Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The GOP convention is somehow worse than I thought it would be. It was bad enough that they have practically ejected Big Business from their platforms (and with it any chance of winning as money will flow away from them) and instead focused on religious claptrap, but their speeches are not based on anything resembling reality. Yesterday's load of shit saw Chris Christie lecture Hillary on ethics, which is the equivalent of giving her dieting tips. We saw Ben Carson erect the specter of Saul Alinsky, which didn't work the last two presidential elections and won't now as no one outside of the Beltway has any idea who this is. But the worst was Don Trump who gave new meaning to the words "factually inaccurate." He blamed the democrats for everything, even stuff that even the most die hard Republican would question if they have any sort of brain on their head. He blamed Hillary for the economic problems, caused by Republicans not wanting to pass anything that helped Obama. He blamed her for Benghazi, when it was the GOP who cut funding for security for this base twice. He might as well as blamed her for the death of JFK, the creation of New Coke and Bill Cosby's rape trial. It was a travesty.

The Melania debacle demonstrated a lack of understanding on how to handle crisises that appeared to come right out of a Clinton playbook on how NOT to handle a scandal. Right wing idiots contorted themselves into pretzels to deny any such plagiarism happened, when it obviously did and they had the video to prove. One moron said since My Little Pony said something similar, it wasn't plagiarism. The only problem with this is that Melania used WHOLE paragraphs not similar words so yeah she did plagiarize the hell out of this.

All of this could have been avoided had the gotten ahead of the story, found a scapegoat to blame it on, and fire him instead of defining what the word is is. Sound familiar? To make matters worse, Don Trump's speech was poorly received outside of the faithful (even right wing comment sections were overwhelmingly negative about it) but it appeared to be plagiarized just like Melania. Turns out that wasn't true as the article in question being stolen from was the same author who helped write the speech. However, blatantly ripping yourself off is rather lazy and regardless, makes the story about plagiarism last that much longer.These guys have no idea what they are doing and only Hillary's strong negatives are keeping Trump in contention, which he really isn't when demographics are taken into account. If we had Bernie Sanders as our pick, which he should have been had Hillary, the DNC and the press not conspired together to make sure it didn't happen, he'd be ahead by double digits by now.

A lawsuit was filed yesterday in Ohio alleging that the primaries were rigged and they have ample evidence to prove it. Whether it will see the light of day in our rapidly fading democracy is another matter. The primaries were rigged and there is NO doubt about that. It's also why Hillary is going to win when electronic voting gives her the edge, as it did everywhere they were used in the primaries. Our democracy is lost and everyone is too busy playing that idiotic Pokemon Go game to care. Ugh. Here's your bread and circuses now shut up, is all I hear. I wish more did.

Speaking of idiots, I would like to point out two groups at this point: BLM and gay Republicans. One is now labeled a terrorist group in Russia and the other is just stupid. BLM has become a little TOO racist for white America and trust me when I say they are not happy. How bad is it? One protest scheduled for Cleveland involving BLM members and others against Trump got permits for 5000 people. Zero showed up. 0. That's telling. The anti-white racism so prevalent that there have been at least half a dozen attacks on white people and/or cops in just the last week which has turned off white America from a real problem. Cops are killing all of us with impunity. The press is just focusing on black people to make it seem racial. In reality, it far worse as an out of control police force with zero accountability is killing us in droves. Again, not all cops are bad. But the bad ones are way too many as well.

The press has all but ignored stories like the 17 year old black thug who sucker punched a 12 year white kid, knocking out several teeth when he used brass knuckles. Or the 13 year old black girl from St Louis who shot two store clerks in their 70's just cause. This was after they decided not to press charges after she was caught shoplifting there. Think any of these people are NOT going to be super racist versus black people from now on? Also FBI stats say 15% all attacks are black on white crime, 2% the other way, yet white people are the racist ones.

Here is MA, two cops, one from MA and the other from NH, got arrested this week for beating the snot out of a white guy caught on tape. I heard about it because I live here. It got NO press on a national scale. Why is that I wonder? Had the victim been black, Al Sharpton would have been screaming bloody murder as the press poured over it for days. Here, other than local news, we heard nothing. Cops are killing ALL lives and no one cares. And then they wonder why BLM is failing apart.

And then there are the dumbest of the dumb: gay Republicans. What's next? Jews for Hitler? Black KKK members? This is ridiculous. The Republican platform is exclusively anti-gay to the hilt so what kind of idiot backs this? The answer is Milo Yiannopoulos of the former twitter handle Gays for Trump. He was banned for life the other day after his equally idiotic followers harassed the supremely funny Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters and SNL fame. Now first off, Jones is my absolute favorite on the show and I personally emailed Lorne Michaels several times after her guest appearances on the Weekend Update segment to make her a regular. I am glad he did because that woman is funny.

Unfortunately, gay Republicans are also super racist because they sent some of the most foul, uncalled for racist memes and tweets to her twitter account that I am not going to repeat here. Some sent her pictures of monkeys and gorillas which is not cool. And while I am positive she doesn't read this blog I would like to tell her on behalf of white people everywhere: I'm sorry. This kind of crap has no place in a civilized society which we are rapidly not behaving as. This is proof. Jones shut down her Twitter account because of this and I don't blame her. I am going to see Ghostbusters soon and it's mostly because of her. I wish her nothing but the best and I hope one day I can meet her in person and tell her that. The haters can fuck off.

Gay people only have one choice as horrible as that choice is. Hillary will decide her VP pick soon and I know she is going to choose badly. Her top choices, according to sources, are Tom Vilsack and Tim Kaine. Let me try to hold down my excitement. She picks either of these two and she could lose as Bernie Sanders supporters flee like she is on fire. Both the GOP and Democratic party are at a crossroads. The GOP has decided to go the religious route and Democrats appear to be courting big business. So my choices right now are theocracy or fascism. I don't think most Americans are going to like either. And when that happens, this nation ends in an orgy of violence. Pick smart Hillary of else you won't be any better than Trump in people's eyes and you could Martha Coakey yourself right out of the White House and the rest of us into oblivion.

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