Friday, June 24, 2016


Way to go guys. While I can't exactly fault you for wanting to get the hell out of the EU, this decision may have huge ramifications at the same time. It is very possible that this may the beginning of the end of the EU and the world economy with it. I blame rich douchebags almost as much for causing all of this in the first place with your immigration policies that are not as positive as you keep telling us when we keep losing our jobs, high end ones at that, who are willing to work at half the salary. Don't tell me that isn't happening because it's happened to me several times over the last few decades as well as a dozen others a I know. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Jeeps- Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died this week when his own car ran him over. At first I thought driver error but further evidence showed the car was part of a recall for that exact same reason where 41 other cases of the car moving on it's own became known. The worst part is the shifter is an idiotic design which springs back into the same position regardless of what gear you in even when it works correctly. What idiot thought that was a good idea? Who cares where the gear shift is as long as I can clearly tell what gear is it in? This world is filled with dumb ideas.

9)Ticketmaster- I fucking hate Ticketmaster. 14 years ago a concert I bought tickets for got cancelled and they screwed me out of the refund. Apparently they did it to so many people that a class action suit was brought. Instead of money however they gave everyone free tickets. I got 12. However it turns out, you can only use them at specific shows, aka crappy ones. Even worse, some states like every state in New England that wasn't MA got nothing, as did half the country. What a joke. What lawyer accepted this bullshit? You sir suck at your job.

8)Oakland, CA PD- If there was ever a place where the entire department should be replaced, it's this one. Still reeling from an underage sex scandal involving a teen prostitute and dozens of officers, as well as rampant racism and huge police brutality program, they can't even keep their chief, who has now been replaced three times in nine days. That has got to be a record for getting fired quick when you don't last the week. Twice. Add to that budget cuts which has allowed crime to increase and no longer responding to anything that isn't violent and you have a town ready to explode.

7)Black people- You know it's gotten bad when dozens of smart, educated black people have started raising serious questions about their own race. Many are starting to push back upon the "I blame whitey" nonsense that is sweeping their communities and they thankfully want no part of it. They have started accurately calling their brothers and sisters racist and telling them to STFU about it. Videos have surfaced attacking the idiot professor at soon to be empty Mizzou U thanks to racist comments against white people by her at a rally recently that was supposed to be about gay people but this moron turned it into about race. WHY? Many are also saying that black on black crime is out of control, yet BLM seems oblivious to it. Why is that not a bigger problem than the police who are killing far less of them than they are doing to themselves? It is reassuring to see not all black people feel this way. It gives me some modicum of hope for the future and race relations.

6)WTAE Lawsuit- Here is a prime example of what we call "black privilege" which I hate to break it to people totally exists. A white news anchor was fired from this Pittsburgh station because of what she said and that she was white. What was said was also not wrong. In a Facebook comment she stated that a recent shooting was almost certainly committed by young black men. Considering that 90% of violent crime committed by someone under the age of 18 is black, that is not a controversial statement. By the way, that number only drops to 75% when going up to 24. After that it levels out to a more even statistic with other races. But that is shocking, yet accurate, stat that black America refuses to acknowledge. If she were black, no one would have said boo, But because she was white she can't accurately make a prediction, that by the way, turned out to be exactly what she said as the culprits were indeed young black males. I hope she wins.

5)MSM- They did a spectacular job this week either not reporting stories they should have or bungling the ones they did. They totally ignored the sexual assault by three Muslim boys on a five year old disabled girl in Idaho, the civil case rape trial for Donald Trump, or the upcoming lawsuit being filed in Ohio and 11 other states alleging the democratic primaries were rigged, which they were. Then they spent all week telling us the British were going to stay in the EU, as many a poll did suggest. Then that went tits up when it went the other way. By the way, even though every major newsgroup passed on exit polls for inexplicable reasons. YouGuv did their's and they were only off by .8%. Exit polls work guys. Just not here.

4)Trump- The rape case was bad, but the other news for him was worse. He was saved by the EU vote which may make him a real contender after all, if the election isn't already rigged that is. But it came out this week that he is running our of money, a paltry 1.3 million dollars, and possibly up to 11 million following fundraising efforts. But that still is far behind Hillary who raised 42 million just this month alone. The worst news is that Trump only has 30 people nationwide working on the ground. Hillary has 700 plus in just Brooklyn. That is not  a way to win an election. But as the EU vote showed, populist movements are growing worldwide.

3)Hillary Clinton- She had a good week until today. The EU vote didn't go her way and makes her and Obama's corporatist attitude that much weaker. The kicker here was the news that the front runner for her VP pick is the worst possible choice. According to some news outlets, they are seriously looking at Virginia Senator and fellow corporatist, Tim Kaine for the top spot. If this turns out to be true, there is no way in hell I vote for her. I might even vote Trump just to end it all because this kind of crap, the same shit that is going down in Europe, will make me swing for the fences too and, most likely, watch the world burn.

2)The EU and the world elite- These guys got a good kick in the teeth by people tired of being told to work harder for less while watching immigrants take their jobs away. And no it is not just crappy low paying jobs but high end ones in tech fields using HB1 visas. Jeff Sessions recently talked about in Congress and the lie that these companies are spreading about not able to find qualified workers. I know a lot of people in these types of jobs and many have either had to find lower paying jobs or return to get more schooling just to stay at the level they are used to. Foreign workers are displacing them and they will work for half of what Americans will,driving down wages for everyone. By the way, Sessions has endorsed Trump and is on his short list for VP. This might be a good pick if dumbass picks Tim Kaine. The rich are screwing us. In Paris riots have continued as the labor force refuses to go along with a more corporatist view of working longer for less. Leaving the EU is being looked at by many countries who don't like what the EU has done to them and with good reason. The rich are stealing form us in ways unheard of in human history. It has to stop and if not by peace, then war will happen.

1) England- Going the Trump route, England decided to roll the dice and see what comes up next. The funny part is all of this may be for nought as the vote is non binding and will take two years to implement is they do. Also, they will still have an immigration problem as big money will still be looking ways to squeeze out every penny they can and cheap labor is king right now. They will also not be immune to stupid regulations from the EU if they want to do any sort of business with them. Plus, they will now have to erect a border in Northern Ireland, as Ireland itself is still part of the EU and will need passport control to go between the two countries. The pound dropped like a rock, markets worldwide went belly up and God only knows what will happen next. Scotland is sure to bring up leaving the UK again as they voted overwhelming to stay. So thanks for nothing guys. Congratulation England, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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