Sunday, June 19, 2016


The hits keep on coming from the Trumpster and his minions. "The polls are fake," is one such idiom I have heard a lot of this week. "Just look at Romney in 2012." Yes it is true that some polls are fake as hell and the Republicans fell for those same ones way back in 2012 but not ALL polls are fake and most are done with scientific principles. The general trends can be gathered from all the polls and they all say the same thing: Trump's numbers are failing hard. There are numerous reasons for this and they do not all mean conspiracy. Let's see those runner ups in a slow week.

10)Weather- If you live in the Southwest of this country right now you are literally melting. Temperatures are expected to hit an all time high of as much as 122 degrees. Wow that's hot. I once lived at a place that was 120 degrees and let me tell you air conditioning doesn't do much when it gets that warm. But global warming is a myth right? Funny how those same assholes who scream bloody murder when it snows and climate change is a hoax, shut the fuck up when it is hot as blazes.

9)Russian soccer hooligans/Olympic track and field team- What kind of asshole travels thousands of miles, spending tons of money in the process, just to be a dick? Russian ones apparently. This week thousands of Russians attacked others at a Euro Cup tournament when they lost the match and decided to take it out on innocent people. Several were arrested and the governing body fined Russia $240,000 and threatened them with expulsion is it continued. England has had similar problems in the past but took steps to fix it. Russia turned a blind eye like always. However, when the World Cup was also brought up and the possibility of that being taken away, which will be in Russia in 2018, things changed and the government started calling these idiots out. Then it came out that because of wide spread doping, their track and field team was banned from the 2016 Olympics. Even their trainers have acknowledged the huge problem they are having, something their superiors were less than happy with. Anyway you look at it, Russia is not doing well with sporting events this week.

8)True Socialism- This week, some dork from UMass Darthmouth came out with a paper that said socialism never works and he had proof. He then went to name every true socialist country on the planet, like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China and parts of Eastern Europe. In other news, water is wet, the sun is hot and Kim Kardashian's ass will at some point have it's own gravitational pull. She is not going to age well. Everyone knows socialism, like communism, is a failure. But no one wants that. We want DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALISM, a completely different type of government. And we know it works because their are at least eight on Earth doing this and have the best economies here. The fact this ass is teaching our kids says lots as to why so many of them seem so stupid about some things. Oddly enough, this is not one of theme, meaning not only is this guy wrong, he's a terrible teacher as well because no one is buying it.

7)The Daily Show- I have just about had it with this show. Trevor Noah, a gifted comic, is failing badly at replacing John Stewart. Now some will say, no one could replace him and they would be right. However, John Oliver, Sam Bee and Seth Meyers have done fantastic. Even Larry Wilmore has done far, far better following him. This past week, I watched at least four bits about how white people are the problem. Fuck you! Black people suck too and I am tired of all the white bashing. I get it. There's more of us than there are black people. And that's is never going to change here. If that bothers you so much go to any black run country and watch how piss poor things are. I am not saying white people are superior to blacks, We aren't. But accept the fact that you are a minority and a lot of what is wrong with your community is partially your fault too. Whitey isn't to blame for black on black crime no matter how many times you say it. And white America is getting tired of it. If you want racism to return, keep it up. I am seeing it in everyone from the educated to the stupid. We need each other and this self segregation you keep preaching is going to backfire miserably.

6)2016 Olympics- What idiot thought having a huge event in a country barely held together by scotch tape and safety pins was a good idea? Their environmental problems were apparent even before the bid, yet the Olympic committee ignored that and accepted they would fix everything by the time it started. Not going to happen as their world famous beaches are covered in dangerous bacteria and athletes in boating and the triathlon are going to be doing it in a sewage treatment plant. It is also coming out that the country is running out of money to finish everything they need to do over the next few months because their economy is terrible and their politicians uber-corrupt. Their President was recently removed from office for just that. Good luck. I expect a stadium collapse killing thousands may make the Olympics a little more picky next time.

5)John McCain- Time to quit already you old fart as recent comments show you have no business being in the Senate any more. And certain polls, as well as Trump at the top of the ticket, spell doom ahead for him. Dumb ass this week decided Obama was to blame for the recent shooting in Orlando because we pulled out of Iraq. Fuckstain apparently forget he voted for the illegal war in the first place as well as agreeing to the time table to pull troops out under George W. Bush. Obama had nothing to do with any of that. Add to that the hatred the right had been spilling out over gay rights and McCain caused so much more of this than Obama. I hope his opponent uses that in ads from now until election day.

4)Roger Jimenez- I hate Baptists. I hate any religion whose philosophy does not take accountability into action. It's why I also don't like Islam which has many similarities. Islam says die as a martyr and receive 72 virgins. Now while the religion itself does NOT actually say that anywhere, like the Rapture, it became part of many's belief system. Baptists say their belief in Jesus allows them to commit any sin they want and they will be forgiven. Again, that is written exactly no where in the Bible, but millions still believe it. This week, a preacher went off on praise for the Orlando shooter, not the victims, because he killed "sodomites." What a dick. Protest from hundreds, perhaps thousands, have started outside his shitty church. Good.

3)Kenneth Lewis- Speaking of anti-gay morons, Florida State Attorney Ken Lewis was suspended from his job after a scathing anti-gay rant was posted on Facebook. He basically said the entire area should be leveled and anyone going to gay clubs gets what they deserve. WTF? And this guy is an Attorney? Maybe not for long. The funny part is a 2014 law that censored what court members could say is directly because of another rant Lewis posted way back when he made a horrific joke about crack ho's and black people. What does it take to fire someone in Florida?

2)Omar Marteen's wife- This bitch needs to go to jail and her whole family with her. Turns out she knew what her dick of a husband was about to do and did nothing. Give her five years in the hardest prison we have and then deport her sorry ass along with her parents, in laws and anyone else connected with Marteen. This should be the new law. Anyone of Muslim descent (not Americans so this wouldn't have applied to Marteen) commits an act of terrorism and the whole family goes too. That might make some squeal a lot faster if they though that their son's action would get them shipped out post haste.

1)Trump- This man is in real trouble and the GOP knows it. His numbers have been in free fall all week and a terrorist attack, which should have bumped his numbers, had the opposite effect. He's running out of money, as corporate America has shunned him, and the top six advertisers for the upcoming convention have all left. So instead of Nike and Microsoft, the GOP convention will be brought to you be Billy Bob's white bed sheets and the maker of Nazi flags. Good luck with that. According to sources, he has NO ground game going, has little help from any top Republicans and his short list of VP picks reads like a Stephen King book: horrifying. The top spot is now Chris Christie who is mighty unpopular nationwide and in his own state. The next four, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions and Mary Falling are all either not popular outside of the base or unknown. None do any to help him at all. Right now, we could be looking at massive shift of power from red to blue nationwide. And Trump is to blame. 30 senators have noticed this are attempting to oust him at the convention. That will go over well, said absolutely no one. Good luck, Trump. You are going to need it and are indeed douchebag of the week.

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