Sunday, July 17, 2016


I have long said the two most dangerous men on Earth were Kim Jung Un and Turkish Prime Minister/President/Sultan Tayyip Erdogan. Yesterday he put down a coup against him that was either very poorly executed or a sham used as an excuse to get rid of dissenters while shoring up his power. Either way, this is bad news for the world as this madman could make a play for nuclear weapons and get them, risking a world war if he does. The Chinese curse of living in interesting times is hitting us full force right now. I can't leave the news for more than ten minutes before some monumental change occurs. I walked into Secret Life of Pets (great movie by the way) and Turkey falls apart. I play video games for 30 minutes today and 3 cops and at least seven injured in some cop attack in Baton Rouge. I'm afraid to go to the bathroom now. Let's see those runner ups in another awful week.

10)Polls- I don't know what is going on but both Senate and Presidential polls are all over the map lately. Trump is somehow ahead, tied and behind Hillary all at once depending on the poll you look at. He's also ahead, tied and way behind in Florida. WTF? In the Senate, the NH race is the same three for the two women running, ahead, tied, behind. Now some polls, like Rasmussen and Quinnipiac, have been proven to be way unreliable. Rasmussen is a right wing poll site but Quinnipiac used to be be good until the last few elections were they turned out to be massively wrong. If anything, there are way too many polls being done and at least half are suspect, ruining the data for all of us. I know how to cut through the noise better than most, but it's a slog let me tell you. Here's a word to the wise: the polls are wrong and Hillary is further ahead in a lot of places than the polls say. Trump right now polls at 0 for black people in PA and Ohio. That is horrific news as he cannot carry PA with numbers like that, I don't care what other polls say. This stat is solid. It certainly doesn't do much better in Ohio as he stands to lose major cities and huge swaths of the population there. This election could be a bloodbath for Trump if demographics don't change drastically, which is possible even if highly unlikely.

9)2nd US Court of Appeals and Roger Goodell- Well  NFL head, Dickless Wonder, and the anti-science crowd have won out as Tom Brady will now have to serve a four game suspension thanks to the 2nd Court refusing to hear an appeal after the lower court ruled against the greatest football player of all time. There is NO scientific evidence Brady cheated and all of this is because he destroyed his cell phone rather than give it up and I don't blame him for that. They had all the relevant emails and texts already so his was moot. This was witch hunt from start to finish. They wanted to find something else. Don't forget that Whitewater turned into a pointless impeachment hearing over sex which had nothing to do with the original intent. The same goes as Benghazi led to the email scandal for Hillary. Why turn over something with something far worse on it? Even if there was nothing, this is not a wise precedent to set and I applaud Brady for it. The rest of us you Pats haters can go suck eggs. Whhaaaa your teams blow. Get better players.

8)Dani Mathers- This waste of space destroyed her career and respectability with an awful post on Instagram where she body shamed a naked woman in a shower without her knowledge. The post under her smirking visage with a heavy naked woman showering behind her was: If I can't unsee this, neither can you. WTF? This is beyond horrible from a former playboy playmate. I expect better. No wait, actually I don't. As a result she has been suspended indefinitely from her radio show, banned from the gym (and all gyms of the same brand worldwide) for life and is facing prosecution for taking naked pics of an unsuspecting individual, not to mention the upcoming lawsuit that will be filed by the so far thankfully unidentified person in the background. Body shaming like that is wrong. And apparently a jailable offense so way to go on that too.

7)China- This week, an international court ruled against China for its taking over a set of islands 500 miles from their shore and claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam. As the court has no way to enforce said rules, the Chinese will most likely ignore it, setting the stage for possible conflict with any in the region, and by default, the US, especially if Japan gets involved which it is. So the world is going to hell in a handbasket and this is just one more log on the bonfire. Swell.

6)Hillary and her VP pick- No one knows who she is going to pick but the top three are still Liz Warren, Tim Kaine and Julian Castro. If she wants to win, pick the first one. Warren had been dismissed lately but recent events have thrown water on that and she still remains a top contender. The others too, Castro and Kaine, bring little to the ticket. Castro will help solidify Latinos which are not going to Trump in mass numbers regardless. Kaine is dead weight and may make me vote against her as he and Castro are both TPP supporters. Kaine is someone I want out of office, not promoted. Warren gets the progressives, and much needed independents to her side. The other two may drive them away. Choose wisely. Trump didn't.

5)Trump and Pence- Instead of picking someone, like say a woman or a black guy, you picked an old white guy who is an evangelical Christian, terrible governor, and pro corporate, Koch brother idiot to be your running mate. Smart. I meant that sarcastically and actually I meant retarded. This pick shores up the base but does nothing to get independents to vote for you. And then you fuck this up by releasing a logo that reads TP which A) stands for toilet paper and B) looks like your fucking your VP with the T plunging into the hole in the P. It could not look more sexual if you tried. The logo lasted all of one day before being yanked from the Internet with something much more bland and forgettable, but at least not gay. Conservatives were horrified by this pick, most wanting Gingrich which was hardly better, and came out against it in droves across right wing media. I doubt this will boost his numbers. As the GOP convention this week brings promises of chaos inside and out, as well as a who's who of nobody's speaking this year. Experience the riveting majesty of Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Rick Scott and Ivanka, who will at least be pleasant to look at. This convention is going to go badly. I can't wait.

4)ISIS- These assholes are going to get a lot of innocent people killed. This week, the latest douchebag de jour was some Tunisian dick who decided to plow throw a crowd of spectators watching a firework display on French Independence Day (Bastille Day). He killed dozens and injured even more. These attacks are becoming more and more frequent and it is only a matter of time before one of these morons kills thousands, even millions and then it's game over Muslim world. I don't want that and you guys should seriously rethink your strategy. Killing innocent people will make it that much easier for the West to follow suit. And we have lots of nuclear weapons. This will end badly for Muslims everywhere if calmer heads do not prevail, which they won't. Expect more violence and a coming genocide.

3)The police and politicians- You've lost control and face up to this. Your baby steps toward any kind of change have become obvious and seen as too little too late. You've kicked the can down the road until it hit a very large, black wall. And this wall is collapsing in on you. Major changes in police are needed NOW and if steps are not taken immediately, like ending the drug war and banning private prisons, that wall is going to keep falling on you until you give in. This is not going to end as armed insurrection is now under way. I warned you about this several years ago and the government did nothing but offer piecemeal bullshit. Now the natives are restless and they are coming for you. I can't blame them.

2)BLM- Today, three cops in Baton Rouge are dead and at least seven were injured in a shootout with police. One of the suspects is dead, two others are on the run. This comes one day after the Black Panthers set up a new chapter there. Coincidence? Probably not. The problem with this is first off, shooting random cops is a terrible idea as who knows what type of cop they are. Most are fine people. Some suck balls. I know. I've met a lot that were terrible human beings. But all this does is make Trump more popular and white people more racist. Shooting cops is not the answer. You need to make noise on the politcal level. Bitch like the anti-abortion crowd, which is not a sizable majority of the country but gets stuff done by being annoying. You too can be like that and get stuff done without needless deaths. Please stop shooting cops. It is NOT helping your cause. As a matter of fact, it is going to make things worse.

1)Tayyip Erdogan- I have hated this dork for years. He's an Islamic moron who keeps moving further and further to the right and getting no push back from anyone for doing it. Over the years, he has crushed his opposition, spent lavishly on his house, a palace the size of Versailles, shot down a Russian plan just cause he felt like it and has been arming ISIS for years. That has come to bite him in the ass as they have been attacking him now. The latest issue was a failed coup which seemed ill advised from the start. They had no leader to take command, never bothered to arrest the current leader and charge him with anything (even if you have to make it up) and lacked the resources to ever win. This had led many to conclude this wasn't a real coup but a make believe one to solidify his power, which I am beginning to wonder about it. This is something that has been done for centuries so there is no reason to rule that out. It also could be a failed attempt by people who had not thought the whole thing through. Either way, Erdogan is now in power, his underlings have pointed fingers at the US, blaming them for their involvement in the coup (which is stupid) and have grounded all planes from our base there. Erdogan is demanding the extradition of a Turkish cleric he blames for sparking this and is living in Philadelphia or ELSE. What the or else means could be an attack on our air base to claim the 50 nukes we have there. This is pure speculation but it can't be ruled out either. It would also destabilize the whole region and possibly lead to a nuclear war if Israel freaks out about that, which they would. It is unlikely we would give up the Cleric who would certainly be executed so the or ELSE part worries me. What might an unstable ruler do? So congratulations Erdogan for giving me one more reason to not sleep at night. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

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