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I have never in my life seen anyone who could self destruct better than the Clintons. Only they could take the most minor of scandals and turn it into something much more ominous. Now while it is true they are helped by a scaremongering right wing opposition and a truly pathetic press core which can no longer be trusted to tell us even the fucking weather anymore, they themselves shoot themselves in the foot more than anyone else on the planet. This whole thing makes my head hurt.
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Let's look at the facts of this case all of which start to paint a picture that makes even the most insane conspiracy theory start to not sound so fantastic anymore. When you constantly lie about things, the most unbelievable theories start to sound reasonable and that is a MAJOR problem for Hillary.

First off, contrary to what the fucking garbage MSM is telling you, it wasn't that hot in NYC at the time. They do know that weather is recorded and even if a day has gone by, I can still find out everything temperature wise that day? Many MSM outlets reported the temperatures was in the eighties at the time with high humidity. Only, I can prove that is a lie. Weather services at the time report that at the time of the 9/11 memorial tribute the temperature was 79 degrees and falling as well as humidity that dropped to around 40% by 9:30 with a breeze that had increased from five miles an hour to nine. That is not hot weather for anyone from this region. If she became "overheated" from this, she was far sicker than she was letting on. Yet the press made up stats that don't fit with what really was going on. Typical.

Video from the incident of her fainting have several anomalies that again worthless press has ignored. The film clearly shows her pitch forward and was dragged into the car, losing her shoe as well as having a yet unidentified piece of metal appear to fall from her pant leg. These are not consistent with a fainting spell. Usually when you faint, you fall back not forward, as several doctors have confirmed as true. This would suggest a neurological problem, one of which I have some proof of.
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Photos taken that day show a woman with her who appears to be a nurse of some sort. She is photographed in one picture walking with Hillary and appears to be taking her pulse. That in and of itself is not terribly odd, especially if she does have the pneumonia she says she has. But a short time later, another photo, seen below, shows that same woman giving Hillary a standard neurological test which I know is accurate as I have had to take that test several times in the past when I was very, very, sick. There is no medical reason to give someone such a test if all you have is pneumonia.
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Image result for hillary getting neurological test
The diagnosis itself, even if true, was handled in such a way to defy explanation and all but guaranteed few to believe it. Why did it take over eight hours to release that information to the press, which she conveniently ditched as she was sped away, not to a hospital but to her daughter's house. Isn't that just a little odd? However, if they already know she is sick with say Parkinson's, then a hospital visit isn't going to help.

I had been one who until just yesterday found little hard evidence that she was sick with more mundane explanations just as likely. However, seeing is believing and she seemed a lot sicker than from just pneumonia, which at this point we just have the doctor's word for, which again took eight hours to reveal. Why?  And why lie about "allergies" if it was pneumonia in the first place?

Here's the really crazy theory that I cannot actually dismiss. Some have suggested that the woman who left her daughter's place and talked briefly with the press was NOT Hillary but a body double. I, like a reasonable person, thought that was loony tunes. But further examination showed a few things that lend some credence to this. The Hillary that emerges does look a little thinner than Hillary of late. Much more damning, the Hillary that comes out is wearing her purse on the wrong side she usually does. I have poured over photos and still can't come up with one of her having her purse on her right side. It's always the left. No woman I have talked with says they change sides where their purse is, barring a medical reason. Now chances are, this WAS Hillary and just changed shoulders, but it is exactly what I am talking about when nothing about her is trusted anymore and with good reason.

Hillary may have been sick for some time. She has a history of unexplained falls, many of which fall into the "exahustion" bullshit response which is never what is really is whenever used. And let's be fair, she's been coughing for a lot longer than pneumonia would cause. The fact that neurological tests seem to be being used on her also say that she may indeed be suffering from something like Parkinson's, which some whistle blowers have alleged she has had for a while. Could they be right?
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If it is true, this is epic. This means this woman is ready to die to get into power and that is a red flag in and of itself. No one who is this ill should ever run for the most stressful job on Earth as chances are good she'd never make it four years before having to resign. Is she that power hungry?

It's also why I am suggesting this: for the next election it is MANDATORY to release your health and tax records. No dodging. No stalling. Do it or you don't run. Both Trump and Hillary have been beyond secretive in both aspects (although Hillary did release her taxes) and that cannot be. You want the highest position on Earth but you don't want us to know anything about your past or health. Jill Stein is looking better and better every day.

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