Sunday, June 5, 2016


What a difference a week makes. Last week it was Hillary's turn to flail wildly, just out pacing her opponent who didn't have the best week either. That all changed as Trump went off the rails and suffered somewhat for it especially among demographics like Latinos and the military. His charity spending, Trump U and racial attacks hurt him and some polls now have him losing by double digits again. Not like it matter as Hillary will be the next President thanks to the fact we no longer have fair elections. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Drew Peterson- The former cop, turned convicted felon, got more bad news when he was found guilty of a murder for hire plot against the prosecutor who successfully put him behind bars for the murder of his second wife. His fourth wife is still missing which led to his unraveling. His second wife's drowning was originally ruled a suicide but after his fourth wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances, police took a closer look at his previous marriage and arrested him for her murder. The fourth wife has never been found and he has not faced charges for that. But, with the murder for hire charges, his pension went away a day later, which begs the question as to why it wasn't revoked earlier. This guy is everything America hates about the police and the favorism they get. I hope he rots.

9)The Death of the Cincinnati zoo Gorilla- Much has been written about this tragedy this week. Unlike lots of people out there, I don't really blame anyone. Yes, the mother could have been more attentive, but I also heard she had lots of children to watch and as a former camp counselor, I can tell you, small children can disappear in a heartbeat. I lost one kid at the Mystic Aquarium for at least fifteen minutes when he wandered off and he was ten years old. A three year old can do the same. So for all the assholes out there giving death threats to the family, just stop. Be happy the kid is okay. The zoo acted like they should have, even if the gorilla didn't appear to want to hurt the child, he may have accidentally done so, even fatally. My favorite douchebags were black idiots who went off on white privilege and how they killed the gorilla to save a white kid when a black kid would have been left to die, somehow unaware that the kid is questions WAS black. Watch the video idiots.

8)David French- Who in the blue fuck is this dick? According to Bill Kristol, he will be the next president of the United States. Excuse me while I laugh hysterically. HAHAHA! The no name editor of the Weekly Standard has no chance of even making a dent in the election. Lack of name recognition aside, he can't even get on the ballot in all 50 states at this point, including heavy hitters like Texas. His policies are typically trickle down bullshit as well, something even most Republicans do not support. Good luck. You are going to need it.

7)Michelle Obama- I actually like Michelle Obama more than her husband. But every now and then she says something so stupid, and black oriented, I have to call her out on it. In a recent graduation speech, she commented on how she felt a little awful waking up every morning in a house built by slaves. The main problem with that statement is that it completely untrue. Yes, the original White House was built by slaves. There is also no part of that building that is still standing from the time. Fires, renovations and time have the building occupying the same space as the original and that is it. FDR had the entire inside gutted after people kept falling through the floor due to disrepair and the outside was gutted by fire in the 20's. Why do black people of all economic status constantly have to go back to slavery? You don't hear any other race going off about it like they do, and some races or ethnicities were slaves for far longer and under even worse conditions. Time to move forward already and get over it.

6)Summer Films- What the hell happened this summer? Since the debut of Civil War, it has been one dismal week after another with a lot of films dying on the vine. Money Matters had no chance in a summer time slot that made zero sense, Neighbors 2 was the sequel no one asked for as The Nice Guys got great reviews and no audience (again a shitty time slot to open this). Alice Through the Looking Glass died a painful death as the new X-Men movie did okay, but not spectacular with very lukewarm reviews. This past weekend saw TMNT fail miserably and Andy Sanberg's new film, the hysterical Popstar, flunk out. All of these films have the same problems: either they were too niche oriented and would have done far better in a non summer release or, more likley, they sucked and no one wanted to see them. How many sequels can one person watch? My favorite films this year so far were not sequels or even big budget movies. Deadpool, Hardcore Henry, and Kenau were fantastic and even if their budget were added together, they still wouldn't add up to what TMNT cost. Add in the Witch, Civil War, Zootopia and Hail Caesar and that is all the films I even liked this year. Yuck. Make better movies guys.

5)Anti-socialists- There are way too many people who HATE socialism and will do anything to make sure it doesn't happen to this country. If that is the case and they are far too late because they already live in a socialistic country. It is not possible to eliminate all socialism projects as the country would cease to be. Military: socialism. Public schools: socialism. Roads: socialism. Health care: pure socialism. Without some socialistic programs, we all die stupid and poor. How many old people scream bloody murder about socialists, somehow unaware that Social Security and Medicare are exactly that? Anyone who feels that this is something they can't live with, feel free to donate your checks to this site. I have no problem accepting your money.

4)MSM- Bill Maher did a great bit showing the worthless stories covered by various nightly news shows where they dared to expose kids reading to dogs, children taking ducks for a wagon ride and other pointless stories. There are real problems out there and instead are highlighting what the latest cat video craze is. Even worse is when the media lies to us to our faces and expects us to believe them. In covering the Zika virus, they keep saying most people will only face minor flu like symptoms from the disease. NO THEY WON'T! 80% will experience NO symptoms at all. Even by their own research the chances of getting a serious problem from an infection may be as low as 1%. I watched this before when they hyped up the swine flu in 2009 which was never going to be as big a problem as they made it out to be. Even worse now, the MSM is telling us about election problems with the election of Ortega in Nicaragua in 2008 and 2011 and that exit polls didn't match the results. This is the same media that has been super silent about the democrats stealing the primary election as proven by highly suspicious exit poll results. They do know some of us can read right? The media is lying to you and a lot of us know it.

3)Anti-Trump rioters- If you want to get Trump elected, keep doing what you are doing at his rallies. This week, Mexican and liberal fools attacked Trump supporters violently while brandishing Mexican flags and burning American ones. This kind of stuff gets people all riled up and plays right into Trump's tiny little orange hands. Peaceful protests people are far better as violence should only be used as a last resort, not a first attempt. Please stop or else resign the fact this world is going to end.

2)Hillary Clinton- She, for the most part, had a good week. Trump shot himself in both feet and Clinton ran with it, making her poll numbers rise, significantly in some places. However, a new book by a secret service agent is coming out and verifies a lot of what I have heard from my sources within the agency. In it, the author describes Bill and Chelsea as kind, supportive people, which I fully believe. I don't like Chelsea but that has more to do with the absolute rich privilege she has received over the years than her attitude. However, just as I have heard from other agents, Hillary is a nasty piece of work who acts like everyone is beneath her. Anyone stationed to protect her, see it more as punishment than privilege. If true, and I believe it be, will anyone really stop a bullet for her if it comes down to it? I wouldn't.

1)Donald Trump- What a lousy week this guy had. In a span of just a few days he slammed Mexicans, the judge ruling in his Trump U case and Veterans. Way to go dude. Mexicans are pissed and are physically attacking his supporters, something that he deserves some of the blame for. When people are being attacked by Trump followers, it was only a matter of time before the violence swung the other way. Idiotically going after the judge presiding over his case made even people like Gingrich and Ryan call him out on in, just one day after lavishing some tepid praise on him. The judge retaliated by releasing reams of documents proving Trump U was a fraud. The worst was his attacks on the press for doing their job and discovering that Trump lied about the amount of money he raised for Veterans. Only after his lie, did he release any of the money, about one third that same day. Then he got made when he got caught. Look, I get voting for this guy but be upfront about it. If you are looking to end the world, vote Trump. There is some argument to be made for burning this place to the ground and starting again, minus a few billion people who will die in the end. If you are not voting for Trump for this reason, you are a true idiot because this guy will kill a lot of us. Hillary may be a demon, but even I don't think she will start WW3 because someone made fun of her hair. Trump has gotten the support of the KKK, Putin and Kim Jung Un. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know, don't vote. Chances are small he will win anyway. So congratulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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