Wednesday, June 8, 2016


For anyone who doubts we are descended from monkeys, the current election is hard proof of that. Brainless idiots ran on the Republican side while equally dumb people voted on the Democratic side. As a result, in lock step with an election process filled with fraud, we have come to this: a dangerous racist with no big plans to solve anything and a war hawk who is incapable of telling the truth. What a choice we as Americans have.

Trump is going to flame out if he continues to do what he is doing. Even the party leaders are having a hard time supporting him when he keeps spouting racist statements about the judge handling his fraud case, a case by the way that holds a lot of problems for the nominee. Unlike Hillary's email scandal which will not turn out to be anything for multiple reasons, both legal and corrupt, Trump has real problems with a fraud case that appears to be a legitimate concern. The released documents show a strong case for fraud and with it, a headache for the GOP. This isn't going away and if he gets found guilty after somehow winning the election, well then what? Impeachment is going to be screamed about by the democrats and gridlock will descend like an iron curtain.

It is telling that the trial won't begin until after the election. The same can be said for Hillary's emails about the TPP which also won't come out until after it matters. This election is being rigged in ways unheard of in American history on multiple fronts. And as a result we have two morons neither of which is fit to be in the White House. How did we let it come to this?

We let it happen because most people are morons with barely the most basic of grasps of political reality. The GOP doesn't care about you. The Democrats don't care about you. All either side gives a crap about is money and power. And they are selling is all out to get it.

Our choices are stark. Vote Trump if you want the world to end. His policies, which are barely able to be called that, are unworkable nonsense that will bankrupt this country. Vote Hillary, if you want things to stay EXACTLY the same as they are now. This is equally untenable as the status quo cannot hold most longer. Economic news suggests a massive breakdown at some point. It could be tomorrow. It could be in two years. But t is going to happen. But much 2007, the end cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy because the whole system is fixed. You are gambling in a casino you cannot win in, but 1% never loses. That is today's reality.

Both sides suck. I am still unsure as to which I want. Do I vote for the hope that Hillary has a come to Jesus moment and starts attacking the problems where they lie or do I vote Trump and burn this world to the ground? Both sound appealing. I am fairly positive it won;t make any difference because both are going to screw us blue.

We let this happen. Black people voted for Clinton en masse because apparently illiteracy of political ideas has become a staple of their environment. Poor people voted for a demagogue because the GOP sold them a bag of magic beans once too many times. Rich people gamed the system with impunity because zombie Americans are too busy staring at their phones to notice the planet crumbling around them. Mexican American are attacking Trump supporters, unwittingly giving him even more support. Bernie supporters are beside themselves not wanting to support Hillary but super wary of a Trump presidency.

All of this could have been avoided had we had a better educated people, a media that did its job, a government not bought and paid for by special interests and a desire for seeking the truth and not wish fulfillment. The coming months suggest violence and blood and, more than likely, one of several assassination attempts against one, if not both, candidates. These are certainly interesting times. The Chinese were right about that statement. It is a curse.

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