Friday, July 1, 2016


I am back readers, if just for this post then it's off to the void to work, take care of a sick friend and celebrate the fourth of the July which may be our last if people like Jesse Williams keeps yapping while black and uber-liberal America applaud his somewhat racist statements. I hate to break to the world but what you say matters less than how you say it and this rant came off terrible in Average Whiteman's Land. The reason this talk is SO dangerous is that it is single handedly convincing people to vote Trump. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Calum McSwiggum- This was a very bad week for liberals. This gay moron decided to fake a hate crime, apparently because he is a You Tube Star, whatever the fuck that means, and wanted to get even more attention. The way this unfolded is almost unbelievable in its stupidity. First he called the cops in LA and said he was beaten up but three men outside a gay bar. He was visibly uninjured. Pissed he wasn't being taken seriously, he started to vandalize a car right there in front of them. They took him into custody, mug shot and fingerprinted him and put him in holding, where he decided beating himself up with the phone handle was a great idea, while all being videoed by surveillance cameras which ALL prisons have now, and you can guess the rest. Dumbass is being charged with filing a false report and should win an a award for idiocy.

9)Jehovah's Witnesses and a 7000 year old temple- I fucking hate religious zealots of ANY faith. They all suck hard. And these assholes are right up there with ISIS and the Taliban for destruction of property due to their idiotic beliefs. These particular assholes decided to vandalize a 7000 year old Mexican/Otami temple in which they drilled into the base of one building and destroyed a dozen statues which in my opinion should mean the death penalty for all but I settle for ten years in the worst Mexican prison which would have the same result. They did it because "God told them to do it." No he didn't and I hope you all rot.

8)Red Cross- I have not been a fan of this organization since Hurricane Sandy where it became apparent they were more interested in photo ops than doing their job. I used to live in that area and have been to the NY/NJ shoreline more times than I can count. I know a lot of people in that area and they had nothing but praise for FEMA and vitriol to the Red Cross which never really showed up. Now it comes out that the half a billion dollars they raised for Haiti after the earthquake there several years back was badly used. Instead of hundreds of thousands of homes this money was supposed to go to, a new report says they actually built six. Not six thousand, or even six hundred. SIX! Anyone giving money to these crooks is just throwing their money away. They are no longer a credible organization and their own actions betray them.

7)Marty Walsh- I have nothing but good things to say about Charlie Baker and feel we may have actually done better then Martha Coakley here. Marty Walsh, the mayor of Boston, however, even as a democrat, I find grating, corrupt and douchey. His lack of support for legal pot makes me cringe, his policies don't seem to be working that well and his ties to unions are starting to affect him. This week, a second top union member and part of Walsh's cabinet or close circle was arrested this week for corruption charges involving extorting labor contracts from unwilling people using threats of government interference if they didn't do as they asked and demanding kickbacks for the effort. Walsh denied knowing anything about this but two people in the same group is a lot for him NOT to have known something was up. He is up for re-election soon and I am not sure he can win. I am actively rooting against him at this point. He is not that popular so he may be gone soon.

6)US Navy soldiers captured by Iran- Did these guys get a drubbing this week or what? The Navy's report on the ten soldiers captured by Iran last year concluded the whole operation was a fiasco from the initial planning, to the execution, to their capture. The ten soldiers were called out for a lack of basic sea skills and map reading, not to mention they gave up everything they could think of to the Iranians, even stuff they never should have like passwords and sensitive data. Way to serve your country with honor dickheads. We can do better than this I hope.

5)Films of 2016- This has not been a stellar year for films. The summer has been a wreckage strewn minefield where most films are dying on the vine. Other than Captain America and Finding Dory, everything else has sunk hard. Expensive sequels like X-Men, Through the Looking Glass, Independence Day 2 and a score of others tanked. Upcoming features like Tarzan don't have much hope either, If China wasn't going to see all these crappy films, these studios would be going bankrupt overnight. Make better movies because these ones sucked and we knew it.

4)Supreme Court- They made some great rulings getting rid of abortion restrictions, upholding affirmative action for colleges and banning taking blood for DUI's without a warrant. They punted on immigration thanks to a 4-4 tie. The worst was an unanimous ruling that scuttled Bob McDonald's corruption charges for no apparent reason other than they could. Their argument for getting rid of the conviction was weak at best and basically opened the door for widespread kickbacks and bribes for everyone. Way to go guys on yet another corporate, elitist ruling that fucks the rest of us. This is why I don't like ANYONE on this court.

3)Turkish PM Erdogan- This week, Turkey was hit by a terrorist attack at the main airport, killing 50 and wounding many more. The funny part is that Erdogan is directly responsible for the this attack. He has been attacking the Kurds after violating a peace treaty with them causing them to attack soldiers. Then, he has also been secretly supplying arms across the Syrian border in an attempt to get rid of Assad. That tactic has backfired as these same troops, called ISIS, are now using those same weapons against him. Has he not learned anything from history? This is what happens when you sell arms to both sides: eventually they get used against you. This man is dangerous and a fool. He could inadvertently start WW3. Swell.

2)ISIS- Another bunch of fanatical fuck nuggets killed a lot of innocent people as if that solved anything. All it did is piss everyone off, especially fellow Muslims. Those arms you were receiving have been stopped as even Turkey isn't dumb enough to keep selling to someone attacking them. Way to bite the hand that feeds you. These animals need to be destroyed. They keep this shit up and they won't have anywhere to hide as even Middle Eastern states decide enough is enough.

1)Jesse Williams-  A speech this guy gave at the BET awards might have gone under the radar in previous years. But after an unwise attack on Justin Timberlake trying to show support, this thing blew up and while a lot of what he said was completely and utterly true, some of it was racist bullshit as well. I applaud him for leaving out thugs like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown in a list of people cops have killed over the years, which we should as Eric Gardner, Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland are far better examples of police violence against minorities. But then he gets his facts wrong when he racistly states that white people can get away with anything while black people get shot. More white people are shot every year by cops than black by a two to one margin. RICH white people get away with things. So do BLACK rich people. Focus on wealth not race here. The worst part was when he started that white America was "appropriating" black culture for their gains. He does know that is how all society works right? Again this isn't about race. This is about how corporations steal from ALL of us regardless of race. If you are poor, you are expendable. Period. Screaming race here is just crying Wolf because it means nothing. It does piss off white people tired of hearing how racist they are when in reality they are not. If he is so sure than nothing black should done by whites, feel free to tell all black athletes to quit it as they are appropriating white culture, or doesn't your logic extend that far? I don't believe that because I am not a racist. The fact that Williams is half white is even more troubling. He seems to hate that side of himself. Why? And it's not like he doesn't make millions being on TV while talking about being "branded" all the while wearing designer clothes. When white people hear this they start thinking Trump is on to something and maybe they should vote for him. This CAN'T happen. That orange shitgibbon cannot be president. He will kill is all. So black people, for the next few months, please SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT RACE! Unless there is definitive racism involved, let it go. This speculative shit is going to get us all dead. So way to go Jesse Williams and black people, you gave us Hillary, thanks for nothing on that, and may give us Trump down the line. You are indeed douchebags of the week.

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