Monday, October 17, 2016


This election has gone almost exactly as I predicted, thus the reason I get paid the big bucks to accurately guess the spread in such instances. Right now, Hillary is almost certain to win and the chances of democrats regaining the Senate look good as Nevada, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin seems likely to flip blue and PA, NH, NC and even Missouri are still too close to call but could go blue as well. Any four of those and Hillary winning and they recapture the Senate.
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The bigger question is "will it matter?" I said from day one that Trump cannot lose graciously and there is little reason to believe he will now. He is already whipping his crowds into a frenzy with talk of rigged elections and how the election is being stolen from him. A new poll said 41% of the country believes him which is dangerous for democracy. The funny part is Trump is not wrong about our elections being suspect, because they are, but not in this case as I could run dead Hitler versus Trump and still win. He keeps opening his mouth and, as a result, is bathing in Ted Cruz strength, people repellent. They don't need to steal this election, as it doesn't happen every time. I'd know. 2000 and 2004 were very suspect, yet not so much in 2008 or 2012. If the person the powers that be want, in this case there is no doubt that the elites and the smarter of mankind want the same thing as the Trumpster fire will burn us all down, then Hillary can win without cheating. It would be hilarious for him to scream about being cheated out of the election when the results show the same results as non-modified exit polls.

But as science is not most people's strong suit, chances are they will believe the election stolen regardless of facts. This could lead to all sorts of problems. We already saw it during Trump rallies where people are beaten for their views. This has led to an us versus them mentality that directly led to the burning of a GOP headquarters in NC along with a statement about them being Nazis spray painted on a nearby building. People are becoming unglued. The election is only bringing out some very ugly aspects of American life on both sides.

The right is filled with uneducated dullards too stupid too vote anymore. If you putting people back into office like McCain, Grassley, Schultz and other fools responsible for all the problems we are having in this world, you are too dumb to vote anymore. The Senate is filled with corporatists who are actively working against the country and everyone in it, yet we keep putting these seem idiots back in and nothing gets done. It's a vicious circle we could stop yet choose not to.

I choose to vote blue not because I think they are going to fix everything, but at least some good will come from it. What benefit has anyone gotten from the Republicans that didn't solely affect either religious beliefs of rich people? Zero. Yet, non college educated rednecks keep voting for them. Trump has said some truly vile things and no one seems to care. Why you ask? Because Trump is no longer running for President. He is leading a cult.
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And to quote In The Mouth of Madness: "When does fiction become religion? And are his supporters dangerous?" They are. Way too many seem nonchalant about Trump's groping, yet are venomous about Bill Clinton and his far less believable accusers. They seems to hate black people, Mexicans, Muslims, women and pretty much anyone who isn't a white male. Part of that is from watching a culture constantly berate them for things they might never have done, as white males are the only group it seems legal to discriminate against. Another part is the revulsion to PC nonsense and anti-gun stances that will not make us safer. These people may be lowlifes in many ways, but just because they aren't book smart doesn't make them all idiots. However, even I have to admit listening to interviews with many of them  at Trump rallies that a lot seem to have single digits IQ's. Their reasoning for Trump is flawed beyond words and they would be having Brexit like regrets if this man actually won, which at this point is highly unlikely.

But what happens when they lose? Chaos most likely. For those of you waiting and praying for the election to be over on the 8th, I kind of doubt that will happen. Trump will scream foul at the top of his lungs, challenge every close battleground state he can, in court, which could mead to all sorts of issues once people realize that some states do not have paper ballots. The term trust me won't work here with zealous worshipers of Trump lathered in a frenzy. Plus, if this goes all the way to the Supreme Court, what happens if they deadlock four to four? What then? This could set off a crisis the likes of which we have never seen.

His supporters will most likely already be a pain in the ass at some of the polling places, walking around armed and stupid. When they lose, do you think they will just go away? More likely those same people will do the same around Democratic headquarters and institutions, just as armed and stupid. And as we saw in NC, the left isn't going to be all sorts of happy with that and attack Republican sites as well. Can you say civil war?
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Anyway you look at it, Hillary is going to be president, the senate is probably going to go blue and the House will net the democrats around 20 new seats, not enough to control it, but getting there. Hang on people, this ride is just getting started.


  1. The senate is going to go blue, and Hillary will be president, huh?

    Funny how much that last comic kinda feels like it should be reversed now, doesn't it?

  2. I was wrong. However, I still think we are headed for one hell of a civil war when the guy some of you voted into office destroys the world just like 2008.