Sunday, July 24, 2016


What a fucked up week this was. Another black man was shot while lying on the ground and not moving. Debbie Wasserman Shultz proved herself to be corrupt beyond words. Islamic terrorism was rampant. Trump and the GOP sounded like they were auditioning for the new Mad Max movie. And then came Hillary who all she had to do was nominate a progressive and instead picked a corporate stooge as her running mate. Now, she has gone from a definite winner to maybe being the next President. Fuck her, fuck Trump and fuck anyone defending either of these two losers. Let's see those runner ups in a truly depressing week.

10)The North Miami police department- As if things are not bad enough, some douche cop with an itchy trigger finger and terrible aim shot Charles Kinsey as he lay motionless on the ground. What horrific crime did they think he was guilty of? A mistaken case of suicide attempt which makes little sense to shoot someone if that was the case which it wasn't. That was happening blocks away and this was actually a therapist trying to get his severely autistic patient back to the group home. The shooter cop was placed on paid leave, but let's face facts, should be fired at the very least. Then the commander there was put on unpaid leave for telling different stories about what happened. This was the worst case yet and will almost certainly lead to more animosity toward the police nationwide. Congrats.

9)Pat McCory- The governor of North Carolina got the first of many bitch slaps this week when the NBA announced their All-Star game scheduled for Charlotte in 2017 was going elsewhere for their anti-gay bills recently passed. They also stand to lose billions in federal aid when that weaves its way through the court and with it thousands of jobs and most likely, his job as well. The only reason he isn't worse off in the polls for the election is the democrats are running yet another wet blanket with the appeal of a used couch from a porn set. Schultz needs to go.This is yet another reason why.

8)Protesters/BLM- The GOP wasn't exactly the hot bed of radicalism I was expecting. One protest for 5000 people brought exactly no one to the rally. All that was standing there were a dozen cops, half a dozen press people and a dog who was sleepy. That's it. If you can't even get to your own rally which you spent money on permits and the like, your movement is dying. BLM is struggling because they have no leader (a bad sign), no organization beyond pointless protests (ala OWS) and no ideas on how to stop cop violence at all. Instead, BLM is blocking traffic and sidewalks, including one disturbing video where two black morons stop an elderly white guy from using the sidewalk and block his every step. How is that not racist and in poor taste? BLM is done just like OWS. We get it. Black Lives Matter. Now what? All I hear is crickets.

7)Gay Republicans- This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Peter Theil, who recently took down Gawker, gave a speech at the convention, somehow ignoring the fact that the party platform is very anti-gay which he is. Gay that is. What next: Blacks for the KKK? Jews for Hitler? Vegans for McDonalds? This is insantity. Stop supporting people who want you dead.

6)Leslie Jones Racists- Speaking of gay Trump supporters, this week, one such influential blogger Milo Yiannopoulos was banned for life from Twitter for having his followers spit racist comments on Leslie Jones. And I mean RACIST stuff. I love Leslie Jones so I felt bad for her having to deal with this level of nonsense from gay republicans which means they are far more confused than normal gay people. Leslie rocks and you guys suck balls. Literally apparently.

5)Roger Ailes- Jabba the GOP Hut was fired this week from Fox News for sexual harassment. This had been going on for decades but firing Gretchen Carlson was the last straw and his media empire collapsed at that point. It didn't help that he was pro-Trump which the owners, the Murdochs, are not. You know who else isn't? The Koch Brothers. This week they pulled funding from a Wisconsin Senator who spoke at the GOP in favor of Trump. The may not be pro Hillary, but this shows they aren't giving him or anyone who likes Trump cash either. Hillary must be secretly thrilled.

4)Islamic Terrorists- They have been busy little beavers this week. Germany has had three attacks in the last couple days, the most recent happening when a Syrian refugee today killed one and injured several others with a machete. This is hot on the heels of the attacks in Nice and just last month here in Orlando. If this keeps up, there are going to be a lot of dead Muslims when people lose their minds and see ALL Muslims as a threat. I don't want that but it is what is going to happen if this continues.

3)GOP Convention- What a waste of time and space that was. We saw such "stars" as Scott Baio and Tony Sabato Jr. Ohh, pinch me. We saw Christie prove that Hillary was a witch and then tried to drown her in a local river to see if she floats. We saw Guilani lie, lie, and then lie some more. That seemed to be the theme for the whole week as it sure wasn't Make America ---- Again, which was never touched on whether the topic be security, jobs or the economy. Instead, we got four days of Hillary hate and not one concrete idea on how to fix anything. This was sad.

2)The DNC- Not as sad as this week's BIG story on how Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the press and Hillary conspired to rig the election from Sanders. Leaked emails show a disturbing level of access from press to Hillary who was given the opportunity to approve of stories before being published in the things like the Washington Post and Politico. That is not cool. It was so bad that Schultz has been removed from the convention next week and hopefully will get fired which many in the party are demanding. Less heard of are the two lawsuits filed over the last few weeks alleging voter fraud from Hillary and the DNC, which they have the facts to back it up. Our corrupt system however which most likely bury these cases.

1)Trump and Clinton- These two are the worst. Trump channeled Mussolini to a scary degree (watch old clips of the dictator and tell me he isn't dead ringer for Trump) while telling the American people everyone was out to get them and only he can save us. Right. I'd believe him better if he one solid idea how to fix anything instead of vague generalities. His speech was long, fact free and annoying as he could make it. All Hillary had to do this week to beat the deranged Oompa Loompa was to pick a good running mate which she of course didn't. Somehow thinking we are still in the 90's, Hillary's pick of corporatist Tim Kaine was a break for a middle that no longer exists. White men and independents are NEVER going to vote for her so this pick helped 0% on that. Meanwhile, progressives saw this as a thumb in their eye and may either move to Trump, or more likely, stay home on election day. Her chances went from around 75% to 55% with this move. Sure, she may win Virginia with Kaine and then again, she may lose all fifty states depending on what happens over the next few months. The election is not longer a sure thing even though I expect her to cheat like no tomorrow and she should wipe him out in the debates. Either way, I hate both of them. Congratulations both running for President. You are both douchebags of the week.

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