Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Stick a fork in this election people. It appears to be over. Trump has said the shackles are off, which makes all of us ask, "when were the shackles on exactly?" The orange dumpster fire went nuclear when he started going off on Paul Ryan, John McCain and the GOP in general for dropping him like a hot potato as he went on to insult the one group Republicans won't accept blindly: women. Yes, they may go after their private parts but they need their votes to win and the numbers have gone toward Hillary in a stampede.
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How bad is it? One outlier poll had numbers so vast the pollster that took it was shocked by the outcome. In it, women had a 33 point lead over Trump, unheard of in politics. If this turns out to be true, Trump could lose almost every state in the union in what would be the biggest landslide in history. Right now, Hillary has a 90% chance of winning the election which is quite the turnaround from a month ago when it looked like she may actually lose this thing. Then that Trump tape came out and it was all over folks. This is going to be hard to come back from.

So Trump and his allies have gone all scorched Earth with tens of thousands of email released that do nothing to alter the direction of this campaign. Podesta is into UFO's, Hillary is a politician who looks for every advantage she can take and that is about it. There is even evidence that some of these emails are fake as one email which allegedly has some negative comments by Hillary is actually taken from a Newsweek article, the writer of said article has confirmed. This puts into doubt much of what is being mentioned as either purposefully misleading or just idiots taking things out of context and even lying about where the information came from. None of this is going to help Trump win and possibility even take the Senate down with him.
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The best he has done so far is dust off four crappy allegations of impropriety against former President Bill Clinton, none of which hold water. Paula Jones was never touched which is kind of hard to believe that he brutally raped all these other women but Jones he didn't. Why? Rapist rape, they do not discriminate. Why didn't he rape her instead of just allegedly showing her his penis? Kathleen Wiley is a known liar and opportunist who according to Linda Tripp was trying to seduce Bill and not the reverse. Juanita Broaddrick signed an affidavit under oath saying the whole thing was lie. The 12 year old rape victim was never laughed at by Hillary on tape. It doesn't exist.

Meanwhile, Trump has a Dec 16th court date to answer for civil charges of raping a 13 year old girl. Why that isn't in the press more is beyond me. Even worse for him, the plaintiff is being represented by the same lawyer that got Casey Anthony off. Ouch. This is far worse than anything Bill was accused of and I have a feeling this may make bigger news in the days to come. He also has to contend with Gloria Allred who is representing dozens of women who say Trump groped them to. Expect a press conference next week about this.
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All in all, Trump is screwed and this election is over. I can only hope the Senate and House go blue and maybe, just maybe, we can fix this country once and for all.

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