Wednesday, September 7, 2016


We might as well live in North Korea for all the "free" press we get anymore. The sadder part is a majority of people believe the shit they are spreading. The fact this blog is still just a blip on the radar, yet not only tells the truth always, I still beat the MSM to stories by months some times. In days gone past, I would have had a Pulitzer by now. Now, I am drowned out by billionaires (and most likely trillionaires) who have a much bigger megaphone than me. Here is just a small sample of stories that have gone on for the last week, yet been completely ignored by the MSM.
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One if the biggest stories missed has been the fact that Trump is facing a civil case involving a rape charge, a civil case involving Trump U and allegations of bribery with Florida AG Pam Bondi. There is also another story ignored by the MSM where Trump did the same in Texas (bribery) to then AG, now Governor, Greg Abbot. A whistleblower has come forward saying he has proof that current AG Ken Paxton ordered him to cease and desist against any further action against Trump for unspecified reasons. That actually looks worse than the intial bribe which Abbott did indeed take. The media has not said one word about any of this, and even the Pam Bondi bribe has been treated as an afterthought by our worthless MSM.

Equally worthless is our Congress that Idiot America is too fucking stupid to not keep re-electing. One of two truths is real: either everything is rigged and voting doesn't matter because our representatives are chosen for us or people are far too dumb to vote. I think it might be both. Take Mitch McConnell, easily one of the worst of the bunch. When Congress got back into session, funding for the Zika virus came up first. Now while I am one of many who remains unsure that the Zika virus is actually behind 90% of what they claim, that wasn't the reason Republicans killed it. No, instead they added on a bunch of poison pill add ons, like defunding parts of Obamacare and actions against Planned Parenthood which meant nothing to what was going on. And then in true hubris, cried to the media that they couldn't understand why the democrats had defeated the bill, conveniently leaving out the fact that they were the ones that let it die. Fuckers.
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Also a word to people who think they understand how polling is done: YOU DON'T! Please shut the fuck up about "skewered polls," and how adjusting the data is "cheating." There are a lot of stupid people in this country and they can vote, proving my point that maybe voting isn't for everyone. I propose a civics test with ten easy questions about our country and it's government. Get seven right and you can vote. Get all ten and you never have to take the test again. Maybe that way we can find some way to take back the government without the truly stupid fucking it up for the rest of us.

As for poll data, I do not understand why CNN would release a poll without skewering the data. A poll like that is fundamentally worthless. Here's what happened. CNN put out their original data, showing Trump now with a two point lead. But, the data contained too many white males without college degrees, or Trump supporters, so that has to be taking into account. That is why data is adjusted, to correct for oversampling of one particular group. It would have been the same if the poll hit a majority of older black woman, most of whom are voting for Hillary. Had that poll been aired and shown Hillary ahead by eight, counter groups would have rightfully called the poll biased. When we remove the extra samples of white men without a college degree and add in info taken from the last election for demographic purpose, we actually find Hillary ahead by four. This is the poll that should have been shown in the first place as the first poll is wrong and should never be seen. It's like looking at a math puzzle half finished. The post adjusted poll is the only one that should be taken into account. Yet morons with zero understanding about this are dancing in joy that Trump is ahead. He isn't, but he is closing in as Hillary is following the same path losers like Jeb Bush and Martha Coakley did. The only positive things about that is, Hillary WILL cheat if she loses and is still 99% most likely to be out next president. If our media is fixed, our government certainly is.

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux in ND were attacked by federal forces using pepper spray and attack dogs this past week. Funny how that made not one newscast anywhere. They were protesting against a pipeline being built across their land, which seems stupid as I always thought they had sovereign land. Not when oil is at stake apparently. Nevermind the fact that oil should be yesterdays news and if we really wanted to, could be off of oil completely over the next ten years. You know why we aren't? Oil companies which run our government, along with Big Pharma, Big Agro, and other monolithic companies. How many out there saw one second of footage about this? Crickets. That's what I thought.
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This country is no longer ours. Democracy is dead. No matter who you vote for, chances are good we are all boots up in a few years time. Trump will kill us all quick while Hillary will just preside over a slow motion death that will eventually catch up to us all. What can be done you ask? Stop voting for Republicans, give the Democrats all the rope to hang themselves with, and when they fail too, we burn this motherfucker to the ground and start again. But at least we have some hope until then. The far right will destroy us all and I know this because they have every single time they had control. Who votes to have their country definitively fall apart again? Americans apparently.

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