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I have been following politics for as long as I can remember. In all this time, I can never remember two candidates run a worse race and I am including the Bush/Gore and Bush/Kerry debacles. We had Trump spout one insult after another for several weeks straight and he is still within spitting distance of his opponent. The reason for this is Hillary Clinton may have just lost this week if she doesn't do MAJOR damage control. Her campaign is looking dangerously inept at this point and, thanks to the worst timed photo op ever, her heath is no longer a conspiracy theory but one of genuine concern. Her choices are limited and as I will discuss later may be game over for her. Let's see those runner up in a truly momentous week of douchebaggery.
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12)Phyllis Schlafly- This Republican demon was finally called back to hell after 93 years of poisoning us with her vitriol bullshit. If you can't guess from that, I really didn't like her. She was a conservative asset who made Ann Coulter look sweet and cuddly. Side burn to Coulter for bombing super hard on the Rob Lowe roast. Next time, use the jokes they write for you. Anyway, this waste of space fought against gay marraige, immigration and her coup de grace, helped kill the Equal Rights Amendment that would have been a good thing for this country, yet terrible for large businesses who would have had to pay equal to men, a fact still being fought today. Good bye and good riddance. Tell the devil I said hi.

11)Facebook- Kiddie porn is horrific and needs to stamped out. That being said, there is a far cry from smut to an iconic photo of a naked Vietnamese girl, clothes ripped off from a napalm attack during the Vietnam War, screaming as she runs down a street. Facebook saw it as porn as deleted the pic, first posted by the Prime Minister of Norway and then re-posted throughout the day. Once people realized what was going on, they got PISSED. Facebook backed down faster than you could blink and apologized. Here is why this story is far more important that any realizes: THIS IS WHY CENSORSHIP SUCKS! Once you start censoring some form of speech or picture, where does it stop? We can all agree that naked kid photos are not free speech, but nudity in itself, whatever the age, is not a reason to take it down. Context is everything. Can we please start making adult decisions that takes nuance as a factor?

10)Rodrigo Duterte- If you want to know what a Trump presidency is going to be like (it may seriously happen), look no further than the President of the Philippines, an admitted murderer who was recently advocating feeding pirates to sharks, said he "doesn't care about human rights," and called Obama a "son of a whore." And he's an ally. This guy is nuts and we may get the more orange version here. Awesome.
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9)Toby Willis and TLC- What is it with the cable channel TLC and their reality stars getting accused and/or arrested for truly heinous crimes? Besides a Cake Boss getting a DUI and another arrested for fraud using fake coupons at Target (how redneck is that), there have been some AWFUL things their participants have been imprisoned for. Josh Dugger molested his sisters. Sons of Guns had two go to jail for beating up a nine year old and another for child rape, his own daughter by the way. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was cancelled after Mama June hooked up with a child molester.  A mother from the short lived Cheer Perfection was given ten years for raping a 13 year old boy. Another Cake Boss was given 9 years for raping a 13 year old. And now, Toby Willis, another TLC star of the Willis Family (yeah I never heard of it either) was about a Christian music family and their life on the road and at home. Apparently that also meant raping an underage girl 12 years ago for which he has been arrested. Maybe you should change you name to the Pedo Channel. You sure employ a lot.

8)Colin Powell- This asshole was caught in a blatant lie this week when everyone accused Hillary of throwing him under the bus when it turns out he was one lying through his teeth. Clinton said Powell told her about setting up the personal email which he himself used to skirt the law. He vehemently denied this, unaware the video tape from previous interviews contradicted him. And then, in true irony, those same emails that the GOP have been using to thrash Hillary with contained one from Colin Powell which backed up everything she had previously said. This man is a pathological liar who should never be trusted with anything. He should be behind bars for what he did to the world. FUCK Powell. Just FUCK HIM!

7)North Korea- The Mad Midget struck again this week with a second nuclear test this week. The sad part is because we have no one with any balls left anymore, we had to sit and grin and do absolutely nothing about it. This goes beyond left or right as both have done horrendous with this issue. We let it happen because we didn't want to get involved. Well, guess what, we are now. And something has to be done before this lunatic starts firing missiles at us. It's going to take a lot of changes here at home to make that happen, changes the status quo is not willing to make, thus our slide into Armageddon. We need to get off of oil, bring down out debt and tell China if they don't start putting a reign on North Korea this whole world is going to end. That last part could happen today.

6)ITT- Yet another rip off school that plundered the foolish, just like Trump U. It turned out they were taking in money, using as little as humanly possible in their classrooms, and pocketing the difference. When the whole scheme blew up in their faces, the school closed and they now face a dozen lawsuits from just about everyone involved and the government. So much for getting an education lately because a lot of these tech schools are garbage. My fiance got screwed by Porter and Chester and I know of several other from other schools that got similar shoddy treatment. Be very wary of any tech school at this point that doesn't have a stellar rating and even they may suck. Be warned.
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5)Wells Fargo- These assholes were fined a paltry 185 million dollars for a fraud scheme in which unaware people were signed up for bank accounts or credit cards they didn't ask for. This led to additional fees collected and bonuses for unscrupulous employees. 5300 people got fired yet not one in upper management. That sounds familiar. Corporations have no reason to protect anything you have, including your life. Again, be warned.

4)Jill Stein and Gary Johnson- When Donald Trump has the best week of the four people running for President, you know the world is nearing it's end. Jill Stein is going to be arrested for vandalizing a bulldozer during a protest of the North Dakota pipeline that, huge kudos to Obama, was stopped this week after the President got involved. Still getting busted for ANY reason when running for the highest office doesn't inspire confidence. And then Gary Johnson had a brain fart and blanked on what Allepo was during a morning TV appearance, on national TV nonetheless. Both of these are going kill any minor chance they even thought they had.

3)Donald Trump- Overall, he had a pretty good week, especially considering the utter meltdown Hillary had this week. But one big issue was the half his campaign staff quit this week after they found out they were never going to get paid. Normally this would be bigger news but the Death Star circling Clinton won out. His performance at the NBC forum was particularly embarrassing as he showed he had NO idea what he was talking about almost all the time. If we ever get to the debates, this may destroy him.

2)The MSM and Matt Lauer- These fucktards had a horrific week which would have given them the top spot if Clinton hadn't just rocketed there. Almost everything I saw or heard this week had at least one factoid in it that was completely untrue. Time magazine, Fox News and CNN all repeated the provable lie that we are the highest taxed country on Earth, when in reality we are 34th out 36 industrialized nations. They do know we can read right? They failed to report about the North Dakota pipeline protest, which aware persons will realize they do a lot, the Trump campaign desertions and a dozen other stories that failed to make a peep. Then Matt Lauer comes along and proves to be the WORST interviewer of all time. When your compatriots in the news business come down hard on you too, you know you've fucked up hard. He spent way too long on emails with Hillary, rushed her through answers that matter and then utterly failed to correct Trump when he kept lying with impunity. It was a sad day for news.
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1)Hillary Clinton- Today was been an utter meltdown for the candidate after footage of her collapsing after being whisked away from a 9/11 memorial have gone global. She can no longer say she is fine and go on as if nothing happened. First off, the excuse of "overheating" seems lame as the temperature at the time was 78 degrees with 45% humidity and a light breeze. No one gets overheated in that kind of environment. Not unless you are already sick. It didn't help that she spent all week coughing up a lung and appeared at an event yesterday looking as if she had been up all night snorting coke and binge drinking. On the TV show, Dr. Who, he brings down the British government with just a few words: "doesn't she look tired?" That exact same thing is happening now. To make matters worse, she insulted Trump supporters by calling half of the them inbred twits who hate foreigners and sleep with their sisters. Needless to say, this did no go over well with anyone and she was forced to apologize. The good news for her is that no one will remember that now that her health is front and center. She has two choices and neither of them is good. She can release her health records and hope there is nothing in there that forces her out. Or she can keep looking like she has something to hide and this might cost her the election as this is going to be hammered home by the right wing press and Trump himself. He's going to keep repeating "doesn't she look tired?" and it's going to work. If she has health problems, she needs to drop out now. This is not a job for someone not up for it. And right now, she doesn't. So congratulations Hillary, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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