Thursday, September 22, 2016


The attacks in Charlotte have exposed two ultimate truths: black people are super racist against white people and cops have lost the faith of a lot of communities and not without good reason. Attacks on white people can no longer be swept under the rug by a less than truthful MSM as a white reporter was viciously attacked on LIVE TV on CNN. It's kind of hard to ignore that and that was one of at least four separate videos showing gangs of black people beating the hell out of white people, solely because of their skin color, including two young white girls in Sacramento. How is that NOT RACISM?
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We also have videos of the Charlotte victim's brother calling white people "devils," as well as some of the rioters (not protesters as the MSM has been labeling them) actively saying they want to attack some white people because they are white. Please remind me when the last video surfaced of white people doing ANY of these things on a large scale? Oh that's right, it doesn't exist because 90% of white people aren't racist and those that are, we don't put up with. There is no mainstream music in White America that routinely talks about killing black people. The same cannot be said of the reverse which sometimes has racist elements that are not only are not vilified but embraced.

This is all very bad because it's going to make even more white people vote for Trump and as bad as Hillary would be for the black community, I hope you guys like slavery part 2 because this ass will make it happen. If there was ever someone who will do whatever he can to be a dictator, Trump fits the bill and know he has zero love for the poor, black community who he will just as soon use shock troops to put down violence at the drop of a hat. Think what is happening now times ten thousand. A lot of you will die. This is what your actions are going to unleash.

It doesn't help that way too many of you come in to steal whatever you can, further reinforcing the idea that black people are savages that have no place in society. Then you wonder why you have to drive sixteen miles to get to a pharmacy or grocery store. No one is going to stay in an area where crime is rampant and the store gets burned down every few years. Insurance rates alone will cripple them.
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All of this is happening because trigger happy cops are killing black people will impunity. Way too few seem to go to jail and that is rightfully making the black community mental. The case in Tulsa presents a lot of problems, especially as the cop was a white woman. She says she "feared for her life," which may or may not be true but if it is maybe this is proof that some women shouldn't be cops. I do not understand why police don't have height and weight requirements as their job would seem to require a certain level of fitness and ability. This would also apply to all those tubby men who couldn't chase down a crippled suspect with lame leg if they tried. If a woman is the right size and shape and ability there is no reason she can't be a cop. But to change the assessment process to allow this to happen is dangerous and is happening across this country. Several firefighters I know are pissed that they had to allow women into their fire stations who were wholly unqualified to be firefighters as they couldn't pass the firefighter test, so in the spirit of PC garbage, they altered the test so they could pass. That makes little difference to the firefighter who dies because the woman he is partnered with can't lift a heavy beam off him. Either way, the Tulsa cop should be brought up on charges because there was no reason to shoot him.Why not taser him first like the other trigger happy cop did?

As for Charlotte, we have two stories, only one of which is true. Either black people are mistaken and he was holding a gun when cops killed him, or he was holding a book and police shot him stupidly. If cops are proven wrong, which I suspect is a stretch here, no word of any cop anywhere should be trusted again. However, if witnesses are mistaken, which in this case is the most logical reason, then black people need to shut the fuck up about what they saw anywhere, anytime because it never seems to be accurate. Mike Brown died because he was an idiot. There was no "hands up, don't shoot." Trayvon Martin was killed by a douchebag who was defending himself from an attack. Not every black person shot by cops is innocent. I would hastened to guess most are guilty but the police track record is spotty at best lately so there is that. Cops say they have a video of the incident. Release it already and stop your community from burning to the ground. Tulsa was smart and did it right away even though it made the cops look Keystone Cop-ish.
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I have had dealing with cops. Half have been no problem. The other half were giant assholes, several of which did things that would have resulted in arrest for most of us. And I am white. Imagine how black people feel about this.

Either way, black people better stop acting like racist douchebags which is becoming a major problem. We are better together than apart, a fact seemingly lost for the moment as racism is now spilling out everywhere. Stop the hate as you are playing right into the hands of the Powers That Be. Keep it up and we all suffer and no one wants that. Rich people are the enemy, not whites. Remember that please.

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