Friday, July 15, 2016


Really guys. These are the best you can do? You know it's bad when pundits look at you quizzically, like a dog with his head cocked sideways. The overall impression I got when Pence was announced as the "winner" from Republicans nationwide was a resounding MEH! Much like the Paul Ryan pick from last time around, this does everything to solidify your base and NOTHING to expand it. So a religious extremist, as well as a Koch brother stooge, is your way of getting MORE votes? Please explain.

Pundits had long suggested someone more appealing to the moderates which Trump desperately needs to win, which was never possible as the election is rigged. A lawsuit is being filed soon in Ohio using RICO charges against the DNC, correctly alleging fraud. I will believe it when it gets done and sees an ounce of press, which it certainly won't. It's a great idea but I have a feeling this dies a painful death in our fixed court system and terrible "free" press.

Instead, Trump picks Mike Pence, the governor from yet another failing state under Republican rule, and one who got passed the first anti-gay. pro-religion freedom bill, which was killed days later when it became apparent that Big Business rebelled hard and their economy would tail spin if they continued. Similar bans have had the exact same result on idiotic states that followed a disastrous policy. North Carolina is still in danger of losing billions in federal aid for their bathroom bill and, as a result, hundreds of thousands of jobs. This is stalled in the court system right now but it won't be there forever and history does not bode well for North Carolina. The most recent poll has him down four and tied with an average of the last four polls. Good luck if this goes south before the election.

Pence is a terrible pick. The establishment wanted Newt Gingrich which might have added more votes to him. Instead, he picked a person that literally will only add a smattering of support. He has picked a religious extremist, just like the ones he rallies against, as well as a corporate stooge, which he also rallies against WTF Trump? Unfortunately for us, Hillary's top two contenders are not much better.

According to sources, Liz Warren is not going to get the nod. That is politcal suicide but whatever. What progressive have you lived up in her place? Corey Booker? Sherod Brown? Al Franken? Nope, allegedly the top two are Julian Castro and Tim Kaine. Wheeee. Castro does little except get a few more Hispanic votes that were always unlikely to go to Trump anyway. He is also pro-free trade which makes Hillary's explanation that she is now against after being for it, and then against it, and then for it if you go back far enough, doubtful. And then they wonder why we find her untruthful 90% of the time. The other pick is even worse. I give you Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. Who the fuck is Tim Kaine you ask? He is exactly the kind of Democrat I want gone from Congress, not fucking promoted. His is pro-life democrat, even if he doesn't fight for anti-abortion views, and worse, one of the giant douchebags who voted to get the TPP passed. In other words, a traitor to the country. And this she-devil wants to make him VP? FUCK OFF! How dumb do you think we are? Pick him, and as I said, I will NEVER vote for you.

As a matter of fact of this is how it winds up with Pence and Kaine as the final choices, I strongly suggest you all write in these two words on election day:  NO ONE!. That's right vote NO ONE is big letters telling this country they can eat it if our choices are religious nonsense or corporate fascism because that's what the two parties are now. The right has gone full on religious garbage, focusing on abortion and gay people, like that's what matters to most people. The left has grabbed up all the corporations that have now fled the GOP because of their religious beliefs and profit killing results. It is so bad, that the upcoming convention doesn't have enough sponsor money and is begging big donors to step in. Business is NOT going to be on the Republican side this coming election and that spells doom for them in every way possible. Diebold machines are going to be rigged against him and there's nothing we can do to stop that. There is still a major chance that Hillary will be president regardless of outcome.

Remember, if Hillary sells us out, which is most likely going to do, only voting NO ONE will save us. What happens if  NO ONE wins? I would love to find out.

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