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Well that sucked. I hated Mike Kaine and Tim Pence before the race even started. And yes, I purposefully mixed up their named just to see of you would notice because they were both very similar in the positions on things, not to mention both being pasty old white men.
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Is the best we can do? It's bad enough we have Trump and Clinton running, but these two are even worse. Tim Kaine is a corporatist who helped get the TPP fast tracked, hopefully to nowhere. I wanted him out of office, not promoted but that's how America works nowadays where the worst and stupidest succeed while the rest of us are left behind. If you wanted a face for "white privilege," this is it. Rich, out of touch, dangerous and very powerful are what they represent. One the other hand, Mike Pence is a religious zealot best left to being a pastor than world leader. His stance on just about everything, plus his utter inability to tell the truth ONCE during the whole debate, was telling. Yet, in a direct repeat of the Cheney/Edwards debate, Pence won simply because Kaine is an idiot, and trust me, it showed.

If the last Trump/Hillary debate was the equivalent of a world class boxing match (and one in which Trump was KO'd last time) this one was a fifth grade slapfight that was mostly childish insults and barely landed punches. Here was the entire debate in a nutshell.

Moderator- What is your stance on North Korea and nuclear weapons?

Kaine- Trump's taxes.

Pence- Hillary's email.

Interrupt each other and the useless moderator endlessly, and that was it. No question was ever answered until the last one, a throwaway about religion that somehow turned into an actual debate about abortion. Elaine Quijano was way out of her league, unable to rein in either candidate and doing zero fact checking during the debate, which HAS to be done now because both candidates are lying with impunity. It is the press MAIN job to report facts and hold others accountable who don't. The right wingers of course said she went harder on Pence and Trump but their positions are much more dangerous than Hillary's no matter how you slice it and should be held to a higher standard, especially as they have released zero information about themselves or what their plans specifically are beyond "make America great again."
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Almost everything Pence said was a lie, a provable one at that when he denied Trump's positions on several things or about himself, all of which is on a new fangled invention called video. Maybe they haven't heard of it as it's only been around for about a hundred years. The fact that Pence, like Cheney before him, lied and lied some more and still came off better than the truly creepy Tim Kaine, who looks like a creepy clown sighting minus the make-up. A monkey on heroin could have thrown darts a list of VP candidates and picked a better one than Tim Kaine.

A big FU to Mark Shields by the way for actually saying out loud that Tim Kaine was the best pick Hillary could have made. WHY? Polls suggest that had she picked just about anyone else, she'd be ahead by double digits by now. Had she given it to Sanders, Franken, Warren, even Castro, she'd be winning handily by now. Progressives would have been thrilled to have their guy next in line and even Castro would have helped solidify Hispanics. Instead she picked future To Catch A Predator guest Kaine, who even in internal polls said was the second lowest rated pick just behind Mark Warner. What possible reason did they have to get him you ask? They said it was to help keep Virginia, which does seem to be working as she's way ahead there again, as well as attracting middle aged white religious men, which has spectacularly not worked their way and never had a chance to. Had she gotten young people interested, now the largest voting bloc in the country, there was no way she could lose. Instead, I think she picked a fellow corporatist so if she has to step down due to health reasons, the powers that be still have a grip on the presidency.

So this is best we get? Two losers neither of which is suited to be President. Swell. Kaine interrupted constantly, channeling Trump from the last debate, while Pence appeared to be taking pointers from Cheney and lied, lied and lied some more, none of which was ever challenged by the moderator. It was a beyond boring, pointless exercise that needs to stop. No more VP debates please. We didn't have them until recently and if this the level of debate we get, we don't need it.

The good news is that this debate matters not one whit as few watched this debacle and even fewer cared. No one was going to be swayed in large numbers because ultimately these two matter far less than the two idiots on top. Those two go at it again Sunday at a Town Hall. That one is going to be a popcorn/beer fest as Trump HAS to recover from his last debate debacle and this is actually a harder one to do. It saved Obama because this was more his wheelhouse in connecting with people. I have a feeling Trump will NOT do well at this at all, especially if he fails to practice.

Kaine sure did because it showed and not in a good way. His practiced "zingers" fell flat over and over and, like a bad stand up comedian, kept plugging through them regardless. He regurgitated so many facts that none of them landed and the constant interruptions didn't help. Meanwhile, Pence was an insomniacs dream as he was SO boring, I kept tuning him out. It hardly mattered as nothing he said was true anyway.
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So to recap Kaine is an idiot, Pence is a monster (which for some inane reason Kaine didn't bring up once anything about his anti gay views.) and this format sucks. Can we please have some adults run for president please because the four people running now are all terrible? God help us if Trump wins or Hillary's has to quit because three out of the four will almost certainly kill us all. I will have to move to the moon if any of them ever become president. God help us, when Hillary is the sanest choice we have over a retarded orangutan, a fool and a liar.

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