Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I'm back everyone after a lot of work, a lot of traveling and lot of headaches. I spent a lot of time talking with lots of people of all sorts of economic levels and let me tell you, people are pissed. They are not happy with black people at all, and call it racist or whatnot but those are the facts. That speech by Jesse Williams didn't help or BLM scoring another big fail when they shut down a gay pride parade in Toronto. Perception is everything guys and what you are doing is making white America pissed. We are stronger together than apart so stop this self segregation shit or you just might get your wish and trust me when I say you won't be happy with that outcome. Not all white people are racist but you guys sure are convincing a lot of people to be just that and that is making a ton of new Trump supporters.

The other bad sign is Muslim terrorists and how they are going to get exterminated soon if they keep bombing fellow Muslims. They even attacked Muhammad's burial place which is as sacrilegious at it gets. It would be like the Westboro Baptist Church bombing the Vatican. Pretty soon even you strongest supporters are going to walk away from you. The Sunni and Shi'ite need to settle their differences once and for all. Otherwise, one side is going to end the other permanently. Unfortunately for us, it's also driving Trump numbers up slightly.

It's not going up more because he is an orange shit stain come to life. He's not doing as badly as he should because his opponent is a shrill corpo-beast that will screw us blue once in office as well. Oh the choices. Both hit new lows this week. Hillary had her foregone conclusion when she was cleared of wrongdoing for her personal server, the outcome of which was never in doubt for many reasons. Trump meanwhile made Jews angry by passing on an anti-Semitic meme about Hillary that contained the Star of David and a pile of money. Worse, the post was gotten from a white Supremacy web site. This guy either cannot get out of his own way or is doing whatever he can to lose.

Hillary was never going to serve time because people like her don't go to jail. This has been the norm for longer than I have been alive so anyone shocked by this is particularly thick. Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush's should have been impeached and imprisoned for their much worse crimes (Watergate. Iran Contra, 9/11, the 2nd Iraqi War, the economic downturn) but all skated scot free. Why should Hillary be any different? She's a democrat is the only reason why.

Now to be fair, even if we had a fair justice system, it was unlikely she would have seen charges in the first place. The only thing they could have really prosecuted her for would be lying to the FBI and as we have no way of knowing what was said in those talks, it is speculation. The rest is smoke and mirrors.

The FBI did say she passed on classified material through her server when she shouldn't have. But as we do not know what this classified material is, and trust me a lot of that is nonsense, we have no idea the severity of it. To be honest, even I suspect some of what she passed on was probably sensitive but without knowing HOW sensitive, it is guesswork.

She did fail to return several thousand emails, but as the W. Bush administration "lost" five million when they left, this becomes a moot point. There should have been hearings just like the Republicans have done in this latest witch hunt but as no one said boo, that has to apply here as well. It's all or nothing guys.

Hillary did lie about why she had a private server and "one phone", for convenience she said not needing more than one phone, but pictures taken show a multitude of decides she used anyway. The actual reason was to circumvent FOIA requests that most likley would have been made by GOP operatives fishing for anything they could get their hands on. Hillary is not wrong when she said that the right wingers are out to get her. Benghazi and this email scandal prove it.

Her claims that the server was guarded as all times is probably more true than the press is saying as no one gets close to an ex president without the Secret Service knowing about it. Less true was her statement that it was unhackable which few systems are and private servers even less. Her system could have been hacked and they never knew about it.

The point of this is that there was never any chance of her going to jail for this, especially considering her status. People like her NEVER go to jail for just about anything. That is the way it is and has been forever. That is never going to change. So instead of screaming bloody murder about it, realize that is the way things are and move on. Trump is still the worse choice and recent polls suggest he may fail epically, taking down the Senate with him as even John McCain is struggling in the reddest state possible. The House may even fall if this clown car continues. Trump is dangerous and Clinton is evil. Pick your poison because both are getting to get a lot of people killed. I just prefer my death to have electricity and food to the very end.

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