Monday, July 25, 2016


I told you this would happen a year ago. Regular readers know my politcal predictions are around 90% accurate. My predictions of economic collapse and war however are far worse, but stats show I am almost never wrong when it come to elections. I wish to God I was wrong this time but nope, I nailed it. I told you Hillary was a corporate stooge with no real desire to enact ANY progressive ideals. She proved that by picking Kaine as her running mate, a white man as corporate as it gets. She further proved it by hiring that demon Debbie Wasserman Shultz seconds after being fired, who was caught red handed being complicit in rigging the election for Hillary. I also told you the press was in the bag for Hillary, as they represent the establishment and wouldn't want to rock the boat. Those leaked emails show a horrible level of corruption between the DNC, Hillary and the press. Politico got her approval before one article was published. How is that not collusion and scary as hell?

The Democrats have become the corporate party and the Republicans are now the religious/lunatic party. If that is the only choices we get, there is NO real choice as both lead to our subjugation and ultimate end of society as we know it. For people who want REAL Republican and/or Democratic ideas, you are shit out of luck because they don't exist anymore. You can worship God or money and that is it. This election will change this country drastically so here is a sample of what we can probably expect from either one of these idiots in their first 100 days in office.


After getting into office, Trump fills his cabinet with Trey Gowdy as Attorney General. Christie as his Chief of Staff and Sarah Palin to the Supreme Court, angering people worldwide. In a span on 48 hours, Trump manages to insult several world leaders, including Angela Merkel who he described as a "dumpy beer garden waitress with the mumps," and new British PM Theresa May as "Lurch in a dress,"while enacting his new economic plan and repeal of Obamacare thanks to a runaway win at the election box when liberals stayed home in droves. Three weeks later, health care has ended for everyone when it collapses after only sick people bought insurance once the individual mandate was released and insurance companies went bankrupt overnight. Poverty skyrocketed in that same time as rich people took their huge tax cuts and sat on them rather than "creating jobs," or whatever nonsense the right keeps telling us. Riots begin in every city after food stamps are ended and people, unable to buy food, rebel. But none of that matters after Trump tells Putin to go fuck himself on national TV and calls Kim Jong Un a "deranged midget." Nuclear missiles wipe out humanity.

HILLARY WINS- Hillary spends the first 100 days cackling like a mad woman and appoints Schultz as the AG, her husband as Chief of Staff and Obama for the Supreme Court. TPP passes easily and she sells this country out to the highest bidder. Jobs fly out of the country as the rich get richer and safety nets meant to protect the worst off go bankrupt due to the sheer number of people on them. Riots happen but the police crush them after the 2nd amendment gets repealed when record number of Republicans stayed home and Democrats got complete control of everything. Everything you say or do is recorded, for "your protection," including actions in your own home. Lawsuits are useless as arbitration is the only way to get anything done after the TPP ends our legal system. Rebellion is impossible as poverty soars and the poor are forced to live in worse and worse conditions with no way to stop it. Welcome to Dystopia Prime.

Now these are both extreme but scarily, not impossible either. Trump will kill us all and/or bankrupt the system. Hillary will enslave us. Which is better because I am not sure about either? We need another choice but who? If Hillary supporters hadn't sold us down the river, Sanders would be crushing this election right now. But we didn't vote for him in large enough numbers and the primaries were stolen, just as the general election will be. Hillary will probably be our next president but her record shows we should fear her almost as much as Trump.

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