Monday, June 13, 2016


This column may be shorter than usual just because my health is once again fading. There were a lot of douchebags even before yesterday's horrific attack and that upset everything as well. My condolences to anyone who lost someone in the attack and a pox on both the left and right for completely missing the point of all of this. Let's see those runner ups.
10)Brazil- Only a retarded monkey would have thought that Brazil was the place to hold the Olympics. Rampant corruption, desperate poverty, high crime and unbelievable environmental concerns should have been red flags long before any idiot took the bribe that got them this gig. This week it came out that the beaches, something people actually flock to the country to go to, are swarming with dangerous bacteria.YUCK! Fuck Zika, this is the reason NO ONE should be going to the Olympics, especially if you plan to even set foot near the water.

9)Oklahoma- If there wasn't already a good reason to stay as far away from this backward hick state, I'll give you a great one. The police there are trying out a system that would allow cops under the mere suspicion you are doing something wrong, can now empty your bank account and credit cards on a whim. They don't even have to wait as a device the police will carry will allow them to do it at will. Fuck Oklahoma and the Republican douchebags for even contemplating this. One thing is for sure, if this gains too much traction, expect people to shoot cops on sight rather than deal with them. Robbery is still robbery whether you wear a uniform or not.
8)Panera Bread- How fucking hard is it to have people who work for you speak the fucking language? I have experienced this first hand recently when I had to give my order at Cosi's three times to someone whose English skills were as good as my Klingon (non-existant) and they still screwed it up. This reached an almost fatal conclusion when here in MA some dumbass put peanut butter on a grilled cheese sandwich which the parents specifically said NOT to as their kid had a peanut allergy. Now there's a lawsuit which they deserve to lose. I have no problem with immigrants. My grandparents were and my fiancee is first generation here. But even they speak some English. No one who can't has any business dealing with the public.

7)Rolling Jubilee- What was left of the failed OWS movement has become this super left garbage group. A few weeks back, the brilliant John Oliver did a program about zombie debt and forgave fifteen million in debt, much to the horror of these entitled assholes. And what did he do wrong? These assholes claimed as they came up with the idea first, only they should be doing it and how dare Oliver do it too. WAAAAAAA! Go fuck yourself cry babies. I apologize for all the swearing here, but my side is killing me and I have had it with stupidity this week. So if you don't like it, fuck off too.
6)Brock Turner/Judge Aaron Pensky- White privilege is a word I normally hate. Not this week when it proved to be right. Brock Turner brutally raped an unconscious girl and got caught red handed. There was no grey area here, no he said/she said. He DID it. So once found guilty, the judge gave him a whopping three months in county. OHH that'll teach him. There was no legal reason not to give him at least three years in the worst prison they could put him in. Instead, he gets almost no time in relatively safe prison system. The judge is now under fire and may lose his job. Good.

5)Pam Bondi and Greg Abbot- These two assholes should be in prison for accepting a bribe from Trump. Days after Trump gave them tens of thousands of dollars, both AG's of Florida and Texas dropped their investigations into Trump U. Abbot is now governor of said state. How is this not a bribe? If you live in either of the states and are not demanding their immediate resignation, fuck off and die. You are equally part of the problem.  
4)Donald Trump- He was going to be the top spot this week before yesterday's shooting which made him seem rather insignificant in hind sight. Anyway you look at it though, he had a bad week. He numbers plummeted as he went after Mexicans and the judge in charge of his case, information that he doesn't pay his wages to people who work for him and damaging Trump U files that appear to show it was nothing more than a con game. It didn't get any better when Paul Ryan met with 300 top donors who were horrified that he endorsed Trump. Meg Whitman even threatened to vote for Hillary. Mitch McConnell said he hoped he picked a good running mate because he had no grasp of the issues. But he's still supporting him? Idiot.

3)The Far left- If I hear one more person talk about how if we had no guns we'd be safer, I have one word for you: Paris. You can't get guns in France, yet they have had several attacks over the last six months, including the latest which killed well over a hundred people. Lack of guns for the public did nothing to stop those attacks and they won't here either. Gun control is very important. Getting rid of assault weapons is NOT the solution. We have hard proof of that. On top of that it was revealed that after complaints were leveled against the Orlando shooter for his bizarre and violent behavior at work, he wasn't fired because he was a Muslim and they didn't want to be seen as racist. That worked out well now didn't.

2)Omar Mateen- This fuckwad better be burning in hell. Both a religious extremist AND a bigot, he killed 50 people and wounded as many more. The fact he choose a gay club is just as disturbing. The question remains though is to HOW his family got here in the first place. His father is a Taliban sympathizer who posts regularly about how much he hates the gays. This is what we want immigrating here? He was born here, but I don't understand how that happened as no one in his family should ever have been allowed here. He also worked somehow for a subsidiary of the DHS, which our media keeps just calling him a "security guard." He was lot more than that guys. Any cursory background check would have kept him from this kind of job. So just like the TSA, these assholes who are supposed to be protecting us are letting anyone work for them. But the ultimate blame must go to this waste of space and the dangerous militants that we are doing little to stop. Start treating Islamofacism for what it is: globally dangerous. And until we start looking at it that way, these attack will NEVER stop.
1)NRA and the far right- The NRA is a danger to society and needs to go. And regular readers also know I support the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms. The NRA however only cares about getting dickhead GOP idiots in and selling as many guns as the gun lobby will allow. Public safety means nothing. The left has gone after ALL guns but some of the smarter realized that if we had background checks, there is no way this guy gets a gun. He had been investigated by the FBI three times and his ex-wife accused him of being violent and unstable. He is exactly the kind of guy that should never have been allowed to get one. But as the NRA and idiots in Congress don't want that, tragedy occurs. Not everyone should have a gun. This ass is tops. But the far right was also in full swing this week against the gay community in terroristic and disturbing ways. A bomb went off in a Target bathroom, luckily injuring no one, but obviously going after their pro-transgender stance. On the same day as Mateen was killing people, James Wesley Howell collected a small arsenal and was about to attack the LA gay parade there. He was stopped by vigilant neighbors who noticed what he was putting in his car and he was arrested before hand. But this could have been another massacre for a different religion. What the fuck is going on with people? Does being gay mean a death sentence? Hardly. But this is exactly what happened. And we don't live in some backward Muslim country where people marry their sheep. This country is fucked if this is how we handle things. Don't think there won't be a backlash against Muslims from this from the less stable. I expect there to be another mass shooting soon, this time in a mosque, for "retaliation." But we cannot blame a whole religion for this assault any more than we can blame all Christians for the Westboro Baptist Church. But all religion seems to be making us worse people than better and maybe it's time to get rid of them all. I can dream about that. So congratulations NRA and the far right, you are destroying this country and are indeed douchebags of the week.

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