Friday, June 24, 2016


Way to go guys. While I can't exactly fault you for wanting to get the hell out of the EU, this decision may have huge ramifications at the same time. It is very possible that this may the beginning of the end of the EU and the world economy with it. I blame rich douchebags almost as much for causing all of this in the first place with your immigration policies that are not as positive as you keep telling us when we keep losing our jobs, high end ones at that, who are willing to work at half the salary. Don't tell me that isn't happening because it's happened to me several times over the last few decades as well as a dozen others a I know. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Jeeps- Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died this week when his own car ran him over. At first I thought driver error but further evidence showed the car was part of a recall for that exact same reason where 41 other cases of the car moving on it's own became known. The worst part is the shifter is an idiotic design which springs back into the same position regardless of what gear you in even when it works correctly. What idiot thought that was a good idea? Who cares where the gear shift is as long as I can clearly tell what gear is it in? This world is filled with dumb ideas.

9)Ticketmaster- I fucking hate Ticketmaster. 14 years ago a concert I bought tickets for got cancelled and they screwed me out of the refund. Apparently they did it to so many people that a class action suit was brought. Instead of money however they gave everyone free tickets. I got 12. However it turns out, you can only use them at specific shows, aka crappy ones. Even worse, some states like every state in New England that wasn't MA got nothing, as did half the country. What a joke. What lawyer accepted this bullshit? You sir suck at your job.

8)Oakland, CA PD- If there was ever a place where the entire department should be replaced, it's this one. Still reeling from an underage sex scandal involving a teen prostitute and dozens of officers, as well as rampant racism and huge police brutality program, they can't even keep their chief, who has now been replaced three times in nine days. That has got to be a record for getting fired quick when you don't last the week. Twice. Add to that budget cuts which has allowed crime to increase and no longer responding to anything that isn't violent and you have a town ready to explode.

7)Black people- You know it's gotten bad when dozens of smart, educated black people have started raising serious questions about their own race. Many are starting to push back upon the "I blame whitey" nonsense that is sweeping their communities and they thankfully want no part of it. They have started accurately calling their brothers and sisters racist and telling them to STFU about it. Videos have surfaced attacking the idiot professor at soon to be empty Mizzou U thanks to racist comments against white people by her at a rally recently that was supposed to be about gay people but this moron turned it into about race. WHY? Many are also saying that black on black crime is out of control, yet BLM seems oblivious to it. Why is that not a bigger problem than the police who are killing far less of them than they are doing to themselves? It is reassuring to see not all black people feel this way. It gives me some modicum of hope for the future and race relations.

6)WTAE Lawsuit- Here is a prime example of what we call "black privilege" which I hate to break it to people totally exists. A white news anchor was fired from this Pittsburgh station because of what she said and that she was white. What was said was also not wrong. In a Facebook comment she stated that a recent shooting was almost certainly committed by young black men. Considering that 90% of violent crime committed by someone under the age of 18 is black, that is not a controversial statement. By the way, that number only drops to 75% when going up to 24. After that it levels out to a more even statistic with other races. But that is shocking, yet accurate, stat that black America refuses to acknowledge. If she were black, no one would have said boo, But because she was white she can't accurately make a prediction, that by the way, turned out to be exactly what she said as the culprits were indeed young black males. I hope she wins.

5)MSM- They did a spectacular job this week either not reporting stories they should have or bungling the ones they did. They totally ignored the sexual assault by three Muslim boys on a five year old disabled girl in Idaho, the civil case rape trial for Donald Trump, or the upcoming lawsuit being filed in Ohio and 11 other states alleging the democratic primaries were rigged, which they were. Then they spent all week telling us the British were going to stay in the EU, as many a poll did suggest. Then that went tits up when it went the other way. By the way, even though every major newsgroup passed on exit polls for inexplicable reasons. YouGuv did their's and they were only off by .8%. Exit polls work guys. Just not here.

4)Trump- The rape case was bad, but the other news for him was worse. He was saved by the EU vote which may make him a real contender after all, if the election isn't already rigged that is. But it came out this week that he is running our of money, a paltry 1.3 million dollars, and possibly up to 11 million following fundraising efforts. But that still is far behind Hillary who raised 42 million just this month alone. The worst news is that Trump only has 30 people nationwide working on the ground. Hillary has 700 plus in just Brooklyn. That is not  a way to win an election. But as the EU vote showed, populist movements are growing worldwide.

3)Hillary Clinton- She had a good week until today. The EU vote didn't go her way and makes her and Obama's corporatist attitude that much weaker. The kicker here was the news that the front runner for her VP pick is the worst possible choice. According to some news outlets, they are seriously looking at Virginia Senator and fellow corporatist, Tim Kaine for the top spot. If this turns out to be true, there is no way in hell I vote for her. I might even vote Trump just to end it all because this kind of crap, the same shit that is going down in Europe, will make me swing for the fences too and, most likely, watch the world burn.

2)The EU and the world elite- These guys got a good kick in the teeth by people tired of being told to work harder for less while watching immigrants take their jobs away. And no it is not just crappy low paying jobs but high end ones in tech fields using HB1 visas. Jeff Sessions recently talked about in Congress and the lie that these companies are spreading about not able to find qualified workers. I know a lot of people in these types of jobs and many have either had to find lower paying jobs or return to get more schooling just to stay at the level they are used to. Foreign workers are displacing them and they will work for half of what Americans will,driving down wages for everyone. By the way, Sessions has endorsed Trump and is on his short list for VP. This might be a good pick if dumbass picks Tim Kaine. The rich are screwing us. In Paris riots have continued as the labor force refuses to go along with a more corporatist view of working longer for less. Leaving the EU is being looked at by many countries who don't like what the EU has done to them and with good reason. The rich are stealing form us in ways unheard of in human history. It has to stop and if not by peace, then war will happen.

1) England- Going the Trump route, England decided to roll the dice and see what comes up next. The funny part is all of this may be for nought as the vote is non binding and will take two years to implement is they do. Also, they will still have an immigration problem as big money will still be looking ways to squeeze out every penny they can and cheap labor is king right now. They will also not be immune to stupid regulations from the EU if they want to do any sort of business with them. Plus, they will now have to erect a border in Northern Ireland, as Ireland itself is still part of the EU and will need passport control to go between the two countries. The pound dropped like a rock, markets worldwide went belly up and God only knows what will happen next. Scotland is sure to bring up leaving the UK again as they voted overwhelming to stay. So thanks for nothing guys. Congratulation England, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Lot's of news today. The Supreme Court made four rulings, as they are apt to do in June before the leave, still missing one member because Republicans truly suck at their jobs. At least pretend to do something guys. Even down one, the Supreme Court only had one tie which was a big bitch slap to Obama, while the rest were actually decided by one vote or more.

The big story was the Court tied 4-4 on Obama's executive order on immigration. The plan which would have prevented millions from deportation was shot down as the lower court ruling stands which found it outside of Presidential powers and probably not without good reason. This ruling will hamper further executive orders which is actually a good thing to prevent any President from too much power. While I would have liked to see a better immigration policy as the Republicans again are douchebags who refuse to do their job, the curtailing of power will benefit us all.

Another ruling found that affirmative action can be used as a factor in determining college applicants, stemming from a case brought by a white Texas woman. I was initially somewhat for her issue until further evidence supported the fact that this was being brought by right wing nutters using this as an excuse to end ALL affirmative action and I am not so sure that is a great idea. The bigger issue is the 4-3 ruling happened because Justice Kagan recused herself because she worked on the issue with Obama before joining the court. No one should recuse themselves for any reason because the right wingers on the court NEVER do. Why should liberals be held to a higher standard? The reason we had Bush win the election is two sitting justices, Scalia and Thomas, had personal reasons to rule in Bush's favor. Did they leave? Hell, no. So neither should anyone else for any reason ever.

The third ruling is a good one as it found drawing blood for drunk driving tests is unconstitutional meaning 11 states are going to have to stop doing it. Two justices went even further and found breathalyzers unconstitutional as well, which they are but as they were a minority those devices will still be allowed. Only resident douchebag Thomas ruled against the measure, which the remaining seven all dissented from. Thank god. I hear Thomas is going to retire soon which makes me very happy as chances are pretty high that Hillary will pick as many as the next three justices, which will help remake this country into something far more livable and perhaps an end to citizen united.

The last one dealt with sentencing which found that federal prosecutors are limited on using previous crimes for longer sentences. I am torn on this. On one hand, we should be putting dangerous criminals behind bars for far longer than we do and past offenses matter. But, this could also lead to putting people behind bars for far longer than they should, as some have found when they get a life sentence for stealing a Snickers bar as has happened in California with this same principle. In the long run, this probably a good idea.

As all this is occurring, a Baltimore judge has vacated the case against the officer driving the van that killed Freddy Gray. The third officer to walk from this and while the previous cases were some what suspect, this one seemed a little more cut and dried. But instead of a jury, a judge made the ruling, which seems unfair as the judge seems to be more partial to the justice system and cops than say a jury of one's peers. How is that constitutional? I don't remember that part in the there. Hopefully, rioting will not occur. At least rough rides will end as a result of this.

Lastly, the Brexit is going on now. Stocks say they think the English will stay in the EU which is probably the best for the world economy. As I mentioned before, this is a mirror of the Trump vs Hillary race, where the leave the EU is mostly about immigration , aka Trump, while staying is keep the status quo, aka Hillary. At this point, many think the stay option is the most likley. And while fears of election theft are rife across the country, to such a point that many are bringing pens instead of the pencils they give out at the polling station so they can't get erased, the exit polls will hopefully mirror the results. Then again, only one group YouGuv is doing the polls as inexplicably all the major newspapers passed on doing it. That is suspicious, such as happened here in CA which independent pollsters say was rife with fraud and their polls off be a staggering 23%. As I pointed out yesterday, all three stories got zero press, like the one about election fraud.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing my douchebag of the week column and then I will try to return some point next week, but do not be surprised if one I only get a few columns out between now and after the Fourth of July. I have a major project due, my book, my first in 30 years, is almost done and I have holidays and family birthdays to deal with so if you don't see anything, do not panic. I will be back with more actual news. The Warmonger will return. I have way too much fun writing this.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Our media sucks. This article will prove that because you will most likely not hear any of them in any newspaper or TV station at all over the next few days. Two involve rape and one election fraud, and all affect the presidential election something fierce.

Let's start with the one that may or may not involve refugees but definitely involves Muslims. What has happened has been ignored by the MSM and, also likely, inflamed by rumors and lies by anti-immigrant websites. If only we had an accurate portrayal of what happened? Too bad our media would rather ignore it then tell us what really happened. Here is what we know, three boys of Iraqi and Sudanese descent, aged seven, ten and fourteen did something bad to a white five year old girl. Exactly what is unknown. The rumor mill says rape by knife point. The police deny that but won't go into specifics which is so stupid because that is how these awful rumors start. If you don't tell us what's what, people will make stuff up for their own agenda. Police have denied any sexual assault but again no details are being given saying vague accusations of an unknown sexual nature instead. Thanks for clearing that up. According to police, he rumors that parents approved of this attack or that language was a problem have been denied as true. They just keep telling us an "incident" occurred and they are looking into it. The two oldest boys have been "detained" but no further word than that. Snopes has deemed much of this mostly false, which I would agree with, but the overall secrecy of this makes me leary too.

Then there is this bombshell that is getting some press, but not nearly enough even if the allegations are fake. A lawsuit against Donald Trump will by filed in NYC court today, alleging he raped a 13 year old girl back in 1994 and then threatened her with violence if she said anything. WTF? This all ties in to the infamous Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire pedophile who is currently in prison for his crimes. We have heard cases like this before, allegations against former President Clinton for one and a case that was thrown out for lack of evidence against Alan Dershowitz that involved Epstein and rape planes and a place called "Orgy Island."

The case states that Trump violently raped her while beating her about the face and neck. What a peach. She then alleges he threatened to kill her and her family if she said anything. Another woman involved in the case says she helped secure the 13 year old for Epstein and Trump. However, a similar case by the same defendant was thrown out of court in California because of an address discrepancy and no lawyer was used then unlike now. There is a five year statute of limitations in civil rape cases in the state, but could be waved if violence was used to keep someone quiet. Who knows what this will entail but even I am skeptical of its success.

Lastly there is this story, the biggest one of all. A group of independent exit pollsters is expect to file charges against Hillary Clinton and the DNC of election fraud and RICO charges involving at least 11 states, including here in MA. As I have long said, the Democratic primary was rife with fraud and provably so. Exit polls off by more than 2% is fraud and at least 11 states were way about that. California was 23% and Arizona 33% off. Here in MA, polls numbers were off by 8%. No Republican poll was off by more than 2%. A recent report by Stamford found too many instances of statistical problems to NOT be fraud and another paper by Berkeley said the chances of this happening without fraud were one in 77 billion.

Documents involved show a collusion by the DNC and Hillary Clinton to fix the election against Bernie Sanders as early as March of 2015. In the exposed document, the DNC says they will muddy the waters involving anything that has to do with Hillary Clinton. This is what the lawyer of the lawsuit recently said.

“We are going to be filing a racketeering lawsuit under the Ohio racketeering law, the strongest in the country and we can bring in every state, our RICO statute is coextensive with the federal RICO statute … So they’re nailed,” explained Cliff Arnebeck, an election attorney who chairs the Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio and is national co-chair for the Alliance of Democracy.

For this lawsuit, results of Democratic primaries in several states far exceed the 2 percent margin — discrepancies in favor of Hillary Clinton exceed 5 percent in Arkansas, Ohio, Texas, and Oklahoma. Massachusetts and Tennessee show discrepancies in Clinton’s favor in excess of 8 percent — and in Georgia the difference is 11.9 percent. In Alabama, that discrepancy in the former Secretary of State is an astronomical 13.9 percent.

Former President Jimmy Carter has said he thinks voter fraud is a real problem in this country, especially with so much dark money being thrown around. When a former president agrees with you, you have a problem.

Now much like the Trump case, I expect this to go nowhere. Our court system if bought and paid for, just like our politicians and our media. But at least those that read this column will know about it and I will bring more info as it comes to light. Pray for us all because dark times are ahead no matter who wins.

Monday, June 20, 2016


This week, the British will vote on whether to leave the EU or not. This I always found confusing as they still use the pound, rather than the Euro, but otherwise are still apparently entangled in with them. Many have become disillusioned with the EU with their spectacular regulations that seem somewhat stupid in many cases. But the real fuel seems to be immigration which is rearing it's ugly head world wide and not without good reason.

Here we have at least 11 million illegals living here. And we have more refugees coming from across the globe as well, at a cost allegedly at $20,000 per person (I have never been able to independently confirm this number). If true, this is a problem. Yes, I feel bad for people leaving war torn areas. But we are also broke and our own people are starving, especially homeless veterans which is a disgrace. So if true and we are spending $20,000 per refugee, this is simply unacceptable. This is money we don't have, given to people not from here and have never paid taxes into the system.

Overseas, it's worse. Dumping millions of people who are not much better than savages into civilized society has been a unmitigated disaster. We can see this because countries like Sweden, which once had one of the lowest crime rates in the world, is now 2nd in rapes almost all of which are being committed by immigrants. Here at home, in a story buried by our worthless press, three young Syrians no older than 13 raped a small girl in Idaho this week. The fucking father of the rapists was caught on tape telling the boys how proud he was of them. WTF? Can we please deport some of these monsters already or or is that liberal bullshit getting to be neck deep? This behavior is unacceptable in Western society so if you don't like it, feel free to go back to whatever hellhole you came from.

Failure to adapt to Western norms has set Europe aflame with anti-immigrant sentiment, not of all it unwarranted. It is also setting the stage for the so called Brexit which if it goes through may doom world economies.

The choices that face Britain are the exact same as here. On one side, you have the leave the EU group. These are the Donald Trump supporters. They have good reason to support said cause but in doing so may doom the planet to world wide destruction. Then there is the stay with the EU, or the Hillary supporters, which will keep the status quo and as a result keep us as slaves to the power elite. What a choice. In other words, there is no good way out here. But much like I will most likley do here, I will vote for Hillary and the status quo because the uncertainty of a Trump presidency gives me many reasons to pause.

And the English seem to feel the same way. At this point, it looks likely the Brexit may not happen. The stock market today certainly feels that way as it is going up because of that specific notion. Polls show a close race with staying just edging out leaving. But, as is here, I have little faith in fair elections so I expect them to stay in due if for no other reason, vote rigging.

The funny part of this whole thing is how pointless is actually is. If they leave the EU, the markets world wide will most likely tank. And even worse, they will still be subject to immigration and regulations from the EU short of cutting off all ties which is an impossibility.  Sound familiar. Trump talks about deporting 11 million immigrants. Let alone the impossibility of that, it would also sink our restaurant and agricultural business which cannot survive without cheap labor. They tried that already in Georgia and Alabama and their business collapsed overnight. This also proved the fallacy of the free market as in these instances, wages had to rise to get workers to want to take the jobs. Instead, everyone filed for bankruptcy which our corrupt court system had no problem with. This is free market principles which says labor wages rise with demand but instead, just like Trump has done hundreds of times in the past, getting the hell out of dodge was cheaper. The free market DOES NOT EXIST! It is a lie being told to you to get you to do what they want when they want it. It is a modern day form of slavery and a lot of you are defending it. Morons.

The long and the short of all of this is do not expect a revolution to happen peacefully. It isn't going to happen. If the Brexit fails, and I am sure it will, this demonstrates that the status quo is impossible to end at the ballot box. The odd part is, I am sure I would be voting for the status quo as well, even knowing the evil it does. And that is because I like food and electricity. But the day is coming when that won't matter any more. Either through economic ruin or a WMD attack by some terrorist, things are going to change and not for the better. Let us hope that the Brexit DOES NOT happen because chaos looms otherwise. Let's pray we can find a better way down the road.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


The hits keep on coming from the Trumpster and his minions. "The polls are fake," is one such idiom I have heard a lot of this week. "Just look at Romney in 2012." Yes it is true that some polls are fake as hell and the Republicans fell for those same ones way back in 2012 but not ALL polls are fake and most are done with scientific principles. The general trends can be gathered from all the polls and they all say the same thing: Trump's numbers are failing hard. There are numerous reasons for this and they do not all mean conspiracy. Let's see those runner ups in a slow week.

10)Weather- If you live in the Southwest of this country right now you are literally melting. Temperatures are expected to hit an all time high of as much as 122 degrees. Wow that's hot. I once lived at a place that was 120 degrees and let me tell you air conditioning doesn't do much when it gets that warm. But global warming is a myth right? Funny how those same assholes who scream bloody murder when it snows and climate change is a hoax, shut the fuck up when it is hot as blazes.

9)Russian soccer hooligans/Olympic track and field team- What kind of asshole travels thousands of miles, spending tons of money in the process, just to be a dick? Russian ones apparently. This week thousands of Russians attacked others at a Euro Cup tournament when they lost the match and decided to take it out on innocent people. Several were arrested and the governing body fined Russia $240,000 and threatened them with expulsion is it continued. England has had similar problems in the past but took steps to fix it. Russia turned a blind eye like always. However, when the World Cup was also brought up and the possibility of that being taken away, which will be in Russia in 2018, things changed and the government started calling these idiots out. Then it came out that because of wide spread doping, their track and field team was banned from the 2016 Olympics. Even their trainers have acknowledged the huge problem they are having, something their superiors were less than happy with. Anyway you look at it, Russia is not doing well with sporting events this week.

8)True Socialism- This week, some dork from UMass Darthmouth came out with a paper that said socialism never works and he had proof. He then went to name every true socialist country on the planet, like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China and parts of Eastern Europe. In other news, water is wet, the sun is hot and Kim Kardashian's ass will at some point have it's own gravitational pull. She is not going to age well. Everyone knows socialism, like communism, is a failure. But no one wants that. We want DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALISM, a completely different type of government. And we know it works because their are at least eight on Earth doing this and have the best economies here. The fact this ass is teaching our kids says lots as to why so many of them seem so stupid about some things. Oddly enough, this is not one of theme, meaning not only is this guy wrong, he's a terrible teacher as well because no one is buying it.

7)The Daily Show- I have just about had it with this show. Trevor Noah, a gifted comic, is failing badly at replacing John Stewart. Now some will say, no one could replace him and they would be right. However, John Oliver, Sam Bee and Seth Meyers have done fantastic. Even Larry Wilmore has done far, far better following him. This past week, I watched at least four bits about how white people are the problem. Fuck you! Black people suck too and I am tired of all the white bashing. I get it. There's more of us than there are black people. And that's is never going to change here. If that bothers you so much go to any black run country and watch how piss poor things are. I am not saying white people are superior to blacks, We aren't. But accept the fact that you are a minority and a lot of what is wrong with your community is partially your fault too. Whitey isn't to blame for black on black crime no matter how many times you say it. And white America is getting tired of it. If you want racism to return, keep it up. I am seeing it in everyone from the educated to the stupid. We need each other and this self segregation you keep preaching is going to backfire miserably.

6)2016 Olympics- What idiot thought having a huge event in a country barely held together by scotch tape and safety pins was a good idea? Their environmental problems were apparent even before the bid, yet the Olympic committee ignored that and accepted they would fix everything by the time it started. Not going to happen as their world famous beaches are covered in dangerous bacteria and athletes in boating and the triathlon are going to be doing it in a sewage treatment plant. It is also coming out that the country is running out of money to finish everything they need to do over the next few months because their economy is terrible and their politicians uber-corrupt. Their President was recently removed from office for just that. Good luck. I expect a stadium collapse killing thousands may make the Olympics a little more picky next time.

5)John McCain- Time to quit already you old fart as recent comments show you have no business being in the Senate any more. And certain polls, as well as Trump at the top of the ticket, spell doom ahead for him. Dumb ass this week decided Obama was to blame for the recent shooting in Orlando because we pulled out of Iraq. Fuckstain apparently forget he voted for the illegal war in the first place as well as agreeing to the time table to pull troops out under George W. Bush. Obama had nothing to do with any of that. Add to that the hatred the right had been spilling out over gay rights and McCain caused so much more of this than Obama. I hope his opponent uses that in ads from now until election day.

4)Roger Jimenez- I hate Baptists. I hate any religion whose philosophy does not take accountability into action. It's why I also don't like Islam which has many similarities. Islam says die as a martyr and receive 72 virgins. Now while the religion itself does NOT actually say that anywhere, like the Rapture, it became part of many's belief system. Baptists say their belief in Jesus allows them to commit any sin they want and they will be forgiven. Again, that is written exactly no where in the Bible, but millions still believe it. This week, a preacher went off on praise for the Orlando shooter, not the victims, because he killed "sodomites." What a dick. Protest from hundreds, perhaps thousands, have started outside his shitty church. Good.

3)Kenneth Lewis- Speaking of anti-gay morons, Florida State Attorney Ken Lewis was suspended from his job after a scathing anti-gay rant was posted on Facebook. He basically said the entire area should be leveled and anyone going to gay clubs gets what they deserve. WTF? And this guy is an Attorney? Maybe not for long. The funny part is a 2014 law that censored what court members could say is directly because of another rant Lewis posted way back when he made a horrific joke about crack ho's and black people. What does it take to fire someone in Florida?

2)Omar Marteen's wife- This bitch needs to go to jail and her whole family with her. Turns out she knew what her dick of a husband was about to do and did nothing. Give her five years in the hardest prison we have and then deport her sorry ass along with her parents, in laws and anyone else connected with Marteen. This should be the new law. Anyone of Muslim descent (not Americans so this wouldn't have applied to Marteen) commits an act of terrorism and the whole family goes too. That might make some squeal a lot faster if they though that their son's action would get them shipped out post haste.

1)Trump- This man is in real trouble and the GOP knows it. His numbers have been in free fall all week and a terrorist attack, which should have bumped his numbers, had the opposite effect. He's running out of money, as corporate America has shunned him, and the top six advertisers for the upcoming convention have all left. So instead of Nike and Microsoft, the GOP convention will be brought to you be Billy Bob's white bed sheets and the maker of Nazi flags. Good luck with that. According to sources, he has NO ground game going, has little help from any top Republicans and his short list of VP picks reads like a Stephen King book: horrifying. The top spot is now Chris Christie who is mighty unpopular nationwide and in his own state. The next four, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions and Mary Falling are all either not popular outside of the base or unknown. None do any to help him at all. Right now, we could be looking at massive shift of power from red to blue nationwide. And Trump is to blame. 30 senators have noticed this are attempting to oust him at the convention. That will go over well, said absolutely no one. Good luck, Trump. You are going to need it and are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Lately, the far left is making me just as angry as the far right. The far right is still harping about background checks, immigration, health care and anti-gay nonsense. Unfortunately, the far left is turning that same corner from reasonable demands to batshit, crazy ones.

Take the Daily Show. I have been watching that show religiously since Craig Kilbourne hosted way back in the 1790's. Last night might be my last show. It started with the only two white performers with a very unfunny bit about how white people will decide the upcoming election. That has been the way of the world since the country was first founded. We are a white majority country. Even if Hispanics become the dominant race as some studies say, they will be mostly white-Hispanic as that's where the demographics lie. George Zimmerman, to use a lousy yet accurate portrayal, is a good example of that. Where is the humor in telling white people that our opinions suck, just because some like Trump over Hillary and not without good reason? I may not agree with voting for Trump but I sure as hell understand. Then, the next bit after that was about Alabama and the corrupt assholes they have at the top of the heap in government there. Nothing about race there right? Nope, Roy Wood went off about he was so happy white people were involved and not black because you know, Alabama. ENOUGH WITH THE RACE BATING!

I'd rather watch John Oliver, Sam Bee and the far superior Larry Wilmore, who is black and even when talking about race, isn't beating it over my head. White people are the dominant race here. If black people don't like it, go back to Africa. No one is keeping you here, Slavery ended. So either shut the fuck up about this nonsense of get to what the real problems are. And that is not to say that black people do not have real problems as they do. But telling me over and over it's all whiteys fault is getting old fast.

A few weeks back they did a different bit that was all pro-Hillary and anti-Bernie and even the audience didn't find it that funny. This show needs a shake up because it's ratings are going to slide.

Then there is the fact that few black people, not even Larry Wilmore, seem to understand the level of racism coming from the black community. When that gorilla was shot at the zoo a few weeks ago, lefty black racists went nuts saying if the kid had been black they never would have shot he gorilla and that "white privledge" was to blame somehow unaware that the kid in question WAS BLACK. Oops. Now we have these same losers crowing over the fact that the poor two year old who got eaten by an alligator was white. What kind of asshole is happy when someone of a different race dies? Racist ones. I am hard pressed to find to any tweets where white people are high fiving each other over the latest black child killed in a crossfire in Chicago. Quite the opposite actually. So why are black people doing it with immunity?

There is a great video out there where a 16 year high school student and a BLM supporter are getting into an argument over Trump. Both are black but the fact that the BLM supporter is twice his age shows that not all Millennials are stupid but most BLM people are. The BLM guy calls Trump's wife an illegal alien, which she isn't and is called out on it. Then a white woman comments that Trump kicks black people out of his rallies. The young man correctly says that he does that to white people too. After being asked to show any proof that Trump is racist toward black people, the lefty crowd had no answer because he isn't. Toward Mexicans yes. Black people not so much. Then the discussion turns to white cops shooting black people in mass numbers before the Trump supporter corrects him in that twice as many white people are killed every year than black. So those lives DON'T matter I guess to the black community. This is why I understand why some are voting for Trump. He may be a loon and totally unqualified for the job but his opponent is not much better. We choose again between stupid and evil and both suck. I'll choose evil most likley, but I also know I am setting myself up to fail if I do. Jail time awaits when copyrights protection for journalists disappear as seen overseas with similar laws.

Then we have a Professor from UMass Dartmouth, Jack Strauder, who says he has traveled the globe and has "discovered" socialism doesn't work and people who want socialistic ideas, like Bernie Sanders, are setting us up to fail. And what countries did he visit? Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, Eastern Europe and the like. Thanks for that update Captain Obvious but what Sanders is proposing isn't pure socialism, which definitely does not work, but a hybrid of the two which does. What a dick and the fact he is professor says lots about why our kids are growing up stupid.

And look what PC nonsense has gotten us: at least a couple of terrorist attacks that never should have happened. The latest one was a psycho who was reported by multiple co-workers and an ex-wife to be mentally unstable and the security company did nothing because he was Muslim and didn't want to be branded racist. WTF?

On CNN the other day, former CIA head Michael Hayden said as much. He noted that the Fort Hood Shooter was known for having extremist views within the military but they did nothing because he was a Muslim. Are you kidding me? So a bunch of people died because you didn't want to be accused of racism? Unbelievable. Tell that to the spouses and children of the soldiers this fuckhead killed. He also noted that ISIS reach has not been curtailed because we refuse to see this as a war. We keep hearing about not being "disrespectful" to Muslims by the DHS, but in doing so are not keeping this country safe. Omar Matten should never have gotten a legal gun ever. The wife of the San Bernadino shooter should never have been allowed in this country. The Tsarnaev brothers should have been watched much closer and weren't. Why? Because we don't want to be seen as racist country. Well that and a pack of smokes will give you lung cancer.

More attacks are coming and I don't need to be Donald Trump to know that. The issue is if just one idiot does something stupid which could be anything from a WMD somewhere on Earth to the death of one man, like the Pope, and there will be no safe place for any Muslim, including the innocent and I definitely do not want that. But the possibility exists. So unless we are willing to start treating this like a war, we face the possibility of a choice. Millions dead or billions if we do nothing. Start taking out cities were terrorist groups have control. Tell Muslim nations to stop with the anti-American nonsense coming out of their governments or face our wrath. Get rid of the Geneva Convention which seems to only apply to NATO. Will this attract more terrorists? Unlikely, if they keep dying. We keep fighting wars because there is too much money being made by it. If we can end a war, like Afghanistan which has gone on for a mind boggling 15 years, think of the money we can save and the American troops no longer in harms way. I know people who have been there. They all say the same thing: It's pointless as there is no clear path to victory.

Let's end these pointless wars and use that money to help those who need it here. And if millions have to die for that, so be it. It's far better than the genocide coming otherwise.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Another week, another mass shooting. And yet again, we hear the same familiar rumblings. Get rid of guns. Ban all Muslims. Neither of these ideas are any good. So what can we do to fix anything? Here are some simple ideas.

1)Increase background checks- If we had better background checks, almost none of the past shooters would have had access to guns if we had these systems in place because they were known loons. Other than Adam Lanza who stole the guns from his idiot mother, few would have gotten them as they were insane lunatics and left a trail that said just that. It doesn't help that the FBI seems incapable of determining who is dangerous and who isn't as at least three of the past Muslim shooters were all investigated and cleared by the FBI beforehand. Oops. Anyone under suspicion of terrorism by the FBI ever should at least get an alert to authorities that these people are buying guns and new investigations should take place. We need one system that is as thorough as possible. And unlike the NRA who killed this previous bill, anyone on the terror watch list should be BANNED from gun ownership. What a bunch of dorks.

2)Start watching ALL mosques- There should be an FBI agent in every mosque in the country. This is not profiling, it's common sense. Two psychos came out of the same mosque in Florida which should be a red flag for anyone involved. If any Imam is preaching a sermon of hate, he should be replaced by any means possible with another who preaches a more peaceful sermon. They did it on Game of Thrones for God's sake this week and it worked. I know it is just a TV show, but they are also not wrong. Muslims can still be free to worship as they like and they should be able to, but we should also keep an eye out for any troublemakers. Free speech does not cover terrorism.

3)Free mental health services- Our mental health network is nonexistent. What we need to do is screen everyone for serious mental health issues. Anyone diagnosed with being seriously bi-polar, schizophrenic or the like, gets a mandatory trip to a psychiatrist, for free, once or twice a month. That same person will take a drug test each time to prove he is taking the necessary medications. If he isn't, he gets a free one month stay minimum in a mental health facility until he or she is deemed fit for society. This continues forever. This way we don't have dangerous people walking the street and we aren't throwing the sick in prison which is what we do now. That isn't working. Florida recently passed a bill that gives greater access to mental health which has caused their prison population to plummet by 80% for the mentally ill. If Florida can do it, so can we.

4)End the drug war- The main reason we have so many shootings is the drug war. We can end it today if we want. First, legalize pot and hash and the like. Second, decriminalize everything else. Portugal did it a decade ago and the drug usage has dropped dramatically. Third, make heroin free. I know that sounds nuts but it is being used overseas with tremendous results. It destroys any profit for it, killing the drug trade. It ends people stealing for the drug. It frees up prison space. And best of all, no one dies from it. What they are doing is setting up clinics were addicts get free heroin, a safe place to shoot up, doctors and nurses there to prevent overdoses and best of all, free treatment for anyone who wants off. The results are staggering, showing a massive decrease in heroin addiction. The drug trade ends if we do this and we save hundreds of billions wasted on a operation that has been a proven failure. How long do we continue down a path with no end?

5)Severely penalize anyone using a gun for a crime- If you shoot someone and they die, like a convenience store worker, while robbing them, you get the death penalty. And if there is not doubt you did it, you don't get more than a couple appeals before you get a bullet in the back of your head. Televise it. I guarantee after a few rounds of that, shootings will drop dramatically. Make the punishment so severe, no one wants to do it anymore. The free prison space from no longer jailing the insane or drug users will allow for much longer prison sentences for those we should be keeping in prison.

Start with these common sense ideas and watch our crime rate plummet.

Monday, June 13, 2016


This column may be shorter than usual just because my health is once again fading. There were a lot of douchebags even before yesterday's horrific attack and that upset everything as well. My condolences to anyone who lost someone in the attack and a pox on both the left and right for completely missing the point of all of this. Let's see those runner ups.
10)Brazil- Only a retarded monkey would have thought that Brazil was the place to hold the Olympics. Rampant corruption, desperate poverty, high crime and unbelievable environmental concerns should have been red flags long before any idiot took the bribe that got them this gig. This week it came out that the beaches, something people actually flock to the country to go to, are swarming with dangerous bacteria.YUCK! Fuck Zika, this is the reason NO ONE should be going to the Olympics, especially if you plan to even set foot near the water.

9)Oklahoma- If there wasn't already a good reason to stay as far away from this backward hick state, I'll give you a great one. The police there are trying out a system that would allow cops under the mere suspicion you are doing something wrong, can now empty your bank account and credit cards on a whim. They don't even have to wait as a device the police will carry will allow them to do it at will. Fuck Oklahoma and the Republican douchebags for even contemplating this. One thing is for sure, if this gains too much traction, expect people to shoot cops on sight rather than deal with them. Robbery is still robbery whether you wear a uniform or not.
8)Panera Bread- How fucking hard is it to have people who work for you speak the fucking language? I have experienced this first hand recently when I had to give my order at Cosi's three times to someone whose English skills were as good as my Klingon (non-existant) and they still screwed it up. This reached an almost fatal conclusion when here in MA some dumbass put peanut butter on a grilled cheese sandwich which the parents specifically said NOT to as their kid had a peanut allergy. Now there's a lawsuit which they deserve to lose. I have no problem with immigrants. My grandparents were and my fiancee is first generation here. But even they speak some English. No one who can't has any business dealing with the public.

7)Rolling Jubilee- What was left of the failed OWS movement has become this super left garbage group. A few weeks back, the brilliant John Oliver did a program about zombie debt and forgave fifteen million in debt, much to the horror of these entitled assholes. And what did he do wrong? These assholes claimed as they came up with the idea first, only they should be doing it and how dare Oliver do it too. WAAAAAAA! Go fuck yourself cry babies. I apologize for all the swearing here, but my side is killing me and I have had it with stupidity this week. So if you don't like it, fuck off too.
6)Brock Turner/Judge Aaron Pensky- White privilege is a word I normally hate. Not this week when it proved to be right. Brock Turner brutally raped an unconscious girl and got caught red handed. There was no grey area here, no he said/she said. He DID it. So once found guilty, the judge gave him a whopping three months in county. OHH that'll teach him. There was no legal reason not to give him at least three years in the worst prison they could put him in. Instead, he gets almost no time in relatively safe prison system. The judge is now under fire and may lose his job. Good.

5)Pam Bondi and Greg Abbot- These two assholes should be in prison for accepting a bribe from Trump. Days after Trump gave them tens of thousands of dollars, both AG's of Florida and Texas dropped their investigations into Trump U. Abbot is now governor of said state. How is this not a bribe? If you live in either of the states and are not demanding their immediate resignation, fuck off and die. You are equally part of the problem.  
4)Donald Trump- He was going to be the top spot this week before yesterday's shooting which made him seem rather insignificant in hind sight. Anyway you look at it though, he had a bad week. He numbers plummeted as he went after Mexicans and the judge in charge of his case, information that he doesn't pay his wages to people who work for him and damaging Trump U files that appear to show it was nothing more than a con game. It didn't get any better when Paul Ryan met with 300 top donors who were horrified that he endorsed Trump. Meg Whitman even threatened to vote for Hillary. Mitch McConnell said he hoped he picked a good running mate because he had no grasp of the issues. But he's still supporting him? Idiot.

3)The Far left- If I hear one more person talk about how if we had no guns we'd be safer, I have one word for you: Paris. You can't get guns in France, yet they have had several attacks over the last six months, including the latest which killed well over a hundred people. Lack of guns for the public did nothing to stop those attacks and they won't here either. Gun control is very important. Getting rid of assault weapons is NOT the solution. We have hard proof of that. On top of that it was revealed that after complaints were leveled against the Orlando shooter for his bizarre and violent behavior at work, he wasn't fired because he was a Muslim and they didn't want to be seen as racist. That worked out well now didn't.

2)Omar Mateen- This fuckwad better be burning in hell. Both a religious extremist AND a bigot, he killed 50 people and wounded as many more. The fact he choose a gay club is just as disturbing. The question remains though is to HOW his family got here in the first place. His father is a Taliban sympathizer who posts regularly about how much he hates the gays. This is what we want immigrating here? He was born here, but I don't understand how that happened as no one in his family should ever have been allowed here. He also worked somehow for a subsidiary of the DHS, which our media keeps just calling him a "security guard." He was lot more than that guys. Any cursory background check would have kept him from this kind of job. So just like the TSA, these assholes who are supposed to be protecting us are letting anyone work for them. But the ultimate blame must go to this waste of space and the dangerous militants that we are doing little to stop. Start treating Islamofacism for what it is: globally dangerous. And until we start looking at it that way, these attack will NEVER stop.
1)NRA and the far right- The NRA is a danger to society and needs to go. And regular readers also know I support the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms. The NRA however only cares about getting dickhead GOP idiots in and selling as many guns as the gun lobby will allow. Public safety means nothing. The left has gone after ALL guns but some of the smarter realized that if we had background checks, there is no way this guy gets a gun. He had been investigated by the FBI three times and his ex-wife accused him of being violent and unstable. He is exactly the kind of guy that should never have been allowed to get one. But as the NRA and idiots in Congress don't want that, tragedy occurs. Not everyone should have a gun. This ass is tops. But the far right was also in full swing this week against the gay community in terroristic and disturbing ways. A bomb went off in a Target bathroom, luckily injuring no one, but obviously going after their pro-transgender stance. On the same day as Mateen was killing people, James Wesley Howell collected a small arsenal and was about to attack the LA gay parade there. He was stopped by vigilant neighbors who noticed what he was putting in his car and he was arrested before hand. But this could have been another massacre for a different religion. What the fuck is going on with people? Does being gay mean a death sentence? Hardly. But this is exactly what happened. And we don't live in some backward Muslim country where people marry their sheep. This country is fucked if this is how we handle things. Don't think there won't be a backlash against Muslims from this from the less stable. I expect there to be another mass shooting soon, this time in a mosque, for "retaliation." But we cannot blame a whole religion for this assault any more than we can blame all Christians for the Westboro Baptist Church. But all religion seems to be making us worse people than better and maybe it's time to get rid of them all. I can dream about that. So congratulations NRA and the far right, you are destroying this country and are indeed douchebags of the week.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Now that the dust has settled and we now know that Trump and Clinton are going to be the nominees, we can also assuredly say Trump has a huge uphill battle. California primary result were once again befouled by long lines, closed polling places with strange replacements (including one in a funeral home, I kid you not) and ballots so confusing even poll workers didn't know how to read them. It was a giant clusterfuck which has been par for the course this election. There is no way these shenanigans won't keep going into the national election and with it, all faith in the legitimacy of this election.

Hillary will cheat like there is no tomorrow. And no matter what the GOP says, they are not about to stick their necks out for Trump. When he loses, which odds have him a distant underdog in Vegas, he is going to scream bloody murder about it and the worst part is, he won't be wrong. This country will come unglued at that point as people riot, assassinate politcal leaders and basically destroy this country as martial law gets declared by Queen Hillary and our debasement will be complete. The worst part is, even if Trump wins, the scenario doesn't change much. Liberals will also go ballistic, rioting will engulf major cities and King Trump will kill us all. Either way, we're really screwed.

So for now, the VP pick will matter hugely on who gets the upper hand. Hillary and Trump will make or break their careers on this choice. As a matter of fact, in all of American history there has never been as important a decision as this one because the main candidates are so unlikable. And looking at the potential choices, both seemed headed for disaster.

Let's start with Hillary. She desperately needs a progressive on her ticket to shore up the far left that rightfully sees her as a shrill corporatist who can't stop lying. But the two front runners appear to be Julian Castro, for obvious reasons, and less clear, Tim Kaine of Virginia which would do absolutely nothing for her at all. Liz Warren is tied somehow with Kaine which asks the question "Why?" The main reason is that democrats under the historically bad Debbie Wasserman Shultz have lost massive elections on a state and local level. If Hillary picks anyone good such as Liz Warren, Cory Booker or a host of other qualified senators, the governor gets to pick a replacement. However, here in MA, new elections would be held within a few months so the pick would only be temporary. But that is weighing on her decision and with good reason. If she picks Tim Kaine, she may lose as progressives leave the democrats in droves.

Others further down the list include Martin O'Malley (terrible idea), Tim Perez (Who the hell is that? asks America), Bernie Sanders (a no brainer), Joe Biden (could be worse but not a big win either), Michael Bloomberg (which would see her lose overwhelmingly on the gun issue alone), Sherod Brown (a progressive but unknown), Cory Booker (good pick) and lastly, of course, Bill Clinton. That last one isn't horrible either but will set alarm bells throughout GOP nation.

Trump has a far lesser problem here. Trump is Trump and unless the pick is something retarded, like Sarah Palin that allegedly is being bandied about, it won't matter. Top of the list include Chris Christie, like we didn't see that coming and does little to help or hurt him. Christie is all done as governor of NJ come 2018 and this will be his last hurrah. His poll numbers are only behind Sam Brownback of KA and Dannell Malloy of CT. No big surprise there. Tied with Christie is John Kasich, which would be a great pick as it would help him win in Ohio, which he desperately needs to win. Much as Sanders or Warren will give Hillary a guaranteed win, Kasich elevates Trump to a real contender.

The rest are laughable. Nikki Haley would rather spit swallow acid than accept that nomination. Ben Carson would sleepwalk through the rest of the election, offering his unusual brand of stupid statements. Newt Gingrich was up there before he scorched Trump and basically fell off the map. Then comes Carly Fiorina, which is highly unlikely followed by Susanna Martinez, who Trump recently insulted so no go there. Then comes hilarious picks like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John Thune (who the hell is that?), Ted Cruz and lastly Jeb Bush. Most of these people would never saddle their horse to his, leaving only two real credible choices, Christie or Kasich. Only the latter will actually help really.

So there it is. If Hillary picks Sanders or Warren, the race is over and she wins in a landslide. She picks Tim Kaine on the other hand, and all bets are off, cheating of not. Trump HAS to pick Kasich to have even a slight change of winning. If he picks Palin or Carson, the GOP will fail in ways not seen in decades. The VP is beyond important. What do you think would be the best choice?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


For anyone who doubts we are descended from monkeys, the current election is hard proof of that. Brainless idiots ran on the Republican side while equally dumb people voted on the Democratic side. As a result, in lock step with an election process filled with fraud, we have come to this: a dangerous racist with no big plans to solve anything and a war hawk who is incapable of telling the truth. What a choice we as Americans have.

Trump is going to flame out if he continues to do what he is doing. Even the party leaders are having a hard time supporting him when he keeps spouting racist statements about the judge handling his fraud case, a case by the way that holds a lot of problems for the nominee. Unlike Hillary's email scandal which will not turn out to be anything for multiple reasons, both legal and corrupt, Trump has real problems with a fraud case that appears to be a legitimate concern. The released documents show a strong case for fraud and with it, a headache for the GOP. This isn't going away and if he gets found guilty after somehow winning the election, well then what? Impeachment is going to be screamed about by the democrats and gridlock will descend like an iron curtain.

It is telling that the trial won't begin until after the election. The same can be said for Hillary's emails about the TPP which also won't come out until after it matters. This election is being rigged in ways unheard of in American history on multiple fronts. And as a result we have two morons neither of which is fit to be in the White House. How did we let it come to this?

We let it happen because most people are morons with barely the most basic of grasps of political reality. The GOP doesn't care about you. The Democrats don't care about you. All either side gives a crap about is money and power. And they are selling is all out to get it.

Our choices are stark. Vote Trump if you want the world to end. His policies, which are barely able to be called that, are unworkable nonsense that will bankrupt this country. Vote Hillary, if you want things to stay EXACTLY the same as they are now. This is equally untenable as the status quo cannot hold most longer. Economic news suggests a massive breakdown at some point. It could be tomorrow. It could be in two years. But t is going to happen. But much 2007, the end cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy because the whole system is fixed. You are gambling in a casino you cannot win in, but 1% never loses. That is today's reality.

Both sides suck. I am still unsure as to which I want. Do I vote for the hope that Hillary has a come to Jesus moment and starts attacking the problems where they lie or do I vote Trump and burn this world to the ground? Both sound appealing. I am fairly positive it won;t make any difference because both are going to screw us blue.

We let this happen. Black people voted for Clinton en masse because apparently illiteracy of political ideas has become a staple of their environment. Poor people voted for a demagogue because the GOP sold them a bag of magic beans once too many times. Rich people gamed the system with impunity because zombie Americans are too busy staring at their phones to notice the planet crumbling around them. Mexican American are attacking Trump supporters, unwittingly giving him even more support. Bernie supporters are beside themselves not wanting to support Hillary but super wary of a Trump presidency.

All of this could have been avoided had we had a better educated people, a media that did its job, a government not bought and paid for by special interests and a desire for seeking the truth and not wish fulfillment. The coming months suggest violence and blood and, more than likely, one of several assassination attempts against one, if not both, candidates. These are certainly interesting times. The Chinese were right about that statement. It is a curse.

Monday, June 6, 2016


The MSM yesterday finally woke up to a definable truth: We're fucked. Thanks to their incompetence and rush for ratings over facts, we now have two very unpopular, disaster in the making, candidates. No matter who wins or how this turns out, the country will not be the same. Bad things are heading this way and short of Bernie Sanders somehow pulling the most unlikely of wins, we all have months left before it's the end of the world as we know it.

Why the pessimism? Because revolution is coming whether we like it or not. And as that revolution is not possible anymore without rampant violence, this country and maybe the world, is going to come to an inglorious end. I don't mean the kind of end of the world where we all die because of an asteroid or killer plague. I am talking about a civilization collapse when the economy goes belly up because no one has any real ideas how to fix anything anymore. Trump has no concept beyond "make America great again," and other sales nonsense. Hillary will keep the status quo, which is untenable at this late stage of the game. And no matter who wins, the other side, the ones that voted for the other person, is going to be beyond PISSED!

If Trump loses, and I expect him to, he is going to charge fraud and the worst part is he will almost certainly be right. The Right will explode in violence as a result and our entire government system will be exposed for the evil bastards they actually are, right wingers included. If Trump somehow wins, the left will riot nationwide. Either way, chances are good both will face several assassination attempts before they ever get into office.

Then there is also the court cases both face after the election. Hillary is actually far less likley to see any sort of censure let alone jail time for her email scandal. There just isn't enough proof to say she mishandled classified material, especially the half hazard way they go about this veil of idiotic secrecy. One classified email from a general recently was nothing more than a Happy Birthday wish. There was nothing else, no secret codes or material, just Happy Birthday. For the uninitiated, classified in today's lingo is worthless as the government apparently uses it for the most meaningless reasons. If for no other reason, this is enough to exonerate Clinton for being an overprotective moron who tries to keep stuff secret that she really didn't have to.

Trump is in a far worse situation. His Trump U is a fraud by every measure of the word. As his trial won't happen until after the election, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he may be impeached before he even gets into office. But as the House will still be populated by right wing idiots, they will almost certainly balk at it and the spineless democrats won't fight hard for it in the court of public opinion. If they do, Trump would be the first president to enter the oval office with a negative approval rating right off the bat.

Either way, who ever wins is going to be mighty unpopular and face half the country that is beyond ANGRY at them. When either starts doing something beyond stupid, like Trump sending shock troops to get illegal immigrants or Hillary going after guns, which she still won't shut up about, the country is going to explode. Trump will destroy our economy and the health care system as his ideas have "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger," written all over them. Hillary will do nothing to fix anything and the whole system will implode. This is out future and even the MSM has noticed.

Elon Musk better get cracking because a lot us are going to need a way off the dirty blue marble and risk death in space to escape the final gasp of humanity. We are too stupid a people to survive much longer. And the fact that Trump and Hillary appear to be our only hopes make me die a little inside everytime I think about it.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


What a difference a week makes. Last week it was Hillary's turn to flail wildly, just out pacing her opponent who didn't have the best week either. That all changed as Trump went off the rails and suffered somewhat for it especially among demographics like Latinos and the military. His charity spending, Trump U and racial attacks hurt him and some polls now have him losing by double digits again. Not like it matter as Hillary will be the next President thanks to the fact we no longer have fair elections. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Drew Peterson- The former cop, turned convicted felon, got more bad news when he was found guilty of a murder for hire plot against the prosecutor who successfully put him behind bars for the murder of his second wife. His fourth wife is still missing which led to his unraveling. His second wife's drowning was originally ruled a suicide but after his fourth wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances, police took a closer look at his previous marriage and arrested him for her murder. The fourth wife has never been found and he has not faced charges for that. But, with the murder for hire charges, his pension went away a day later, which begs the question as to why it wasn't revoked earlier. This guy is everything America hates about the police and the favorism they get. I hope he rots.

9)The Death of the Cincinnati zoo Gorilla- Much has been written about this tragedy this week. Unlike lots of people out there, I don't really blame anyone. Yes, the mother could have been more attentive, but I also heard she had lots of children to watch and as a former camp counselor, I can tell you, small children can disappear in a heartbeat. I lost one kid at the Mystic Aquarium for at least fifteen minutes when he wandered off and he was ten years old. A three year old can do the same. So for all the assholes out there giving death threats to the family, just stop. Be happy the kid is okay. The zoo acted like they should have, even if the gorilla didn't appear to want to hurt the child, he may have accidentally done so, even fatally. My favorite douchebags were black idiots who went off on white privilege and how they killed the gorilla to save a white kid when a black kid would have been left to die, somehow unaware that the kid is questions WAS black. Watch the video idiots.

8)David French- Who in the blue fuck is this dick? According to Bill Kristol, he will be the next president of the United States. Excuse me while I laugh hysterically. HAHAHA! The no name editor of the Weekly Standard has no chance of even making a dent in the election. Lack of name recognition aside, he can't even get on the ballot in all 50 states at this point, including heavy hitters like Texas. His policies are typically trickle down bullshit as well, something even most Republicans do not support. Good luck. You are going to need it.

7)Michelle Obama- I actually like Michelle Obama more than her husband. But every now and then she says something so stupid, and black oriented, I have to call her out on it. In a recent graduation speech, she commented on how she felt a little awful waking up every morning in a house built by slaves. The main problem with that statement is that it completely untrue. Yes, the original White House was built by slaves. There is also no part of that building that is still standing from the time. Fires, renovations and time have the building occupying the same space as the original and that is it. FDR had the entire inside gutted after people kept falling through the floor due to disrepair and the outside was gutted by fire in the 20's. Why do black people of all economic status constantly have to go back to slavery? You don't hear any other race going off about it like they do, and some races or ethnicities were slaves for far longer and under even worse conditions. Time to move forward already and get over it.

6)Summer Films- What the hell happened this summer? Since the debut of Civil War, it has been one dismal week after another with a lot of films dying on the vine. Money Matters had no chance in a summer time slot that made zero sense, Neighbors 2 was the sequel no one asked for as The Nice Guys got great reviews and no audience (again a shitty time slot to open this). Alice Through the Looking Glass died a painful death as the new X-Men movie did okay, but not spectacular with very lukewarm reviews. This past weekend saw TMNT fail miserably and Andy Sanberg's new film, the hysterical Popstar, flunk out. All of these films have the same problems: either they were too niche oriented and would have done far better in a non summer release or, more likley, they sucked and no one wanted to see them. How many sequels can one person watch? My favorite films this year so far were not sequels or even big budget movies. Deadpool, Hardcore Henry, and Kenau were fantastic and even if their budget were added together, they still wouldn't add up to what TMNT cost. Add in the Witch, Civil War, Zootopia and Hail Caesar and that is all the films I even liked this year. Yuck. Make better movies guys.

5)Anti-socialists- There are way too many people who HATE socialism and will do anything to make sure it doesn't happen to this country. If that is the case and they are far too late because they already live in a socialistic country. It is not possible to eliminate all socialism projects as the country would cease to be. Military: socialism. Public schools: socialism. Roads: socialism. Health care: pure socialism. Without some socialistic programs, we all die stupid and poor. How many old people scream bloody murder about socialists, somehow unaware that Social Security and Medicare are exactly that? Anyone who feels that this is something they can't live with, feel free to donate your checks to this site. I have no problem accepting your money.

4)MSM- Bill Maher did a great bit showing the worthless stories covered by various nightly news shows where they dared to expose kids reading to dogs, children taking ducks for a wagon ride and other pointless stories. There are real problems out there and instead are highlighting what the latest cat video craze is. Even worse is when the media lies to us to our faces and expects us to believe them. In covering the Zika virus, they keep saying most people will only face minor flu like symptoms from the disease. NO THEY WON'T! 80% will experience NO symptoms at all. Even by their own research the chances of getting a serious problem from an infection may be as low as 1%. I watched this before when they hyped up the swine flu in 2009 which was never going to be as big a problem as they made it out to be. Even worse now, the MSM is telling us about election problems with the election of Ortega in Nicaragua in 2008 and 2011 and that exit polls didn't match the results. This is the same media that has been super silent about the democrats stealing the primary election as proven by highly suspicious exit poll results. They do know some of us can read right? The media is lying to you and a lot of us know it.

3)Anti-Trump rioters- If you want to get Trump elected, keep doing what you are doing at his rallies. This week, Mexican and liberal fools attacked Trump supporters violently while brandishing Mexican flags and burning American ones. This kind of stuff gets people all riled up and plays right into Trump's tiny little orange hands. Peaceful protests people are far better as violence should only be used as a last resort, not a first attempt. Please stop or else resign the fact this world is going to end.

2)Hillary Clinton- She, for the most part, had a good week. Trump shot himself in both feet and Clinton ran with it, making her poll numbers rise, significantly in some places. However, a new book by a secret service agent is coming out and verifies a lot of what I have heard from my sources within the agency. In it, the author describes Bill and Chelsea as kind, supportive people, which I fully believe. I don't like Chelsea but that has more to do with the absolute rich privilege she has received over the years than her attitude. However, just as I have heard from other agents, Hillary is a nasty piece of work who acts like everyone is beneath her. Anyone stationed to protect her, see it more as punishment than privilege. If true, and I believe it be, will anyone really stop a bullet for her if it comes down to it? I wouldn't.

1)Donald Trump- What a lousy week this guy had. In a span of just a few days he slammed Mexicans, the judge ruling in his Trump U case and Veterans. Way to go dude. Mexicans are pissed and are physically attacking his supporters, something that he deserves some of the blame for. When people are being attacked by Trump followers, it was only a matter of time before the violence swung the other way. Idiotically going after the judge presiding over his case made even people like Gingrich and Ryan call him out on in, just one day after lavishing some tepid praise on him. The judge retaliated by releasing reams of documents proving Trump U was a fraud. The worst was his attacks on the press for doing their job and discovering that Trump lied about the amount of money he raised for Veterans. Only after his lie, did he release any of the money, about one third that same day. Then he got made when he got caught. Look, I get voting for this guy but be upfront about it. If you are looking to end the world, vote Trump. There is some argument to be made for burning this place to the ground and starting again, minus a few billion people who will die in the end. If you are not voting for Trump for this reason, you are a true idiot because this guy will kill a lot of us. Hillary may be a demon, but even I don't think she will start WW3 because someone made fun of her hair. Trump has gotten the support of the KKK, Putin and Kim Jung Un. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know, don't vote. Chances are small he will win anyway. So congratulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It has been a disastrous week for the two front runners. Trump got caught lying about the money he raised for Veteran's charities while Hillary got caught caught lying about the stupid email scandal that just won't go away, ala Benghazi. However, unlike that boondoggle, Hillary is keeping the story alive by a pathological inability to give us the straight story about her private server which appear by all the facts was set up solely to avoid federal disclosure laws. What in the hell is she hiding?

Trump is doing no better. After getting caught red handed lying about the six million he raised for charity going to ANY charity, Trump suddenly released almost two million dollars of it to said charities but only after the press started hounding him about it, including one million of his own cash. Then he had the audacity to go after the press for finally doing their fucking job. Trump and Hillary should be under a microscope and not given soft ball questions like quasi-reporter Megyn Kelly did recently. She did however rightfully rip him a new one for Trump's idiotic attack on the judge handling his Trump University fraud case. Calling the judge a "Mexican," which he isn't, and a "hater," which makes no sense unless your a twelve year old girl listening to Taylor Swift, is beyond stupid. Why antagonize someone who has the power to rule on your case? As expected, the judge was not amused and decided to release a bunch of documents, previously sealed, about the case, and almost certainly as retribution. The files were telling.

It is already coming out that Trump University appeared to be a giant fraud with many ex-graduates pissed they spent tens of thousands of dollars (anywhere from $30,000-$60,000) for a worthless degree. Plaintiffs say they were tricked into thinking they were going to get valuable real estate information from top experts, none of which was true. The fact that some of the people testings in the case are former disgruntled employees who say they grew disgusted with the hard sell tactics they were forced to use, basically conning people out of their money. And this is what America wants? We are a truly stupid people.

The fact that the trial for this doesn't happen until after the election is troubling. The same goes for Hillary's email scandal which may not be resolved until next year. So let me get this straight: both our candidates face possible trial dates and while jail time is highly unlikely for either, it isn't going to help their political careers one whit either. And the fact we have to wait until AFTER the presidency has been decided, may make either subject to impeachment before they even get into office. Then what?

Trump is facing dissent within his ranks as the Libertarians and Gary Johnson stand to take around 5% of the GOP vote away from them. Bill Kristol is also still trying to find someone, anyone to challenge Trump, including some no named idiot named David French who is an editor from the Weekly Standard who has been hinted at a run. Good luck with that. Trump will have little to worry about that as he won't get .1% of the vote with zero name recognition. These factors, along with a looming fraud suit, will hang heavy and could still cause problems in the upcoming GOP convention in Cleveland, which will almost certainly have rioting outside by anti-Trump forces.

Hillary is having her own problems, all by her own hand. For whatever reason, she CANNOT STOP LYING! Even when caught, she doubles down on the same talking points to the exasperation of everyone around her. And this fact is not lost on the public which are turning away from her in droves, unless of course you are black and apparently retarded who still support her in overwhelming numbers. They do know she will do squat in keeping young black men out of prison right? What kind of moron, other than Republicans for the last 49 years, vote against their own self interests in such huge numbers?

It has gotten so bad, she may actually lose a lot of the remaining states, including California which may destroy her argument that she is strongest against Trump, which once again is not true. Sanders does better in every poll against him and the argument that no one is going after him is bunk. Truth is, many Trump supporters will defect to Sanders first chance they get. Most are not voting for Trump. They are NOT voting for Hillary and I can't blame them on that.

Many in the party are seeing that their candidate might actually lose to Trump and that has people wisely second guessing. We thought the GOP convention would be the messy one. Turns out the DNC might be even worse. Headed by the very unpopular Shultz, if Hillary looks shaky by August, there is talk about going for Sanders or even a new player. Rumor is some are looking at a Joe Biden/Liz Warren ticket which would probably do much better than Hillary. I have no way of knowing if this is even possible, but the fact that it is being talked about should be troubling for Clinton.

Both the front runners are ruining their chances and worst of all, both are doing it to themselves. Trump can't shut up  about racist comments and Hillary can't stop lying. These are not traits we want for our commandeer in chief. Please remaining states, vote for Sanders and show up in huge numbers and if you are black ask yourself this question: do you want real change or the status quo? The answer should be obvious as well as who to vote for then. The end result is neither of these two will do anything but kill us all. Remember that California next week when you will decide the fate of the world.