Monday, October 31, 2016


I will have to make this post short as I still have lots of work to do with the election rapidly approaching. Polls show that Hillary has lost some ground, most likely due to the questionable comments made by soon to be fired, James Comey. Chances are good he's gone right after the election for this debacle. According to some polls, 45% say this is worse than Watergate, dittoheading Trump from his rallies. Facts are there is nothing to see here yet and, most likely, never will,
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First off, the only thing on this computer will be emails to and from Huma Abedin. The reason they are there may be as innoculous as back ups from the cloud, as she has suggested. Even if there are classified materials sent (and there is zero evidence of that even), unless they contain some bombshell information which no email so far has been produced, this will add up to nothing. Huma is still authorized to see classified material, and even if she read the emails on an unsecured computer, she is at fault not Hillary. There is almost no chance this will add anything to the court of public opinion that we don't already know.

Second, October Surprises this far into the election make a lot of waves, but usually barely change the dynamic. The biggest shift was Hurricane Sandy that drove Romney off the stump and the news while Obama got to act Presidental, and even that only added 3% to his totals. Other things like the stock market crash of 2008, W. drunk driving arrest reveal and Osama bin Laden support of Kerry only moved the needle 1% total. Truth is, most people know who they are going to vote for and this is latest nonsense is even less likely to move supporters to or from either candidate.

Recent poll data show Hispanic and Asian voters moving strongly toward Clinton as are women, the LBGTQ community and white people with college educations. However among black people, she is lagging behind as they seem prepared to sit this one out. So let me get this straight, you all voted for Hillary in the primaries overwhelmingly and now are going to sit the big vote off. Fuck you! If you are black and don't vote, don't start crying when black arrests and/or deaths go skyrocketing upward and stop and frisk comes back in a big way. If you aren't voting for Hillary, you are digging your own grave. The same goes for the lukewarm support from Millennials, who thankfully are moving away from losers like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson for Hillary. But there are still too many voting for either who have zero chance of winning.
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If they election were held today, Hillary would still win 322 to 2016. Be warned that polls from the LA Times and Remington Research are using questionable data and the support they keep giving Trump seen out of line, They are screwing up the polls as a result, ones that are not being mirrored anywhere else. Hillary is losing some support for the bullshit claims, but if history is a factor, it won't matter much due to early voting (a lot of which early data points toward a Clinton victory overall) and baked in political views. Chances are still around 80% that Hillary wins, a 65% at victory in the Senate and 30% of retaking the House. Thanks God there is only eight more days of this.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


I have been following politics for a long time and I have never seen anything like what happened this week. The head of the FBI came out to the public that they uncovered some emails that may or may not have anything to do with Hillary Clinton. And that was it. No context. NO details. Noting but a vague possibility that something allegedly occurred. And that of course sent the media, the candidates and the rest of the world into a frenzy. I am unsure what effect this will have on the race but I am sure that James Comey is either a media whore or the dumbest man on the face of the Earth. Either way, he should be fired for this. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Alec Cook- This douchebag was a student at the University of Wisconsin when he was arrested for the violent rape and strangulation of a fellow student. Then 11 other women came forward saying he had raped them too. It didn't help that incriminating evidence was found in his apartment, that included a kill list and a diary of all the horrible things he had done or fantasized about. Hope he like's prison because chances are good this ass is never getting out.

9)Blue Cat Cafe Protesters- A bunch of Hispanic assholes decided that having a cat cafe in their neighborhood was too much and have held protests as well as vandalized the store and gave death threats to the owner for gentrification. Yeah, cause nothing spells better neighborhoods than getting rid of a failed pinata store (not being racist, it really was that kind of store), replacing it with a place you can have a drink and play with a fuzzy friend, and then telling white people to go to hell. I hate the idea that making a neighborhood better is cultural encroachment. Welcome to progress. Better areas equal higher property values, better schools and less crime. Yes, some will be displaced and the area will change, for the better. I have watched neighborhoods go downhill fast when drug houses move in and crime skyrockets. Let's try the other way for once.

8)Mariah Carey- We can all agree this woman is hot, talented and, without a doubt, nuts. She has had a long line of problems including several failed marriages, stripping live on MTV, various diva like behaviors, and now her super rich fiance has pulled the plug on that idea with allegations of extravagant spending that made even a billionaire wince. She would spend $10,000 A DAY on makeup and hairstyling. She spent $340,000 a week on upkeep for her yacht. That's a lot of money for nothing. For a woman worth half a billion already, she'll be broke by Christmas at this rate.
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7)Bundy prosecutors- This week, seven people accused of taking over a wildlife refuge were found not guilty to the surprise of many. I was not one of them. I thought from the beginning that this entire case was shoddy as it stemmed from the arrest of the Bundy's for an arson case after they already served their time and the judge decided to sentence them to more. That seemed very unusual and anti-constitutional. How is that not against the fourth amendment? Prosecutors were shocked that the jury let them go but I wold have done the same. The government overreached with Bundy in the first place and the jury correctly saw it.

6)Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giulani- Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum really need a new act because this one is getting old. I seriously suspect them of having some sort of brain damage for the worthless allegations they are throwing around. Rudy has been making the rounds for the last few days overhyping the FBI letter that said nothing, but according to Republicans was worse "than Watergate."So far, it's not. Then we had Newt go off on Megyn Kelly when he accused her of being obsessed with sex because she was focusing on Trump's sex talk tape on not on Bill Clinton's past, which no one cares about. These two can't go away fast enough.

5)Donald Trump- Even with this email thing back in the press, he still didn't have a great week. He's stopped fundraising, had to add ten million of his own money and, unless there really is a bombshell in these new emails, is going to lose and badly at that. He may pick up a point or two, and get back states like Texas and Arizona that he may still lose, but the road to the Electoral College is still almost impossible, especially as 40 million people have a;ready voted. There are only ten days left in this. Thank God.
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4)Joe Walsh- The former representative from Illinois made news this week when he idiotically said he would be taking up a musket November ninth if Hillary wins. Yeah, that's mature. It's this kind of idiocy that is spooking world markets, all of whom plummeted with even a hint that Trump may win. Unless there is real proof of widespread vote rigging, which I still doubt will happen here, then we have to accept loss and move on. Taking up arms against the government will just get you killed.

3)Mark Kirk- Running against Tammy Duckworth is an uphill battle. Making racist statements about her Thai heritage is a really bad idea. Dumbass did it anyway when he slammed Duckworth for claiming her ancestors went back to the Revolutionary War stating he didn't remember Thailand helping us win the war. What he didn't know, was Duckworth was half white and her father did indeed have relatives who fought in the war. He apologized the next day but the damage was done and his chances at a win have fallen to about zero. Good.

2)Pentagon- What would have been the top spot this week had Comey not put on his dunce hat, these douches told people who signed up to fight overseas that they could receive tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses. Flash forward ten years and now they want the money back and are threatening those that don't pay with ruining their credit. Needless to say, once the press got a hold of this, the Pentagon suddenly had second thoughts and stopped collections. This is horrific that we put people in harm's way and then screw them again when they get home with VA issues and debt collections. The Pentagon should be ashamed.
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1)The FBI/James Comey- These guys have been pretty bad over the past few decades. The anthrax case, the Murrah building, 9/11 and so on. But this latest was either a partisan attack that had no business being aired or rank incompetence by a media whore. Either way, WTF? Comey had no information of anything illegal or even connected to Hillary at all. All of this is thanks to Anthony Weiner who, because he couldn't keep it in his pants, the FBI is investigating for racy texts he sent to a fifteen year old girl. Even thought he is getting a divorce from Huma Aberdin for previous sexual deviance, this latest scandal has thoroughly derailed her career whom she has been with for twenty years. I feel bad for her because this is ultimate regret over who you married as it effectively ended your life as you know it. This will be a bitter divorce. Republicans have made all sorts of hay over this, calling it all sorts of names, even though there so far is nothing scandalous about any of it. But because Comey released this, allegedly because he knew news of this would leak, but did so with the vaguest of responses that actually caused the media to report all sorts of wrong info. None of this should have come out unless the had new info  which they didn't. He was advised not to do this and did it anyway. Huma's career isn't the only one hanging by a thread because I have a feeling after the elections, this guy is getting fired. So congratulation James Comey you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I hate to say it but Trump's calling out the media and polls as rigged may actually be working. Some of it seems slight of hand and disingenuous, but Hillary has seen a small, yet noticeable drop in the polls these past few days. The media does ignore stories they should be covering. It is the ultimate in hypocrisy when they keep telling us how much they should be trusted while not having any coverage of things like the Dakota Pipeline protest, even when celebrities like Shailene Woodley are being STRIP SEARCHED after their arrest. In this day and age of tabloid media, that should have been everywhere. It wasn't. And that is just one of dozens of stories the media seems incapable of reporting on. But according to them, they're doing a bang-up job. As for polls, my specialty, a new poll has arrived I've never heard of, that seems to be skewering Trump. However, more legitimate polls also show her dropping a point or less nationally and in some swing states. So what is going on with that?
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First off, let's talk about the polls. Hillary's daily barrage of emails are not helping, even if there is nothing in them. Fraud James O'Keefe is touting some sort of hit piece about Hillary that I won't even deem to watch at this point as nothing this man has ever done has been correct and I just won't waste my time on something that is almost certainly fiction. But, it may be connecting with the I HATE HILLARY crowd that is understandable. If an orange full diaper wasn't running against her, I might have voted Republican. But I cannot allow this disease of a human to get into the White House. Anyone reading this must vote for Hillary Clinton as Trump is an extinction level event. I get him being a human Molotov but you're burning down the house we all live in with it.

A poll from some Republican company called Remington Research, (where the gun analogy is a little too on the nose guys. Why not just call it Trickle Down Research or Anti-Abortion Inc?) has put out some polls that all suspiciously skew Trump. When looking at their raw data, they have Trump in Florida getting 24% of the black vote, 38% of the Hispanic vote in Florida and 34% of other, which would be mostly Asian. None of these vote totals are even close to any other poll or historical precedent so you have to wonder about the methodology here. One BIG problem I see already is the equal number of democrats, Republicans and Independents (40/40/20)given which is not what the demographics of this state are. The most recent census says Florida is 40/36/20 with four percent going to third part candidates. Therefore, the numbers should be adjusted toward the democrats as the polls they are using are oversampling Republicans by four points from people who are not actually voting for them. This is why Trump is suddenly ahead.

Here's another big problem is that no other poll anywhere has black people voting for Trump above ten percent. Yet, this company says the black vote is consistently in the thirties? Please. Using a Bloomberg poll which also said Trump is ahead as a bellwether, we see that they have the black vote at 10% which is still high. However while this poll did skewer the data correctly for party affiliation, for some inane reason they way oversampled old people, over 65, most of whom will obviously favor Trump. But as Millennials are the largest voting group now, under-sampling them should they decide to show up in droves, which they might considering their intense dislike for Trump, than this poll again is nonsense.
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Smart money is on Hillary to win. But, it also seems likely she is losing some support as no new bombshell for Trump has hit in days and the email scandal is daily. Even a steady drop of water can bring down a mighty wall. But let's face facts, that's probably not going to happen. That being said, Trump is not wrong about everything. The AT&T merger is bad idea. The Democrats rigged the primaries for Hillary (and will probably do so again at the national level if she somehow falls behind). Our media lies to us with alarming regularity. Can someone explain to me how we can have a .3% Social Security increase, when just a few days later we find out premiums for health insurance is going up an average of 25% across the board? It isn't possible yet our media has said not one word about it. Instead we hear about morons dressing up like clowns, the latest food craze and how school children in Idaho are saving money to make a quilt for homeless people. I don't care. Report the news, the ACTUAL news, for once guys because if Trump is as smart as he thinks he is, starting a media empire may not be such a bad idea, if he can find one that will expose this country for what it is: corrupt beyond words and incapable of change. He may be a terrible president but he can still be the Molotov cocktail we need if he can burn down the government and corporate malfeasance without destroying is all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


My posts will be spotty for the next few weeks as the combination of my day job analyzing poll numbers combined with a deadline for other projects, like my almost finished book, take precedent. But today, we can talk about not if Trump will lose but by how much. I know some of you are screaming about the polls being wrong, just like some did in 2012 to hilarious results, but Hillary Clinton has a 90% chance of being the next president. So, unless polling data is way off, which there is a slight chance of, Trump is going to lose worse than any Republican since Bob Dole.
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How bad is it? Texas is now in play. TEXAS! Romney carried Texas by over twenty points and Trump is barely registering there. Now mind you, some of that is because of changing demographics that is going to turn the state purple over time, but it's not there yet and still Trump is struggling. Rush Limbuagh, Karl Rove and Bill Kristol have all said that they screwed up not believing the polls in 2012 and are not going to make that same mistake again.

As Minnesota has moved into the lean Clinton node, if the election were held today, Clinton would have 272 solid votes for president and that is not including eight swing states like Ohio and Florida. Add in swing states she is likely to carry and that number rises to 333. If we go further and give her the rest of the swing states she might carry and that number is a staggering 396 votes, a feat that would be the worst defeat since Mondale. The funny part is that is more likely than a Trump win.

Trump is going to have a historic loss with women, college educated white men, black people, Latinos and the youngest voters. Trump has to hope that white non-college educated voters show up in droves because he would have to capture 80% of that vote (as well as depressed voting from potential Hillary voters who stayed home) and that seems outside the realm of possibility. The most likely scenario is that Trump voters stay home, either because they think the election is rigged or because they hate Trump AND Hillary, while Hillary voters show up en masse to either show their support or just to vote against Trump (the category I am in). If this does take place as polls suggest (democrats typically move toward the candidate late in the election process and away from Stein and Johnson, both of whom are in free fall), the Senate and even the House could be up for grabs.
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The Senate looks likely as Illinois and Wisconsin are likely to go blue, meaning they only need two states out of the eight that are left to get control. NH, PA, NV, NC and even Missouri and Indiana are in play. The House will be harder as they will probably get twenty seats but need ten more for control. If Republicans angry at Trump sit this one out, Democrats have a shot at it.

The long and the short of it is there will be little chance of vote rigging, as the last two presidential elections showed no sign of tampering as why would you need to swing a vote going your way. Hillary will do much the same which will be truly funny when Trump starts screaming about a rigged election and there is no proof of it at all.
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Get out and vote blue. Give the democrats all the rope to hang themselves with. They will only have two years before the pendulum swings the other way in 2018 so if they get cracking, they may be able to fix a lot which wrong with the country. If they do, and things do get better for everyone, the GOP will be regulated to the dustbin of history.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I know, shocker that the top spot isn't going to Trump, both McCain out did himself this week for behaving like the traitor he is. He is a disgrace to every man or woman who has worn the uniform of this country and the fact that dumbasses are voting for this asshole to go back into Congress proves that democracy doesn't work anymore. What a loser. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Rodrigo Duterte- If anyone wants a primer on what a Trump presidency would be like, look no further than the Philippines and this douche. The President has been spewing a non stop flow of shit that has come out of his mouth on such a regular basis I would guess his asshole has disappeared. This week he stepped in it hard when he said, idiotically, that the country would be better off dealing with Iran and Russia as trading partners and his country was ready to "separate" ties with the US. Just like the mouthbreathers here, his supporters took to the streets and demanded the US leave immediately. Then, after what was certain calls to him from the State department explaining to him the economic ramifications from such a move, and after realizing they were right, he suddenly said he was "just kidding." Who does that remind you of?

9)The NFL- Roger Goodell is killing this sport with his idiocy. First, he sidelined the MOST popular man in the sport for four weeks over a pointless and scientifically unsound reason. He scheduled the best games on Sunday or Thursday nights, so fewer people watched on Sunday. One of the biggest issues has been the terrible refereeing which is going on at least three years at this point. How hard is it to solve that issue? The biggest reason may be the protests being led by Kaepernick which are turning off viewers in droves. The continuing expansion of teams is also depleting teams of good players, a fact I noticed years ago and still the slide continues. Goodell is NOT the man to fix this anymore than Trump would be for president. How do we constantly get the worst people running things lately?

8)Anti-pot ads- Here in MA, weed looks certain to pass by an overwhelming vote which is good news for the state. It will raise money, create thousands of good paying jobs and slash police budgets already struggling with these pointless arrests. But because Big Pharma, Alcohol and Tobacco all know their profits will suffer if this goes national have pulled out all the stops in anti-weed ads. The best part about them is not only are they not likley to be paid any attention to, they are also unintentionally hilarious. One that is playing here has a woman and her kid driving around as all the stores are pot shops with zombie like drug addicts everywhere. She stops and they get out, her child attracted to the pot candy in the window. Just then her obviously underage son walks out of the store with a bong and some munchies. First off, you have to be 21 to buy pot so this would never happen. Second, evidence from places that have already legalized weed have seen none of the fear-mongering and have actually had higher tax revenues than estimated and thousands of less people dying from opiates.This ad is just the latest scare tactic that no one believes anymore.

7)AT&T Merger- One of the things I agree with Trump on is that the merger of AT&T with Time Warner should be stopped by anti-trust laws that the Obama administration has been less than successful at. They have stopped just a handful of mega-mergers during his time, the worst being the consolidation of airlines which have raised prices even as gas has hot record lows. This would give this company a near monopoly on cable and satellite services and lead to even higher cable prices, which are already the highest on Earth. This cannot continue and Trump is actually right here. That's scary.
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6)Inflation rates- The government is giving Social Security another thumb in the eye with an average of four dollars a month more. Wheeeeee. According to them, the inflation rate was .3% for 2016. How the FUCK is that possible? It isn't and I can prove it with just health insurance alone. This coming year, inflation rates for many health care planes is over 50%. Mine was. So tens of millions of people saw a huge jump in their rates, yet the government is saying that health care costs are only going to go up less than 2%. Where?! The inflation rate is a joke and their own numbers betray them. They do this to cheat people out of the money they owe. You're being robbed.

5)James O'Keefe- I hate this asshole. His bullshit videos took down ACORN which some idiots still think exists. A recent document, allegedly from the DNC, has a list of donors they were bribing and the top line says ACORN got half a million. Too bad they went under years ago thanks to this ass. That document screams fake. This moron edits his videos to portray things that didn't happen and then gets the gullible out there to buy into it. His latest hit piece was a video that allegedly showed Clinton operatives sending thugs to a Trump rally. Considering the source. I wouldn't believe any of it. Trump supporters got caught red handed faking a video of five black guys destroying a car with Trump stickers on it, unaware that the whole thing was also being filmed by bystanders who saw the whole thing as staged. These videos are far from accurate and should be ignored.
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4)Hillary Clinton- She's in the home stretch and will almost certainly be out next president. I am not thrilled by that prospect but she is hands down better than Trump. I still think she will pivot back to the TPP when she gets into office, a fact her running mate confirmed on Meet the Press today. There has also been some rumors of her cheating at the last debate and I have to admit, I noticed some of it as well, but the answers are more vague than the Clinton haters say. During the debate, Hillary kept looking down at the podium A LOT and there was a weird light on her podium that was not on Trump's. I am not saying she cheated, but I am saying it was odd that she appeared to be reading off her podium which could have been notes she took or a teleprompter. Either way, we will never know.
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3)Rigged elections- Trump is not wrong about elections being rigged. They have been. 2004 in Ohio was stolen for Bush as 250,000 more votes than people who exist in Cuyahoga county all went red. Three people actually went to jail over this and to this day, this story is more or less scrubbed from the internet. I have found it in local newspapers and that's about it. The democratic primaries were certainly rigged for Hillary, who I have said since before all of this even started, she has been the chosen one and that was that. But the biggest rigging was the Republicans when they gerrymandered the hell of the country in 2010 and have kept the House in power because of that. That's how to rig elections by disenfranchising voters, demanding ID laws and other things that depress votes against you.

2)Donald Trump- Another debate, another flame out. Once again he started strong and then a half hour in he went off the rails. He called Mexicans "bad hombres," interrupted Clinton constantly, and even called her "a nasty woman." His low point was when he refused to say he would recognize the election results, unless of course he somehow wins, and then he would be fine with it. This made even Fox News go nuts and was the moment, he officially lost the election. Because of his plummeting numbers, the Senate now looks likely to go blue as well as he is taking everyone down with him. The fact an 11th woman, porn star Jessica Drake, has come forward and said not only did he grope her, but offered her $10,000 to sleep with him, doesn't help. Yuck. His problems are just starting as he still faces RICO charges for Trump U, which carries triple penalties, meaning he could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in this case alone. He is also facing civil charges for raping a 13 year old girl. Lastly, his brand has been universally damaged with his hotel losing patronages and other businesses taking his name off the buildings. Good luck post election dick.
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1)John McCain- This giant asshole should be kicked out of office for refusing to do his job. Recently, he said that he would never vote for a Supreme Court justice as long as Hillary is president. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Try this at work tomorrow. Go in and say you are refusing to do part of your job because you don't feel like it. See how long that lasts before you get fired. Why can't do the same to this old fart? Because morons are voting for this giant douche for reasons that escape me. Obstructionism has led to almost a hundred federal judges not getting appointed leading to all sorts of court problems. The Supreme Court will soon cease to function at all if people keep dropping out and no replacements are ever allowed. If the Senate goes blue, and with any luck this fuckwad on then unemployment line, hopefully the Democrats will go nuclear and change the rules to a simple up and down vote and then put Obama in just to thumb their nose at them. I would laugh for weeks of that happens. Please vote against this douche whose positions change with the wind. Congratulations McCain you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I have been watching presidential debates since I was a teen and last night I saw something I never thought I'd see: a candidate tripping over his own dick and face planting hard. He has three moments that will play poorly these last few weeks, all but cementing what is going to be a historic loss. He began his plummet to the bottom when he said his first words in Spanish, which unfortunately was also a slur, when he called some illegal immigrants "bad hombres." You can guess how well this went over with Latinos. Then, his big, big, BIG mistake came when he idiotically refused to say whether he would accept losing the race, which is going to, setting the stage for a possible end of democracy moment. Lastly, for the cherry on top, during an exchange when Hillary was talking about protecting Social Security, he decided to interject that she was a "nasty woman." That did not play out with women and the rest, and Trump, is history.
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There is near a 100% chance of Hillary winning this thing, short of the biggest October Surprise of all times which is, and even if it did happen, it probably would still not be enough to give him the win at this point. He is toxic, damaged goods and may drag the Senate and House down with him. Any Republican running is going to be inundated with questions from reporters asking about their support or lack there of, neither of which is a good answer, while also fighting off whether they will recognize the election or not. Trump supporters and the GOP elite are not in step with one another and either side could become so disgusted with their choices, they stay home or vote against the Republican candidate out of spite, where there is some evidence this is happening in places like Arizona and NC. No matter how you slice it, this ends badly for Republicans.

Many are bringing up the false equivalent of Gore challenging the election in 2000. That happened because the margin was razor thin in many places, and as Florida was make or break for them both, had to come to court challenges. The Supreme Court screwed us when they picked Bush as the winner for no legal reasons and allowed two judges, Scalia and Thomas, to vote even though both had financial or personal interests in getting Bush elected. It is for that very reason that no sitting Justice should ever recuse themselves from any case no matter how biased it looks as the Republican ones NEVER do but scream bloody murder if the other side doesn't. Grow a set and tell them fuck off next time. The point of this was, after Gore lost, he conceded even though he had reason to fight on had he chosen to.

Kerry in 2004 noticed irregularities in Ohio, which was stolen from Kerry as later results showed, but he also backed down for the good of the country. I actually wish he had fought a little harder on this one because the voter fraud in this instance was blatant. But he didn't and the country moved on. Trump is not going to let this go until there is no where else for him to go. However, if the backlash starts affecting his brand, as signs already point to problems in some of his five star hotels that the rich and famous are avoiding now, this could lead to disaster down the road for the orange hued nightmare.

Contrary to right wing myth, the last two elections were dead on with exit polls and other stats. Nobody cheated to get Obama elected. They won't rig an election they know is going their way so why bother. This election will be no different. Other than what is always a few suspicious maneuvers, that may or may not be intentional, this election will match perfectly with the exit polls as Trump is going to lose and lose badly. How badly you ask? Hillary is now running ads in Utah, where she is tied, Arizona, where she is ahead and Alaska and Texas, where she is slightly behind. That is not good news if you are a Republican who can see that chances are good a lot of states Romney won easily in 2012, Trump may lose in 2016.
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If the election was held today chances are good that the Electoral College would be Hillary 368 to Trump's 170. Ouch. To put that in perspective, Obama got 332 to Romney's 206. That is a landslide win and gives Hillary a mandate, and hopefully a blue House and Senate, and maybe, just maybe, we can get some stuff done that the GOP has dragged their feet for decades on. History shows democrats grow the economy better than Republicans so here's hoping that stat continues.

Monday, October 17, 2016


This election has gone almost exactly as I predicted, thus the reason I get paid the big bucks to accurately guess the spread in such instances. Right now, Hillary is almost certain to win and the chances of democrats regaining the Senate look good as Nevada, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin seems likely to flip blue and PA, NH, NC and even Missouri are still too close to call but could go blue as well. Any four of those and Hillary winning and they recapture the Senate.
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The bigger question is "will it matter?" I said from day one that Trump cannot lose graciously and there is little reason to believe he will now. He is already whipping his crowds into a frenzy with talk of rigged elections and how the election is being stolen from him. A new poll said 41% of the country believes him which is dangerous for democracy. The funny part is Trump is not wrong about our elections being suspect, because they are, but not in this case as I could run dead Hitler versus Trump and still win. He keeps opening his mouth and, as a result, is bathing in Ted Cruz strength, people repellent. They don't need to steal this election, as it doesn't happen every time. I'd know. 2000 and 2004 were very suspect, yet not so much in 2008 or 2012. If the person the powers that be want, in this case there is no doubt that the elites and the smarter of mankind want the same thing as the Trumpster fire will burn us all down, then Hillary can win without cheating. It would be hilarious for him to scream about being cheated out of the election when the results show the same results as non-modified exit polls.

But as science is not most people's strong suit, chances are they will believe the election stolen regardless of facts. This could lead to all sorts of problems. We already saw it during Trump rallies where people are beaten for their views. This has led to an us versus them mentality that directly led to the burning of a GOP headquarters in NC along with a statement about them being Nazis spray painted on a nearby building. People are becoming unglued. The election is only bringing out some very ugly aspects of American life on both sides.

The right is filled with uneducated dullards too stupid too vote anymore. If you putting people back into office like McCain, Grassley, Schultz and other fools responsible for all the problems we are having in this world, you are too dumb to vote anymore. The Senate is filled with corporatists who are actively working against the country and everyone in it, yet we keep putting these seem idiots back in and nothing gets done. It's a vicious circle we could stop yet choose not to.

I choose to vote blue not because I think they are going to fix everything, but at least some good will come from it. What benefit has anyone gotten from the Republicans that didn't solely affect either religious beliefs of rich people? Zero. Yet, non college educated rednecks keep voting for them. Trump has said some truly vile things and no one seems to care. Why you ask? Because Trump is no longer running for President. He is leading a cult.
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And to quote In The Mouth of Madness: "When does fiction become religion? And are his supporters dangerous?" They are. Way too many seem nonchalant about Trump's groping, yet are venomous about Bill Clinton and his far less believable accusers. They seems to hate black people, Mexicans, Muslims, women and pretty much anyone who isn't a white male. Part of that is from watching a culture constantly berate them for things they might never have done, as white males are the only group it seems legal to discriminate against. Another part is the revulsion to PC nonsense and anti-gun stances that will not make us safer. These people may be lowlifes in many ways, but just because they aren't book smart doesn't make them all idiots. However, even I have to admit listening to interviews with many of them  at Trump rallies that a lot seem to have single digits IQ's. Their reasoning for Trump is flawed beyond words and they would be having Brexit like regrets if this man actually won, which at this point is highly unlikely.

But what happens when they lose? Chaos most likely. For those of you waiting and praying for the election to be over on the 8th, I kind of doubt that will happen. Trump will scream foul at the top of his lungs, challenge every close battleground state he can, in court, which could mead to all sorts of issues once people realize that some states do not have paper ballots. The term trust me won't work here with zealous worshipers of Trump lathered in a frenzy. Plus, if this goes all the way to the Supreme Court, what happens if they deadlock four to four? What then? This could set off a crisis the likes of which we have never seen.

His supporters will most likely already be a pain in the ass at some of the polling places, walking around armed and stupid. When they lose, do you think they will just go away? More likely those same people will do the same around Democratic headquarters and institutions, just as armed and stupid. And as we saw in NC, the left isn't going to be all sorts of happy with that and attack Republican sites as well. Can you say civil war?
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Anyway you look at it, Hillary is going to be president, the senate is probably going to go blue and the House will net the democrats around 20 new seats, not enough to control it, but getting there. Hang on people, this ride is just getting started.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


This guy cannot keep his mouth shut. I would like to point out that this election has gone EXACTLY as I predicted where Hillary would run away with it while Trump and his supporters scream about just about everything. The funny part is that I agree with Trump that the election is usually rigged. Not this time as he did it to himself. His supporters, more cult like than political, are going to super pissed when they lose and claim the whole thing was a fraud from start to finish. What will they do then? Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Rodrigo Duterte- If you want to see what a Trump presidency looks like, check out the President of the Philippines. He's only been in office a hundred days and in that time he has killed over 3500 people (including women and children) with his amped up War on Drugs, insulted world leaders, compared himself favorably to Hitler and has severely strained relationships with the US. He insulted Obama several times and most recently threatened to kick the US out of the country for some inane reason. This is what you are voting for Trumpians. Stop it!

9)Samsung- As their new phone doubles as a grenade, this company has serious problems. The Samsung 7 started exploding so they issued new ones which somehow, did the exact same thing. There were so many going off that airlines have added fireproof bags to put these deathtraps in if they explode at 30,000 feet. Helpful hint, a four volt battery is way too big for such a small device. Start there. Meanwhile, their stock is in freefall as the largest cell phone company on Earth may not survive this. They did it to themselves.

8)Ken Bone haters- This is why we can't have nice things. Ken seems like a nice intelligent guy who during interviews came across as thoughtful, bright and even explained rather well why he is still undecided. The press built him up and hours later tore him down because he said Trayvon Martin got what he deserved, which he did as all evidence clears that asshole Zimmerman. He also, horror or horrors, found nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence to be sexually alluring, although we would disagree that seeing her asshole was hot. No one need to see that on anyone. Give the guy a break. He's not running for president. I found it sad that the press covered this guy better than they did Trump.
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7)Chicago police- One of the most corrupt police departments in the country was recently discovered to be hiding $50 million in seized cash they were attempting to keep for themselves. Where is the media with that story? Forfeiture asset seizure is literally highway robbery where the cops are stopping people and taking their money and goods without any recourse. This is why we have a second amendment that has been made useless by the militarization of police. One simple rule is all we need: what ever guns and equipment the cops have, civilians can have. That levels the playing field and will stop the mass shootings by cops that have plagued society. Maybe if a few of them got shot back, they'll think twice about stealing from us blind. Chicago certainly is.

6)Jason Ludke and Yosvany Padilla-Conde- These two idiots from Milwaukee decided to join ISIS this week and, of course that didn't go well. Their plan was to make it to Mexico and then get fake documents to make it to Syria. Needless to say, that didn't happen. It seems Ludke was known to authorities already as a convicted child molester, had documented Muslim extremist views and threatened to kill a judge. He was on supervised release at the time but had slipped off his monitoring bracelet, which sent authorities looking for him. They caught up to these morons in Texas where he and his partner, who denies he was going to do anything but ditch Ludke when they got to Mexico, are going to see serious time. Enjoy prison because chances are at least one of you will never get out again.

5)Billy Bush- This frat boy has been is going to be fired from NBC for his dismal portrayal on the Trump Bangbus tape. The worse part, he's been like this for years and no one noticed? He talked about J-lo's ass, asked equally idiotic questions to others and behaved no better than Brock Turner at a roofie party. He should have been fired years ago but because he was powerful family members, he got to stay. This is no different that Chelsea Clinton and he ill advised stay at NBC doing a crap job as a reporter. Can we please hire people on merit and not connections, sex or skin color?
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4)Clinton Rape charges- I will say this one last time: THESE WOMEN HAVE ZERO CREDIBILITY! Paula Jones was never touched, Wiley and Broaddrick are proven liars and the rape victim was never laughed at. And while I would suggest that some of the people coming forward against Trump may have ulterior motives, like the former contestant on his show, Summer Zervos who certainly seemed to be persuing Trump to come to her restaurant and when he didn't could have made this up, the others have no reason to lie. They are not getting paid, this is hardly the kind of publicity anyone would want and their stories have backers who said they knew for years what kind of man Trump was. The Trumpians have tried to discredit these women with varying degrees of success, mostly poorly. One victim was allegedly a liar because airline seat rests don't pull up (they did) and she was confused with a Hillary employee of the same name but a different person. There is no hard evidence Clinton did anything and lots Trump did. Nuff said.

3)Evangelicals and Trump- If you are Christian and still supporting Trump, you aren't really Christian. At least four religious right blowhards and several evangelicals, came out in support of Trump this week, totally betraying their values and previous statements. These include such luminaries as James Dobson, Ralph Reed, Tony Perkins, Billy Graham, Jr and Jerry Falwell Jr. The IQ of all four doesn't reach double digits yet they hold high positions of power. How dumb are people to follow these four retards into anything? I would like to point out that almost all of these religious nutbags are white as black and Hispanic leaders have followed Clinton instead. Shocker.

2)Russia- Is Russia trying to start a war? They have been caught red handed hacking everything they can. They are telling their people to prepare for war and even holding nuke drills for 40 millions people. You know what American nuke drills entail? Get a gallon of ice cream, watch TV and wait to die. The US has had it and is threatening Russia with a cyber attack of it's own. I think it would very funny if we could get info on Putin that shows he like My Little Pony or dresses up as a women in his spare time. They want to spread dirt on our people, let's do the same to them.
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1)Donald Trump- Well this week went as poorly as it could. His debate performance, while improved from the first one, was still pretty terrible. He spent all week defending himself from a barrage of accusations from nine women who say he groped them.Trump's defense was typical where he said he would never have done that to some of them, not because it was wrong, but because they "weren't hot enough. Yeah, that'll save your plummeting poll numbers. A WSJ poll today had Hillary up by 11 and the electoral college looks impossible at this point for Trump to win. What happens after he loses is anyone's guess however. He has already told armed rednecks to become poll watchers to make sure fraud doesn't happen, like it's that obvious. Trump us saying the whole thing is rigged, which in a silver lining moment, made the press sit up and realize that some voting machines have no paper trail. Considering they have been like that since at least 2004, you have to wonder if the MSM is even up for the task of reporting the news anymore. But when he loses, what then? It is entirely possible that armed idiots may take to the streets, sitting outside democratic offices, and some, even shooting people in some stupid attempt to start the next revolution. We have the power to stop all of that by voting blue overwhelmingly and giving the democrats all the rope to hang themselves. If things have not gotten better in two years, I'll join you in overthrowing the government, but the time for that is not yet. It is time to get rid of obstructionist Republicans who are sending us down the river without a boat, paddle or even a river. We are just being dragged through the mud and it has to end. Vote blue and see if we can actually get something done for once. Considering how poorly Trump is doing, it si not out of the question. So congratulations Trump you are indeed douchebag of the week and a solid contender for douchebag of the year.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Stick a fork in this election people. It appears to be over. Trump has said the shackles are off, which makes all of us ask, "when were the shackles on exactly?" The orange dumpster fire went nuclear when he started going off on Paul Ryan, John McCain and the GOP in general for dropping him like a hot potato as he went on to insult the one group Republicans won't accept blindly: women. Yes, they may go after their private parts but they need their votes to win and the numbers have gone toward Hillary in a stampede.
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How bad is it? One outlier poll had numbers so vast the pollster that took it was shocked by the outcome. In it, women had a 33 point lead over Trump, unheard of in politics. If this turns out to be true, Trump could lose almost every state in the union in what would be the biggest landslide in history. Right now, Hillary has a 90% chance of winning the election which is quite the turnaround from a month ago when it looked like she may actually lose this thing. Then that Trump tape came out and it was all over folks. This is going to be hard to come back from.

So Trump and his allies have gone all scorched Earth with tens of thousands of email released that do nothing to alter the direction of this campaign. Podesta is into UFO's, Hillary is a politician who looks for every advantage she can take and that is about it. There is even evidence that some of these emails are fake as one email which allegedly has some negative comments by Hillary is actually taken from a Newsweek article, the writer of said article has confirmed. This puts into doubt much of what is being mentioned as either purposefully misleading or just idiots taking things out of context and even lying about where the information came from. None of this is going to help Trump win and possibility even take the Senate down with him.
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The best he has done so far is dust off four crappy allegations of impropriety against former President Bill Clinton, none of which hold water. Paula Jones was never touched which is kind of hard to believe that he brutally raped all these other women but Jones he didn't. Why? Rapist rape, they do not discriminate. Why didn't he rape her instead of just allegedly showing her his penis? Kathleen Wiley is a known liar and opportunist who according to Linda Tripp was trying to seduce Bill and not the reverse. Juanita Broaddrick signed an affidavit under oath saying the whole thing was lie. The 12 year old rape victim was never laughed at by Hillary on tape. It doesn't exist.

Meanwhile, Trump has a Dec 16th court date to answer for civil charges of raping a 13 year old girl. Why that isn't in the press more is beyond me. Even worse for him, the plaintiff is being represented by the same lawyer that got Casey Anthony off. Ouch. This is far worse than anything Bill was accused of and I have a feeling this may make bigger news in the days to come. He also has to contend with Gloria Allred who is representing dozens of women who say Trump groped them to. Expect a press conference next week about this.
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All in all, Trump is screwed and this election is over. I can only hope the Senate and House go blue and maybe, just maybe, we can fix this country once and for all.

Monday, October 10, 2016


The good news is barring an earth shattering incident, Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president. The bad news is that Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president. She is light years ahead of her explosive opponent and will help promote a limited progressive agenda so it isn't all gloom and doom there. But, we also know she isn't as progressive as many of us want and the nation needs which could lead to new troubles that keep us mired in an economic stagnation for 90% of us.
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Think of what we learned so specifically these last few days. We found out thanks to leaked Goldman Sacs excerpts that Hillary is a two faced politician who will say one thing to one group and something to another while pandering to Wall Street. This is not anything we do not already know. And her opponent? We were shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that Trump is a lecherous old fool with a terrible business record and a history of lying. None of this was news. It just confirmed what we already knew and to be honest, hurt Trump way more than Clinton. That is because a combination of banking laws and the Clinton campaign makes people's eyes glaze over AND is in print, and no one reads anymore. The Trump tape was EVERYWHERE, a Death Star of bad news that is going to hang over his campaign for some time. It included talk about sex, groping, infidelity and other taboo topics. I'm surprised he didn't bring in Ivanka to the conversation and say he wanted to boink her. It already cost Billy Bush his job (he's widely rumored to be let go during his suspension as lawyers work out the fine details), and women care WAY more about this than Bill Clinton's alleged rapes.

A quick side note on that in that NONE of the Clinton accusers there had a leg to stand on beside unsubstantiated rumors. Paula Jones got $850,000 because Bill showed her his penis, allegedly. How that is worth that much is beyond me, even if it did happen. He never touched her, even by her account. Kathleen Wiley's account is filled with problems and she was caught lying to the FBI and even Linda Tripp, yes that Linda Tripp of Lewinski fame, told the FBI that it was Wiley who was pursuing the president who kept ignoring her, although she later changed her statement drastically after well you know. Her account is bogus and supported by no one. Junaita Broaddrick story isn't much better, claiming injuries while Clinton raped her, but her husband at the time testified neither seeing any injuries at the time or her explanation of injuring herself. I'd remember that. Four others say they saw the injuries or were told by Broaddrick that she had been raped but all had a reason to lie as they all HATED the Clinton's for various reasons. Broaddrick also testified UNDER OATH, Dec 23rd 1998 that it was all a lie so there is that as well. The last woman, Kathy Shelton, was a 12 year old victim of a rapist Clinton was defending. Sixth Amendment applies to dirtbags too guys.
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Then came the debate which kind of was great and kind of sucked. Hillary won hands down as no one was joining the Trump camp in mass numbers which is what he needed and didn't get. But, Trump did do better in some regards and way worse in others. His body language was perceived as aggressive and threatening by many women already put off by his rape talk. It didn't help he breezed right by that, even though GOP members are still fleeing him like he's on fire even today. He stalked and lurked and looked bored by the whole thing at some points. Hillary was sharp, healthy and completely 100% wrong on taking the fucking high road. That's how Kerry lost when he refused to address the Swift Boat fiasco. Someone hits you in the nuts, you punch back twice as hard. She had ample opportunity to put this guy down but instead meandered through long winded explanations that weren't going to get her too many new votes either.

Trump lied about at least 15 things and a big shout out to the Daily Mail to hire real reporters because one of their asshole stories fact checked one part completely wrong. Trump alleged that Hillary was Secretary of State when Syria used chemical weapons to which she responded she was long gone by then and the Daily Mail said Hillary lied. There is this things called facts that maybe they should look into before REPORTING THE FUCKING NEWS! Hillary left six months before the attack on civilians with chemical weapons so there! Most of what he said was nonsense, gibberish or just plain stupid.

Take his sole idea for "fixing" health insurance is too let companies compete across state lines. Great idea. Except for the fact that it won't work. What happens if I get insurance for cheap in a company that has no doctors in my area, which will happen A LOT if this goes through. People are beyond stupid when it comes to insurance and not without good reason in that it is incredibly complicated. I have experience with this subject and even I don't get it some times. This will do little to help the main problem which is insurance CEO's raising their salaries tens of millions of dollars and then blaming Obamacare for the rise in costs. Until costs are controlled, this will end badly no matter who gets into the Oval Office which will be Clinton at this point.

What about the polls, Brexit and the silent majority some scream? Reliable polls have Clinton up beyond the margin or error, a fact that the Brexit wasn't and there is no silent majority backing Trump but more likely Clinton and not thrilled with that choice. Trump supporters are a die hard group of bomb throwers, who want the world to burn. Hillary supporters are more quiet, afraid of the mob, but will show up in droves to defeat Trump more than love for their candidate. That's me.
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The long and the short is this race is over. The GOP has to figure a way to save the Senate and perhaps even the House as a lot of Republicans may decide just to sit this one out, which seems likely at the this point. If the democrats can regain the Senate and the House, we may have a chance to actually right the ship even with Hillary for president. Get out and vote blue people. It's literally your only choice to have any hope for the future. We've tried the GOP way time and time again and it ALWAYS fails. Let's give the left a chance for us to be disillusioned by them as well. Or maybe, just maybe, actually have a better world to live in. What do you have to lose?

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Donald Trump just lost the election. Whatever you hear from him about huge public support, rigged polls and other nonsense is just that: nonsense. Republicans are fleeing from him like he's on fire, his money is drying up faster than any woman's privates watching this pig, and poll numbers across the board are falling and this latest scandal hasn't even caught up to him yet. This is still fallout from the tax returns and Mike Pence lying his ass off during the last debate. Imagine what next week will be like after tonight's sure to be obliteration debate and this sex scandal. He may lose Utah. You all nominated this fool and see what happened? Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Kim Kardashian- I hate Kim, Kanye and the rest of her brood. She's famous for being famous, whatever the fuck that means, Kanye's music is crap to the nth degree and everyone else in the family are shameless media whores. So it brought me great pleasure to find out that Queen Dumbass was robbed this week of ten million dollars in jewelry because she tells everyone where she is at all times. A brilliant robbery went off in Paris where she was lucky they just wanted the jewels and not her and then got away scot free. This is the kind of theft that makes me happy.

9)Birth of A Nation- Whatever studio executive greenlighted this movie is most likely looking for a new job as this film tanked hard. The subject matter about a slave uprising has questionable timing as race relations are at rock bottom right now and BO showed it as the film was overwhelmingly seen by black people and no one else. Even worse, the director was charged with rape some time back and, even though the studios coached him extensively on how to address said past, he ignored it Jeff style (that's an in joke for those who knew Jeff who did the exact same thing) and came across as an unrepentant douchebag. Then, just to really destroy the pic, they ran an ad campaign tying BLM to this film which might as well have ended with a sign that said "white people not welcome." The film itself is historically inaccurate as well, something I HATE in films. This film was a must miss and was apparently as it will most likley lose money and Oscar chances.

8)Julian Assange- I don't know what happened this week, but this guy blew it big time. He set everyone up for a huge October surprise, called the press together and then released......nothing. Needless to say, Trump supporters were pissed that had been had. Then a few days later, Wikileaks releases email transcripts of Hillary's Goldman Sac speeches which don't look great for her. However, first he did this during a major hurricane running up the coast, meaning a lot of people weren't even going to see it and others would be fixated on the storm. Then, the Trump sex talk tape got released and that obliterated all other news, even the hurricane. Why release a bombshell on a Friday during a hurricane? You all got played.
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7)Vladimir Putin- The Russians this week have been in fine form. Putin backed out of a 2010 nuclear treaty, in which we are partly to blame for not having constructed the nuclear waste plant we were supposed to years ago. This makes the world far more dangerous. Even worse, Russian hackers have been playing havoc with our election, hacking polls, the DNC and releasing information that may or may not be true. We should be doing the same and hacking Putin to find out what dirty secrets he might have. I'd pay good money to find a video of him dressed in a teddy.

6)Mitch McConnell- This piece of work hit new lows this week. First, he somehow blamed Obama for the 9/11 bill the Senate passed this week, realizing that it was a crappy bill that never should have been passed in the first place. Maybe when the President vetoed it, that should have been a sign. But no, since the President didn't explain it to them like they were three, it's all his fault. Please. Take some responsibility you dick. Then, he scolded Trump for his latest scandal, but still plans on voting for him like an idiot. This fool needs to go.

5)The RNC- Their bias was proved this week when some staffer accidentally released a review of the VP debate two hours before it actually aired. Guess who they say won overwhelmingly? Next time, you might want to wait until after it airs before proving you're an idiot. The funny part is they weren't wrong, as Tim Kaine came across like a hyper active school kid who had to pee. Unfortunately for them, the VP debate was nothing compared to the shitstorm about to envelop them.
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4)Tim Kaine- I hate Tim Kaine and this debate did not help. He was rude, uninformed and just plain creepy. He is a corporatist to a T and spent much of the debate telling us Trump sucked without any ideas over what the democrats were planning to do. If anyone was looking for a creepy clown, he was at the VP debate opposite the albino from Foul Play. Next time, maybe bring up Pence's horrific record at home instead of just Trump bashing the whole time.

3)Mike Pence- This guy is an evil bastard. His history shows a dangerous slant towards policies that literally are killing people. His stance against clean needles led to an AIDS epidemic in his home state of Indiana, my birth place. His attacks on gay rights were so bad he had to backtrack them or lose hundreds of millions of dollars, a fact lost on soon to lose Governor of NC McCory. His trickle down economic plan, like everywhere else, has been an unmitigated disaster. And he is the VP pick and possible 2020 candidate. Good luck.

2)Kelly Ayotte- This bitch from NH bit it this week when she actually called Trump a role model during her debate with Maggie Hassen. Public outcry forced her to apologize but not before an ad came out tying her to Trump and her support. That all came crashing down when the Trump sex talk tape came out, forcing her to no longer back him but her polls numbers may suffer hard because of it and with it, control of the Senate, something the democrats now have a 70% chance of retaking. Keep talking you waste of space because everytime you do, someone else decides to vote against you or stay home. Either way, you lose.
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1)Donald Trump- It's all over folks. The poll numbers show a steep slide for the Republican nominee and that is before the sex talk tape and tonight's debate are factored in. Short of a miracle, there is no path to victory anymore for Trump to win. Hillary has this locked up and is right now only one state away from certain victory as states like NH, PA, CO and Michigan have all gone blue. If she takes Minnesota, Ohio, Florida or NC, states she is ahead of now in all four, she wins. Trump has had as bad a week as one could have. He started with his tax returns, which showed he paid nothing for decades, while calling people other than him who do the same thing "losers." Then came the VP debate where Mike Pence "won," but did so by not defending Trump once during it. Then came the sex talk tape and it was freefall after that. Dozens of Republicans jumped ship, money started to freeze up (there are rumors the RNC cut all funding to Trump so he may be on his own and ads are allegedly coming down in key states like Florida, NC and Ohio) and women who once supported with have fled in droves. I know two people, both women, who as of this week had left the Trump train and may now vote for Hillary. This is especially bad for the Republicans because one of two things will happen. Best case scenario is they show up and vote for Hillary but vote Republican down ballot. This is unlikely. More often than not, most of these people won't vote at all, meaning a landslide victory for democrats across the board, gaining control of the Senate and perhaps even the House. To say this is the worst possible outcome for them is an understatement. This stink will follow them right into election day as they have to walk a fine line between staying as far away as possible from Trump while not pissing off his supporters. Good luck with that. Either way, it is good bye Trump and hello Hillary. Congratulations Trump you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Well that sucked. I hated Mike Kaine and Tim Pence before the race even started. And yes, I purposefully mixed up their named just to see of you would notice because they were both very similar in the positions on things, not to mention both being pasty old white men.
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Is the best we can do? It's bad enough we have Trump and Clinton running, but these two are even worse. Tim Kaine is a corporatist who helped get the TPP fast tracked, hopefully to nowhere. I wanted him out of office, not promoted but that's how America works nowadays where the worst and stupidest succeed while the rest of us are left behind. If you wanted a face for "white privilege," this is it. Rich, out of touch, dangerous and very powerful are what they represent. One the other hand, Mike Pence is a religious zealot best left to being a pastor than world leader. His stance on just about everything, plus his utter inability to tell the truth ONCE during the whole debate, was telling. Yet, in a direct repeat of the Cheney/Edwards debate, Pence won simply because Kaine is an idiot, and trust me, it showed.

If the last Trump/Hillary debate was the equivalent of a world class boxing match (and one in which Trump was KO'd last time) this one was a fifth grade slapfight that was mostly childish insults and barely landed punches. Here was the entire debate in a nutshell.

Moderator- What is your stance on North Korea and nuclear weapons?

Kaine- Trump's taxes.

Pence- Hillary's email.

Interrupt each other and the useless moderator endlessly, and that was it. No question was ever answered until the last one, a throwaway about religion that somehow turned into an actual debate about abortion. Elaine Quijano was way out of her league, unable to rein in either candidate and doing zero fact checking during the debate, which HAS to be done now because both candidates are lying with impunity. It is the press MAIN job to report facts and hold others accountable who don't. The right wingers of course said she went harder on Pence and Trump but their positions are much more dangerous than Hillary's no matter how you slice it and should be held to a higher standard, especially as they have released zero information about themselves or what their plans specifically are beyond "make America great again."
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Almost everything Pence said was a lie, a provable one at that when he denied Trump's positions on several things or about himself, all of which is on a new fangled invention called video. Maybe they haven't heard of it as it's only been around for about a hundred years. The fact that Pence, like Cheney before him, lied and lied some more and still came off better than the truly creepy Tim Kaine, who looks like a creepy clown sighting minus the make-up. A monkey on heroin could have thrown darts a list of VP candidates and picked a better one than Tim Kaine.

A big FU to Mark Shields by the way for actually saying out loud that Tim Kaine was the best pick Hillary could have made. WHY? Polls suggest that had she picked just about anyone else, she'd be ahead by double digits by now. Had she given it to Sanders, Franken, Warren, even Castro, she'd be winning handily by now. Progressives would have been thrilled to have their guy next in line and even Castro would have helped solidify Hispanics. Instead she picked future To Catch A Predator guest Kaine, who even in internal polls said was the second lowest rated pick just behind Mark Warner. What possible reason did they have to get him you ask? They said it was to help keep Virginia, which does seem to be working as she's way ahead there again, as well as attracting middle aged white religious men, which has spectacularly not worked their way and never had a chance to. Had she gotten young people interested, now the largest voting bloc in the country, there was no way she could lose. Instead, I think she picked a fellow corporatist so if she has to step down due to health reasons, the powers that be still have a grip on the presidency.

So this is best we get? Two losers neither of which is suited to be President. Swell. Kaine interrupted constantly, channeling Trump from the last debate, while Pence appeared to be taking pointers from Cheney and lied, lied and lied some more, none of which was ever challenged by the moderator. It was a beyond boring, pointless exercise that needs to stop. No more VP debates please. We didn't have them until recently and if this the level of debate we get, we don't need it.

The good news is that this debate matters not one whit as few watched this debacle and even fewer cared. No one was going to be swayed in large numbers because ultimately these two matter far less than the two idiots on top. Those two go at it again Sunday at a Town Hall. That one is going to be a popcorn/beer fest as Trump HAS to recover from his last debate debacle and this is actually a harder one to do. It saved Obama because this was more his wheelhouse in connecting with people. I have a feeling Trump will NOT do well at this at all, especially if he fails to practice.

Kaine sure did because it showed and not in a good way. His practiced "zingers" fell flat over and over and, like a bad stand up comedian, kept plugging through them regardless. He regurgitated so many facts that none of them landed and the constant interruptions didn't help. Meanwhile, Pence was an insomniacs dream as he was SO boring, I kept tuning him out. It hardly mattered as nothing he said was true anyway.
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So to recap Kaine is an idiot, Pence is a monster (which for some inane reason Kaine didn't bring up once anything about his anti gay views.) and this format sucks. Can we please have some adults run for president please because the four people running now are all terrible? God help us if Trump wins or Hillary's has to quit because three out of the four will almost certainly kill us all. I will have to move to the moon if any of them ever become president. God help us, when Hillary is the sanest choice we have over a retarded orangutan, a fool and a liar.

Monday, October 3, 2016


A lot worse it would seem. I am by nature a pessimist but even I am blindsided by the level of stupidity and evil blanketing this world. There are so many hotspots that I can't even keep count. Douchebank is about to go under and with it, everything we own. We are headed for a fall people, a bad one and I seriously wonder if we can stop it this time. I know that sounds bleak because what I know about what is about to happen, is simply mind blowing if true. I know there aren't a lot of readers on this site, proof the world is about to end. If more people did read this, they would be aware how bad things have really gotten besides having a dangerous lunatic running for president whose meltdowns this week have been truly epic. No Trump isn't even the worst thing that happened this week and if that is indeed true, you should be equally petrified of the things to come.
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Let's start with the fact that war drums are beating loudly worldwide and because of this rotten political circus we are being forced to watch where an old woman beats a mentally ill man over and over until it just stops being funny and turns sad, which is where we are now. Meanwhile, Putin is making some dangerous moves that threaten world security. Russia recently warned the West, particularly the US, that their attacks within Syria are becoming a problem and if they don't stop,"it could have terrible, tectonic consequences." Yeah, that's not threatening at all. To be honest, on this point I agree with Putin. Getting rid of Assad is a bad idea as we have seen this play out five times over the last decade. Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan and Tunisia, and it NEVER ends well. You'd think we'd learn by now? What, sixth time the charm you think?

But, Putin is also making moves like annexing the Crimean ports and now, violating a nuclear treaty in place since 2010. Under the agreement, both sides said they would lessen their plutonium supply. Russia argued that we haven't kept up our end of the bargain, so neither would they. The sad part is, again, he is not completely wrong. Because this country is somehow both BEYOND corrupt and stupid, nothing gets done quick if at all. While Russia had their plutonium disposal plant up and running in no time, ours was years behind schedule and billions over budget. Typical. So Putin pulled out of the treaty and now we have to worry about plutonium getting into the hands of terrorist due to lax security the Russians are known for because we can't build something on time and paid for.
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Speaking of nukes, we may not have to wait to see a spectacular war because India and Pakistan are at it again, and both sides have nukes. Another Indian soldier was killed yesterday when a band of militants snuck across the LOC in Kashmir and attacked an Army post, gunfire exchanged. The Indian government is calling these attacks state sponsored, which if true, would be a giant escalation and a cause for war. Both sides are threatening the other with a nuclear exchange over this. This could be world ending if it continues which is why NO other country can ever be allowed nuclear weapons. They are too powerful for everyone to have.

Lastly, we have an announcement from Julian Assange that he will release some earth shattering documents on Wednesday. It was originally set up for tomorrow but had to be cancelled due to "security concerns." Considering audio of Hillary talking seriously about drone striking Assange has appeared, that may not be such a stretch to believe. Now, this could be something fantastic or it could be nothing. The fantastic would have to be some hard proof she is secretly ill and unfit for office or maybe proof the democratic primary was stolen. But even I think neither of them would derail Hillary at this point, just because of how unhinged Trump has seemed lately. But I have heard a rumor through some of my sources and, if this is what he plans on releasing, would be society changing.
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The rumor is, Assange has proof the last four elections were all stolen which would mean Bush and Obama were picked to run and our elections are a sham. There was also some weird stuff about how the Clinton foundation was using it as payouts/bribes to various people to make sure the votes went their way, but if true, why would we have this level of idiocy in Congress? Couldn't they have rigged smarter people into positions of power? Grid lock doesn't seem wise in the long run. That part aside, the vote rigging would be something if true. I know Bush stole the election in 2004 as people went to jail over vote rigging and the information almost totally scrubbed from the Internet since. Now, the funny part is this does not necessarily help Trump or hurt Hillary. All they'd have to do is scrap all electronic voting systems, use paper ballots and hold a fair election for once. And if after all that, we get Trump, so be it. Although I doubt it. If people know the election was fraud free for once, I think a lot more people would vote and that would not bode well for Trump in that scenario. I am hoping this is what Assange will release and if true, you can say you knew it all along. However, reality is, considering how little these leaks have accomplished since the DNC, despite being played up as more than they were, leads me to believe these won't be any better. But in this instance, I want to be optimistic for once. I would love some info that breaks the system without destroying it. We will have to wait and see so more on this as it happens.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


No one had a worse political week than this orange flameout who in a span of one week went from a nutjob running for president to full on lunatic, all in glorious color TV. Even with the lowest of expectations, Trump still danced under the low bar during the debates, doing what can only be described as juvenile, amateurish behavoir that has no place on the world stage. We've seen this movie before with idiots like former Italian PM Berlusconi and current douchebag recipient Filipino President Duterte destroy their countries and their reputation in one fell swoop. The one difference is they don't have nuclear weapons. I never thought I would have to say this considering how much I don't like Hillary, but she is then only sane choice for President as everyone else running is on this list this week with good reason. You MUST vote for Hillary and we let the cards fall where they may because the other three are fucking morons. Don't believe me? Keep reading. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Obamacare- Contrary to what you have heard from the administration, Obamacare is dying. To be fair, it never had any hope in the first place as the changes needed to be made, never were, and as a result, the whole medical system is nearing collapse. I just got my insurance bill for next year and my rates are going up $200 a month. There is no way I can afford that so now I have to find cheaper insurance which is a giant pain in the ass and also resulted in my losing $400 from the douchebags who work at the MA Health exchange who stole it from me and refused to give it back last year. Short of a lawsuit, I am screwed. And now I have to repeat the whole debacle over again, because there are no price controls which even the most demented can see is a huge problem that is going to start killing people in mass numbers. Anyone not wanting a public option or even better, a single payer plan, is deluding themselves that this system can last much longer as is. If you are voting for Republicans, their plan will kill off health care twice as fast. Not a joke. It's terrible. Health care needs a massive overhaul and nobody is going to do it. Enjoy.

9)Syria- If our health insurance going kaboom isn't enough fear for you, here's another that arrived this week. War drums are sounding as both Russia and the US are starting to do stare downs over this piece of property, never a good idea. Thank God Trump isn't president or he'd be doing a nuclear dance with his pal Putin which would never end well. Here's a thought, we agree with Russia and let Assad stay, prop up his regime and do the same with any Middle East dictator who can bring stability to their region. Why? Because the alternative is roaming bands of psychopathic religious idiots running rampant that's why. Some people need to be ruled with an iron fist and these place like Iraq sure demonstrate that. Or we can have a nuclear war. Your choice.

8)Rodrigo Duterte- The Fillipino President this week channeled his inner Donald Trump and proudly said he would like to kill millions of the drug addicts in his country because he is like Hitler. He actually said that. Remind you of anyone? He apologized to a stunned world who were still reeling from the idiocy of it. Trump will make this guy look good.
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7)Roger Goodall- This chump of a man has watched the NFL ratings plummet for the third straight week, even though almost all of it is his fault. First, he benched the MOST popular man in football, Tom Brady who will be back next week, for a personal vendetta and no real science (debunked that whole football deflation things years ago). He also scheduled two of the first four games of the Pats in prime time which led to good ratings for that, but with no lead in at one on Sundays, the four o'clock games suffered. Then there are the player protests which are both right and wrong for various reasons not worth getting into here but are driving away fans. The refs STILL suck which I find incomprehensible as this is the third year running. And lastly, a lot of teams are just horrible AGAIN because there are too many teams and not enough talented players. You know why the Pats are great every year? Belichick and Brady. You know why last week several teams had game ending meltdowns, particularly on special teams? They didn't have talent like the Pats. This asshole is going to ruin this sport.

6)Jeremy Mardis- This poor little six year old with autism was gunned down by two Louisiana police officers, also shooting his father Chris Few (I have no idea why the last name is different) who had his hands on the steering wheel at the time. And why didn't you hear about riots and world wide newscasters decrying the situation? He was white and so was the dead boy. So much for white people never getting killed by cops right? The two cops were arrested, body cams making all the difference here. Had they not been on, this never would have seen the light of day.

5)Chelsea Clinton- I really don't like this woman. She took a job at NBC for an astronomical sum of money as an on air correspondent, did a handful of really shitty pieces for the several years she worked there, married a hedge fund manager who was the only person left on Earth to escape the Greek banking system (he lost a fortune on it) and now just told a crowd full of people that weed kills. NO IT DOESN'T! Good Christ is lying built into the family's DNA?
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4)Deutsche bank- As if our imploding health care system and talks of nuclear war, not to mention the slim possibility of a Trump presidency, don't scare the crap out of you, here's another: this bank is ready to fall and take with it the entire world economy. If you thought Lehmann Brothers was bad, this is far worse. This bank owes more money than the entire country of Germany possesses so if it goes, the derivative market collapses and with it, everything else. Think the Great Depression on steroids. It will be epically bad. To make matters worse, some douchebags are trying to profit off of this. Several Italian bankers spread false rumors about a negotiated ball-out for the bank, and did a buy and ditch strategy to gain the market, which worked, but they also got caught doing it. This will not end well.

3)Jill Stein- This lunatic is not ready for prime time. She thinks vaccines cause autism, GMO's are harmful (they aren't), and has no concept of foreign affairs whose views are pedestrian at best. She got arrested recently, not good when running for the highest office and thinks the military should be cut in half with all foreign bases closed, a recipe for disaster. A vote for her is a vote for Trump.

2)Gary Johnson- This guy is even worse. He makes W. look smart. He is pro TPP, against banking regulations, thinks climate change is hooey, wants to eliminate Social security and the list goes on. Plus, he's a moron. He didn't know where Allepo was, he didn't know who Harriet Tubman was and couldn't name a single world leader when asked. A vote for this idiot is a vote for Trump.
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1)Donald Trump- What. A. Dick. This week could hardly have been worse. He started with a debate so bad even Fox News had to admit he lost. He was petulant, dismissive, rude and just plain stupid. He did far worse, and I mean FAR worse, than Sarah Palin and that is saying something. During the debate he brought up Rosie O'Donnell for no reason and tried to defend fat shaming a former miss Universe he once called "Miss Piggy." Then, unbelievably, he spent the entire week going after the former beauty contestant, tying her to a sex tape that doesn't exist. Then, his taxes got released by the NYT which show he never pays taxes by hiding behind real estate losses. So because he sucks as a businessman, he gets a break? What kind of logic is that? He could not have done worse had he driven a tank with Willie Horton over a BLM protest while screaming "Read my lips. No new taxes." This was a meltdown this week and the polls are going to reflect it. This man is unfit for office as almost anyone with a brain can now see, as well as almost every major newspaper regardless of politcal affiliation. If you are voting for Donald Trump, you have no idea what you are doing anymore and should just stop. Hillary, God help us all, is our only hope. And Donald, congratulations for the top spot once again, you are indeed douchebag of the week.