syncing her latest warble. The people who mostly won are ones that in a year's time will be yesterday's news. One of the major problem that record labels have is finding acts that last more than a few cycles. Almost nobody on the show, other than established personalities, are going anywhere.
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8)Barack Obama and the TPP- This ass is STILL fighting to have this garbage legislation passed, regardless of the fact that a majority of this country doesn't. That tells you all you need to know about modern politics where the voter no longer matters. The good news is that Mitch McConnell has pledged no vote this year on the matter. So even though Obama wants a lame duck session to pass it, the human turtle has said "NO!" probably more for a stick in the eye on his way out rather than philosophical differences, but hey any port in a storm.

7)Anthony Weiner- This guy had been given three chances but he literally just couldn't keep it in his pants. For the THIRD time, Weiner was busted sending half naked pictures of himself to some woman, a Trump supporter nonetheless. Who could have predicted that would go bad? Oh that 's right, everyone. It didn't help his sleeping toddler son was right next to him in one photo. Let's recap. He lost his job as a Representative the first time. He had to drop out of the race for mayor a second time. And now he has lost all credibility, his wife who left him, his job as a writer for a newspaper, and what ever was left of his dignity. Just stay off the Internet Tony. Just stop.

6)UCONN- In a desperate attempt to pacify Generation Wuss, UCONN has decided to allow segregated dorms to be allowed so black and white people won't intermingle. The funny part is that black people are the ones demanding it. They should read white supremacy literature of the past few decades which has promoted just such a thing happening to keep the races from mingling. They want blacks to self segregate so they can be marginalized even further. The truly funny part about this is that they may be breaking discrimination laws by doing this. They say they are doing this to try to get black people to graduate with higher rates. This won't help.
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5)The DEA- These fuckers are stealing from us blind. Literally. Thanks to drug forfeiture laws, they are cleaning up. So instead of winding down these modern day pirates, they have instead concluded that "pot has no medical or economic benefits," conveniently ignoring the fact that both have been proven to have just that. Colorado has seen an economic boom, crime has gone down, and drug overdoses have dropped 25%. Yeah, who wants that all that prosperity and living? Geesh. These assholes decided next to classify the "drug" Kratom, used overseas for eons, as a schedule one drug. It is non-habit forming, contains no serious side effects and can be used to help people get off of heroin addiction. A plant that has medical use? Get it said Big Pharma that is using the DEA to eliminate the plant, or else their profits plummet when someone realizes what a scam these fuckers are. The DEA is not helping us. They are subjugating us and costing us half a trillion a year in the process. Demand Congress defund the DEA today.

4)Paul LaPage- The Maine Governor may be the biggest dick in all of politics. This week, he left a scathing voice mail for a democratic opponent which he all but dared him to make public. Foul language aside, he made sweeping generalizations about black people and the state's heroin problem. And while he is still likely to finish his term as Republicans are spineless douchebags when it comes to going after their own, he is term limited so when he goes, it's over. Maine better look long and hard because this blowhard never should have gotten into this job in the first place.

3)Donald Trump- You can pretty much guess the top three spots from here. Trump wouldn't have made the list this week if he hadn't told Hispanic people to go pound pavement in a fiery speech that in no way moderated his position on illegal aliens. Half his Hispanic council quit on him this week and those that stayed where forced to defend the undefendable, with one idiot saying that if Hillary wins "there will be a taco truck on every corner." I would be fine with that because I LOVE tacos. And Mexicans for that matter. His immigration policy would bankrupt this nation for multiple reasons such as the $600 billion it would cost to deport 11 million or the total collapse of agriculture, construction and the restaurant industry. When Georgia and Alabama tried this, it failed in months. Expect the same result here.

2)Hillary Clinton- I see a lot of Martha Coakley in Hillary. Her inability to connect with people is having an effect on her plummeting poll numbers which have sagged harder than her aging breasts this week. Her email scandal will not go away with new information every week. This time, it's the FBI notes which showing her saying "I can't recall" dozens of times which bolsters right wing nonsense about her having brain damage. This does not help. To be fair, a lot of her responses are obvious bullshit as who wouldn't remember a security briefing? Hillary for one. And then there is her lack of any public appearances this past month, spending almost all of it behind closed doors, asking the super rich for money. That is probably the one thing hurting her more than anything. It's hard to get by the whole lying, rich supporter person, when that's all the public sees day in and day out. She needs to start giving press conferences, which Nancy Pelosi suggested would happen AFTER she is elected. Keep it up and not being elected will affect us all and then she won't have to worry about giving ANY press conferences.
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1)Flordia and Schultz- I would like to say something from the bottom of my heart: FUCK YOU FLORIDA! You have officially made my lose all faith in humanity and where this country is headed. Both Republican and Democrat alike re-elected people who should not only be not in Congress, but probably behind bars, at least in Debbie Wasserman Shultz's cases, who appears to have broken several laws involving fraud in the presidential primaries when she was head of the DNC. This is the person you want representing you? I honestly hope everyone who voted for either Rubio or Schultz gets ass cancer. Tomorrow. You are the biggest fuckstains on the planet right now and I am furious with you. FURIOUS!!!!!! Don't ever come up to me and tell me you voted for either of these morons because I will kill you where you stand. How dumb are you??? Even worse, almost 20% of the democrats voted for Alan Grayson instead of Patrick Murphy to run against Rubio. Nevermind the polls that showed Murphy having a solid chance against Rubio, Grayson is facing ethics charges, as well as allegations of spousal abuse, and was possibly being kicked out of Congress anyway. So 20% voted to out someone in who most likely would have been gone soon after anyway. What is wrong with the people in Florida? Have you all married your cousins or something? Congratulations Florida, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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