Thursday, June 23, 2016


Lot's of news today. The Supreme Court made four rulings, as they are apt to do in June before the leave, still missing one member because Republicans truly suck at their jobs. At least pretend to do something guys. Even down one, the Supreme Court only had one tie which was a big bitch slap to Obama, while the rest were actually decided by one vote or more.

The big story was the Court tied 4-4 on Obama's executive order on immigration. The plan which would have prevented millions from deportation was shot down as the lower court ruling stands which found it outside of Presidential powers and probably not without good reason. This ruling will hamper further executive orders which is actually a good thing to prevent any President from too much power. While I would have liked to see a better immigration policy as the Republicans again are douchebags who refuse to do their job, the curtailing of power will benefit us all.

Another ruling found that affirmative action can be used as a factor in determining college applicants, stemming from a case brought by a white Texas woman. I was initially somewhat for her issue until further evidence supported the fact that this was being brought by right wing nutters using this as an excuse to end ALL affirmative action and I am not so sure that is a great idea. The bigger issue is the 4-3 ruling happened because Justice Kagan recused herself because she worked on the issue with Obama before joining the court. No one should recuse themselves for any reason because the right wingers on the court NEVER do. Why should liberals be held to a higher standard? The reason we had Bush win the election is two sitting justices, Scalia and Thomas, had personal reasons to rule in Bush's favor. Did they leave? Hell, no. So neither should anyone else for any reason ever.

The third ruling is a good one as it found drawing blood for drunk driving tests is unconstitutional meaning 11 states are going to have to stop doing it. Two justices went even further and found breathalyzers unconstitutional as well, which they are but as they were a minority those devices will still be allowed. Only resident douchebag Thomas ruled against the measure, which the remaining seven all dissented from. Thank god. I hear Thomas is going to retire soon which makes me very happy as chances are pretty high that Hillary will pick as many as the next three justices, which will help remake this country into something far more livable and perhaps an end to citizen united.

The last one dealt with sentencing which found that federal prosecutors are limited on using previous crimes for longer sentences. I am torn on this. On one hand, we should be putting dangerous criminals behind bars for far longer than we do and past offenses matter. But, this could also lead to putting people behind bars for far longer than they should, as some have found when they get a life sentence for stealing a Snickers bar as has happened in California with this same principle. In the long run, this probably a good idea.

As all this is occurring, a Baltimore judge has vacated the case against the officer driving the van that killed Freddy Gray. The third officer to walk from this and while the previous cases were some what suspect, this one seemed a little more cut and dried. But instead of a jury, a judge made the ruling, which seems unfair as the judge seems to be more partial to the justice system and cops than say a jury of one's peers. How is that constitutional? I don't remember that part in the there. Hopefully, rioting will not occur. At least rough rides will end as a result of this.

Lastly, the Brexit is going on now. Stocks say they think the English will stay in the EU which is probably the best for the world economy. As I mentioned before, this is a mirror of the Trump vs Hillary race, where the leave the EU is mostly about immigration , aka Trump, while staying is keep the status quo, aka Hillary. At this point, many think the stay option is the most likley. And while fears of election theft are rife across the country, to such a point that many are bringing pens instead of the pencils they give out at the polling station so they can't get erased, the exit polls will hopefully mirror the results. Then again, only one group YouGuv is doing the polls as inexplicably all the major newspapers passed on doing it. That is suspicious, such as happened here in CA which independent pollsters say was rife with fraud and their polls off be a staggering 23%. As I pointed out yesterday, all three stories got zero press, like the one about election fraud.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing my douchebag of the week column and then I will try to return some point next week, but do not be surprised if one I only get a few columns out between now and after the Fourth of July. I have a major project due, my book, my first in 30 years, is almost done and I have holidays and family birthdays to deal with so if you don't see anything, do not panic. I will be back with more actual news. The Warmonger will return. I have way too much fun writing this.

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