Thursday, June 9, 2016


Now that the dust has settled and we now know that Trump and Clinton are going to be the nominees, we can also assuredly say Trump has a huge uphill battle. California primary result were once again befouled by long lines, closed polling places with strange replacements (including one in a funeral home, I kid you not) and ballots so confusing even poll workers didn't know how to read them. It was a giant clusterfuck which has been par for the course this election. There is no way these shenanigans won't keep going into the national election and with it, all faith in the legitimacy of this election.

Hillary will cheat like there is no tomorrow. And no matter what the GOP says, they are not about to stick their necks out for Trump. When he loses, which odds have him a distant underdog in Vegas, he is going to scream bloody murder about it and the worst part is, he won't be wrong. This country will come unglued at that point as people riot, assassinate politcal leaders and basically destroy this country as martial law gets declared by Queen Hillary and our debasement will be complete. The worst part is, even if Trump wins, the scenario doesn't change much. Liberals will also go ballistic, rioting will engulf major cities and King Trump will kill us all. Either way, we're really screwed.

So for now, the VP pick will matter hugely on who gets the upper hand. Hillary and Trump will make or break their careers on this choice. As a matter of fact, in all of American history there has never been as important a decision as this one because the main candidates are so unlikable. And looking at the potential choices, both seemed headed for disaster.

Let's start with Hillary. She desperately needs a progressive on her ticket to shore up the far left that rightfully sees her as a shrill corporatist who can't stop lying. But the two front runners appear to be Julian Castro, for obvious reasons, and less clear, Tim Kaine of Virginia which would do absolutely nothing for her at all. Liz Warren is tied somehow with Kaine which asks the question "Why?" The main reason is that democrats under the historically bad Debbie Wasserman Shultz have lost massive elections on a state and local level. If Hillary picks anyone good such as Liz Warren, Cory Booker or a host of other qualified senators, the governor gets to pick a replacement. However, here in MA, new elections would be held within a few months so the pick would only be temporary. But that is weighing on her decision and with good reason. If she picks Tim Kaine, she may lose as progressives leave the democrats in droves.

Others further down the list include Martin O'Malley (terrible idea), Tim Perez (Who the hell is that? asks America), Bernie Sanders (a no brainer), Joe Biden (could be worse but not a big win either), Michael Bloomberg (which would see her lose overwhelmingly on the gun issue alone), Sherod Brown (a progressive but unknown), Cory Booker (good pick) and lastly, of course, Bill Clinton. That last one isn't horrible either but will set alarm bells throughout GOP nation.

Trump has a far lesser problem here. Trump is Trump and unless the pick is something retarded, like Sarah Palin that allegedly is being bandied about, it won't matter. Top of the list include Chris Christie, like we didn't see that coming and does little to help or hurt him. Christie is all done as governor of NJ come 2018 and this will be his last hurrah. His poll numbers are only behind Sam Brownback of KA and Dannell Malloy of CT. No big surprise there. Tied with Christie is John Kasich, which would be a great pick as it would help him win in Ohio, which he desperately needs to win. Much as Sanders or Warren will give Hillary a guaranteed win, Kasich elevates Trump to a real contender.

The rest are laughable. Nikki Haley would rather spit swallow acid than accept that nomination. Ben Carson would sleepwalk through the rest of the election, offering his unusual brand of stupid statements. Newt Gingrich was up there before he scorched Trump and basically fell off the map. Then comes Carly Fiorina, which is highly unlikely followed by Susanna Martinez, who Trump recently insulted so no go there. Then comes hilarious picks like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John Thune (who the hell is that?), Ted Cruz and lastly Jeb Bush. Most of these people would never saddle their horse to his, leaving only two real credible choices, Christie or Kasich. Only the latter will actually help really.

So there it is. If Hillary picks Sanders or Warren, the race is over and she wins in a landslide. She picks Tim Kaine on the other hand, and all bets are off, cheating of not. Trump HAS to pick Kasich to have even a slight change of winning. If he picks Palin or Carson, the GOP will fail in ways not seen in decades. The VP is beyond important. What do you think would be the best choice?

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