Thursday, July 7, 2016


This has not been a good week for Hillary, Trump or the police. All three are cruising for a bruising and there is no end in sight. I don't even know where to begin as this has become almost surreal in its absurdity.

Let's start with the fact that BLM has two new cases to scream about and with solid reason. Over the last 48 hours, at least two black men were killed for no apparent reason other than we have some shitty trained cops and something has to be done about it because this is out of hand.

The more "popular" one involved the Baton Rouge PD and the assassination of Alton Sterling for the crime of being black and selling illegal CD's. Shades of Eric Gardner, we have cell phone video to shed some light on this. The first was kind of grainy and not clear as to what happened as a car blocks the view. Sadly for the police department, the store owner whose business this happened in front of got a great shot with a high resolution camera and the evidence is fairly damning.

In it, two fuckwad cops who better be arrested, killed Alton and then lied about what happened. At no point was he going for a gun, and just like the next case involves, apparently having a gun while black is now a death penalty sentence to be carried out by the cop that discovers it. Yeah, that sounds fair. The fact these two white assholes lied about what occurred, illegally stole the store surveillance footage without a warrant and apparently killed a man for no reason, is real cause for concern, especially if you are black. As I have said in the past, I may not like BLM for tactics, but I cannot argue with why they are pissed.

The worst part is these cops both had body cameras on which allegedly "came off" somehow during he scuffle. I find this part to be particularly unbelievable. Those cameras are made to NEVER come off. These two douchebags killed Alton Sterling and they better pay a heavy price for it because no one with an ounce of sanity in America, white, black or otherwise, is going to side with the cops here. Bring charges quickly and move on. Otherwise, people are going to start treating cops with lethal force when ever encountered.

The second case, just breaking involves a Minneapolis man and woman whose death was live streamed on Facebook. After a routine traffic stop, the Chinese cop (thank God he wasn't white) shot Phillando Castle for doing what the cop asked him to. As the video shows, the man said he has his licence and a gun on him, which he had a permit for. While reaching for his wallet, the cop panicked and shot him four times. The video shows the cop lying that he told him not to move, as his girlfriend screams that the asswipe never said any such thing other than getting his licence out. The couple's young daughter was in the back the whole time.

Even worse, since this occurred the girlfriend has been held by the police with no statement as to where she is or why she was being detained. The mother also claims the cops never let her see her dying boy in the hospital before he passed on. This whole force needs to go if true. This is not how a free and fair police force operates. Much more of this and there won't be a police force as these kinds of actions are depleting police funds, manpower and will to even be a cop. Baltimore has seen a reduction of it's forces due to budget cuts and the Freddy Gray incident. Oakland the same. Crime increase as a result which makes cops even less safe. We need to get rid of any cop caught doing evil deeds and throw them into gen pop to plead for their lives. This shit has got to stop for all races, but black people got screwed this week by an out of control police force. My heart goes out to the families of these now dead people who never should have been killed in the first place.

While all this is going on, the election nears which most of this country sighed collectively in dismissal for the two left standing. Hillary set a new record for lies told in a single speech which literally nothing she said was true. When you have a problem with being an untrustworthy bitch, this does not help your cause. Now as I said yesterday, there was no way she was going to prison. True if she was anyone else, say Ed Snowden, she probably would have faced jail time. But that doesn't happen in this country to 90% of the rich and powerful. Just ask OJ Simpson, Robert Durst, Robert Blake or any of the past few presidents caught red handed doing something highly illegal and then skating on it. You really have to fuck up to go to jail in this day and age if you have wealth and power.

The problem here isn't legality but perception. How do the Clinton's constantly manage to throw themselves under the bus? It's like a sickness with them. The Trump campaign is going to run with these statement that demonstrate what a liar Hillary is. It is going to cost her votes in the long run.

Now, had the GOP nominated literally anyone than what they have, they'd be crushing it. Instead, the Trumpster fire struck again and knocked Hillary right off the news. First he sent out an Anti-Semitic meme that had Hillary, the Star of David and a pile of money. Ouch. Worse, when they tried to back track on it, saying they had found the star in Google Shapes, researchers found the same meme originated on a white supremacy site first meaning this was also a lie. And then rather than apologize, Trump said they never should have altered the meme and left it as anti Jewish. Later, he went on to praise Saddam Hussein for killing innocent people with torture. You'd think he was trying to lose.

So this is what we have: a lying sociopath who will change nothing for the better and a raging Orange oompa loompa with no concept of decency or even what the presidency entails. He was caught this week announcing people for cabinet members, like Trey Gowdy for AG, and not knowing that was never done. This is why 13% of people are praying for a meteor. I sure am.

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