Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It has been a disastrous week for the two front runners. Trump got caught lying about the money he raised for Veteran's charities while Hillary got caught caught lying about the stupid email scandal that just won't go away, ala Benghazi. However, unlike that boondoggle, Hillary is keeping the story alive by a pathological inability to give us the straight story about her private server which appear by all the facts was set up solely to avoid federal disclosure laws. What in the hell is she hiding?

Trump is doing no better. After getting caught red handed lying about the six million he raised for charity going to ANY charity, Trump suddenly released almost two million dollars of it to said charities but only after the press started hounding him about it, including one million of his own cash. Then he had the audacity to go after the press for finally doing their fucking job. Trump and Hillary should be under a microscope and not given soft ball questions like quasi-reporter Megyn Kelly did recently. She did however rightfully rip him a new one for Trump's idiotic attack on the judge handling his Trump University fraud case. Calling the judge a "Mexican," which he isn't, and a "hater," which makes no sense unless your a twelve year old girl listening to Taylor Swift, is beyond stupid. Why antagonize someone who has the power to rule on your case? As expected, the judge was not amused and decided to release a bunch of documents, previously sealed, about the case, and almost certainly as retribution. The files were telling.

It is already coming out that Trump University appeared to be a giant fraud with many ex-graduates pissed they spent tens of thousands of dollars (anywhere from $30,000-$60,000) for a worthless degree. Plaintiffs say they were tricked into thinking they were going to get valuable real estate information from top experts, none of which was true. The fact that some of the people testings in the case are former disgruntled employees who say they grew disgusted with the hard sell tactics they were forced to use, basically conning people out of their money. And this is what America wants? We are a truly stupid people.

The fact that the trial for this doesn't happen until after the election is troubling. The same goes for Hillary's email scandal which may not be resolved until next year. So let me get this straight: both our candidates face possible trial dates and while jail time is highly unlikely for either, it isn't going to help their political careers one whit either. And the fact we have to wait until AFTER the presidency has been decided, may make either subject to impeachment before they even get into office. Then what?

Trump is facing dissent within his ranks as the Libertarians and Gary Johnson stand to take around 5% of the GOP vote away from them. Bill Kristol is also still trying to find someone, anyone to challenge Trump, including some no named idiot named David French who is an editor from the Weekly Standard who has been hinted at a run. Good luck with that. Trump will have little to worry about that as he won't get .1% of the vote with zero name recognition. These factors, along with a looming fraud suit, will hang heavy and could still cause problems in the upcoming GOP convention in Cleveland, which will almost certainly have rioting outside by anti-Trump forces.

Hillary is having her own problems, all by her own hand. For whatever reason, she CANNOT STOP LYING! Even when caught, she doubles down on the same talking points to the exasperation of everyone around her. And this fact is not lost on the public which are turning away from her in droves, unless of course you are black and apparently retarded who still support her in overwhelming numbers. They do know she will do squat in keeping young black men out of prison right? What kind of moron, other than Republicans for the last 49 years, vote against their own self interests in such huge numbers?

It has gotten so bad, she may actually lose a lot of the remaining states, including California which may destroy her argument that she is strongest against Trump, which once again is not true. Sanders does better in every poll against him and the argument that no one is going after him is bunk. Truth is, many Trump supporters will defect to Sanders first chance they get. Most are not voting for Trump. They are NOT voting for Hillary and I can't blame them on that.

Many in the party are seeing that their candidate might actually lose to Trump and that has people wisely second guessing. We thought the GOP convention would be the messy one. Turns out the DNC might be even worse. Headed by the very unpopular Shultz, if Hillary looks shaky by August, there is talk about going for Sanders or even a new player. Rumor is some are looking at a Joe Biden/Liz Warren ticket which would probably do much better than Hillary. I have no way of knowing if this is even possible, but the fact that it is being talked about should be troubling for Clinton.

Both the front runners are ruining their chances and worst of all, both are doing it to themselves. Trump can't shut up  about racist comments and Hillary can't stop lying. These are not traits we want for our commandeer in chief. Please remaining states, vote for Sanders and show up in huge numbers and if you are black ask yourself this question: do you want real change or the status quo? The answer should be obvious as well as who to vote for then. The end result is neither of these two will do anything but kill us all. Remember that California next week when you will decide the fate of the world.

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