Monday, June 6, 2016


The MSM yesterday finally woke up to a definable truth: We're fucked. Thanks to their incompetence and rush for ratings over facts, we now have two very unpopular, disaster in the making, candidates. No matter who wins or how this turns out, the country will not be the same. Bad things are heading this way and short of Bernie Sanders somehow pulling the most unlikely of wins, we all have months left before it's the end of the world as we know it.

Why the pessimism? Because revolution is coming whether we like it or not. And as that revolution is not possible anymore without rampant violence, this country and maybe the world, is going to come to an inglorious end. I don't mean the kind of end of the world where we all die because of an asteroid or killer plague. I am talking about a civilization collapse when the economy goes belly up because no one has any real ideas how to fix anything anymore. Trump has no concept beyond "make America great again," and other sales nonsense. Hillary will keep the status quo, which is untenable at this late stage of the game. And no matter who wins, the other side, the ones that voted for the other person, is going to be beyond PISSED!

If Trump loses, and I expect him to, he is going to charge fraud and the worst part is he will almost certainly be right. The Right will explode in violence as a result and our entire government system will be exposed for the evil bastards they actually are, right wingers included. If Trump somehow wins, the left will riot nationwide. Either way, chances are good both will face several assassination attempts before they ever get into office.

Then there is also the court cases both face after the election. Hillary is actually far less likley to see any sort of censure let alone jail time for her email scandal. There just isn't enough proof to say she mishandled classified material, especially the half hazard way they go about this veil of idiotic secrecy. One classified email from a general recently was nothing more than a Happy Birthday wish. There was nothing else, no secret codes or material, just Happy Birthday. For the uninitiated, classified in today's lingo is worthless as the government apparently uses it for the most meaningless reasons. If for no other reason, this is enough to exonerate Clinton for being an overprotective moron who tries to keep stuff secret that she really didn't have to.

Trump is in a far worse situation. His Trump U is a fraud by every measure of the word. As his trial won't happen until after the election, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he may be impeached before he even gets into office. But as the House will still be populated by right wing idiots, they will almost certainly balk at it and the spineless democrats won't fight hard for it in the court of public opinion. If they do, Trump would be the first president to enter the oval office with a negative approval rating right off the bat.

Either way, who ever wins is going to be mighty unpopular and face half the country that is beyond ANGRY at them. When either starts doing something beyond stupid, like Trump sending shock troops to get illegal immigrants or Hillary going after guns, which she still won't shut up about, the country is going to explode. Trump will destroy our economy and the health care system as his ideas have "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger," written all over them. Hillary will do nothing to fix anything and the whole system will implode. This is out future and even the MSM has noticed.

Elon Musk better get cracking because a lot us are going to need a way off the dirty blue marble and risk death in space to escape the final gasp of humanity. We are too stupid a people to survive much longer. And the fact that Trump and Hillary appear to be our only hopes make me die a little inside everytime I think about it.

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